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Action Replay/Gamesharking Poke'mon; What's your opinion?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Sami, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Wasn't sure where to place this kinda Thread, since it's not specific to D/P and I am referring to Poke'mon Games. >>;

    But anywhoo, where do you stand with Action Replay's and Gamesharks? Are you hardcore against it, a bit aloof depending on it's usage, or just don't care?

    I personally don't mind as long as your not going overboard. Example- Stocking up on Rare Candies and Master Balls is a no-no by my book. As well as Sharking yourself an army of Mewtwo/Legendary whatevers... That takes away the true purpose of Poke'mon; to capture and raise Pokeymanz. But something like maxing your munny out or stocking up on TM's, I myself have done on many occasion. With The early games, I gave myself one rule; I had to beat the Elite Four first. >>; Kinda chucked that one out the window though on Pearl.

    If you've AR'd/Shark'd a Poke'mon game before, what codes did you use, if you remembered? I remember mine!

    Silver; Started with all 3 Starters on my 2nd play-through. ((Hella' fun.)) Shark'd me the Kanto Starters and maxed my money out every once in awhile. And that was it.

    Ruby; 99 of each Berry, 99 of each TM and Maxed Money after the Elite Four.

    Pearl; 99 of each TM, Max Money. ((Broke my 'Beat the Elite Four' rule, whoops. :-[ And I just got my game today. :-X))​
  2. I personally detest the use of any code device... especially here in the WiFi age where people can trick you into a non legit poke'mon when you trade them something you work hard to get
  3. Which is why I don't AR Rare Candies or actual Poke'mon anymore.

    Though the TM code is nice. ^^ I've traded over a surprise goodie to a friend already when we evolved her Kadabra.

    I get where you're coming from, Cipher...though, I don't see how you can be 'tricked'. You can review over what Poke'mon their trading to you such as their Stats and Held Item, so you really can't get 'tricked' into a trade you don't beleive is "legit".​
  4. Im okay with Sharking for small uses, just getting Tms and stuff, im also okay with sharking pokemon only if they are using the poke as a trophy, to show off, and thats all, basicly
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    If Nintendo confirm that we'll be able to get Darkai, Shaymin and Arceus using WiFi, then I probably wont bother with an Action Replay - as that's pretty much what I'd be getting one for. (Though I already have a Japanese Darkrai and Shaymin, yay glitches)

    I used my AR GBA for items as well as unobtainables but I got it for the Pokemon. If I get an AR DS, I'd probably use it for some items as well - mostly because I'm lazy and hunting down items isn't my idea of major fun just 'cos I need that one item.

    I wouldn't use an AR for sharking in Pokemon I can get normally or haxxing that Pokemon with stats or attacks. Partly because that's just plain no fun.
  6. What I meant above is that some people will use AR codes on GBA transfer the pokemon and it will say it's from Hoenn or Kanto and not show where and what level it was caught at, which can present problem, I don't care if people use the clone glitch for it was Nintendo's falt it was there, but i still dont believe using it for any reason is alright. Besides it scars your game if you use it, changing your name badges pokedex wiping out HMs and such
  7. I remember my friend had one for G/S. I used it for the 3 starters, but then he lost it.
  8. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    I don't like Gameshark. Could never get the d@mn thing to work for me. I like Action Replay though. I have a promise only to cheat AFTER I have beaten the game at least once. Like If i play it again for a cool team... All the action replays have worked. I had the old DS one but It broke. I'm considering getting the newer one now that they come with D/P codes.
  9. I refuse to use it on any recent games, but it's fine with me if i use it on my Sapph or Leaf...but i'm pretty sure I wouldn't use it on my beloved silver and gold (I got both) don't you just l0ve the jhoto version, but yeah i'm okay on doing it on any hoenn or kanto games but not diamond and Beloved Jhoto.
  10. I personaly despise all action replay and gameshark codes. It takes away the true purpose of Pok'emon. That is to raise them and nurture them so they become ON THEIR OWN. Anyway thats where I stand.
  11. It depends on how you use it.Personally,i got it for one reason,and one reason only


    I havn't personally used it for anything else (however i did get my little bro somthing cause he doesnt care.)

