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About the Trainer Card Maker Trainer submission topic...

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Hedj, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm not sure if I should be asking this or whether it's been asked before, but...

    I noticed there's an abundance of people asking about transparency in the Trainer Card Maker Trainer submission topic and being unable to make things transparent themselves, and I can't help but feel that I ought to be helpful and make a tutorial on how to make sprites have transparent backgrounds using various programs (I have Photoshop, The GIMP and Animation Shop I could make tutorials for).

    What I'm asking is, if I did make a tutorial thread, where would I make it, and would I be allowed to make such a topic? I would like to ask this first, because I'm not sure whether to put it in this forum so it'll be seen by those who seem to need it most (I wouldn't want to put it in the actual submission topic because I'd be fearful of cluttering it), or whether to put it in the spriting forum (which is near the bottom, so I worry that people who need it won't see it).

    Of course, there's nothing stopping someone else, or, more appropriately, a member of staff making such a topic, but I figured since I'm going to have a lot of spare time from now until September, I'd offer up to make some tutorials. I'd like to be helpful in my stay on Pokécharms, after all. ^^ And I'd be happy if my suggestion was taken into mind, because it means things are easier for everyone and submissions will go more smoothly for the TCM sprites.

    My apologies if this has been done before and/or it's a moot point. I just think it'd be nifty for a tutorial to be stickied, or linked in the first post of the submission topic, to give people a hand in that, plus making things transparent is a useful skill in computer graphics and spriting.
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  2. In my uninformed, subjective opinion (the group would a FIRE-type?) in which I am no way an authority on the matter, I would think that such a tutorial would belong in the Spriting Forum. I would then hope some mod would put a link or reference to it in the first post of the Trainer Card Trainer submission thread.
  3. I went ahead and made the tutorial thread, which is here, so thanks a lot for giving me a hand on where to put it. It makes sense, but I wanted to ask first, in case one of the staff wanted to make a tutorial in a more clear and obvious place...

    Since I've had this answered, and it seems that topic starters can lock their own topics, I think I ought to lock this one. Again, thanks!
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