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Ask to Join A World of Ruin

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starry Phantump, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Discussion and sign up: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-a-world-of-ruins.18949/


    The Pokemon world, a torn, ripped apart civilization where words are written in blood and the greatest reward for everyone is living one day longer

    A small loan pachirisu sprinted through a dead forest coated in leafless and fallen trees, the tiny electric type ran until eventually reaching a dry clearing"phew...I think I lost that guy"Akki said panting heavily from the marathon she just ran, she had been running from a hungry arcanine hoping to add her to it's menu. The electric types rest was being cut short from something creeping up on her from behind a rotting tree, could it be friend or foe?
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  2. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Daisho rushed as fast as he could, breathing heavily along the way. He didn't care that all the dead twigs and plants were murder on his little feet. He. Kept. Running. But he was perfectly safe. He had yet to experience being chased down by a predator yet. He finally made it to a special place. Well, it was special for Daisho.

    He reached a dried up creek Upon seeing it, he started to cry a bit. This used to be a small creek. It was small, but it was big enough for Daisho to enjoy, which he did. Everyday, he would come here. Daisho met his only real friend here. The friend seemed to be the only other pokemon that went to the creek. Daisho looked around. His friend was nowhere to be seen.

    Daisho stood right where the middle of the creek was, and placed his Scalchop there for five or so seconds before claiming it again. Daisho stopped crying. He wasn't really crying in the first place, only small tears came out of his eyes. Daisho scanned the area. He figured that he should get going, as he didn't want to have his first predator encounter here.

    He knew that staying still in a place for too long was very dangerous, so he hustled over to behind a dead tree, which despite being rotten and disgusting, Daisho thought it could be good cover. Maybe he could take a nap, his little heart had been working hard. Daisho heard rustling coming from an open clearing nearby to the secluded creek.

    Daisho started to panic immediately. He didn't want to be eaten. But he thought about it. The rustling stopped. Daisho didn't hear anything else strange that was going on. He sighed. He walked to the opening to see a small squirrel-like pokemon. Despite the fact that Pachirisu were smaller than Oshawotts, Daisho's dwarfism made the Pachirisu slightly taller.

    Daisho thought for a while. He was bad at social conversations... His brain snapped. Hey, the world is dying, who cares if I humiliate myself. Daisho walked up to the Pachirisu. "H-hello?" Daisho said very quietly.
  3. "ah!!" Akki tensed up as the unknown oshawott spoke to her,after a few seconds she returned to normal seeing that by the actions of the new Pokemon he seemed to be a normal kid like her"um..hi" she studderd,Akki hasn't seen any other Pokemon that didn't try to eat her in days or talked to them for that matter, making this a strange but relieving event"w...who are you?" She asked
  4. Azure and Midnight both sat under a tree, inside a small den. The two were feasting on the body of an Ratata. As usual, Azure would lure in the Ratata with her Attract, a move she learned after finding a discarded TM. She would lead the Ratata to his doom, her companion, Midnight killing the Ratata with one large bite to the neck. Despite only being twelve years old, she wasn't deterred by the sight of blood.

    Finishing off her meal, Azure leant back with a heavy sigh," hmm... Not our finest meal..." To this, the Shiny Umbreon, who was named Midnight, sitting across her rolled his eyes. Azure smiled before getting up, "now then, should I lure somemon else in?" Midnight grunted, which followed by a smirk. "I'll take your devious smirk as a yes," she giggled, which followed by a snort. With that, both Azure and Midnight left their small, but roomy den in the search for a second meal.
  5. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "M-my n-name is Daisho." Daisho still stuttered, even though he knew he was safe. He was just... not good with talking. "I'm j-just a s-surviver o-out in these wastes, I guess. And w-what's y-your name?" Daisho sat down next to Akki.
  6. "wow, he's studdering a lot more then me" she looked at him when he asked her name"I...I'm Akki"she was unsure if she should ask him anything other then his name but she had to say something"soo...what are you doing out here"she asked. The fact that she is able to socialize with someone again distracted her, she couldn't stay in the clearing and with her guard down she wasn't ready if something attacked her
  7. Razzle ran across the trees chasing a Stantler trying to make a run for it. The Salazzle was able to keep up with the deer, determined for a good meal. "Ssssslow down!" She called as the deer started to get away. Suddenly from out of the bushed, a bone with fire on the ends spun forward taking a hit right in the head of the Stantler.

