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Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Primalape, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. The year is 2015. You're in high school. Graduating class? You decide. Your school's name is Green Eden High School, GEHS. School sucks, or maybe it's great. For me, Alexander Donderveld (folks just call me Match, by the way), it sucks. But there's one thing we have in common: we're different. No, not the "typical" teenage-angst kind of "different". We really are different. Some of us call them powers, I just call mine juice. Hey, whatever floats your boat. But when we get down to it, we are superhuman. I'm serious; I just googled superhuman:
    having or showing exceptional ability or powers. That's us. But when did these powers start and how did they happen. Most of us don't know and those who do, don't know what they're talking about. Eh, that's my own opinion though. So, I'm Match, ironically my powers aren't fire-based, they're electric. Who are you?

    Alright, get this: players pick their own power, anything they want, BUT they MUST attempt to make it seem plausible to the best of their ability. Also, powers will be approached as actual anomalies to either one's body, mind, or both. This means that powers are essentially disorders. But, just like actual disorders, no one person manifests the same exact symptoms. For example, one person with schizophreniamay display one symptom that another schizophrenic may not. If this is the case, then people could effectively have the same root power, but their abilities would differ, whether that difference is minute or grand depends on their differing manifestations of their root power. Also, these powers would obviously be to their benefit, but what side-effects would plague them because of said powers? This is catch, the realistic part: players must also come up with weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are caused by their powers. Whether these weaknesses and vulnerabilities manifest constantly or whenever a power is used is dependent on an individual level, furthering the gap between players who may want to compete for one particular power.
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    First of all, double posting is not allowed.

    Second, this is hardly a valid beginning for an RP. It IS however permissible as an concept/interest-gathering post - but in which case it belongs in Role Play Discussion rather than Role Play itself.
    Make sure to read the RP forum rules prior to doing anything else RP-related.

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