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Private/Closed Ace Academy - Trainer School Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ~Patriot~, Jul 3, 2019.


Which class should we have first?

Poll closed Jul 6, 2019.
  1. Battling 101 w/ Mr. Redwood

    4 vote(s)
  2. First Aid for First Years w/ Nurse Hope

    1 vote(s)
  3. Technical Knowledge w/ Professor Redwood

    1 vote(s)
  4. Science Lab w/ Mrs. Nauka

    0 vote(s)
  5. Outdoorsmanship w/ Mr. Mustin

    2 vote(s)
  1. Yeah, I noticed but didn't point it out because I thought it was only temporary. But I hope @LunarSilvally tones it down a bit especially the force hit on both Nincada and Ralts on the Rock Throw. Seems a bit sketchy.
  2. Yes I will, I said I did. I'll do one move at a time if that's comfortable.
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  3. Sorry about the long winded internal monologue in that post.
    I just felt I needed to hint at an explanation as to why Gunter is so much faster than expected.
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  4. As an explanation for why Spike was able to summon more Magical Leaves than Ralts did, I figured that Spike's +3 combat stages in Special Attack might allow him to increase the number of leaves, similar to how using a higher level spell slot in D&D allows you to summon more missiles when you cast Magic Missile.
  5. Just means that Ralts will need to hope for confusing Spike with Confusion in order to stand more of a chance, although shouldn't he be closer to one of the holes to be attacked by Nincada?
  6. Spike is probably a bit closer to the holes than Henry would like, but he did manage to slip out of the enclosing leaves.
  7. Let’s all try and remember that this isn’t the video games. A pokemon is as strong as you make it, so statistics would likely play a much smaller, but still significant, role in this rp.

    Edit: I’d peg this closer to the anime. So a teleporting from high speed Superior and Energy Ball eating Grotle would be possible for the right reasons. Ya know? Lol
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  8. @Condor we need you in the battle, 1-2 ain’t fair ;-;
  9. @rooster87 So your dodging a high speed attack, and moving even faster than the attacker, all while having another enemy attached to your back?

    I feel your responses have been a bit far fetched

    Edit: Okay wait, so now my teammates reply doesn’t make sense. You teleported ahead of a wild charge???
  10. It has come to my attention, both from multiple RPers approaching me in PMs and from my own reading of the RP, that there are certain parties among us who have a certain...lack of understanding of how to RP a pokemon battle. Because of this, I'm going to be implementing some more rules regarding dodging. Furthermore, this battle tournament arc of sorts is being used as a vetting process to weed out weaker writers.

    1) For every 40 base speed your Pokemon has, you can dodge 1 move per battle. If a move has accuracy less than 100 it can be dodged after you've used your 1 dodge.
    2) If you are out of dodges or don't want to use yours, you can use a super-effective move to cancel out whatever move is being used to attack you. (Dark Pulse would cancel out Psybeam).
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  11. @KeenKitsune @Zman890
    I think Pocchi should go down soon; Hana's learned the narrative lesson she needed to learn from this battle, and I'd like her to also learn that winning isn't the be-all end-all of battling.

    Edit: I wrote this post before Patriot wrote his, and now I feel somewhat awkward and anxious, because... I admittedly haven't been paying attention to other battles and lowkey feel bad that I haven't seen any posts from Zman.
  12. @Mystic Zander Dash didn’t dodge every single one of the attacks.. and Elodie rides Dash, a lot actually, so a twenty pound dog wouldn’t do much to her speed. Since you’re seemingly taking a lot of it personally, I’ll have Dash get hit by every single move that is used. Sounds pretty.. fair, don’t you think?
  13. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Maybe Zman stopped getting updates for this thread? And I have a question Patriot, does the probability of the move hitting have anything to do with dodging?
  14. at this point with so much hostility going on, i’m just going to leave here. i don’t have the time to keep active anyway, sorry. you can let someone new take my part in the roleplay. bye.
  15. Seems whoever rooster was is projecting a lot of his/her emotions onto other members. Probably for the best that he/she left before any genuine conflicts began.

