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Ask to Join Adventure In The Johto Area. RP ( Roleplay )

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Riloap, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/adventure-in-the-johto-area-rp.19934/
    I explained all of the rules on that page go there to sign up, I shall not roleplay until someone posts before hand.

    ( I forgot my characters name lol , and I don't know johto much )
    Riley and his Eevee, who had hatched from an egg a year after he was born, headed off to catch , earn and explore. Riley headed off to the first town . in the Forest before the city, Riley found a Scyther.
    "Go Eevee!" Shouted Riley as his eevee who hated her Pokeball hopped off his shoulder and onto the clean grass.
    "Use Quick attack to weaken the Scyther!" Shouted Riley. The Scyther got hit by Riley's attack.
    "Go Pokeball!" Shouted Riley.
    Ding Ding
    (I'm doing 2 posts in one right now )

    After catching the Scyther, Riley headed towards the city to obtain his first gym badge. As he arrived at the City's Pokémon Centre he was greeted by Nurse Joy, Nurse joy gave Riley a special Pokémon called a starter Pokémon , Even though he had already caught 2. The Pokémon that he had been given was a cyndaquil a Fire Pokémon who had spikes on his back. Riley headed to the Gym Palace and easily beat the gym obtaining his first gym badge.
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  2. Cyber_Poipole

    Cyber_Poipole Previously Cyberspace_warrik

    Kai walked down route 29, looking down at his map while he did. He may know the landscape, but this was his first month in Johto. he decided to sit down, and rest for a bit, cause ahead was cherrygrove, and he had heard there was a tourney happening there. for about 6 minutes he got back up and headed forward. as soon as he entered cherrygrove, he headed straight for the pokemon center, the journey from kanto was to exhausting for him.
  3. william walked down route 29, he had his eevee by his side. william looked at his map and was close to cherrygrove city. william then saw cherrygrove city and heard about the tournament that was going on. william walked into the pokemon center and sat on a bench with his eevee, they both had been traveling for a week.
  4. Felix was wandering throughout Cherrygrove City, attempting to find the entrance to route 29, since his parents wanted him to explore the town and a little of Route 29 with his Totodile his father had gotten as a gift from the Professor for Felix. Felix began wandering Cherrygrove until he came across the pokemon center, which he ignored continuing his search for route 29, despite there being an obvious sign pointing to route 29....

    OOC; (Don't mind my bad roleplay skills...I rarely roleplay, but when I do I at least try to do well...)
  5. After obtaining his gym badge, Riley headed off to the next city. On the way, a surprise was too pop up. He saw a Elekid.
    "Go Scyther!" Shouted Riley.
    The opposing Elekid striked with a quick attack.
    Scyther dodged
    "Scyther used fury attack!" shouted Riley
    He threw a poke ball !
    Ding ding ding.
    (I spent a minute doing this so it isn't that good

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