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Open Adventure in the Rinka region!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Jakoboi, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. *Disclaimer! This is the result of I dream I had about a pokemon game being based off of Peru. I worked really hard to give details to the geographies and descriptions. If you want to join, please read the information I provide about the region*
    1.All Pokecharms Rules Apply
    2.Be specific in your Bio.
    4.Nobody can be champion unless they beat all 16 gyms.
    5.Feel free to be a gym leader/elite 4, just don't make them out of place for where they are.
    6.Trainer's may start out with pokemon
    7.Romance is allowed, but nothing beyond a kiss
    8.Gym Leaders can own 2-5 of their Pokemon Type, while Elite Members can have 6.
    9.This roleplay lets Gym Leaders, Evil Team Members, The Champion, and Elite Members take breaks
    10.No extreme profanity
    11. No fakemon. But all the Pokemon made can be found and caught, but catch them at the right places. And of course, no legendaries.
    12.Here is the town Map: https://ibb.co/nvGAFp (Rinka region)
    13. Details on routes, landmarks, and cities will be attactched here and the discussion thread.
    14. IMPORTANT: HM's will be important to the progression of the story, except they don't replace moves in this region. HM's grant your pokemon skills outside of battle depending on how many badges you have. 2 badges: Can use surf, 3 badges: Can use Waterfall, 4 badges: can use Dive, 5 badges: Can use Fly, 6 Badges: can use Defog, 7 badges: Can use rock climb, 8 badges: Can challenge Elite 4, First to 16 badges: Champion.

    Elite 4 themes
    Mineral- Rock steel & Ground
    Elemental- Fire Ice & Electric
    Spiritual:- Psychic Ghost & Fairy
    Chaos- Dragon Dark & Fighting
    Cities and gym
    Swendle town - staring town
    Rustico city - Fighting
    Fierra city - Ice
    Ellator island - Psychic
    Canopy city - Poison
    Fort Cristina - Grass
    Vanore town - Ground
    Urah city - Dark
    Erosia city - Rock
    Hanecho town - Steel
    Quinla city - Flying
    Parlow city - Electric
    Taivera city - Water
    Pristo town - Fairy
    Acondella city - Bug
    Mahrowbae city - Fire
    Kaza town - Dragon

    Ellator river
    Ellator rainforest

    Fort Cristina Barricade
    Vanu national park
    Lake Trolka
    Faundes desert
    Mt. Wandrah
    Wandrah passing
    Gliphe ruins
    Therminus cave
    Kaza ruins
    Yaita temple
    Character Bio:
    Gym leader or elite four battlefield appearance [gym leader and elite 4 only]:
    My Character
    Name: Jack
    Occupation: Ice type gym leader
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: White fuzzy hair, blue eyes, tall. Wears a Summer shirt with some vanillite on it and some shorts and sandals.
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Gym leader or elite four battlefield appearance [gym leader and elite 4 only]: Simulated blizzard arena, a dispenser and fan at the top of the arena dispenses piles and piles of cold fake snow.
    Characteristics: He is well educated but a major goofball. He sells drinks at his gym and considers his position as a gym leader like its a fun hobby, instead of a duty.
    Hometown: Fierra city
    Hobbies: Making drinks, Spas, Swimming.
    Pokémon: Spheal, Snover, Glaceon, Sneasal

    When Jack wasn't battling trainers at his gym he was helping selling ice cold drinks to help cool down the residents of Fierra. For weeks he's had little to none trainers challenging him. But that didn't bother him, he enjoyed making smoothies just as much as he did battling. He was surprised to see the professor of the town walk up to his gym to order something. "Getting a little drink before the spring journey festival?" Jack asked. "Yup." Said professor Pine, "It'll just be me doing nothing but handing kids from Swendle pokedexes and pokemon for the next 5 hours."
    "Sounds harsh, dude." Jack said.
    "Oh indeed, it is" Said pine "I bet those trainers at Swendle town are itching to fight a gym leader the moment they can!" Jack's eyes widened as he thought about all the trainers about to start their journeys. "Welp. I guess that's bridge I'll cross when I get to it"....