    Mark reached up and caught the bone as it made it's return. "To slow." Mark said to his poison fire friend. He quickly tore open the deer pokemon, killing it instantly. "Let's just get some good grub." Mark said sticking his bone into the deer and fire seemed to activate cooking it from the inside out. "Mind helping?"
  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Daisho could 'sense' the shyness in Akki's voice. It made Daisho feel strange. He hadn't really openly talked to others in his life like this since he met the kind Froakie a long time ago at the creek. But somehow, knowing that Akki was shy like him made Daisho more confident. He mostly stopped stuttering. He never felt like this before.

    "Well, nice to m-meet you." Daisho smiled. The first happy smile he had since this whole 'disaster' occurred. It's only really been death and sadness around here. "Trying to survive. I know that e-everything is horrible now, but there's still hope in me. That's why I'm here, I guess."
  9. Magic and Sprout lived together for a while now. They knew exactly what each other needed and their emotions. Magic was the gatherer while Sprout was the explorer. They traveled by day, picking up food they find, and living in holes at night. This was their life for months after the meteor changed everything.

    It was pure day, and Magic was out slapping trees with her tail. Her dream was to become a cinccino and defend others from enemies, and it begun with training. "How long until we get moving...?" Sprout asked tiredly. Sprout was currently laying in the shade, cooling off from their traveling. "Almost done," Magic answered. As she answered, her tail broke through the bark and scratched the tree. She jumped up in excitement, and ran over to Sprout. They decided to move.

    They traveled for a hour, and reached a dry stream. Two Pokemon sat at the stream already, which sent Sprout hiding. "You don't need to be afraid," Magic said. She approached the two pokemon, cautiously. "Hi!" She said to them, with her tail ready to attack if needed.
  10. "eep!" Akki tensed up again when the two other Pokemon showed up"I have to stop doing that Everytime I see someone" she said to herself"h..hi" this was strange, in just a few minutes Akki has seen more peaceful Pokemon than she has in weeks"who are you" she said trying not to studder
  11. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Daisho noticed the two incoming pokemon as well, but didn't tense up like Akki, like he might have. He figured that just being with a peaceful pokemon that didn't want him dead was reassuring. "Hello!" He said as well, but since Akki started talking with them already, he figured that he didn't have to say much.

    He was very tired. He hadn't really done much today. He had travelled a lot, mostly searching for berries and water to stay alive. However, his internal organs were a lot smaller and a side effect of that was that Daisho got tired quickly. Daisho glanced up towards the sun. It wasn't night, but he could-

    And then Daisho was already sleeping, propped up by the dead tree. Daisho must have been really tired, as falling asleep in a middle of a conversation wasn't something his awake mind wouldn't of done. But it was too late. Zzzz....
  12. "And that's why I have all of this at the ready, I guess." The noibat finished, holding up a pitifully small first aid kit.

    The meowth's face lit up upon seeing the copious amount of supplies (compared to the size constraints, which was to say still not much) packed inside of the tiny case. "Wow. Water, bandaids, a really tiny Rubix cube; you really did think of everything!" She beamed. "This will definitely help us through any conflict!"

    "…still got that first aid kit, Abel?"
    "Real funny, Rix."

    The persian and noivern sat haunched over the nearly clean-picked remains of a bunnelby, scavenging what they could from the creature. Making one tiny meal last for an entire day was tough work in itself; much moreso when two were to split that amount equally.
    However, this was the apocalypse. The apocalypse offered no forgiveness.

    The noivern looked down at the bunnelby, then up at Rix. "Probably a terrible time to be asking existential questions, but do you ever get any kind of remorse over any of this? I mean, had society not collapsed this would probably—no—this would definitely be considered murder."

    Rix didn't look him in the eyes. "I'm desperately trying not to think about that, please don't remind me." She spat out a piece of brown tinted fur, crinkling her nose.

    "That's disgusting," Abel commented nonchalantly. "Regardless. We agree that this is a temporary solution, correct? Only until we can find some sort of place relatively out of the elements to camp out in and raid supplies, then we can at least try to quit the whole primitive act and—"

    "Abel, shush," Rix's muttered, voice lowered to a hush. Her ears shot up, swivelling around like satellite dishes. "I heard voices."

    "Well isn't that ominous and terrifying," Abel spat in a harsh whisper, taking a few steps back in aversion.