    However i dont hax the pokemon.Every pokemon i have made just comes up at a low level,so that i can still train them normally.I also randomize hidden stats instead of putting them in,so personally i don't even remember what they were,and don't care to know.So theres no way they could be abnormal or purposly set to beat people (Hell,my mew has more attack than special attack XD)

    All i wanted was a mew,so i went and did that...basically

    1.I dont want to go to an event to get my fave pokemon
    2.I didn't want to catch it on my brothers game (i don't believe mew's island is in Firered)

    Anyway,thats my reason,i tried to make it as legit as i possibly could,and leveled it up from level 5.Its now 100 ^^

    Personally my opinion on it is that if its somthing that requires you to do bullshit stuff (like nintendo events that not all people can even go to) than just make one without haxxing it.
  12. I'm against using AR or Gameshark to get a team of a certain legendary (six Mewtwo?!? one is bad enough!) or stocking up on Master Balls and Rare Candies. TMs on the other hand you can stock up on to heart's content. That what I would use it for. However I'd probably screw up something(Murphy's Law) and end up erasing valuable data from my game. Therefore I'm not touching it.

    I still haven't gotten over the G/S/C cloning fiasco. I goofed up and accidently erased my beloved Venasaur from my Silver game. It may not be my favorite started but still. I loved it. On the flip side I did see how good Vileplume is as a Pokemon.
  13. This is my first post here, w3wt.

    Anyway, as far as Action Replay goes, I went out on an urge to go buy one just for the fact that I wanted the "unobtainables" being Mew-Arceus. I spent $40 on that accursed thing. I didn't want it for anything else, since I hate cheating. What's more is that I'm not just blatently using it to get those Pokemon, I set up particular hard-to-reach milestones in the game that I must reach before I get one of those Pokemon. So, here I reach the first milestone I set to get Mew, and lo and behold I cannot find any code for AR to directly incorporate Mew into this game. Also, I have a fear I might hurt the save file/game/DS by doing that.

    And, next of all, here StellarWind tells me that Nintendo is cracking down on Pokemon cheaters and banning them from the Wi-Fi service. So, I guess I just wasted $40 on this stupid thing. I wouldn't use the Pokemon, I just wanted their entries. Plus, I wanted Arceus most of all because the plates are just damn cool. Oh well.

    But as for what I think of Action Replay, yes... cheating sucks. Don't do it. But, I believe if something is pretty near-impossible for you to get (like those Pokemon I mentioned) at least try to obtain them on a basis that makes them still very hard to obtain!
  14. My friend has an AR, which I've used on many occasions to get every TM and max Cash. Although the TM code erased my HMs :(
  15. Maybe you could circumnavigate the ban by sharking the Pokemon onto a different game, then trading them over to your more pristine game. Of course, then you'd have to spend tons of money on a second DS and another Pokemon game.
  16. ?I'm not entirely sure what you mean here...I'm pretty sure that TMs cannot be stocked up,for the purpose of limiting your number of pokemon with "perfect combos" (since an entire team of people with Rock Slide and Earthquake would be a bit of a pain,for example).
  17. I am strongly against it.It takes away the point of the game. I am only ok with using it for TMs since they really just give your pokemon the moves they want.
  18. This is what i don't get....it kinda defeats the purpose when you get the TMs.I feel theres a reason they made only 1 or 2 of certain moves,because to have a whole team with it was just going as overboard as all legendary (theres a lot of pokemon who can decimate with earthquake,seismic toss,and such.So they make only 1 or incredibly difficult to get,because that way you can't amass the move).
  19. My girlfriend actually has like every Pokemon game ever plus another DS so if I wanted to do something like that it's not a problem. But, I don't really like cheating anyway.