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  2. Name: TJ
    Occupation: Trainer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Yellow, spikey hair, white t-shirt, yellow hoodie, black leather jacket, black jeans, and black and white shoes.
    Sexuality: Hetersexual
    Characteristics: Smart, determined, optimistic
    Hometown: Swendle Town
    Hobbies: Drawing, playing guitar, and eating
    Pokémon: Trapinch

    TJ walked out of his friend's house and saw the Swendle Town professor talking with the Fierra City gym leader. He went over there to say hi to Prof. Pine. "Heyx Prof. Pine, what are you doing all the way in Fierra City?" He asked.
  3. Name: Will
    Occupation: Evil Team Member
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearence: Long, brown curly hair, tan skin, red t-shirt, red pokemon league hat, blue jeans, black crew socks, and red tennis shoes.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Characteristics: Has a sarcastic and careless facade, but really cares about his pokemon and desperately wants to be the best.
    Hometown: Swendle Town
    Hobbies: Pokemon Battling, listening to music, and running.
    Pokemon: Treecko and Rockruff

    Will stared at the door in front of him. He couldn't decide on whether to go through with this or not. He wanted to become strong. He just couldn't decide if this was the correct route. Will decidedly pushed the door open and took his first steps into his new life. " Hi I want to become a member of this team." Will stated defiantly.

    "Right this way." A lady said as she escorted him. She opened a door and sat Will down in a chair. " Your interrogation will start in 5 minutes!" She chirped out.

    Will looked at her trying to hide his growing fear. "Interrogation?" He murmured. He sat their waiting for what seemed like an eternity until the door opened again. A man walked in holding a clipboard. The man grinned at Will.

    "Why are you here kid? This isn't a friendly place." He said.

    "I"m here because I want to be strong and I want revenge for what they did to me." Will spat.

    "I like your style kid. This stuff is tough kid. It's not a place where you can just be lazy." The man said grinning.

    "You can trust me, I'll put in all the work. I'll do anything to get stronger. I'll be your best member, I swear!" Will solemnly said. The man nodded and walked over to the closet in the corner.

    "Here's your uniform kid! Suit up, this is what you'll wear for your training. When you go out on your missions, you'll wear something inconspicuous such as what you're wearing now. Your training starts now." The man said still grinning, "Oh yeah, keep your pokemon kid, you and them are about to get toughened up." The man tossed Will his uniform. Will changed and followed the man into the training room where he was met with hundreds of battles. "Time to shape up or ship out kid!" The man yelled as he pulled out a pokeball.
  4. Name: Max
    Occupation: Chaos elite 4
    Gender: male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Bright blue eyes, black hair, a hood over head with the jacket hanging back, tan, blue shirt and blue jeans.
    Sexuality: straight.
    Battlefield appearance: two dragon statues on the side, dimly lit by flames in the dragon statues mouth, open roof with storm clouds above.
    Characteristics: Nice, but tough on new trainers to push them to go farther.
    Hometown: Swendle town.
    Hobbies:training, traveling, searching for new Pokémon, grooming Pokémon.
    Pokémon: bisharp, kingdra, scrafty, garchomp, blaziken, haxorous.
    Max was bored as no good challengers had approached him in a long time. Most challengers were too weak to even beat his bisharp. He decided to take his break now and hope that strong challengers would arrive when he came back. “Where are all the strong trainers these days?” He asked himself. He left to go back to swendle town but decided to swing by fierra town along the way. He saw the professor known as professor pine there. “ hey prof. What are you doing out here?” Max asked him. He looked over at the gym leader. “ you’re jack, the gym leader here, correct?”
  5. Will shuddered in anticipation as he ducked another Pokemon attack. His Treecko and Rockruff looked worn out, not to mention that he himself felt rather crappy. "Thunder Wave!" The man called out as his Slowbro attacked again.

    "Dodge!" Will called out hopefully, rolling to his side to avoid being hit. "Treecko run up and use Mega Drain! Rockruff cover Treecko as he runs up use Rock Throw!" Treecko began to run on all fours as Rockruff shook his tail a little bit bringing up pieces of the ground beside him.

    "Use Water Gun on all the rocks and then blast that stupid gecko with a Flamethrower close range!" Will's tutor yelled. Will looked at him angrily. Will was struggling and the man just kept chugging. Will suddenly smirked as he began to form a plan.

    "Rockruff you run in too! Hit him with a tackle attack!" Will said. "Now Treecko, quick attack around Slowbro!" Treecko used the move and dodged the flamethrower as he sped around the Slowbro successfully confusing it. Rockruff hit it with a strong Tackle and the Slowbro fell down. "Now Treecko finish it with Mega Drain!" Will said as he smirked pulling out Rockruff's pokeball.

