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Action replay/Game Shark

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by MyNameIsAwsome, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. I have been a pokemon fanatic for about 7 years now.But,i have been an action replay user since last year,and honestly,i love it.But,i want your opinion of the action replay/game shark.

    Stay cool 8)
  2. I've only used the Action Replay on my Pearl version, mainly to get a whole bunch of random Pokemon I wanted. I also got a shiny, Wonder Guard, lvl. 100, Rayquaza with all ribbons, max stats, with Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, Shadow Force, and Judgement, and eternal Pokerus (not that it was any useful, because it was lvl. 100), max happiness, in a cherish ball, holding a macho brace! When I saw the code, it was called "Epic Rayquaza", and I was curious, so I did the cheat, and I was just about to demoralize a trainer with this beast, when my game crashed.
  3. I tend to view using AR as a bad thing for trying to hack yourself in pokemon or whatnot. But, even saying that, I have used it on my pearl just to give myself items, such as all the TMs and tons of Rare Candies just for breeding purposes. In my mind, something like that that doesn't change the game is one of the only real uses for AR.
  4. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I've done what Pheonix did in my Platinum. Items is where I draw the line with AR usage, and even that is a bit "unpure" in the gameplay. Besides, I only did it for the metagame and breeding purposes. I don't really like to hack games in any other way, so I leave everything else up to chance and skill.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    It's not something I'd personally ever use, just because I'd be terrified of it crashing my game.

    I'm perfectly okay with people using AR, but only for using it to get unlimited items or some such. I'm completely against using any hacking/cheating for Pokemon themselves, unless of course it's just to complete the 'Dex. For Pokemon you intend to use in competitive battle, it's a complete no-no for me. It completely undermines those players, like myself, who breed for days and days just to get the 'perfect' IV spread with the correct nature and ability. I know it's only a game, but I'm against cheating in general. To win via cheating is a hollow win, without merit. How can you be proud of yourself, or feel accomplished when you've cheated? There's nothing better than winning a difficult Pokemon battle with Pokemon whom you've spent both time and effort to train. I've spent ages perfecting my competitive team, and I'm sure I'll continue to find ways to improve them. Half the fun of Pokemon is training and building your Pokemon up to achieve. Why take all that away with a simple hack?

    Call me a silly for feeling proud of a load of pixels, but to me they represent all my hard work. Sure it's frustrating when you're breeding or EV training, but I love it XD
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  6. I used the Action Replay on my Platinum game and I love how I have 900 master balls and a PKMN modifier and I can walkthrough walls. The only problems are that if I don't save and turn my game off then on and I try the modifier twice if I either battled or captured the PKMN then my game freezes, my DS top is very loose so I have to be careful when opening it otherwise the AR freezes the game, and if I walkthrough walls then my Game still freezes!

    Now with my HG game, not much prob. I can't go beyond the normal region walking through walls (Sucks!) but now I don't have to save leave then turn on the game while using the modifier (yet it is very confusing) and I have all shiny and (had before I got the modifier) 990 Master balls.

    I say the replay is GOOD!!! Though I haven't tried game shark.

  7. I used the Action Replay for three reasons on Platinum: Master Balls, Rare Candies, and beating Gardenia. I used the 1 Hit KO's cheat for her only. On heartgold, I did the same, except I didn't have the 1 Hit KO's cheat. I didn't feel the need.
  8. AR = Masterballs, TMs, Berries and Pokes that I'm not going to get legitimately because I'm not going anywhere for a 'mon that should really just be in the game >.>;.
    Other than that, I kind of see it being useful for EV training... Fighting a bunch of Vileplums is a lot faster than a lot of Spindas...
  9. I had a game boy gameshark that I abused the heck out of... all shiny pokemon, all legendaries etc. etc. but I got in trouble for all my pokemon having suspiciously high stats when I'd try to play with them online. During RSE I found a ROM editing action replay that edited pokemon very efficiently and I prided myself on creating pokemon that were undetectable as far as cheating went-- no impossible moves, high but not too high stats, etc.

    Nowadays I use my DS card and a little program called pokesav mainly to 'touch up' my games: I have some event pokemon that I created from PKM files on the internet rather than trying to trade for them, I cleaned up my pokemon's natures and EVs, gave myself a couple extra master balls in case I see a shiny pokemon... nothing game-breaking and I've never had any game-crashy errors since I don't mess too hard with the code. It's also convenient for swapping movesets on battle tower pokemon and so on without eating up all my heart scales and TMs (which I already had a lot of after cannibalizing my gen 3 games).

    I know that some people really get a kick out of breeding that special pokemon and so on-- I used to, but only for contest pokemon where the stats didn't matter-- but now I just find it tedious. Same with EV training, and trying to make sure that your pokemon has a non-crappy nature/ability. Using pokesav lets me not worry about those things and I find the games much more enjoyable that way.
  10. I use it, but I don't use it to EPICLY beat the game, like all level 100's, a Bidoof with Draco Meteor, HydroCannon, Blast Burn, and Frenzy Plant. I just use it for cool stuff, and advantages. Like all items, and all pokeballs, + getting pokemon easier. I sometimes use the Shiny code, but I don't abandon pokemon that are legit, like Starters + Shiny Gyrados. I use those 2 :[].
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    As far as getting nonlegit pokemon, I'm against it, but for having pokemon with FAIR movesets, stats and Nature, I'm pretty ok with it.