    I'm actually thinking that this whole ban thing is just a rumour created by some whinies who truly detest cheaters. I can understand their point, but creating such a rumour is just plain silly.
  20. So you can get 99 rare candies and 99 Master Balls but you can't get 99 of one TM? That is amazing. The Gameshark/AR people have morals. I don't know how the whole thing works anyways. Theoretically I guess you could get 99 Earthquake TMs without cheating. That's a lot of hours at the Battle Tower though.

  21. I used to be against the idea of using any form of cheat codes and whatnot.

    However, I'm sure everyone understands that raising even a single pokemon can potentially take up a considerable amount of one's time and frankly (thanks to my job and the happenings goin' on in my life) I don't have the luxury of sitting around all day and playing on my DS.

    So once I finish EV training a particular pokemon (Which in itself is time consuming and repetitive process, even with macho brace+pokerus+performance-enhancing drugs) I transfer my pokemon to my brother's DS (Who has 999x rare candies, all the TM's, the works...)

    So yes, I now support the use of certain items that are obtained through, ahem, "cheat devices" but solely for the sake of my convenience.
  22. well, my opinion on the topic is that, though im fine with people cheating to get all the tms and such, i do not like people hacking pokemon themselves because, for one, i had put up a shiny on the gts for a lv80+ infernape, and guess what i get, a japanese infernape that was caught in a masterball at lv16! so now, though im fine with hacked unobtainables, like my lugia, that are used for a person's own game, and nothing else, i despise hackers that trade the pokemon on the gts, making it look like a really good pkmn, for something that a person has put a lot of time into on training.

    basically, it depends on how you use the devices, not wether you use them

    but thats just my opinion​
  23. I used the following codes on Sapphire.

    -Max Money
    -Wild Alakazam
    -Wild Machamp
    -Wild Gengar
    -Wild Steelix
    -Wild Charizard
    -Wild Gardevoir
    -Rare Candy in PC
    -Light Ball in PC
  24. I am OK with AR/GSing on non Wi-Fi Pokemon Games. On Wi-Fi games, I hate it! If there was an option to go up against a completely random person that I know of, and that person had a team full of Lv 100 Mew, I'd be KO'd instantly! But if someone, say, Sharked up a rare Pokemon, imoprted it to D/P to help complete they're Pokedex, and release said Pokemon...Meh, I'm OK with that.
  25. Just for the record,any game that has offline play + cheating has that.

    Just shrug it off really,theres not much you can do,and their wins don't hold any real meaning anyway (noone's gonna say anything's wrong with your team if you lost to six mews).Besides it could be worse,in PSO (phantasy star online) i read up there was a way to actually corrupt someone else's game
  26. I'm against it, if someone wants a pokemon, get it yourself.
    The only time I would use it is if you wanted a pokemon you had in the past pokemon games (R/B/Y and G/S/C) that you REALLY want.
  27. I, personally, would never hack to get a Pokemon I wanted/perfect IVs/shinies aplenty.
    I do shark for items, though. TMs and healing items and the occasional Dawn Stone, since I'm too lazy to raise up a Pickup Slave and run around praying I get lucky. XD
    And... okay, Master Balls. Probably nothing to be proud of, but when I'm chaining with the Pokedar, I don't always happen to have a Pokemon that can damage a level 5 Larvitar without, y'know, taking it down.

    It pretty much boils down to laziness on my part.
  28. XD. I had actually just used the "It's Only My Turn" cheat to get through the E4. Only cheat Ive used in the year or so......annd.....some pretty trippy stuff happened. EX.: Instead of using Surf a couple times: it threw timer balls, and I sent out E4's Wailord and Shelgon. @___@ Lets hope my games not ruined when I turn it back on......
  29. I personally hate Pokemon hacking. Seriously, what's the fun of it if it's all right there for you?
  30. If they didn't want people to hack, they shouldn't put un-obtainable Pokemon and objects in the game. It's as easy as that.
  31. Only remark i have to say...

    What about Mew?