    "No!" The tutor said stunned. "Not a single recruit has ever beaten my Slowbro!" Will just smirked in response as his Treecko hopped to his shoulder. Will gave it an affectionate rub while not taking his eyes off the man. "Kid you've got potential. Now I gotta see your capability for field work. Your mission will be sent to your room. Change to your normal clothes and freshen up. Kid you did real great out there, I can't wait to see what the boss'll have to say 'bout ya." Will smirked as he walked back. He stumbled a bit as he walked up the steps, not realizing how much that battle took out of him.

    "I'm in great shape huh?" Will asked his Treecko. As if to mock him, Treecko jumped off his shoulder and leaped up the stairs. "Show off," Will muttered as he began his ascent again. Will reached the top and walked through the hall until he saw his room. He opened the door and began to get ready for his first mission.
  6. Jack noticed the member of elite 4 walking over to his gym. "Yup. I'm indeed Jack, proud gym leader of Fierra town." Jack said as he began to pour max an iced smoothie.
    The professor was delighted to see what was once one of the starting trainers he sent out on a journey years ago. "Max? It's been ages, I am so proud of how far you've come, I'm actually here to get a drink before going back to Swendle town to send more trainers out on their journey. You're more than welcome to fly back there with me in a few minutes!" Pine said while smiling.
    Suddenly, the professor spotted TJ also coming up to the gym. "Oh hello, TJ! I was just conversing with some friends. This here is a member of the elite four! But he started out in the same town as you! Perhaps you may one day get to challenge him." Pine said, referring to Max. "Have you received your pokemon yet, TJ?"
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  7. “Thank you.” Max said as the professor complimented him on how far he has come. “Alright I will be right back.” Max said when the professor suggested they both fly back. He left to get Noivern from the PC and came back with Noivern’s pokeball in hand.
  8. "Your first mission will be to attack the Professor's lab in Swendle town. He will be handing out some rare Pokemon and the boss wants them. I'll be leading the two of us in. Make it to the hangar in 15 minutes. I'll be there and we'll get on one of my Pokemon and fly there. I'll give you the mission briefing on the way." The man said to Will. Will nodded his head as he closed the holo caster. His first job as a member of Team Havoc. He was excited. He pulled on the red jacket over the black t-shirt and grabbed Treecko and Rockruff's pokeballs. He looked around his room and noted that it looked resoundingly similar to a hotel. He walked out the door grabbing his bag. He threw it over his shoulders and walked down to the hangar. He walked in and walked to the man. "I want you to grab the Pokemon. It's possible there will be trainers there so prepare for a battle."

    "What about the pokedex's the professor will be handing out? Aren't they worth anything?" Will asked.

    "Not to the boss. The Boss wants a large amount of Pokemon for the members." The man said.

    "Wouldn't catching be more effective?" Will asked.

    "Not as cost effective as stealing. Also, stealing gives us a better rep!" The man said with a smile. "Either way here's the plan. You're gonna land on Route 1. I'm gonna be landing on Route 15. We're gonna land a little way away from Swendle town so that we've got a little cover and we're more inconspicuous. You're gonna pull that cap down as far as it goes. We'll walk in to town and walk towards the lab. You'll walk in like you're getting your first Pokemon. They won't suspect anything since so many people are getting Pokemon. Anyways, tell me when you're in over the radio and I'll come take care of the professor while you get the Pokemon. Be prepared and be cautious. We aren't sure how many trainers will be there. I know you'll be fine since you beat me. Take the Pokemon and get out of there. The rendezvous point is Rustico City. We've got a base there. Get there and we'll meet up." The man said handing Will an earpiece. Will put the earpiece in as the man called out a Pidgeot. Will hopped on the back as they began the mission.
  9. Name: Jayden
    Occupation: Poison Gym Leader at Canopy City.
    Gender: Non-Binary
    Age: 15
    Appearance: They have purple hair with a purple jacket, well, look at my profile pic and imagine it has purple!
    Sexuality: ???
    Gym leader or elite four battlefield appearance [gym leader and elite 4 only]: A dead grassland with roaming Foongus and Gloom, and occasionally a shiny Stunky.
    Characteristics: They love poison types, and he is very nice, but sometimes distant.
    Hometown: Canopy City
    Hobbies: Breeding poison types, running his gym.
    Pokémon: Amoonguss, Shiny Skuntank, and Venusaur.