    "Shhh," Rix repeated, still listening intently. She slowly stood up, slinking silently over to the nearby bushes. The persian peered through the gaps in the leaves, revealing…

    Rix quickly padded back up to Abel, making a valiant effort (and failing) to mask her relative excitement due to the depravity of the situation. "Prey—practically a whole clearing full—and fresh water," she murmured, motioning towards the bushes opposite from them with her tail. "This could be it, if after this we set off for what you think could still be an active civilisation. Then we'll never have to do this ever again."

    "As much as I wish that were true, do you have a plan?" Abel rebutted in the same quiet tone.

    "Here's the plan then, because you like plans: I rush in, and you wait here. Okay? Okay." She responded, already beginning to turn back around.

    "That's not a plan," Abel muttered, just loud enough for Rix to hear.
    Despite this, she chose to ignore him, once more creeping up to the swath of bushes separating her and what could potentially be enough to last the two of them for a few days. One, two, she counted mentally, preparing to spring.
    Rix pounced into the clearing where the oshawott, pachirisu, minccino, and furret had gathered. Unfortunately, without any real plan, this merely meant that she had revealed her presence to the four crowded Pokemon.
    "Ah… hello?"

    Although Abel had no way of seeing what exactly had happened, he had a basic idea of what had most likely went down. "Now's the time where we start writing our final will and testament, isn't it." He grumbled, trudging over to the bushes to watch the events that were about to transpire.
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  13. Star was walking when she saw azura and midnight, she flinched seeing the body and stumbling towards them "h-hi" she said in a small voice, attempting not to appear as scared and failing miserably
  14. Cassey was shuffling around in a shroud of bushes as though she were searching for something. She began to get very frustrated before coming across a tiny hole. A wide grin had spread across her face before sticking her paw inside. With some digging, Cassey pulled out a jar, half filled with honey. Cassey tipped the jar backwards, allowing the honey to drip into her mouth. Once half of the remaining honey is gone, Cassey wiped her mouth and reburied the jar. "I have to restock soon or I'll run out. Finding honey is such a drag." Cassey looked around before exiting her hidden space.
  15. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Abel and Rix's sudden appearance knocked Daisho straight out of sleeping in back into the awake realm. "Gah!" He quickly stood up. His brain urged him to run as far, and as fast as he could go, but he noticed he wasn't being killed. "Uhh... hello?" Daisho calmed down, since he wasn't quite being killed yet.

    (I got to go to bed IRL, so see you tomorrow. :) )
  16. "um...hi"Akki said for what felt like the millionth time today, this time she didn't studder suprisingly, after Akki studied the persian for a moment then she realized something, the persian was clearly hungry by the expression on it's face, but it wasn't the kind of hungry thats "I'm starving" but the kind thats like "Food!!". Akki froze before muttering "th...th...that's a predator!!" She quickly jumped back, she can't fight very good but it wouldn't feel right to leave everyone to take on that cat while she ran, she held her ground, shivering a lot, but holding her ground"
  17. Midnight and Azure both shot their heads in Star's direction, after she revealed herself to them. Midnight and Azure both looked back and forth between the Togepi, and themselves.

    "Ah, hello darling. But do you need something from us, or?" Azure knew she wouldn't be able to lure her in as prey so easily, that being because she was also female. Not to mention, Midnight was out in the open, right next to her. Midnight could easily go after her and attack, but the Pokemon was too small to satisfy them, so it was obvious to the both of them that they would let the Togepi live.
  18. She smiled "well um I saw you where eating and I was... uh winding if... I could have a bit....?" She said loosing the strength in her voice almost imidiately "I-it doesn't need to be much..... I just haven't eaten in days...." she added
  19. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Diana was a cruel pokemon. In more than one way she resembled a human. But her eating habit definitely didn't. She killed off entire families at once just to gain food. But her food supply was running low. Her mansion had once been a sprawling mansion with the best or so she thought. Now it was in ruins with just enough space to live. However, the rubble was helpful in hiding her food from unwanted visitors. She hadn't been visited since the divide came aside from a few pieces of prey. Her black eyes had seemed to have changed her attitude in almost a psychopath way. And every day it only grew worse.
  20. Azure looked over to Midnight, who stared at the Togepi. She gently nudged his side, getting his attention, and having him look in her direction. She gave him a smile, they still had some left Ratata from earlier. "Feel free to help yourself to the rest, now we must go for now," Azure spoke before the two turned around and brgan heading off.
  21. She poked at the ratata "hey uh, could I also tag along will you guys? In good morale support!" She said happily and taking a bite from the body
  22. Midnight and Azure flinched before looking back at the Togepi. "Uhhh," Azure mumbled. Midnight was shaking his head, knowing what Azure would do. "Yea, sure! Just don't get in our way of hunting," she smirked, causing Midnight to groan in response, followed by a growl towards Azure, to which she giggled. Midnight took in a deep breath and shoved Azure, knocking her to the ground before continuing on his way. Azure groaned, getting up, and running after him.
  23. She smiled happily and took a few more quick bites and rushed after them "I won't! But if I recognise them can you not kill them? Or does it not matter who they are?" She asked softly, feeling a little bad for azure
  24. "Well, we'll think about it, won't we, Midnight," Azure smiled. Midnight didn't bother turning around, continuing his way. Azure yawned, "at least talk to me, you've been silent all week!" Azure ran up to him, now walking on his left, while he stared ahead. She groaned, before jumping up and climbing him. He stumbled a bit, before regaining his posture and looking back to her, who smirked. He rolled his eyes, before continuing.
  25. Keen Kitsune

