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Open Adventures in Alola

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rotorstorm Wrecker, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Ethan started running to his plane "I better make this flight I really wanna go to Alola." Ethan saw the plane right in front of him "Great, i made it." Ethan boarded the airplane as he sat down in his seat he looked out on to horizon as he left Hoenn to start a new adventure in Alola with new Pokemon and new friends.
  2. "C'mon Litten we will be late if we don't ran faster!" Lucy was running like Rapidash on the airoport and trying not to be late on her flight to Alola from Kalos. "Yeah, we made it!" Lucy exclaimed when she entered in the plane. Her Litten entered the plane behind Lucy and stopped beside her while panting. Lucy and Litten found two empty seat and sat on them. "Woah! I can't believe we finally travel to Alola!" Lucy smiled and pet her Litten who was sitting next to her and cleaning himself.
  3. "I kinda feel bad that I left all my Pokemon at Professor Birch's lab, but they'll be alright, after all I might even use them for the league along with my new Pokemon.Ethan then saw Melemele island "Wow one of Alola's islands awesome." Ethan saw a Trumbeak fly past the window "Wow a new Pokemon."
  4. Sarah was walking along the Alolan airport,she started texting someone on her phone "her plane is late....I wonder if she's coming at all" she said with a sigh as she sat on a lonely chair,watching the busy airport buzz around her while she sat waiting for the text to return to her,then a buzz came from her pocket and She started reading,she then facepalmed "it was delayed! Come on! Now what am I supposed to do alone in alola!?" She mentally yelled as she groaned in exasperation and she just sat on the lonely chair and decided to have a lookout to anyone interesting
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  5. The plane landed "I'm finally here in Alola I can't believe it." Ethan noticed an alone Trucy on a chair "Hey are you alright? Ethan asked politely.He then smiled at the girl to make her feel better. "You see I'm new to Alola and have no Pokemon with me else I would've asked for a battle."
  6. Ooc(I have to change her name to Sarah,sorry guys for the confusion)
    Sarah smiled "yeah I'm good,was just expecting someone here but there flight was canceled again" she said with a groan before she shook his hand "names Sarah! I would have loved to battle you,what brings you here to alola?" She asked
  7. Ethan hesitated "New challenges I guess and I want another shot at the Pokemon league." Ethan explained,"Other than that nothing much really." Ethan asked Sarah "Hey Sarah wanna come with me I'm going to get my starter Pokemon from the Professor."
  8. Kevin Was Running To Get To The Plane Holding His Turtwig On His Head "ALMOST THERE " he said "I Wont Miss This One the Professors waiting for me this time" He Giggled As he Jumped In The Jet "Im Ready To Go To Aloa " he said as the jet went as fast a Latios in The Wind
  9. Sarah nodded "sure! I already have a gardevoir with me but I'll tag along with ya" she said smiling brightly as she started walking with him
  10. Finaly landing on land kevins jet almost Hit two Kids "WATCH OUT " he said as he jumped out f the jet he watched as the pilot left instaintly
  11. As Alice saw her flight was cancelled she walked away silently as she didn't get to leave alola for another day she sigh as she waited around the airport entrance she started to adjust her sun hat a little down so her bright crimson red eyes weren't showing she just stood there for a few hours waiting on something but she herself didn't know what she was waiting on maybe a trainer or a performer she couldn't tell with the cludder of people
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  12. "Sarah do you happen to know which starters I will be able to choose from?" Ethan asked curiously as a Rowlet,which came out of nowhere perched on his head "Wow another new Pokemon." The Rowlet started pecking at Ethan's head,"Stop it,stop it." Ethan said playfully as Professor Kukui came towards them and Rowlet hid in his backpack.
