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Open Academy of the Warrior Ways (Fantasy RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DopeLeafeon470, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Dear Student,
    You are hereby open to join Pegasus Academy, the school of the warrior arts.
    I'm sure you've all heard of us. My name is Papa Corn, but some just call me Pops.
    Here you will learn about your role in the Kellarian Army, how do use your role, and how to use your weapons.
    I wish you all the best of luck.
    -Papa "Pops" Corn
    So yeah! Welcome to Pegasus Academy. There are multiple roles in an army, and there are so many of them, so I'll break them down into groups.
    A strong and courageous man who mainly wields a sword. Wears heavy armor, and can sometimes be seen riding a horse. That's very rare, of course.
    Can be a man or a woman. Can learn even the most complicated of spells with enough practice. But armor is replaced with robes that help them keep their magic inside of their body. Feels a burning sensation in their body when they successfully bear their first tome.
    He who is left with no armor, but a sack full of arrows, it's the Archer. He'd rather attack from afar, but he can come in close with an arrow or two. In collaboration with the Mage, he can power up his arrows to deal a certain status effect, depending on the spell.
    The Ninja is the most agile class, but also the most silent. He wields an endless supply of kunais, and sometimes shurikens. But only when he's in jeopardy, the Ninja uses a katana. Being one of the most deadly, the Ninja takes much more training than all of the other classes to master.
    Unlike the Mage, the Cleric specializes in healing HP and status effects. Has a Wooden Spear as a weapon, but is terrible at fighting. The Cleric prefers staffs that cast healing spells. The most unliked by students, but a healer is needed more than any other class, so don't let them deceive you.
    The Sniper deals even more damage and can attack farther than the Archer, but has less HP, less armor, and less...well...action. Often gets overshadowed by the Archer, for he gets all of the glory.
    The Engineer is the most creative and imaginative class. He thinks another way around things, and is never wrong. He is responsible for building complex machinery, such as the arrow trap. Wields an Axe.
    The Horse Knight charges into battle, with his or her trusty pal horse that he or she names by their choice. Both are covered in armor, and he or she wields a long axe. Many fear this class, for the size of the horses are something they have never seen before.
    This role is exclusive to woman. Again, she calls her pegasus whatever she wants to call her. But of course, it takes time to master the art of the Pegasus Knight, seeing as though the Pegasus has wings. Pegasus Knights also wield a spear.
    The Hero is the strongest role in the history of roles. The Hero has mastered all weapons. Sword, Axe, Tome, Spear, Horse, Pegasus, you name it. Heroes are passed down, year by year, to become the next Grand Captain of the Kellarian Army, and given the sword only known as Eiyu, which can kill enemies such as dragons with a single swipe. The very first person given the Eiyu was the god Neccs. The most recent person to be given the Eiyu was Jessica Black.

    To be the year's Eiyu bearer, you must be courageous. You must be willing to risk your life for others and never lie, betray, or hurt allies or friends. Pops will decide who will bear the Eiyu at the end of the year. If you are a first-year student, you must work very hard in order to get it.

    Another woman-specific role. Unicorns are very rare in the world or Sertia, but there are specific ways to summon one. Unicorns have a sharp horn that they are automatically taught by either their parents or their owner to use in battle. Not only that, but it can fly much more speedy than a Pegasus and a horse combined. The Unicorn Knight also carries an Eiyu-like weapon called the Yari, which is technically the same thing, but it's a spear.
    And those are the roles! Pops has a parrot pal that will determine your role at the beginning of the year. With that said, let's go on to the rules and character sheet!

    • General RP Pokecharms rules.
    • I am geek. I support ship.
    • Everyone's the main character of their own story, so don't go trying to be the main character in someone else's.
    • No guns or heat-seekers or anything like that.
    • Be creative with your character. I don't want everyone to be the all-american six-packer who's the starter quarterback of the New England Patriots and has 19 girls who are crushing on him.
    • Same goes for girls. I don't want all of them being the hot girl next door who knows ka-ra-tay and rejected 30 boys just to show how strong she was.
    Now for the character sheet!