    Keen Kitsune Previously KeenKitsune

    Diana swept out of her mansion her black eyes flashing. She glided along the now uneven stone roads of the once magnificent neighborhood. Her food was hidden behind rubble and a few attacks she had used as an extra measure. She knew that she cut off most of my communications but she still yeared for just a glimpse at other living pokemon. Depending on the pokemon she would either go away from them, hunt them, or the rare occasional chance of befriending them.
  26. Star caught finally caught up with the pair "thank you" she said quietly, trying to learn the boundaries with these new people "and uh, if your planning on killing me, you can tell me, I'm ok with it as long as others are ok.." she said showing her darker side
  27. Midnight couldn't help but feel a chill go down his spine, hearing Star's words. Azure looked back to Star, still riding on Midnight's back. "O-Oh, w-we're not going to kill you, darling," she muttered, loud enough for the Togepi to hear. Azure flinched, Midnight coming to a stop and slowly lowering himself, letting her get off easily. She looked over to her companion, "do you see someone?"
  28. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Well... uhh..." Daisho said trying to end this awkward period. It... clearly didn't work. "Nice of you to join us... but... uh... I uh.... got to go. Yeah, I have something really important." Daisho could sense the awkward leaving his mouth, bouncing off Abel and hitting him again. His body overpowered his mind and started to slowly back away.

    Daisho got about 20 feet away, and then turned around and just ran. He didn't care that he had just left Akki. It was too awkward for Daisho, and he was scared that Abel would totally slaughter him. He stopped when he saw a small bit of water. It looked to be a tiny little pond that hadn't dried up yet. It wasn't big at all though, but this pond was bigger than Daisho.

    Daisho was also very thirsty. He hadn't had water for days, which he knew would kill him very soon. And being a water type just made his lack of water worse. He didn't care if the water was dirty and probably would get him very ill. He put his little head to the water and drank. He drank almost as much as his bladder could hold. He then just sat in the pond, also cleaning him off.

    Daisho then thought about Akki. Well, I just left her to die... Oh well. He looked around the area and decided to sleep. Alone. In an opening. He was most likely going to die, but he was too tired to care. His eyes closed...
  29. Akki quickly regretted her decision after Daisho left her"Dai....Daisho, why"she mumbled, Akki finally thought she had a friend... She couldn't move, frozen in fear by the persian, she started to cry knowing that this is how she'll die, at least magic and sprout were still there
  30. Razzle looked down from a tree down at Azure and Midnight. "Oh, I ssssssee you. Doesssss that count?" She asked while spiraling down the tree. The Salazzle grinned an extremely creepy grin as it's white skin stood out boldly on the forest's background. "You all look like a good meal, what do you sssssay?"
  31. Midnight and Azure shot their heads up, hearing the Salazzle that was in the tree above them. They watched as the Salazzle spiraled down the tree and revealed herself to them. Azure mumbled under her breath, quietly. Azure jumped behind Midnight, gesturing for Star to follow behind her.

    Midnight kept a serious face, knowing this was no laughing matter. She was much taller then the two, and more dangerous, being part poison type. Even if they got away, they could've been poisoned, and at the moment, they had no Pecha Berries back at their den. Midnight glared back to Azure, giving her a quick shove. Azure knew, she knew he wanted her to go, and she rushed off, valuing her own life more then his, being a bit selfish.

