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Open Adventures in Lumiose!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Silver-Solis, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. RP:https://pokecharms.com/threads/adventures-in-lumiose.18542/

    Ok so I can't actually think of a good way to introduce this Rp because I've been sitting for about 30 minutes and can't think of any good introduction to write, but here's the concept.

    Just some mischief of Pokemon messing around in Lumiose. It'd be a fun RP with no exact objective, rather the point is to learn about new characters. I'll have the starter thread up in a giff, but in the mean time, ya'll can sign up here. I'd prefer no trainers in the RP, but the Pokemon themselves can have them, aight? Aight.

    Sign up sheet:

    History: (1 paragraph here)
    Defining traits: (Something ya mon has that sets them apart from others in their species)

    For me~ (might be suffering in quality cause I'm a lil light headed)
    Name: Zehriyah
    Species: Zoroark
    Gender: Female
    History: Zehriyah is the Zoroark of a trainer named Ahnoah. She has journey from the Johto region with him while her valuable asset to the team being Auditory Illusion. For her, speech is the norm and she does a whole ton of it. Zehriyah has an adopted daughter by the name of Stardom, a Sylveon. Zehriyah has a spring to her step and its well deserved. Her skill in battle and with her Illusions prove her to be a powerful Zoroark, but her motherly status to be a sweet Zoroark as well.

    Defining traits: Missing the hair tie that Zoroark's have that keeps their hair tied together. This causes her hair to be wild and free, alot like her personality
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  2. Name: Lucky
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    History: Lucky was always a loner. He never had a trainer, and refused one anyway. Instead, Lucky trained onwards so whenever someone tried to fight him, he would be ready to defend himself. Deciding that Luminos would be a decent place to settle down at, Lucky made the trip.
    Defining traits: Lucky's colorblind with grey eyes.
  3. Name: Lucky
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    History: Lucky was caught by a trainer in the Unova Region's Floccecy Ranch. He purposely let himself get captured, in order to evolve into a Lucario, but of course, his friendship with his Trainer, Ace, made him stay after evolving. Ace and now Lucky travel in the Kalos Region. Ace was kind enough to let Lucky travel about the city, knowing he would find his way around with his Aura powers. This makes Lucky a caring yet carefree Lucario.
    Defining traits: Lucky wears a Mega Ring earrings, one his left ear holds a mega ring, while the right side is just a golden ring. He has yet to obtain Lucarionite, hence why Ace is traveling to the Kalos Region. Lucky's fur is a bit lighter then other Lucario, and his chest so has been chopped off, in order to hug people without piercing them.
  4. Lucky? Lucario or Luxray?
  5. Name: Ignir.
    Species: Talonflame.
    Gender: Male.
    History: Ignir is one of the Pokemon of a trainer called Emma. Since Ignir was a little Fletchling, he always has seen Emma worked for the Post Office of Lumiose, training him only during weekends. After several years, Ignir ended evolving into a Talonflame. At the same time, Emma proposed a project about Pokemon and mail delivery. She offered Ignir as one of the three Pokemon for the project. After a month working for the Post Office, he always ends his working days pretty tired, but he also has some free days and he is always pleased to talk and spend some time with other Pokemon.
    Defining traits: This Talonflame has a somewhat uniform. He wears a black cap, typical of a postman, with an emblem of the Post Office. He also wears a bandana around his neck, with a black and white striped pattern. Finally, he has a shoulder strap in order to carry the packages and letters that he needs to deliver.
  6. Lucky the Lucario has been a very old OC for me, so there could be two Lucky's, right?
  7. Might get confusing...
    Lucky the Luxray is a newer OC of mine. Trying to get a good rp for him.
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  8. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine~
  9. Yea, I say it's pretty fine. Not only that, but chars can just call em by a slightly different name if it really comes down to it. But @Mr.Glaceon @Super Nova @Justalonelyaxew

    all accepted, Working on starter post in a jiff
  10. Been a while, I was Charlespark and I changed to a cute little Navi for various reasons earlier back. I've been craving an RP ever since I got out of the icu a week ago.

    Name: His name is currently unknown, though most call him Frost since it was his code name.
    Species: He is a Cubchoo.
    Gender: Male
    History: Frost was a member of Team Nebula, an exploration team that attempted to seek lost treasures and build more than just an outpost in hopes of being able to one day live on what everyone sees during the night skies. Back when exploration was the go to task for easy dosh, his team would often do various expeditions to scout the vast lands and find treasures that even a Meowth would have trouble resisting their urges to snatch at first sight. However, things were going well for Team Nebula, until one of their missions turned from an easy day out in the arctic to Frost being left in the cold. It was unknown how Frost even managed to make it through the grueling week alone, though he deserted the team soon after. His motive to leaving such a team he was devoted to for several months still remains a mystery to this day.
    Defining traits: Frost's nose isn't runny like a typical Cubchoo's is oddly enough. He also wears his own variation of Team Nebula's attire, though it seems as if he took it a bit too far with his protection. He wears blue safety goggles that have clear lens, and has a gray gas mask that covers his mouth and nose. He has on a pink cape which has an emblem of some sort on the center. The emblem is the letter N in a shade of darkly black that has two dashes going through horizontally on the center area; along with a white circle on the letter's center area that also has some gray spots over it. Along with that, he also has on pale blue mittens, socks and a white, lightweight kevlar vest that holds his radio and a hunting knife that has a blade size of three inches and has an engraving on it.
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  11. Well thanks, and also had to edit the gas mask part since it wouldn't exactly make sense for two things to be over something else. (And it's not the one where it covers the entire face.)

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