    (there are 3 years in total. 1st = 12-13, 2nd = 14-15, 3rd = 16-17)
    Wanted Role:
    (First year students ONLY)

    Here are my characters:

    Name: Jason Linger
    Age: 12
    Year: First
    Appearance: Wears red sneakers, blue jeans, tan jacket with a green zipper, green scarf, eyes, and hair, white skin.
    Personality: Jason was always overshadowed by his sister Jessica. He's really nervous around girls, but he never threw up or had to pee around them anyway. He goes to Pegasus Academy because he wants to climb the ranks of the Kellarian Army.
    Accomplishments: None yet
    Goal: Above...
    Wanted Role: The Warrior

    Name: Papa Corn
    Age: 24
    Year: Graduated
    Appearance: Wears a white polo with a red tie and a green vest.
    Personality: Papa Corn is the headmaster of Pegasus Academy and supervises all of his students. He also decides who gets the Eiyu and Yari at the end of the year. Every five years, he gives out more special weapons to those who wield them. For example, the greatest Horse Knight receives the Ono, the greatest Mage receives the Superu, the greatest ninja receives the Naifu, so on and so on. But only every five years.
    Goal: None
    Role: The Hero

    On his first day, Jason looked up, and saw the large "Pegasus Academy" crafted by magic. This school is a big deal. he thought as he started to walk in. Better do my best. "First year students! First year students, over here!" said a tall, large man with a beard. He must be an Engineer... Jason thought as he walked over to the man.
  2. Name: Tia Warren
    Age: 13
    (there are 3 years in total. 1st = 12-13, 2nd = 14-15, 3rd = 16-17) 1
    Appearance: Small and slender. Tia has a petite body, but quite the body strength for her size. Bright blue tank top with black pants and black jacket. She has brown hair and dark blue eyes.
    Personality: Kind, but harsh. Tia has a joking side, but when the reason arises, she can be quite serious and thoughtful.
    Accomplishments: Well, she has a habit of upgrading her weapons.

    Goal: To prove she can follow her in her families footsteps.
    Wanted Role: Ninja

    Tia stepped forward to the school only to see a large sign with the words 'Pegasus Academy' in magic. "Wow, this is kinda disappointing." Tia said with excitement at the start, her voice dropping with sarcasm at the end. She giggled, and skipped forward without making a sound. A man with a large and full beard called for first years. "Hey, that's me!" She said to herself and ran on over. Wonder what kind of gnome he is. Tia thought when she looked at the beard.
  3. "Alright! Entrance is closin' soon, we'd better get you to the Destiny Decider," said the guy. He started walking towards a building. "Speakin' of stuff, the name's Mr. Blayt. You won't see me much, but I'm the master Engineer here. Ya see, there are masters for every role here. Your teacher will be those masters, dependin' on which role ya get," Mr. Blayt explained. "Ah, we're here," he said. There were words that wrote 'Dorms' on the top. "Yeesh, is everything made out of magic here?" asked Jason. "Not everythin'. You're not made out of magic, are ya?" asked Mr. Blayt smirked. "SQUAWK! Intruders!" said a parrot. "Chill your posterior, Omu, they're just first-year students," said an old man. "Oh," said the parrot, as if it never happened. "Anyway, welcome students! My name is Papa Corn, but you can call me Pops. This is my pal, Omu," explained Pops. "Wait. Pops Corn? As in...Popcorn?" a boy snickered. "Shut your piehole, Pops is trying to speak!" said Mr. Blayt. "Anyhoo, take a seat, all of you," said Pops, then he snapped his fingers, and all of a sudden, benches appeared, as all of the students sat down in sync. "Now, who is first...?" he asked, leaning on his cane. He looked around the crowd. He stroked his s=chin as he saw a girl with brown hair and dark blue eyes. "Well, ladies first!" he waved his hand slowly, as if welcoming her to the platform.
  4. Name: Winona Salarein Archibald
    Age: 12
    Year: first

    Appearance: Winona is a tall but frail girl. Her blue eyes usually looks sharp and intimidating, or just downright insulting. She keep her peach-colored hair groomed and likes it braided, but if not possible then she'll just let it loose. She wears a simple white dress and a gold trimmed red cloak.