    "Well, you're the first shiny I've seen in years," Midnight spoke, slowly moving left, while staring at Razzle.
  32. Razzle just kept the wild grin while moving to her right, countering the left movement of Midnight. "I could ssssay the sssssame back to you." The Salazzle said with a cruel grin. "I always liked the taste of shiny pokemon. Never tasted the flavour of an Alolan Vulpix, huh?" The shiny pokemon said while slinging its tail from side to side, specks of poison flying from each swish.
  33. Midnight's serious turned into one of anger, he teeth now bared at her. "Yes, shiny Pokemon make quite the appitizer, but Alolan Vulpix? I wouldn't eat her if I we're you, she tastes bad, I know from experience," Midnight growled, making sure not to get too close to the poison specs that launched from the Salazzle's tail. His own tail swished as well, and his lights dimmed.
  34. Razzle just shook itself off, sending even more poison everywhere. "I'd rather try it my," Razzle jumped forward extremely fast to Midnight mid-sentence to catch her opponent off guard. Mid-jump, Razzle launched a Flamethrower attack at Midnight, but quickly changed directions at the Vulpix. "Like em crispy."
  35. Midnight stopped, some poison having been shooken off in front of him. Midnight gasped, watching the Salazzle fire a Flamethrower at him. He quickly countered, using Dark Pulse. The attacks didn't push each other and the attacks ended in an explosion. When the smoke cleared, Midnight saw Razzle running off. "Oh no you don't," he shouted, using Pursuit and chasing after her. Because he was chasing after the Salazzle, he was much faster and in no time flat he made it behind her, now charging up another Dark Pulse.
  36. Razzle kept her direction on the Vulpix, knowing something Midnight didn't. The Salazzle sent out another Flamethrower at the Alolan Vulpix. As soon as Midnight began charging, a Flame Burst was sent up into the air as a signal. From the bushes, a flaming bone was thrown out between Midnight and Razzle. The bone blocked the dark pulse with only the slightest bit of anything getting past it. Mark raced out, grabbing the bone from the air. "It's stupid for predators to hunt solo."
  37. "Nononononono wait!" The Persian called after the fleeing oshawott, taking a few steps forward before he completely disappeared from her line of sight, dashing into the bushes. "I—ah. It's gone." Rix finished, practically stating the obvious at this point. Quickly, she peered around: three other… targets? The initial adrenaline rush had faded, a knot forming in her stomach. They didn't need to eat right now, did they? But then again, who knows when an opportunity would pop up next.

    In what was a knee-jerk decision, or perhaps the realisation that survival had no room for a moral compass, Rix whipped around, attempting to pin down the terrified Pachirisu with her paw. "Abel!" She called. "Get the other two!"

    Truth be told, although his constant criticisms would say otherwise, Abel was much worse than Rix at this sort of task. Regardless, he desperately attempted to follow her command, wincing as he reared up to launch a halfhearted wing attack at the furret and minccino.
  38. Azure dodged the blast, unaware that was it was fired in the first place. The flame flew past her right flank, causing her to break a sweat. "F-Fire?!" This only compelled her to run even faster, knowing her life was on the line.

    Midnight gasped, watching the bone block his Dark Pulse from hitting the Salazzle. He looked to the source, finding Mark. He gasped at his words. "S-Shoot," he muttered. Taking a step back, he remained in his defensive stance.
  39. "wash!!" Akki cried and flailed around attempting to break away from the persian
    "I guess this is it,I said it before but I was only lying to myself but now, this really is how I die... I'll never live the life I wanted, I wished this never happened and I could be home hugging my mother"

    "I...I don't want to die!!" She balled even more before uncontrollably discharging a shock of electricity at the persian

  40. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Fortunately for Akki, Daisho was close enough to Akki to hear her screaming. This woke Daisho up. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! He couldn't really do much, which didn't help either. Daisho instantly made his mind. he could run back there to help Akki. He didn't care if he would die at this point. His hope to live slowly drained after each second

    He quickly looked at himself. He was fine, but the small scars on his body were like dead bodies on a battlefield. Daisho didn't want to do this, but he had just made friends with Akki, he still wanted to have a friend. He held his scalchop with his left paw and ran as fast as his little stubby legs could take him. He saw Rix pinning down Akki.

    "Let her go!" Daisho yelled as loud as he could, which still wasn't too loud. He attempted to use one of the only moves he knew. A beam of laser-like light dame out of the scalchop. He made a small jump, and slashed at Rix
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