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Accident prone?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm wondering if people are as clumsy as me, or at least close to it - 'cause I'm pretty damn clumsy in real life. As I've said to various people as an example of my clumsiness, I walk into doors... when they're open.

    Instead of just talking about your clumsiness, though, I'm wondering about clumsy actions that lead to pain. Like right now, the tip of my right index finger hurts like a bitch to type because I burned it (the tip has turned that lovely, puffy white ^^). It's inevitable when I'm handling hot pans from the oven that I'll burn myself. This time it was because I couldn't find the oven mits, so I used a towel.. and my finger slipped :-[

    I have many examples I could give of stupid, painful things I've done by accident, but I'll let you guys share some stories first ;)
  2. I can't walk ........ I usually stumble alot and bang into things. I also don't pay attention which leads to many fallen drinks. When I was little I dropped a drink about eveyday and my mom would always get mad at me and say "Alex Pay attention to what you're doing" but it never got through -_- A more embarrising recent time would have been when I was putting my test book away and all the other books made a slope so I put it on topb and ducked down to grab my bag. It hit me and I was cursing like a ...yah the bad part is I did it again thinking "oh maybe I just didn't put it in all the way *smiles sunshine and rainbows ^_^* until "owww mother @#$$er!!" it hits me on the head again -_-' another reccent one would be I was in the cafeteria with my friends and I was drinking my drink when I randomly call them mommy and daddy (don't ask) they're both girls so I was implying I had lesbian mothers. Then I said "no matter what I'll think of you guys as mommy and a daddy) they gave me the weirdest stare and I began to laugh so hard. the juice got caught in my throat and I couldn't breath! I had to bend my head down for it to come out. some of it splashed on the table and I managed to start breathing again. My throat was sore for the rest of the day though-_- plus I always manage everyday to get pudding or yogurt on my shirt.
  3. Well when I was like 10, i was making myself eggs and spilt salt on the stove. So , when i went to wipe it off i burned my finger on the still on oven burner.
  4. Im not clumsy but im rude. Especially on the computer. Id be on the computer typing away and if somebody comes up and bothers me either say *SHUT UP* or *go away you idiot*. well I say that if it's my brother cause he is an idiot.
  5. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    That's not really what this topic is about...
  6. I'm kinda clumsy. -_- Once, I was walking out of Dance at school, and in the adjacent room they were having a blood drive. I was staring at it while I was walking...and walked right into a metal pole. X_X

    Oh, and when I went to Japan three summers ago, I hit my head something like 20 times in two weeks. It was really bad. I also slipped on the tatami mat, and kind of slid-kicked the sliding door, which fell out of the groove, and onto me...and it hit my head. I felt so bad! There was a small hole in the rice paper! T_T Plus it was embarrassing...a word to the wise: don't run on tatami mats. It is a bad, bad, bad, bad idea.
  7. Also don't attempt to drink spilled drinks off tatami mats, or snort them for that matter, you get very tiny splinters!!!

    I can be extremely clumsy, I have a tendancy to break practically everything around me on occasion, just today I was walking across art class with the masks i was painting and dropped all 4 of them on the floor which was not a very smart move to say the least, oh and i ended up getting white paint on my black blazer because of it... =(

    I used to do trampolining practically obsessively.. Then one fateful day at the beginning of the summer I managed to come off, and tear all the ligaments in my ankle... Give you a hint, It hurt like hell, and I was on crutches practically all summer.. Got me the last month off school though...
  8. I sometimes call my friends by the wrong name.
  9. yes, yes you do ;)
  10. Sometimes I call my teachers the wrong name.
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Katie, I know EXACTLY how you feel when it comes to walking into open doors =x