    Personality: 'appearance is power', that is what her mother said. Winona learn a lot from his mother. Trying to keep her composure and dignity no matter what her real condition is. She's rather brash and tend to take decision with gain/loss calculation.

    Accomplishments: none
    Goal: Due to some political issue, her little brother is required to join the academy, but she volunteered to replace him.
    Wanted Role: Mage

    A carriage stopped in front of the academy. The driver steped down and opened the passenger door, revealing a girl with regal demeanor.

    "Hurry up! The ceremony should be starting soon!" A guard shouted at them. The girl gave the driver a firm nods and walk slowly to the entrance. But then she stopped mid-way and rushed back to give the driver a hug.

    "Tell my brother to stay safe, would you? He sometimes can be... risky."

    "I will, milady."

    "Oh, and thank you for your hard work Brendan."

    The driver, Brendan, replied with a bow. Winona turned back and ran to the gate. Her status may be next to useless here, but the skills she has may be useful, at least she hope so.

    Winona entered the academy and joined the others at the Destiny Decider.

    OOC: I like the idea behind this RP. But I would like it more if you use more 'enter' in the future ;)
  5. "Actually...let's go bigger," he said. "Well, I wouldn't say big, but he deserves a chance to be first," Pops looked directly at Jason. Jason gulped and walked onto the stage. "Now...Jason, was it?" asked Pops. Jason nodded. "Now, Omu will tell you your role in this academy," he said, then carefully attached a mechanical part to Omu's mouth. "JASON LINGER. TWELVE YEARS OLD. WAS TRAINED BY HIS FATHER IN THE ARTS OF SWORDPLAY, BUT MESSED UP EVERY TIME," said Omu.

    Jason's eyes widened at Omu's intelligence.

    A group of boys' laughter rose through the hall. "Can't use a sword? What a big loser!" one said.

    "Excuse me, but we came here to learn, no one is expected to know how to use a sword when they apply for education here!" said Pops. "Please, Omu, continue."

    "VOLUNTEERED TO BE HIS SISTER'S TRAINING DUMMY. HIS GOAL HERE IS TO PROVE HE CAN FIGHT," Pops took the mechanical part off. "The little brother of Jessica Linger? Interesting! You will make a fine addition to the Kellarian army," Pops started. "Jason, with your courage to make loved ones feel happy, and willing to put your life at risk just to do so, even if said loved one is playing a prank on you so she can hurt you, you are naturally a Warrior. You receive your weapon and dorm key tomorrow," he said. Jason nodded. "Thank you sir," he walked back to his seat.

    "Now, who's next...?" Pops stroked his chin again. There was one in particular that stood out from the rest, with different colored hair and interesting clothing. "How about this lass right here?" he pointed to Winona.
  6. Tia watched in surprise and horror at the machine. "Whoooo." She whistled quietly to herself. "That is kinda cool." She stepped up to the front because she was previously chosen, even though she was taken from the chopping block. Tia didn't exactly go into the spotlight though, she kept her distance away. Even if it was just barely, it showed her slight solitary.
  7. She just arrived a few minutes ago and already pointed to the platform? Winona is still a bit nervous but she gulped down any fear and climb the platform. She faced the Pops and bow slightly.

    "WINONA SALAREIN ARCHIBALD. TWELVE YEARS OLD. A YOUNG LADY FROM THE HOUSE OF ARCHIBALD. NEVER UNDERTAKE ANY LESSON IN THE ART OF FIGHTING. VOLUNTEERED TO JOIN THE ACADEMY DUE TO FAMILY REASON." Winona wasn't surprised at the intelligence showed by Omu, she's mostly surprised by how Omu showed some consideration and refrain from telling the audience her true motive. Winona looked up at the Pops. Awaiting what he would say next.