    They'd wait in their gym, for a day where a challenger will come. They would also grab their Pokeballs and feed the Foongus and other Pokemon, and he would train with them until they will evolve.
  10. Name: Zack
    Occupation: Chaos Elite 4 Member
    Gender: Male
    Age: 10
    Appearance: A Short Scrawny Kid with freckles and a sweater. He has White Hair and Gray Eyes. He wears Jeans and Boots.
    Arena: The Arena is surrounded by Shattered Mirrors resulting from the low self esteem Zack has. The place has fake Lampents Around keeping the room lit. The area is also surrounded by Giant Cliff-Like Rocks so his dragons can sleep. The area is Black and has a Red Carpet Staircase that is very broken up to his arena. The side he is on is covered in toys and has a Crimson Bed.
    Hobbies: Playing, Helping Harmed Pokemon and People, and eating with his Zoroark.
    Pokemon: Zoroark (m), Hydreigon (m), Goodra (f), Kommo-O (m), Meinshao (f), Scrafty (m)
  11. Name: Bailey Liam Grant
    Occupation: Trainer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Slim, Pink Hair, Blue eyes,
    Sexuality: Bisexual (Mostly attracted to men)
    Characteristics: Shy, Skilled
    Hometown: Swendle Town
    Hobbies: Sketching, Cooking, Writing
    Pokémon: Pikachu (M), Grovyle (M), Noibat (F), Combusken (F), Frogadier (M), Lycanroc-Dusk (M)

    Bailey was used to not doing anything. But today was different. Sure he was skilled in battle but he hasn't battled anyone in weeks. His pokemon must be as bored as he is. Which is why they camped out today. They looked at the beautiful Ferria City. He watched snow fall on the beautiful landscape. "Soon, we will be up to fight in that gym."
  12. Name: Joellyn
    Occupation: Trainer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Blonde, Blue eyes, Thin, Long & Wavy, Very Beautiful
    Sexuality: heterosexual
    Characteristics: Intelligent, uses annoying strategies (example: Stall Miltank), Persevering, Calm, Honest
    Hometown: Swendle town
    Hobbies: battling gym leaders, Play Video Games, Read Fiction books
    Pokémon: Gardevoir(F), Lucario(M), Ditto, Charizard(F), Raichu(M), Machamp(F)
  13. After an extensive stay in Fierra, professor Pine takes out his trusty Golurk and flies on over to his lab in Swendle. Arriving just in time before the "New Journey Festival" starts. Pine Check's on his new Poke-Storage system on his portable PC, and brings as many pokeballs as he can. There was a recent change in the politics of Rinka, where many towns' local governments encouraged the idea to hand out pokemon to all willing trainers, as they believe that the future of the region to be relied on the next generation. This combined with the diverse culture of the region is what lead to annual celebrations such as the current one in Swendle. The professor remained seated in his lab, awaiting trainers eager to start off their journey with virtually whatever partner they wished for.
  14. Name: Felix Adams
    Occupation: Runs a small shop in Swendle Town that sells berry infused goods, such as breads or smoothies while also taking care of Pokémon eggs.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14

    Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes that seem to sparkle with excitement almost always, has a few scratches on his arms and a band-aid over the top of his nose, he has a slightly tanned look, and has a tall but slightly wide build, white Tank-top with a blue stain on it, a straw hat, blue jeans with a slight rip on the left leg, has a green backpack that always has at least 3 of each berry he can get ahold of, blue slip-on shoes that are worn out with scuffs marks all over the base, always wears white socks that always seem to be covered in dirt, and has a yellowish brown but slightly worn-out bug net to try and snag those pesky bug types who decide to try and steal his goods,

    Sexuality: Normal/doesn't have any attraction to people of the same gender as him

    Characteristics: Not very social despite working in a job of sorts that relies on being social almost all day, so they are pretty quiet, clumsy, dislikes seeing people hurt, will try to stand up against people who threaten others, has no clue how to battle, excels at making healing potions thanks to his love of making infused goods, donates half his earning to other people, and very caring to pokemon, even the ones that try to steal his goods,

    Hometown: Swendle Town
    Hobbies: taking care of Pokémon eggs, Scavenging for berries, and making berry infused goods
    Pokémon: an egg that was created by someone breeding a Chimecho and Ditto somewhere far, far away

    (did I do something wrong here?)
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