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Advance Wars Series

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by The Fluffy Weavile, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Who here has played one (or all) of the Advance Wars Series? I have the DS game, and I used to have AW1....I really love the games, they're almost (almost) as cool as Poke'mon. If you've played AW, who're your favorite COs? I'd have to say mine are...

  2. I've always favoured Eagle (1st), Andy (2nd), Sonja (3rd), Kanbei (4th), Grit (5th)
    Eagle for his powers and Tag
    Andy for his super and Tag with Eagle
    Sonja for her powers (Especially Counter Break) and Tag with Kanbei
    Kanbei for his D2D, powers and Tag with Sonja
    And Grit for his D2D and powers
  3. Ahaha... I've only played AWDS but I love it. ^_^

    My favorite COs are;
    Andy (darn adorable and I love his SCOP)
    Eagle (SCOP for thw win!)
    Max (Because he reminds me of Hector from Fire Emblem, plus I like Direct Combat better than Indirect anyay)
    Jess (Tanks own. Period.)
    Hawke (I like both of the guys with bird names _> Hawke's D2D owns.)
    Javier (Admittedly too situational but he's hilarious XD)

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