    Do I own one? No, but if I ever want to hack for a fair statset and moveset, I can always borrow my niece's AR, so far, I've been doing everything on my own so far, so I don't really need an AR.
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  12. Man, you dont know how many times I've been tempted to get an action replay or whatever, but I've always resisted, so i can look at my team proudly and know that i trained them all without cheating...... items are another story... may get one cuzza that.
  13. Nim


    EEEEh! I really would never use one. Even if it is just for Items, I would be disgusted with myself and make myself feel really bad for "Cheating!". One time when I was little, I cheated in Scrabble against my parents, and got a 7 letter word on a triple word score square. My parents then kept praising me for how good I was for about a week I could could barely sleep. I have never vheated in anything since.
  14. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I've only ever used a GS and AR to get event legendaries in Gen III since I missed those events. I've been doing better about getting events in Gen IV, but there are still a few earlier ones that I'm still missing and will have to hack in. For me, GS and AR are last resort items.

    However, due to the limited items of Gen I and the inability for Pokemon to hold items for trade, I went wild with my Yellow Version to get Pokemon of appropriate levels with good move sets to use in Pokemon Stadium awhile back. In an interesting twist of fate, it was my GS that stopped working, not my game XD
  15. legitly* yeah same here. I hate having to look for Leftovers -.-
  16. No, it's legibly. Legitly isn't a word. Spellcheck says so.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No, its legitly, which means in a legal way, while legibly means that it can be read without confusion.
  18. Ok, whatever. Go with legitly, I don't care.
  19. Let's stay on topic you guys. I ar'd to get a Celebi :) It's kayoot.
  20. I don't mind people using AR for items because when creating teams, you tend to need more TMs or evolution items than what the game can give. After you EV train, having a bunch of Rare Candies can help with leveling to get moves. That said, I don't own an AR myself, but I'd really like one. Like a lot of other people, I don't believe in hacking Pokemon themselves except in very special circumstances.

    And sorry, I tried to resist but I can't.

    Neither of you are totally right. Legibly means to make something that's readable (as in to write legibly). Legitly isn't a word at all--legit itself is short for legitimate. Therefore the right word is "legitimately." XD

    I used dictionary.com to be sure.
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  21. I don't have an Action Replay, but I sometimes use the one of my friend.

    I think if you use an AR to get all shiny Pokémon, walk through walls or to give a Pokémon moves he can't learn, then I think that's just... cheating, but if you use it for breeding, EV training, getting TM's you can only get once in the game (again competitive reasons) and items you can only get once, then I think you're just making yourself an easier job to get those awesome pokémon on Wi-Fi to battle. And cheating one shiny is no problem, catching everything in a masterball is fine with me, but like I said before, cheating to beat the game or to pwn your friends with moves it can't learn and so, is a bit to far for me
  22. I use AR for shinies sometimes, but I don't do it for pokes that look ugly shiny. Aka, Sneasel, Swampert, Weavile, (they look ugly pink and purple. Yahhk.)
  23. I use Action Replay, but only after I finish The game's main storyline. I don't use it for levelin' much anymore, but that's because Wi-Fi isn't working on my DS anymore...
  24. I never used an AR or GS in my life and never intend to, but all this talk about getting the tm's that you can only get once in the game kinda makes me wana do it. I breed and EV train my pokemon and i hate having to get enough battle points from the battle tower just to get one tm.. Oh and it is cheating to even hack one shiny pokemon i dont care what you say. Shiny pokemon werent made for getting them instantly and easily, thats what makes a shiny pokemon rare. Most people cant get them and most people are mad that they cant get them so they have to use AR. Sorry but i hate cheating so much. You shouldnt have to cheat just to impress your friends of what pokemon or shinies you have.. Thats just my opinion though
  25. I don't do it to impress, usually I don't care what the hell my friends say about my Pokemon :D
    I just do it to have good ol' walk through walls. By the way, the only shinies I use in primary teams weren't hacked for.
  26. *cough*
    I have an Action Replay, but I only just started using it a month ago. I found this 'hatch eggs quickly' cheat for HeartGold, and I abuse it. A lot. x3 I'm just too lazy to wait for my dang eggs to hatch. I'm completely against cheating anything beyond items and my eggie-hatcher cheat, though.
  27. I HAD A ACTION replay and i loed it ;D but is there a code on game shark for emerald that lets you get the ticket for a island like the mew island and if there is tell me the codes please :)
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  28. Yeah, I've got an AR. However, I only use it on my Diamond Version, now. And I use it (like some others) for Items. I don't think I've ever used it to obtain a Pokemon illegitimately.

    Though it is fun to play around with the walk through walls cheat xD
  29. I completely empathize with you. As a kid, it was like a big deal to have Jirachi, and Deoxys and all of them, so cheating seemed like a viable option at the time. Now I can be patient and vigilant if I want a shiny pokemon or an event legendary, and I use TM's and Master Balls wisely. There's a reason they only give you one (of Master Balls and certain TM's, that is) it's a test of judgement. I feel like I need to pass that test, for my own pride.
  30. i stopped using ar last year i used it to get one pokemon i always wanted a charmander! even when i got it it didnt fell right having a charmander without doing anything so i released it and wated until hg came out then i got my chamander. but guess what it was shiny!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D.

    Good Things Come To Thouse Who Wait 8)
  31. I find AR fun when it's used just to mess around with the game, but when you're hacking level 100s to beat the first gym leader it ruins the whole game. I used to have one and I used it to hack shiny versions of the Pokemon I wanted (besides them being hacked shiny, they were legit).

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