    Not really sure what they meant about me taking it personally. I simply wanted an explanation for lack of reactions/detail.

    Anyways, I feel these double battles are causing some conflict/confusion. What’s worse is one of my opponents appears to have just rage quit.

    @~Patriot~ Any comments or advice on how to handle the battle from here on out?
  16. Just a quality of life change, can everyone put a bold indicator for when referring to a battle. It's less confusing.
    TEAM X & Y vs. TEAM J & K

    Alright before we continue and bail on the battle sequence, let's set up some ground rules and formulas for how battles work. This system I'm going to propose is debatable and flexible and will involve a little bit of Math, similar to DnD. Obviously, everybody wants to win, so we need a system to ensure everybody gets an equal chance, and there will be losers

    Ground Rules :
    1. No Autoing. Don't assume hits have been done pre-damage calculation. Always end with an open-ended action and the defender's job is to describe what happens after the dodge/hit
    2. Everybody must calculate. If we are to ensure fair battle. The next formulas I will post after this message must be followed. I am open to suggestions, but let me finish. It's similar to DnD and several TCG systems. The next message will be the combat rules
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  17. This system isn’t bad, but for a role play, calculations can get complex, messy, and just overall sap the fun.
    It’s preferable to keep rps strictly cinematic. And by extension, all it means is we simply need rpers up to create a fair, cinematic, yet competitive environment.

    Remember, this is a collaborative story, not D&D
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  18. Right. I almost forgot that this was story-driven RP, but I don't see how simple calculations could kill imaginative sequences. I know that it may seem like a chore to roll a die for every single move, but I want to propose a system that ensures freedom, but also allows for fair gameplay. Of course, the cons of this system are that it may seem tedious and may stretch battles for longer, but if we look past calculations, we can still describe very well how our actions can take place.

    I'm making up the system as we go through so I got nothing. If it works out, I'll post it here for comments and suggestions. But right now, go on with the RP with the usual rules.
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  19. I appreciate the effort, but like Zander said I would like to keep things more cinematic than calculated. I'm loath to even mention in-game move accuracy in regards to moves missing in an RP, but it seemed necessary given the circumstances.
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  20. And I’m all for seeing the system you come up with, but I suggest not thinking into it to much. Roleplay battles on this site are typically judged by character feats, win-loss ratio, and just overall who is the more detailed writer.
    I disagree using mechanics because I don’t actually intend for the rp to be fair right off the bat.
    Cinematic writing is a chance for lesser writers to be backed into a corner and creatively think of a way out, or be forced to concede and try again at a later date.
    And, being someone who spent many years playing D&D, I can state from personal experience that any random number generation, can make writers feel limited in that vein of creativity.
  21. That's cool, but I'm still going to make a system, It's sparked my interest. I probably won't use it here, but it may be useful someday, as long as I keep optimizing it. Carry on with the RP, but I will try to make a computer program that allows for the battle to work.
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  22. @rooster87
    Ack, sorry. I’ve been busy. I will post right away.

    Edit: After reading the above posts, It seems my teammate has left the RP. I’ll continue the battle anyways, and perhaps we can just assume their Pokémon to be knocked out. Unless @~Patriot~ has another idea of how to deal with this.

    Also, on the topic of fairness and dodging attacks: I personally prefer to handle battles with as little calculating as possible, and in the best case scenario, rp’ers can come to an agreed upon winner and try to be creative (but still fair). I agree with Mystic Zander that RP’s should be more like stories than DND, but I understand that sometimes that sort of thing is necessary to keep the peace and make sure no one is overpowered. Ultimately, it’s up to the creator of the RP how battles should be handled.
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  23. Sorry everyone. Again. I've been very, very busy this week. Doing this program and haven't been able to get on this rp. But once it's over I'll be able to reply more.
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  24. So what's the story of @rooster87 's character suddenly dropping. Do we replace him/her?
  25. Wasn't he or she the one with the Ponyta? If so, that Ponyta was probably pretty close to fainting anyway, so it might just make sense to treat it as a knockout.

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