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Open Abandoned RolePlay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TrappedNutCase, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. (just kinda...start)

    "You're such a useless Pokémon!" Arora whimpered when a foot hit into her stomach, sending her into a tree. "Nya~" She exclaimed in pain. "Whatever, with the new Delcatty, I don't need such a weak Skitty anymore. Stay here." The trainer walked away, leaving the injured Skitty laying against the tree in pain. "Wh-Why...?" Arora's vision blurred before she passed out.
  2. A Shiny Umbreon and Zoura sat above the tree the Skitty was kicked into. The Zoura, by the name of Shade, fell once the Skitty made impact, he landed he'd first into the ground, while The Shiny Umbreon, Midnight, watched. He sighed, jumping down. He grabbed the Zoura by the tail, pulling him out of the dirt, then looked at the Skitty.

    "Oh, Let's take her Dad!" The Zoura smiled.
    "Shade, why do you want to help a Skitty?" Midnight asked.
    "Because, she needs help!" The Zoura replied.
    "Yes, I can see that, but we don't know if she back stab us." Midnight growled.
    "Dad, stop being paranoid." Zoura finished, transforming into a smaller version of himself. He slipped out of Midnight's grasp and ran to the Skitty. Midnight sighed. He used Psychic, placing the Skitty on his back, then grabbing the miniature Shade and placing him on his back.

    "I can't wait to see how Mom will react!" Shade smiled.
    "For the last time Shade, Amethyst is not your mother, I adopted you, and Amethyst is just a friend of mine." Midnight groaned. "Yea Right." He smirked. Midnight sighed walking off.

    (OOC: You can start off in Midnight's home @TrappedNutCase )
  3. Laxer the Munchlax was enjoying some nice donuts nearby. "Wow, these taste so good!" He exclaimed. He then heard a big bang. He went into a bush to see what was going on. He looked at the Skitty and then The shiny Umbreon and the Zoura.
    "Who are they? I better just follow and watch. When the time is right, I will steal their food and run back here!" Laxer whispered
    "But how to follow them, I know!" He said "I will just bring this bush! This will work!"
    Laxer grabbed the bush ready to drag it, but not before eating some tasty donuts. "Wow these donuts are good!" He said happily.
  4. Midnight and Shade soon made it to a tree. It had a ladder strapped to the trunk, where Midnight climbed, making sure the two smaller Pokemon didn't fall. Soon he made it up, finding himself in a tree house, the house provided Electricity, Shelter and Food. Midnight had taken it over when the owners some how never came back. He walked into a small room, two chairs stood in the middle. He placed the two Pokemon in each of them. "Shade, keep an eye out on that Skitty, if we lose everything we have I'm blaming you." He groaned, walking off to another small room, supplied with food. He frowned, finding a pink tail sticking out behind the pile. "Amethyst?" He questioned. A Espeon popped up, then smiled. "Oh hey Midnight. I'm just sitting the berries we collected." Amethyst smiled. Midnight groaned, he wanted to ask why the Espeon was here, but dismissed the thought since she was helping out. He sighed. "We got a house guest." He smiled. Amethyst turnee to Midnight. "House Guest?"
  5. The bush got to the window. "Wow, they have it all! Even plumbing!" said Laxer. "They must have food! Now how do I get in?" He looked at some twigs and leaves and thought of an idea. He started to dye every leaf and twig. After putting it on himself, he was in a Skitty costume. "Now I must make the voice, Meow I am a Skitty! perfect!" Then he realized that the Umbreon must be too smart to fool. He then turned to the Zorua sitting down. He started to climb and entered the tree house. "meow" Laxer exclaimed.
  6. Zoura looked over from his seat, seeing a Skitty at the door. "Whoa, another Skitty! Are you by chance related to this Skitty? Like her Mom or Sister?" Shade asked, looking back and forth between the two Skittys, finding the difference Uncanny, except the voice in the one at the door, but he really didn't know, since he found the fainted Skitty, well, fainted.
  7. "yes. I am this Skitty's long lost brother. It is great to be reunited tip tip." Said Laxer in an English accent. "Now where is your food I need food. I am starving and I need food. Did I mention I need food? Since I do need food, cheerio!" Laxer smiled hoping this worked.
  8. "Whoa, well nice to meet you sir!" Shade smiled, then frowned when he said he needed food. "Oh, Of course! I couldn't leave a Pokemon looking for his lost lost sister for ages without food! I'll get it for you!" Shade smiled, walking into the kitchen. He then grabbed a few berries, Midnight and Amethyst obviously noticing.

