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Absy and Eli's Extreme Adventures

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Lady Zoroark, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. This is my first story~ I don't think it's too good but meh, I can always improve :3

    Chapter 1:

    Several Dewott and Samurott gathered around the small helpless Absol, they walked around her many times, trying to intimidate her.

    "ENOUGH! You've done your job, now SCRAM!" shouted a voice out of nowhere, although it seemed to be coming from... underground!

    A large hole suddenly opened in the ground, like some kind of trap door. Then a large platform emerged up from the many piles of leaves on the ground, in it stood a Pokemon. Absy the Absol couldn't see it clearly, but she knew that this Pokemon was the boss of all those Dewott and Samurott, and would obviously be bigger than them.

    "Excuse me sir, would you do me the kind favor of revealing yourself from the dark shadows of the jungle's high trees?" said Absy in an innocent voice.

    The Pokemon stepped forward on the extremely high platform upon which it was standing. Although it lost it's balance, and tumbled onto the pile of leaves at the bottom. Absy couldn't help giggling a little, but then she helped out the Pokemon, because she knew he would hurt her if she mocked him. She placed her claw into the deep pile of leaves, and started pulling away the leaves until the Pokemon's face was visible.

    The Pokemon had a light blue body, a white face and a little brown nose, it almost seemed cute. Although it was small, Absy wondered how a Pokemon so small could have such a loud voice, as he had demonstrated before.

    "Now tell me, what is your name?" asked Absy, who appeared to be less shaky and scared than before.

    The small blue Pokemon picked up a leaf from the ground, and took a piece of charcoal from out of nowhere, and wrote his name onto it. Absy looked at the text on the leaf.

    "Elley." Absy said "That's a nice name!"

    The small Pokemon's face turned from white to dark red.

    "ELIELIELIELI! MY NAME IS ELI! Pronouced Eee-lie, not Elley!" Shouted the extremely angry water type.

    "Okay Elley, fine whatever" said Absy, who obviously didn't give a damn about how Eli's name was pronounced. "Also, may you please tell me why you told all those Dewott and Samurott to bring me to the deepest part of the jungle, for I simply do not understand why such a thing is necessary." said Absy

    "You see... I'm a very weak Pokemon, I really want to go on an adventure!" explained Eli

    "And... what has that got to do with me?" asked Absy

    "I want you to come with me, to protect me during my adventure, I've been monitoring you for quite some time now, I've seen how you defeated twelve Latios with only your Slash attack... will you come with me?" asked Eli, whose eyes were extremely cute.

    "Of course I will" agreed Absy

    The duo then nodded at each other and made there way out of the dark jungle, whilst saying random things to each other once in a while. The jungle was massive though, Absy had heard that there were many dangerous Pokemon inside, Pokemon that were once good but had become confused, and turned pure evil. Those Pokemon were known as shadow Pokemon, all shadow Pokemon have the same eyes, the same angry expression and the same marking on their heads, which looked like a bolt of thunder.
  2. Chapter 2

    As Eli and Absy approached the jungle exit after many hours of walking round in circles, they heard a rustling of leaves nearby, Absy was afraid that it might be a shadow Pokemon.

    Something yellow popped out of a bush, it was quite small and it had triangular ears, one of them was a strange shape. The small Pokemon crawled over to Absy and Eli, the Pokemon looked really badly hurt as it had a massive scar down the side of it's face. The Pokemon seemed strangely familiar to Absy.

    "Galdr?" asked Absy cautiously

    "That's my name." said the yellow Pokemon. "I haven't seen you in a while Absy, how've you been doing?"

    Eli was confused... just who was this Pokemon?

    "Oh I've been just fine!" said Absy "Oh and Elley, this is Galdr, a friend of mine, she's a Spiky Eared Pichu."

    "Nice to meet you Galdr." said Eli as he walked up to shake Galdr's hand.

    "May I ask, were are you heading to at this time of evening?" asked Galdr

    "I'm going on an adventure with Elley here, we're going to explore Unova!" explain Absy in a hero-ish voice.

    "Well... good luck with that!" said Galdr, who then hopped straight back into the many bushes.

    Eli thought that scene was weird... why did Pichu hop back into the bushes? And how did the Pichu get that scar? The scar was big... it must have hurt the Pichu, but yet it just acted like it wasn't hurt at all... But Eli couldn't worry about any of Absy's friends right now. He just cared about Absy helping him to get through Unova. They had finally reached the exit of the jungle, but outside the jungle was nothing, nothing but blue sea for miles. No Unova region... nothing, they were just on an island.

    "What are we going to do now?" asked Eli "I really thought that we were in Unova..."

    Absy opened her mouth, and a huge light came out of it. She was using Hyper Beam. She allowed the light to grow into a massive ball of energy before she finally released it into the sky, it was magnificent, probably the strongest Hyper Beam that Eli had ever seen. But Eli wondered what Absy used Hyper Beam on the sky for... it was weird, whyever would she do that...

    Eli looked around, and he noticed a shadow in the sky, it was very far away though. Absy had stopped using Hyper Beam, instead she sat down an waited, it was as if that shadow in the distance is what she had used Hyper Beam for. So Eli just sat with Absy, staring at her, Eli hadn't noticed how beautiful she was, he liked her... but he was too afraid to tell her, she was a very strong Pokemon, he wondered what she would do to him if he told her. For now it was better for Eli to decide that Absy was too good for him, which was exactly what he did.

    The shadow got closer, and closer, and closer.

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