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Addict's Sprites PLUS Stages of No Comments drawing >>

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by xfma_addictx, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. YAY! Finally got un-lazy and decided to post these...

    I've just recently started spriting... so I'm going to need comments and suggestions! PLEASE be construtive and keep to the rules. It makes it easier for everyone :p

    And the original sprites came from www.pokemonelite2000.com, so I thank them.

    I've only done a couple, but ultimatly 2... so please comment on these so that I can improve!

    Ok, the first two I ever made (only about a month ago...)

    [​IMG] and [​IMG]. Originally came from [​IMG]

    These are of me. Yes, that's *mostly* what I look like in real life. I think my hair is longer in real life...

    Ok, well the difference, if you didn't notice, is the hair. Can you please decide which is better? This will help me in the future...

    The second one I did originally started out for my sister, but then I decided to continue and make someone new.

    This is the one for my sister, although I have neglected it and it needs to be touched up a little... [​IMG]

    And I decided to change the colors of her clothes. This was the output. [​IMG]

    So then I decided to take on the challenge of putting her hair down. I started like this... [​IMG] ... but that stupid peice of hair I started with looked so unnatural...

    And here is the finished product, my second sprite! [​IMG]

    the colors around the sprites are just what I used in the sprite, and it was easier to choose colors when they were in blobs...

    And I'm too lazy to transparancyify them...

    So there you go! COMMENT AWWWAY :D

    EDIT: The base for the second sprite is from [​IMG]

    And I forgot to say, at this moment, I am taking NO requests. I already have 4 requests from friends and family that I have to deal with, and I'm new at this kinda stuff
  2. Great sprites! Did you draw that girls hair from scratch? Looks nice :) And I really like your mugshots! I would like to have one of those, when you'll do requests.
    And ideas for you... hmm... Well you're great at making unique hair-styles so maybe you could do sprites with cool hairdos! :D
  3. XD YAY

    Yeah, the hair was from scratch. Both of them. They were hard, but I guess it was worth it... :D

    And those mugshots... >>

    I really need a tablet T_T Mugshots with a mouse include a LOT of luck...

    But thanks a lot... ;D

    I hope I get fast enough to do requests, though.

    I will take ideas, though! No cosplayers, though. I always like ideas to jog the brain.

    So, in order to BUMP this topic, I will show you all what cycle artists go through without any comments.

    THE NO COMMENT CYCLE! (the numbers are steps...)


    This repeats. Untill a comment is posted or death. Sometimes even after death they still want comments...

    And yes, this was 7 minute skectch drawn by me, and this is a picture, not a scan >>

    And yes, that's me. The person I drew with all the emotions. But the hair is WAY to short, but that's just for comic reasons...
  5. A comment! (Dun du la da!)
    I like the second-sprite-of-you's hair better. I'm not quite sure why but what ever. Also, it could use some shading and stuff on the arms, because they kinda look like blobs...
    For your first two sprite they're good! All I could do with my first sprites were recolors.^^;
  6. Aww thanks.

    But does anyone have any ideas on how to improve, or what I should do next?
  7. On the basis of the you sprite. Verily nice for a first try, but my big problem with it is lack on contrast, and how flourecent the shirt is.
  8. YAY, soem real critiqeing!

    ::bows towards Krazed::
  9. Heh, aint no problem. :3

    *Sits in giant throne.* MWAHAHHAAH! Bow!
  10. ::obays::

    What would you like, your majesty?

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