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Accents and Languages- Just Chatting

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Hoenn Master, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. What's your favorite accent? what languages do/can you speak? What language classes

    Here, in America, we're lucky enough to have just about every accent and language available and usable to us. (BTW, I just realized: America is the international whore XD Oh, gahd!) Also, the interwebz allows for Dictionary.com translator for anything from Russian to Unknown (What is Unknown?)

    I myself can speak any French that is learned in French I. In other words, 'Hi, I am...' and 'What's up? I would like the rare steak, please.' I can also speak limited Czech. As in, swearing and hello, good bye, good night. I relaly like having an Irish accent, and I think I pull the role well, what with the orange hair and shorter-stature. :D

  2. I think you're going to die for the Irish comment there :p

    I myself used to be quite good at German (still have a good accent with it), but since I left school I've fallen out of practice. I cannot speak French, even though it was mandatory at the secondary school I went to (just like German, up until GCSE), and could only mildly pull of the accent. I also happen to hate the French language, mostly for the fact that a great deal of it never really made sense to me (mirrored, flexiable verbs and all that).

    At the moment I can only remember enough German and French to be able to say 'My name is potato' in both. I'm sure with practice, the German might come back.

    Also I have a bit of a 'twang', if you could call it that, with my own accent. Though it's mostly (what I think is called) a 'Sussex' accent, people will occasionally ask me where I'm from. Despite my mother having become pom-ified over the years, I apparently sound slightly South African, which is odd.

    Oh, and I know words here-and-there in Japanese, but then, who doesn't?
  3. Favourite accent? That's an odd question.

    I suppose I don't have a favourite, can't see why I would too.

    Languages, I speak English. The proper English, not this American stuff. I kinda half fail at Spanish (the language class I picked, it was that or French. I'm English, so its an obvious choice >>), and I know how to say "I'm a fish" in five different languages.
  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I really like British accents. Like really like them. >>;

    I speak Canadian English, and sometimes I can mimic other people's accents if I listen to them long enough. I also speak a little French and Spanish, and know some phrases in German. I only know one phrase in Russian, and it's 'Nas ne dogonat' or some such, meaning 'Not going to get us' (referring to the Russian version of the techno song).
  5. I haven't ever thought about a specific accent I like, mostly I can be entertained by any accent.

    As far as Languages I know, I speak American English. I also took three years of Spanish in high school, which means I know almost nothing. Right now I am going in to my third semester of Hebrew in college. I really should start reviewing before the semester starts, or I'm going to fail.

    On my list of languages to learn, once I finish Hebrew, I would like to learn German and Russian, and possibly Arabic.
  6. Hmmmm...proper English, ones with no cursing in it. I also like Japanese. I kinda beginnerish in Spainish and Japanese, and I hope to learn both better.
  7. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I was planning to make this thread once I came back, but looks like AL beat me to it. XD

    Anyways, my favorite accent has to be "asian" and Southern/Texan, just because they're the only ones that I can do properly, as well as mix at times when I want to. And because the "Asian" accent is so fun to do.

    As far as languages go, I can speak madarin Chinese quite fluently (though I tend to speak more in a Nanjing dialect than what's really mandarin because my mom was born in Nanjing and she, along with my dad, graduated from college there), and read Chinese itself at an intermediate level. Writing it is a different story; if I try to write a whole paragraph in the language itself, I have to consult a dictionary or my parents for every other word because it's really hard to remember how to write every single word and the language itself is... complicated, I guess. A single sound can be written about 10 different ways at times, each with a completely different, or sometimes even similar meanings that must be used at different times, if that makes any sense. Like, the word "de" can be written several ways, and there're three with really similar meanings but used in different places; one is like an adjective, one used before an adverb or adjective, and one before a verb. It's weird; I can read it fine but writing it is extrememly difficult for me.

    (American) English is the second language that I learned, after Chinese. And though I can read it well and write in the language better than I can compared to Chinese, sometimes I pronounce words wrong due to the fact that I live with a completely Chinese family, and I was the only one here that was born and grew up in the states that I know of. And I sometimes have grammar problems. But meh, technically I'm better in English than Chinese due to my wider range of vocab, fluency, and writing skeelz.