    She could hear some murmur from the audience. Mostly surprised by her noble origin. Looks like it's rare to see a female noble, most noble kid that sent to military institution is usually male with real military talent or troublemaker that needs to be disciplined.
  8. "Hm. Winona Salarein Archibald, eh? Students are going to have a hard time pronouncing that one when they see it in the books," said Pops with a chuckle. "Winona. With your ability to make your family happy, you must be chosen a role that will make them more happy. The skill of a magician is a very lucky skill to have, and I am excited to see how you use their power. Winona, you are naturally a Mage. You receive your wand and dorm key tomorrow."

    (Don't mind if I make another character~)
    Name: Gene Charleston
    Age: 13
    Year: First
    Appearance: Gene has brown curly hair with a neat black vest and a fluffy white lock sleeve t-shirt
    Personality: Nicknamed "Mean Gene", Gene has a history of being...well...mean. He got kicked out of school and sent to Pegasus Academy to improve his reputation.
    Accomplishments: (Optional)
    Goal: To become the year's Hero.
    Wanted Role: Ninja
  9. Winona gave a slight smile. Indeed, her name is a mouthful one. While most noble house nowadays use two-words name, the Archibald family still stubbornly use three-words name.

    Winona excused herself from the platform and sat calmly on the seat. She pulled a little rabbit doll and clenched it in her hand to calm herself.
  10. "Next victim?" asked Pops. The class chuckled. Pops noticed another girl with brown hair. "How about you? Again?" he asked, pointing to the girl she did before before he pointed to Jason.

    Jason noticed something furry underneath him. "He checked his butt, and found a book. The book said 'The Rulebook of Pegasus Academy'. Jason figured that while he waited for everyone to get their roles, he'd read the rules.
    1. Parties are strictly prohibited, as we have very few individuals who keep maintenance.
    2. Our restaurants are only open from 8:00 AM-9:00 AM, 11:00 AM-12:00 AM, and 5:00 PM-6:00 PM. Don't go try and steal food from them.
    3. If anyone is caught using their weapons against fellow students they will be suspended.
    Jason stopped reading. These were technically the procedures of a regular school, so he can just act normally.

    Gene nudged Winona because she just so happened to be sitting next to him. "Hey. Hey Winona, hey," he said. "Name's Gene. We're throwing this huge first day party at my place. Only the best of kids get to go there, so you don't have to worry about nerds like him," Gene whispered as he pointed to Jason reading the rulebook. "No rules, no nerds, room 457. Got it?"

    "Erm, excuse me, Gene, is it? Are you using your mouth for anything in particular?" asked Pops. "No sir, just filling Winona in on the rules, heh!" replied Gene. "Very well," Pops kept one eye open.
  11. Winona looked at the boy who just nudged her, he said his name is Gene. She offered him her best fake-smile.

    "Thank you for the offer, Gene. But I'm tired today and would rather sleep as early as possible. You know my house is quite far from here, right? I do hope you enjoy your party though." She gave Gene a courteous nod before turning back her attention to ceremony. It's true she's really tired from today travelling, but her true reason to rejects the offer is because he smelt like trouble. Her mistake here can be fatal to her family so she would like to avoid making a ruckus right on the first day.
  12. Tia saw as the man pointed to her. Nervous, she stepped forward to the stage. Seeing how the person before her bowed, she did it as well.
    Tia didn't care what was said about her. There wasn't much to be said. Except the hights thing. It couldn't have left it out? Anyway, she waited for a responce from the man named popcorn.
  13. "Tia Warren. Afraid of heights, huh? Well, with the role I'm about to give you, you will be trained to take control of it. The fear inside of you will be no more. And I think you have the most potential in this role than any. Tia, you will be trained to become a Ninja. You will receive your weapons and dorm key tomorrow," he said.