    You CANNOT get it in game without codes.I've gotten one with a box code,and now i leveled one from Faraway island (again cant get there without an event or codes) so it can work in battle revolution

    Just saying,its MY favorite pokemon,and i'd like to have it >.>

    You seriously don't know anything about programming ;/

    extra spaces = Missingno,they cant put a pokemon in every pokemon slot
    Extra stuff = Beta or just leftovers,lotta work deleting useless stuff
    Event legendary pokemon =...well they just want money,i'm guessing most of them require going somewhere and buying a ticket

    But not everything is un-obtainable for the sake of being un-obtainable.Yes they don't want you to hack,thats why they increased the security in battle revolution

    Well what kind of hack of you talking about?Not every kind simplifies the game.I believe you mean pokemon in box codes,which allows you to create "Super Pokemon"
  32. I've only ever used an AR to get unobtainable Pokemon. And maxed out TMs, Berries and 99 Masterballs.(Yes I was evil, but I was young also)
    I think it's fine for unobtainables, like there's going to be an event thing anywhere near I live. :p I only used the maxed out on Ruby, and I only use the Masterballs on legendaries.
  33. I think that it depends on what you use. I used to want it for rare junk and that stuff, but then i used it more responsibly. I now use it to make and test Pokemon, but not much because the codes take forever and most of the time don't work on Pokemon Battle Revolution.

    If I remember right...I used like every code under the sun on the GBA games for gameshark, and some AR codes.

    As for Diamond, I used one Rare Candy code, only to get a team to lvl 100 for a contest me and my friend were having. An I did do one Master Ball code, only because I was the only one to find Mesprit out of all my friends, and they begged me to use my Master Ball, and paid me back with the Master Ball code. Other then that, I've walked through walls to learn about the games hidden stuff. And the event Pokemon, just to have, not ever really use. And some underground stuff for fun. Other then those, nothing sept hatch code.

    Although, the thrill of cheating dies, it's still interesting...even if I don't find a fighting bad egg...
  34. i really like the AR (Action Replay)'s I've seen them and possably used them but i collect a lot of shiny without cheating
  35. I used to hack on GBA for the events... didn't shark the pokemon itself but I would use it to hack the events (Lugia/Ho-oh, Deoxys, Mew).

    I will say I like the improved security in PBR. I was able to test my 10 ANIV Celebi and my MYSTRY Mew to verify they are legit.
  36. I myself wouldn't hack but my friend does. As a result I have a few hacked pokemon that he got for me. I really hate hacking. Hacking erased my emerald. I had a hacked shiny latios, a hacked shiny charmeleon, a hacked shiny rayquaza, a hacked shiny typhlosion, and my other friend's shiny harriyama.( I watched my other friend who dosen't hack catch that harriyama too. o_o)

    Edit: I fixed a few spelling errors.
  37. I truthfully wouldn't try hacking a game. I find the risks too great.
    I really only use it to get pokemon I had in past games, shinies I want, and that's about it.
    And I only get that stuff through my friend.
    Way I see it, you cheat, you suck.

    Especially if your a spiritomb with wonder guard. >_
  38. Using Action Replays or Game Sharks doesn't bother me at all. I mean, you buy the game and an action replay, and you hack the game for a few Pokemon and maybe a few items. What's the risk? I mean, you've already bought the game, so that makes it your property. (I only used the Action Replay for some shinies I wanted and for the Event Pokemon)
  39. The problem with action replay though is that it can seriously screw up your game. Which is one risk I hate...
    Plus I have no idea where to get one for the DS. >_>
  40. I've only cheated on my emerald, and its for pokemon. now before BOOING me about it i just have to say how i do it. if its for a event pokemon likie deoxys or mew, then instead of spawning, i use a warp cheat to get to the place, then catch a legit one. if its for anything else, i'll get the highest form (like charizard or kingdra) in the wild, then i breed it for a legit egg. then i delete the hacked for one, so its completly legitified ;D

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