    I'm currently learning Spanish in school, and I know about 70 words in Japanese thanks to Anime, though I can't string the words into sentences except for maybe "kimi wa baka" or something. As far was which language(s) I really want to learn... well, maybe French just so I can speak to more people, because I can already speak Chinese and English, which makes me able to communicate with half of the people in the world, from what I heard somewhere. XD
  8. I have a Scottish accent, which amuses my Gran.

    BUT, I have a French name. 'Elise' is French for 'Elizabith', so when I say 'Hello, my name is Elise' in French, one word's already French. What amuses my friend is that if I get married to a man with the surname 'Blanche', then I would be 'Elise Blanche' - Elizabith White.
  9. My favorite accent has to be the Cajun accent--both in French and English (think Gambit from X-Men). I find accents really beautiful though, so my opinion is likely to change XD

    As for myself? People tell me they can definitely tell I'm from the southern US, lol. I'm still learning Spanish but my accent in it fails at life. I'd love to learn Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew.
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The two languages I am most proficient in are English and Monkey, both spoken with an American Accent. In middle school I took Spanish because I had to, but by 10th grade most of the words had left me. The only sentence I can form now is "Yo tengo un mono en mi pantilones" or "I have a monkey in my pants."

    I only know a little bit of Japanese thanks to anime but nothing tangible. I also know enough Latin to understand the lyrics to One Winged Angel, Advent One Winged Angel, the Death Note Theme, and O Fortuna.

    As for accents, I can mimic any I hear, but I can only do a few of them well.
  11. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I like Irish accents, have done since I went to Dublin. It just sounds so pretty :3

    I shall quote Alex and say that I sound like an English girl. I'm from Sheffield, but the people here always say stuff like 'Oooh, where are you from', thinking I'm from elsewhere XD I always try to speak properly, without slang. My friends say I sound posh, but I don't think so.

    I did Spanish and German at school, neither of which I was very good at. I did German for two years and Spanish for four, because I chose to do Spanish as my GCSE language. It was a mistake, because even to this day I remember more German than Spanish >>

    I can sing Happy Birthday in Italian, because when I was little I had an Italian friend at school who sang it to me on my birthday. He moved back to Italy ages ago, but I still remember
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Rach/Prof Cinders has a great accent, especially since she doesn't realize how truly amusing it is to someone like me. She claims I have an accent, but I haven't noticed myself XP

    Really, I love all of the various accents you'll find around the UK. They're just cute to listen to XD

    Anyways, I speak Canadian English as Dway put it, probably with a bit of a twist due to having lived in Atlantic Canada for so long. I don't properly speak any other language, not even French which is typically taught in our school systems, because of all the moving around my family did in my younger the years. For two years (grades 4 and 6) I took Japanese instead of French. The result was that I basically lost any feeble grasp of the French language that I'd had, and I haven't bothered trying to get it back. I'd need to start from scratch, and it just doesn't interest me that much ^^;
  13. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I have this odd... Quasi-British accent that makes no sense whatsoever considering where I'm from. I'm not sure if I have favorite accents. (shrugs)

    I speak English and Hebrew. That's pretty much all.
  14. I speak Swedish, Finnish and American English. I lived in Texas for two and a half years, which probably is the reason for that. I have French lessons in school, but I'm not that good at it yet, I've had French for a year. I'd love to learn Czech, Latin, Japanese, Chinese and Hebrew, but I doubt that I'll learn all of them...

    I love the Texas accent, because I've heard it so much in my days. Sadly, it hasn't influenced my English, so I don't have any accent at all. I also love Russian, Indian and Sean Connery-accents, they're so fun to make ^^ I really like British and Irish accents as well.

    There's one accent I hate, and that's Finnish. Finns who speak English sound like they don't know anything about the language. It's so humiliating that my kinsmen don't speak English better than they do! I just wish I could disappear whenever I hear that horrible accent...
  15. I speak American English with a Midwestern accent. However, when I say a few words (such as hello, grommet, etc.) they come out with a pseudo-British accent, which prompts people to ask whether I'm British.

    In response, I say 1/8, which really shocks them.

    Maybe I watch too much BBC America, lol.

    In response to the 'favorite accent' thing, I would say Spanish. I love the melodic sound of that language when spoken slowly, or the exciting snap of it when spoken quickly.

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