  13. She giggled watching them from afar as she loved watching the rowlet Peck his head as she wanted to go talk to them but she was she when saw kukui she looked up her crimson eyes showing but she then looked back down waiting in a corner for all the cludder of people she didn't like crowds and this was no exception actually it her worst fear that someone might call out her crimson red eyes as she hated her eye color
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  14. She giggled and shrugged "I guess you already found a new one,oh and hey professor!" She said waving at him and then saw Alice looking down from the distance,she walked up to her "oh umm...hey there! The names Sarah,what's yours?" She said happily and then said "why do you look so down?..." she asked worryingly
  15. She smiled keeping her sun hat tillted to cover her eyes "no no I'm fine I just don't like crowds" she heard every talking as they started to leave by plane and walking out the door she could hear everyone but focus on Sarah "oh sorry my name Alice" she said holding out her hand but with her hat over her eyes it was quite ominous
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  16. She hesitated when she held out her hand but she quickly shook her hand "nice to meet you...say why don't you show your face to me? Are you uncomfortable or something?" She said as she tried to somehow look through her hat but to no avail "I mean...what's wrong?" She asked worryingly in case she did something wrong
  17. She raised her sun hat up and opened her eyes as they were crimson red "no it nothing I just have a unnatural eye color that I don't like" she said smiling
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  18. Sarah gasped as she saw the eye color and she looked deep in her eyes taking in the color,she really seems to find it looks amazing "...why would you hate it?! It looks so cool!" She said with a childlike sparkle in her eye before she gained her composure and she coughed "I mean...it looks really great! Do people judge you because of your eyes?" She asked
  19. "Oh no it fine it just some people think I am a Pokemon on how my eyes look I know it a strech but some people think that came of trasfrom it just stupid but that just how they are so I keep my eyes hidden even at times wrapping bandages around my eyes and pretending I'm blind but hey at least you like them" she said smiling hearing all the people as there numbers dwindled as more left " so why do you like my eyes so much there crimson red like morning Dawn"
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  20. She nodded "ahh I see well I mean with the crimson look your eyes DO look similar to my gardevoir that I have" she said and then laughed "just HEARING the description of your eyes is pretty cool,let alone looking at them it's just....since I've never really seen anyone with eyes like that it's...you know EXCITING to me" she said smiling brightly before saying "so do you live in alola or are you just visiting?" She asked
  21. "I live in alola I was going to fly off today but all the planes were full and the one that I was on was cancelled so that happened" she smiled as she noticed that her eyes were close to a gardevoir she laughed as she said "I didn't know my eyes looked like that I thought they look my glaile she smiled as she looked over at that boy " man it gonna be hard teaching him here"
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  22. Kevin Saw Alot Of Things His First Day At Aloa But Crimson Eyes Was Not His First Thought When Kevin Turned Around He Saw Two Girls Talking But One Of them...Had The Eyes Of Fire He Looked Around Then Walked Over To Her "...hello" he Said wearing His Black Sunglasses

    (as Known In His Villlage the eyes of fire was verrrry rare He had eyes of thunder Bright Yello Eyes But Wears lot Of Black)(in myths the yellow red and icy blue related to moltres zapdoes and aricuno)
  23. She covered her eyes quickly not showing them her red eyes as she didn't like people seeing them "Hello there" she said reluctantly
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  24. "Well Hi There" He Said Silently "I saw you earlyer when i got out of my jet whays up...with your..eyes" he muttered
  25. She uncovered her eyes as she said "these are the eyes I am born with the crimson red color isn't natural that why I hide them
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  26. "hmmm so im not the only one with a unusual eye color" he muttered "Here Take These They May Hid The Color For A While" He Said Handing Her his sun glasses His Bright Yellow Eyes Shined More Yellow Then A Feather On Zapdoes Body
  27. Ethan walked over to Alice and Sarah with two pokeballs in hand "Hi I'm Ethan,what's your name." Ethan asked "Oh yeah Sarah I picked Rowlet as my starter and I also got one of my old Pokemon from Professor Birch." Ethan said excitedly,"Come on out Riolu."
  28. Kevin Instantly Looked Down As If He Was trying to Hide "oh hi there" he mumbled "do you know where the closest sun glasses place is"
  29. "No but you can borrow mine if you want." Ethan held out his sunglasses to Kevin,"You know you don't have to hide your eyes I can see them,You see my eyes are golden but I'm not ashamed of it,it's good to be different how boring would the world be if we were all the same." Ethan stated while Rowlet and Riolu played together behind him,"Hey how about a battle that might cheer you up, it will be a one on one."
  30. "Fine Ill Battle But Be Warned For I Might Be To Strong " he said Smiling "LETS GO TURTWIG" He Yelled As A Little Turtle The Size Of Ethans Foot Walked Up For Battle
  31. "Aright Riolu your up,start this thing off with force palm."
    "Ri-olu!" Riolu screamed as he went to charge at Turtwig at light speed.
    "You see Riolu has been training Brawly for quite some time now so he's really strong."
  32. "Turtwing now Wait till you see it Then Bite Him When He Gets Close Then Do A Superpower" Kevin Commanded
  33. "Now Riolu you know what to do." Riolu then jumped up into the air over Turtwig,"Riolu use iron tail."
    "Riolu!" Riolu went to slam his tail of iron into Turtwig." Ethan thought in his head,
    "This is going great we might actually win this thing." Ethan then shouted, "You're doing great Riolu keep it up."
  34. "Now Turtwig Bite Its Tail"He Yelled Turwig Looked Up Mouth Open And Bit The Iron Tail And Started Winging Riolu Then Tossing It Away "Dont Think That You Can Beat Us That Easy Right Turtwig" he said "TURWIG" it yelled as it jumped at riolu and Used Body Slam
  35. "Now use force palm as it's coming down." Riolu held out his palm as Turtwig came down,"I sure as hell hope this works."
  36. "NO NOW USE GRASS KNOT MAKE SURE IT CANT GET YOU" Turtwig Tied Riolu And Moved It To The Side then Fell To The Ground
  37. Random Narrator :As The Fiery battle Continues Ethen Vs Kevin Ethen seems to be dealing most damage while Kevin keeps Dogeing What will Happen Next Time In Adventures In Aloa!!
  38. Alice watch them two battle as she took off her sun hat as her long fiey hair unfolded from the hat as she loved battles but she just studied them being a little sad she couldn't battle
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  39. "No Riolu!" Ethan shouted as his Pokemon got tangled in the grass,but then glowing light surrounded Riolu,"What?!"
    "Lu-cario." Ethan's newly evolved Lucario cried as loud as it could to show it's determination.
    "I can't believe it,Riolu evolved int,o Lucario!"
  40. She smiled as she watched lucario closely watching it every move and figit it does being very observant
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