    Before Zoura got to leave, Midnight asked him a question. "Shade, where are you going with all that food?" He asked. Shde turned. "Oh, it's for the Skitty." Zoura smiled. Midnight and Amethyst frowned.

    "She's or He's awake?" Midnight questioned.
    "Ooh, I'd like to meet her or him." Amethyst smiled. Zoura didn't stick around much, already handing the disguised Skitty the Berries. When Midnight saw this he freaked. "Don't give him the berries!" He yelled.
  9. Vapor winced as his leg touched the ground. He had lost in a battle against a Milotic badly and had broken his legs upon the impact of being slammed into the ground by its Dragon Tail. His trainer had run off in terror, leaving him for dead. Vapor had met a Leafeon named Ivy, who was supporting him now. "Vapor, take it easy," She said, letting him lean on her.
    "Ivy, let me do this on my own," Vapor complained. He tried to walk forwards, but wound up falling. Ivy let out a squeal of alarm and rushed over to help him up.
    "Vapor, you need to rest," She told him.
    "I'm not going to get better if all you do is baby me," Vapor said through gritted teeth. He let Ivy support him, though. Then he saw a group of treehouse in the distance. Ivy saw it too.
    "Do you think whoever's in there might have anything that could help us?" Ivy wondered aloud.
    "I don't know, and I'd rather not ask," Vapor replied. "If they don't and they decide to attack us, we're done."
    "Speak for yourself. Just because you can't fight doesn't mean I can't," Ivy retorted. "We're going over and asking for help, weather you like it or not."
  10. At that very moment Laxer thought oh poop. But then he remembered his backup plan. "I am no Skitty. For I am The owner of this tree house, Snivy!" He takes off the costume, under it was a Snivy costume. "yes. I am the real owner here to live with you. As roommates." Laxer had a big smile on his face and said "But I am related to this Skitty." He hoped this will work.
  11. Midnight raised a brow, then using Psychic, holding the Snivy in the air, then shot it out of the tree. Zorua turned to Midnight. "Dad! That was the owner of this house!" Shade yelled. Midnight groaned. "If he was then why were Humans in this house before us?" He asked. Shade then shrugged.
  12. "It actually worked!" Exclaimed Laxer holding the berries in his hands. "I think I can try this again!" He climbed up the tree house again and said "Those humans in here were my trainers before they were killed by a wild Pokemon! Therefore I am the owner!" Laxer was very confident this worked. "So, if you excuse me I need to go to my fridge, thank you!" Laxer said while walking away from them and into the kitchen.
  13. Midnight groaned the Snivy coming back up. He used Psychic once again, flinging the Snivy out an Open Window. Amethyst turned to Midnight. "He just explained those Trainers was his trainers, and now he owns this place!" Amethyst growled. "I came here a while ago, and that Snivy never came till now, which I find ridiculous. Amethyst then sighed.
  14. He comes back up again. "look here mister. They may or may not have thrown me out, and they may or may not have leased it to their dog and I just stole the property since it fell on my face." Laxer explained. "And now I have the rights to the building, so yeah." Quickly draws the certificate. "look!" Shows them. Anyways I can kick you out, i am going to my fridge now thank you." Laxer was scared this will not work for the 4th time.
  15. Midnight growled, but before he used Psychic to kick the Snivy out again, Amethyst and Shade gave Midnight a nasty stare. He sighed. "Fine, he can stay." Midnight sighed. Amethyst and Shade smiled. "Amethyst, you have no word in this this is not your home." Midnight frowned. Amethyst smiled. "Well, I'm helping you out Midnight, you could of been living on the streets, even though the city is pretty far away. Besides, I help out a lot, I don't see why I can't stay either." Amethyst's cheeks puffed up. Midnight sighed. "Because if You're always sticking around, Shade will keep calling you Mom." He sighed, Shade smiled.
  16. Laxer eats nearly the entire fridge, and I mean the actual fridge. "Wow that was a nice snack!" He walks out of the kitchen and lays on the ground. He attempted to avoid making eye contact with Midnight. He then saw shade. Laxer had another idea. Laxer walked up to shade. "wanna hear a story, Shade was it?"
  17. Vapor and Ivy walked up to the treehouse. "Hi, my friend here has a couple badly broken legs. We were wondering if you could help at all?" Ivy said.
    "You were," Vapor muttered under his breath. Ivy shot him a look. "What?" He asked.
    "You need help. When I found you, you were unconscious and there was a dent in the cement where you were laying. There were cracks around you. Add that to the fact that your legs were mangled in an awkward position, and you were in pretty bad shape."
    Vapor sighed. "Well, I guess I-" He cut himself off as his leg gave way. "Aah, oww," He moaned. Ivy gasped and helped him.
    "See? I told you you needed rest!" She said.
  18. Laxer, dressed as Snivy opened the door. "come in, don't mind the other people, they are just your imagination!" Laxer walked away to get another bite of the fridge. "I can't wait for more of this delicious fridge!" Laxer said whilst walking away.
  19. Shade smiled. "Ooh, I live Stories!" He smiled, planting himself, ready to listen. Midnight sighed, ignoring the Snivy, and walking off.