    "Now, who's next?" Then Pops realized what he could do. "How about you, Gene?" he asked. Gene nodded proudly and walked up to the stage without bowing. "GENE CHARLESTON. HAS A HISTORY OF BEING THE SCHOOL BULLY. CAME TO PEGASUS ACADEMY TO IMPROVE HIS REPUTATION." said Omu. Pops looked at Gene. Gene didn't look so happy. He thought Omu would cover his good traits, like strong body or flawless skill with a sword. "Hm. I see. With your reliability on others and your troublemaking sprit, Gene, you are a Horse Knight," said Pops. Horse Knight! What a lucky guy! I wish I could have a horse... Jason thought.

    (Fasty-forwardy time)

    "Alright! That should be everyone! Since you receive your Dorm Keys tomorrow, you will be sent to a nearby hotel for the evening!" said Pops. Yessss! said Jason in his head. He loved hotels, especially since his house is garbage.
  14. Hearing the world hotel, Winona suddenly felts more tired than before. Looks like she and the bed would have a long night together.

    She wonder though what kind of bed the hotel would have, more importantly, what kind of room they would have in the dorm. Private room? Two-person room? Four-person room with bunk bed? Or... shared sleep-hall? Winona shivered at the last thought. She would need some privacy and hope that last one won't become reality.
  15. "Unfortunately, since there are a lot of you, we will have to group up. Mrs. Oroka has the rooms arranged for you. We spent a lot of money on this trip to the hotel, so if any of you are caught breaking the rules, they'll be the ones paying for it!" explained Pops. "Yes sir!" said the class. "Very well. The three-person room arrangements are on the--woooah!" Pops was toppled over by the students. "Yes, I'm with him!" "Aw, man, I have to sleep with a girl..." "Dude, there are seperate beds, they're not the same thing." Jason pushed his way through the crowd. He saw the seating arrangements. "Sean...John...Gene...Adam...aha! Jason!" he pointed to his name.

    Jason groaned. "You have gotta be kidding..." he was sharing a room with two girls? He couldn't bear the thought of that, even if the beds were far away from each other. He walked over to Pops and helped him up. "Pops, can I switch rooms?" asked Jason. "Why? You and Tia and Winona would make a great team!" said Pops. "Yeah, but I am not sleeping tonight if I know that two girls are in my line of sight," he said. "There's only two of them, would you like to sleep in their room?" Pops pointed to two boys. One looked exactly like the person that called him out for not knowing how to use a sword. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words came out. "That's what I thought. Now go get your key to the room at the front desk," directed Pops. Jason disappointingly walked to the front desk.
  16. Tia read from a decent distance the names of her roomates. "Interesting." She said when she saw the names. Taking her room key, the girl walked over to the room. Sticking the key into the door, it opened quickly. Tia stepped inside to see a decently sized room with three beds and other accommodations. Being the first one there, she took the closest bed to the door and layed her bag out on it.
  17. Jason ran to the designated room and opened the door. He saw Tia there. "Dang it..." Jason layed his bag on the bed second closest to the door. He checked his bag. He had three notebooks, a pencil case, and his stuffed animal. He wanted to get there first so no one would notice he had one. He quickly shoved it under the covers so Tia wouldn't notice.
  18. When Winona entered the room, she's almost choked at the fact that there's a boy in this room. If this was a noble house a rumour would widespread like fire. But since this is the academy and there's another girl here, then she suppose this is fine.

    She greeted both of her roommate with a smile. "Good afternoon. I'm Winona. I will be in your care."

    She approached the last bed available. Put her bag and cloak, then dropped on the bed like a rock, she was too tired for anything else.
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  19. Jason rolled his eyes. "Let's just get tonight overwith," he turned out his light and got into bed. "And I know you want to too," he told both girls. "By the way, I'm Jason, for anyone who cares."
  20. Tia rolled her eyes as she layed out on the bed. "I don't think anyone did." She said to the boy. Stretching, she climbed back out and walked to the bathroom door. "We got school tomorrow, so um, what to do?" She asked them as she walked inside the bathroom to take a shower before she headed to sleep.
  21. "I don't know. Introduction? Probably." Now half-asleep on the bed. Winona has lost her usual composure and talked like a normal kid. She also wonder what would happen tomorrow.

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