    I also like to walk into closed and glass doors

    And I randomly switch words within sentences

    Fall over my own feet

    Trip a lot

    Mis-judge landings and twist my ankles often

    Fail at sneaking up on people

    and so on ^^
  12. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    Mostly my accidents start out on purpose and turn into major pain. Like when I broke my toe by kicking a door I didn't realise was there when I was in a bad mood and wanted to kick something. If that makes sense. Also, when I was four, I was retrieving my sister's balloon from the ceiling (obviously standing on a chair, I wasn't a ridiculously tall 4 year old...) when I thought "Hey, I wonder if I can get down from this with my eyes closed!" Not the best idea in the world. I broke my arm tripping over the arm of the chair, and bashing it on my bed. Being four, breaking your right wrist is not the best thing to do when you're learning to write. Hence why I'm ambidextrous. ^^

    Oh, and names are evil. I think getting them wrong is hereditary though; my dad called my mum after his old cat once. I'm also called "Hr-Rachel". In return, he gets called mum on a regular basis. ^^"

    Oh, and I tried putting on one of those ten-sizes-too-big woolly jumpers at the top of the stairs, and ended up at the bottom trying not to laugh and cry at the same time.
  13. once i hit a corner twice, dented my skull [you can still feel the dent]then a kid ran into me and i almost blacked out... ;D
  14. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Somehow I am not surprised.
  15. You know what happens when you turn a curve too sharply in a car, right? Picture that, then picture me turning corners sometimes. I banged my thigh on a chair when I ran into trying to turn a corner. I have NO coordination so most dancing and sports playing is out of the question. I'm very hazardous in heels but I still wear them. I also make mistakes reading easy words, like mixing up letters or putting in letters that don't exist. The worst mistake I made was somehow turning Puritan into Puerto Rican.(Maybe I was preoccupied at the time.) The reading mistakes are rare but when they happen it's a doozy.
  16. These thing follow me around like the plague...

    1.i was four and i was at some chukie cheese for my birthday, since i was a hyperactive child, i climbed the big slide onto the top *Not the inside the outside of the slide* and fell, and broke my nose.

    2.fell off bed and cracked my head!

    3.ran over by a bike *that hurt somewere verey senstive*

    4.fell down a flight of two stairs because of my pants...*i slip on them*

    5.i fell off my raft when i was 10 in a water park, i almost drown

    6. bang into things and people often

    7.in Karate *yes, i take karate* i sliped on my gi unfiorm pants and sprained my leg and took off a patch of skin

    8. got tampled by a bunch of 5 year olds at a party, and had blood all over my face *and one tooth lost*

    9.*got throw into one of those eletric big toy cars that you can ride in by my VERY STRONG uncle..8

    10. *i fell down a side of a hill and got scraped up*

    you can see i got into a lot of things
  17. Yes...Yes I am. ;) I call my teacher "Mom" a lot, and one time I called one teacher the wrong name...Also:

    1. I ate one of dad's baked potatos and my stomach hurt for like 3 hours.

    2. My friend Gabe and I played a game when I was younger, and one time he ran me over with his Mini Jeep.

    3. I've tripped over the puppy more time than I can count.

    4. Misspelling words is common for me.

    5. At a water park I fell into a pool.

    6. Bumping into people/things while preoccupied. (With my Gameboy!)

    7. I often change the subject/trail off during a sentence when I'm talking.

    8. I broke my foot in a sack race. (It hurt. A lot.)

    9. Sometimes I look at something inn Wal-Mart and forget what I'm doing.

    10. I burned myself making oatmeal. (I spilled hot water on myself.)

    11. I was juming on the trampoline with my friends, Peaches and Jean, and I did a flip and almost fell off the trampoline and broke my foot. (Again!)

    12. I almost drowned at the water park mentioned above. (I can't swim...)

    13. I fell through the already-broken bathroom floor.

    14, I bump into things in the dark.

    15. I hit my head on my desk at school sometimes.

    I'm also rude. Goofing off seems to be my favorite thing to do.

    The list goes on.
  18. actually i'm extremely clumsy and i love sports but i'm too clumsy too play them lol like when i was in a bowling ally before and was about too bowl the ball went flying backwards and knocked down one of the shelfs that hold those other balls and the all fell down lol. ((and sorry about my poor english))

    i always trip alot for some reason >.>;; and i have the tendency too accidently hit people >.>;; cause when i talk apparently i use hand gesters and stuff. ^^;;

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