    Amethyst walked over to the entrance, then finding a Leafeon and Vaporeon. She frowned at the ingured Vaporeon, then smiled. "Oh, Come In! Please!" She smiled. She then used Psychic, bringing the two up the stairs, then smiled. "Here, follow me, if you can walk that is." She frowned.

    "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FRIDGE!" Midnight yelled, finding a half Aten fridge, lying on the kitchen floor.
  20. Laxer sat down and told Shade a story. "Once there was a little Snivy, who was kicked out of his house for kicking the dog. One day his trainers suffered a fatal accident due to an umbreon. The dog exploded then the little Snivy got the will to the tree house. But the umbreon would not let him live there. So the little Snivy dressed up and faked being a Munchlax who lost his way! He got in and toke everything and walked out without leaving a single thing left for him. The end!" Laxer told. Laxer then drank a soda to see Shade's reaction.
  21. Shade frowned, and smiled at the story he was told. "Well, that was a bit descriptive, but I like it. Its similar to our house, but your a Snivy, and heck I don't thing you could make a Munchlax costume easy. So I think we should be safe for now, and jf Dad finds out, he said he'll go on a killing spree. Like that's gonna happen." Zoura smirked.
  22. Arora whimpered as she woke, her whole body hurting. "Wh-Where am I?" She asked as she stood up. Her vision was blurry, and one side was completely black. She looked around and took a step back, but slipped and fell of the chair in alarm. "Owie..." she grumbled softly.
  23. Laxer takes his attention to Arora. He walked over to the little Skitty.
    "It is time for your destiny little one. You will go on an epic quest through space and time." Laxer said
    "With this board game I found!" Laxer then takes out some broken board game.
  24. "W-Who are you?!" She gulped and ran, with a limp, into a small place between the wall and a cupboard. "St-Stay away!" She scooted back as far as she could. She didn't know any of these Pokemon, much less trust them. And what quest? She was just a boring, weak, Skitty that not even her trainer wanted.
  25. Ivy supported Vapor as he tried to go up the stairs. After a while, they finally made it. "Thanks, Ivy," Vapor said. "And thank you for offering help," He added.
    "Well, looks like you get that you need help now," Ivy said. "Oh, we never introduced ourselves. I'm Ivy, and this is Vapor."
  26. Midnight frowned, exiting the kitchen, finding a Skitty on the ground. He frowned, walking over. He sat in front of the Skitty. "Glad to see that you're awake." Midnight smiled then frowned when the Snivy came in, mentioning board games. Midnight groaned. "Ugh." He groaned then jumped down from the tree house. He then started walking.

    He stopped at a City, cars and other things driving by. He smiled, walking down. He then looked around, finding a Furniture Store. He smiled, walking in. The cashier looked at the Umbreon who walked in. "Oh, Hey!" He yelled. Midnight ignored, going down deeper into the eiles. Soon he came back at the Cashier, he had a Refrigerator floating in air, and a ten, one hundred dollar bills on the table. He smiled, walking off, the Refrigerator following. The Cashier and many other Humans stood confused.

    Midnight came back to the TreeHouse, shoving the Refrigerator through the entrance. It barely fit though.

    "Dad, where did you get the Money for that!" Shade asked.
    "I stole a Wallet from a rich kid, and solved out Refrigerator problem, now we have to work on food." Midnight sighed.

