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Open Adventure Awaits! (Pokemon RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shaymin's World, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Hai there, boiz and gurlz. In this rp, you have a choice to be a Pokemon, Fakemon, a Pokehuman, and
    just a ordinary trainer.
    1. Treat our peeps fairly
    2. Have fun!
  2. Mimi the lopunny bounced alongside her mistress, Rose as they strolled through the grass. Another trial cleared, and another crystal earned-- The ghost type pokemon in the abandoned mega-mart couldn't do anything to Mimi, since she was a normal type. Receiving a normal type starter back all of those years ago in Hearthome City had proved a bit of a challenge to work with at first, but Rose had made the best of it, and caught plenty of other strong pokemon along the way.

    She stopped by a tree with Mimi, to examine the new crystal.
  3. (OOC: I'm putting my own character sheet in here since there was none provided, and I am using my own Fakemon, so there is a lot more information on him.)

    Name: Unknown
    Species: Virtutot
    Gender: Male
    Type: Normal
    Native Region: Camtonia
    Age: His age is unknown.
    Level: He is roughly level 23.
    Skills: He has the ability to hack into machines, as he can use it for the good, or for his own nefarious purposes.
    Ability: Firewall (Protects the Pokémon against fire type moves and allows them to escape even with abilities that would normally prevent them, such as arena trap. The firewall breaks upon the Pokémon taking too much damage, or if they receive a status condition.)
    Appearance (Cyber Forme): He has a green, circular-like body, as the top of his head has an antenna that appears like a thick green line, that is used for abilities.
    Appearance (Avatar Forme): He appears to look like a human toddler, as he has on green tribal clothes with dark green feathers on his head. He wears green sandals, while a tiny part of his antenna still sticks out. He often goes into this forme for the sole purpose of camoflaging amongst humans.
    Personality: He is very timid, while he tends to be as deceptive as he can, as he is untalkative. He tends to communicate in a special way to others, by using his antenna. He can be mischievous at times, as he likes to tamper with machines by hacking them.
    Other: It takes time for him to shift between formes, as it is clearly noticeable when he is undergoing this phase. (This is also my own Fakemon that I've created.)


    A toddler stood alongside the tree, while he attempted to conceal his antenna that stood out from his human-like features. He quickly grabbed some leaves that fell from the tree, as he placed them on his head, while he squealed the moment he noticed a Lopunny that was with a girl. He panicked, while he attempted to run from the Lopunny, as he didn't seem to realize that he couldn't even properly walk yet.

    He tripped the moment he attempted to take his first step, as he landed right next to the Lopunny! Knowing that his antenna might give his Pokémon features away, he quickly attempted to get back up and grab the leaves that fell. The pain quickly surged up in his leg like a needle that pierced his body, as he quietly cried next to her. His antenna bright glew orange at the Lopunny, as he continued to cry next to her, while his antenna wiggled in a slight motion.
  4. Name: Jotaro
    Species: human
    Age: 17
    Level: 52 in human
    Skills: has the ability to create a stand, which is turning ones spirit into a fighter. His is quite powerful.
    Ability: stand powers
    Appearance: a dark blue hat with a matching jacket which is always unbuttoned, a purple undershirt, dark blue pants, and purple shoes
    Personality: Jotaro is introduced as a rough delinquent, but he has a gentle heart, and is loyal to those he likes. He is highly perceptive, intelligent and quick-witted while keeping a perpetually cool, slightly neutral or disinterested attitude.
    Other: is referred to as jojo by some

    "I heard he is somewhere here." Jotaro said as rode in a cab. The driver stopped, and he payed the driver his fee. "Yeah, I wonder if he's as tough as they say. He's supposed to be someone...not human!"
  5. Rose's moment of admiring her prize--Which would be given to Mari the very next time that she needed to use her in battle--Was over the second that the shrill cries of what appeared to be a human toddler ripped through the air.

    Rose observed her trusted lopunny as she offered her paw to the toddler, crooning softly to him... While she covered her ears. Rose didn't hate babies, in fact, she actually quite liked them, as long as they weren't human. Fluffy baby bunearies? She melted at the sight of them. Hatchling pikipeks? She would be all over them. But human babies and toddlers? Rose tolerated them, as long as they were at least fifty feet away from her and didn't make any noise.

    "Having any luck shutting that thing up?" She asked Mimi.

    Mimi ignored her mistress, continuing to croon to the toddler.
  6. The toddler felt extremely insulted at what he heard the girl say to the Lopunny who crooned at him, as he quickly got into a fighting stance! He prepared to attack the girl, as his antenna glew a bright scarlet red at her, like the anger that surged throughout his small body. Bright green lights glew from his hands, as he glared at her like a maniac! His eyes were sharply focused at her, as he prepared to attack her! He charged up his attack, while his antenna started to rapidly blink, as it continued to blink quicker, as if it was sending off a message at her.
  7. It was only when the creature prepared to attack her that Rose noticed the antennae atop its head.

    "Oh, so you're NOT some lost toddler?" She scoffed, "You sure can wail like one though. And ya look like one too."

    Was it some kind of pokemon? Rose had never seen a pokemon that looked even remotely human before, except for a shapeshifting zorua...

    "I'd ask you if you have some kind of pack or nest to get back to, but I dunno what the deal is with you. And you don't look like you wanna talk."
  8. Jotaro walked over to where he found a girl and two animal looking things having some sort of arguement. "Oi, what the hell is goin on here? And what are you two supposed to be, halloweens over."
  9. Name: Hazel
    Gender: Female
    Level: 25
    Species: Spiky eared Pichu
    Likes: sweet stuff, Nice Pokemons/Trainer
    Dislikes: Spicy stuff, Evil Pokemons/Trainer
  10. "Me? I'm just a vagabond pokemon trainer, out here with her lopunny," Rose answered, "Dunno what this lil' guy is, though. Thought it was a human toddler at first, but it looks like it's some kind of pokemon. I dunno what kind o'pokemon looks that human, though, 'cept for a shapeshifting zorua."
  11. "Yeah, okay. You might wanna do something about the pissed look on his face though." Jojo looked down at the little guy "he looks like he could hurt a kid about his height, if that. He'll probably just get annoying."
  12. Name:Null Pokemon:Weavile Age:14 Level:29 Likes:A challenge of a poke mon battle DISLikes:Evil trainers Type:Ice/Dark Has no friends
    #12 Andy the Pokemon Trainer, Dec 18, 2016
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  13. As Null ventured on his ice moantain finding the most delisous rasp berries -''Yum!,But i dont wanna get fat as *BLEEPPP!*. As he swings on ice sicle to ice sicle to go to the trees to use Razor Claw on them for training he waits for friends.
  14. As Null trained and trained he STILL got no friends "Well i guess im lonely.." Null said with a sad look on his face "Well lemmie just make a tv to watch Steven Universe." He said. He made thw tv and watched and watched and watched until he dabbed.

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