    Zoura turned to the Skitty, who backed away. "No, Don't worry, I brought you here!" Shade smiled.
    "I brought you here." Midnight corrected. Zoura sighed. "We, brung you here." He sighed.
  27. Laxer, totally forgetting about Arora, turned his attention to the fridge. He ran up and looked inside for food. All he found were crumbs. "better than nothing" said laxer as he ate the entire fridge. He walked into the room where Arora was. "Hey there. I'm your cousin! Remember me? My name is Leaf and we played together every morning?" asked Laxer. Laxer thought how long can he stay here without noticing that his leaf tail was taped on.
  28. "But who are you? I don't have any money, n-nor a trainer so ransom won't do you any good!" She exclaimed from her hiding spot. "Please don't hurt me!" She teared up, closed eyes wobbly in fear. "Andt I don't have family, I was hatched from my extrainer." She said to the Pokemon.
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  29. Shade frowned. "NoNo, Don't Worry!" We won't hurt you, we wanna help please! We wouldn't dream of it!" Shade smiled.

    "AGAIN!" Midnight yelled, the Fridge disappeared.

    Amethyst smiled. "Well Nice to meet you Ivy and Vapor. I am Amethyst, the Umbreon yelling over their is Midnight, and the Zoura is Shade. The other two, I don't know their names myself. "But I'm sure I can help, I know Heak Pulse, just follow me." Amethyst smiled, leading them to an empty room.
  30. "Then what are you after?" She poked her pink head out slightly to view them more clearly. "Y-You helped me?" She asked and slowly came out. Her ears were down, and her three spiked tail curled around her in safety. "Th-Thank you then." Arora gulped out, her throat dry.
  31. "What am I after? Safety to you, why else would I bring you here?" Shade gave a closed eye smile. "So, what happened to you?" Shade asked, a bit of concern in his voice.
  32. Laxer sat down and ate some of the food from the fridge. "Yum! I do love food!" He said with a mouth full of food. He looks around for more food. He then remembers he had some food in his fur. He reached through the Snivy costume and grabbed an apple. He fixed the costume with some stitches. He then goes out while mumbling something about finding some caramel.
  33. Tears filled her eyes again and she started crying softly as the memory zapped through her head. "Sh-She left me!" She sobbed, her paws hiding her face. "I'm sorry." She wiped her face from the tears and stood up. "I should get out of your fur. Sorry for the trouble." She went to leave, but tripped and smashed unto the table face first.
  34. When Laxer came back with no Carmel, he saw a broken table. Along with his apple on the ground. He looked at Arora on the broken pieces of the table. He walks slowly to her grabbing a knife. "Why you." He muttered. "thank you! The floor is filled with so much junk it basiclly is caramel!" He says cutting a peice of the apple. Then eating the rest of the apple. "Yum!" Laxer sayed happily. He put down the knife and walked off to find more food.
  35. Zoura frowned, as the Skitty started crying. He quickly ran over, patting the Skitty's back. "D-Dont Worry! Whoever left you obviously didn't know what they were doing!" Shade frowned, trying to calm the Skitty down. When she stood up, and smashed her face on the table. He quickly rushed over, ignoring the Snivy, then helping her up.
  36. Ivy and Vapor followed Amethyst into the room. Vapor winced as his paw hit the ground again. "I can't wait till I can walk again," He muttered.
    Ivy sighed. "Just shut up and let her heal you."
  37. "I'm sorry." She looked up. "You really mean it? My extrainer is missing out? But she has a Delcatty now." She sighed and sat up, rubbing her nose with her paw. "I wish I was a pretty Delcatty." Arora sighed. "Oh, I'm Arora by the way.
  38. "Well, she's missing out on something more cute than a Delcatty." Shade smiled. "Oh, by telephone way, I'm Shade, nice to meet you Arora." He smiled.

    Amethyst smiled. "Alright, Want to know why I brung you into this room?" She smiled. Her eyes lit Blue, so did a white cloth, then the cloth wrapped itself in Vapor's mouth, and around his neck. "OK, this may sting a bit, so I put that cloth on you. Now try not to yell soo loud." She smiled. She then placed her paw on one of Vapor's legs, then started glowing green. She was using Heal Pulse.
  39. She blushed at the first part but smiled a bit. "Nice to meet you Shade." Arora gave one of Skitty's most interesting traits, a bright smile that lit up the room. Her ears were down still, but she was smiling like nothing was wrong with the world.
  40. Shade smiled. "No Problem." He smiled. "An My dad's gonna get mad when he sees the table like this, we should get out of here." Shade frowned.

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