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Ask to Join A World of Only Pokemon: The Darkness vs The Light (18+)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Magjia, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. In a World where only Pokemon Exist...
    In this world of pokemon is it a far reach of many lands for different pokemon, and some kill and eat other pokemon ..some eat the berries, some are evil and like to do nasty things, and some are very nice! Thus, the two clans were born, The Darkness, and The Light

    These two clans were made to keep territory to each side without a fight, make order in pokemon on their likes and dislike, The Darkness would rather eat other pokemon, while The Light would rather each berries. This does not mean the darkness doesn't eat berries, and the light doesn't eat pokemon, if it comes down to it, they might have too.

    However this is not the issue with these two clans, these two clans hate each other, The Darkness clan is always up to mischief and pushing their territory out further, The Light, angered by this declared war on the The Darkness clan. Present day, these two clans are still at war, so, which side are you on?

    Note: you don't have to eat pokemon/eat berries or be evil to be on a side, choose which ever side you like or who would fit your character best!! <: you could be a darkness clan member who eats berries! or an evil member in part of the light!

    Darkness Clan:
    Leader: Rouge/Houndoom
    Medic: @Novosel : Lucario/Cayce
    Clan Followers:
    @Magjia : Mismagius/Magjia
    @Meepy : Weavile/Ava
    @kyuukestu : Cyndaquil/Kyuu

    Light Clan:
    Leader: Millie/Altaria
    Medic: @Prince Noir : Lopunny/Mimi
    Clan followers:
    @chredwards: Chandelure


    Name: Magji
    Pokemon: Mismagius
    Clan: Darkness Clan
    Personality: Cocky, Mischievous, reckless
    Likes/Dislikes: annoying baby pokemon, likes trouble.
    Mate: n/a
    Gender: Female

    LAND MAP: http://imgur.com/Xv8v2hF.png

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  2. bump v_v''
  3. goshiwishmorepeoplewouldbeinterestedtojointhis.
  4. Ok, here I go!

    Name: Mimi

    Pokemon: Lopunny

    Clan: Light clan

    Personality: Gentle, selfless, somewhat motherly, level-headed in crises

    Likes: Pecha berries, helping others, cute baby Pokemon, and flowers

    Dislikes: Sour berries, wasting food or supplies, and ungrateful pokemon

    Mate: n/a

    Gender: Female


    Mimi opened up her stash of berries, and wiped down the rock that she used as a makeshift examination table one last time. The light clan was supposed to be peaceful, wasn't it? So why the war?

    Where there was war, there was going to be bloodshed. And there were going to be wounds to heal. She wasn't much of a fighter, so, as the Light Clan's medic, she, as usual, was going to be the one who mopped up the blood.
  5. Magjia was on a secret spy mission. She was able to turn transparent, being a ghost, she had snuck into the home base of The Light clan, and found herself where the medic performed her work, and the medic. A medic? not like they can fight..lets have a little fun. She thought, and she suddenly used Power Gem to block the entrance. (sorry! just dont want you to get bored with you roleplaying by yourself ;w; )
  6. (Wow, fast reply!)

    Mimi's ears twitched. A ta-ta-tap sounded near the entrance of her..."Office", if one could call it that. In reality, it was but a quiet section of a cave, where she could treat her sick and wounded comrades, and then lay them down to sleep off their ailments in one of her nests, made from mareep wool.

    "Who's there?!" She hissed, readying a dizzy punch.
  7. Magjia appeared from he transparency, a Mismagius with a dark aura, a member of the Dark Forest. She made a crooked smile "aye deary that dizzy punch wont affect me!" she let out a chuckle, her eyes glowing menacingly.

    (i really really like to roleplay)
  8. (Same here!)

    Mimi backed against a wall. This Mismagius certainly wasn't in need of medical attention...

    "Listen, I don't want any trouble," Mimi protested, "If you just leave this cave, then I won't say a word about you to anyone, ok?"
  9. "why wouldn't i want that? i came for a reason right? why would i want to leave.." She laughed more "i was sent on a mission from my clan. to learn information.. all i've learnt is the medic is stupid!" she let out a louder laugh.
  10. Stupid?! The Light Clan didn't just give out medic titles to any pokemon...

    "Why, you...You can't be too bright, either, since you've just revealed yourself as a spy," Mimi yelped, "You're one of those brutes from the Darkness Clan, aren't you?"
  11. "Of course i am! Why would a ghost pokemon ever be part of the Light?! thats madness!" She looked almost stopped in a thought. "Yeah im a spy... but its not like anyone can see a ghost too well can they? or when they find out their medic is dead!" she angrily hissed and started to charge a Dark pulse.
  12. Dammit, I'm a medic! I'm not equipped for this, Mimi cursed to herself. Her moveset didn't serve her well against ghost types, nor did her type. She knew how to use heal bell, dizzy punch, shadow ball, and attract. Dizzy punch was useless against ghost types, and why bother with attract? Mimi wasn't going to be able to charm her way out of this one. What choice did she have...?

    She prepared to retaliate, by spamming shadow ball.
  13. (ghost types can actually hit each other as super effective so in a way she can fight back )

    Magjia started to shoot off a dark pulse, but for it to be retaliated by a shadow ball, she let out a squeak of fright and kept dodging the shadow balls, getting hit with one and falling down.
  14. (Do I need to ask on chat? I'm just going to post my sheet)
    Name: Chandelure
    Pokemon: Chandelure
    Clan: Light (Obviously)
    Personality: Snobbish, rude, smart, funny, perfectionist
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Clean things, neatness, light, fire, warmth. Dislikes: Water, darkness, mess, loud noises
    Mate: N/A
    Gender: Female
  15. (nope your fine! <: accepted! you can join in when you want!)
  16. (okie cool)

    Chandelure floated over and saw the dark pulse. "Oh, my!" Chandelure cried, she floated over and tried to see what was happening. "Is everything...alright?" She tried to ask in a non-aggrivating way.
  17. Having expended a lot of energy into those shadow balls, Mimi was forced to stop and recharge, as the mismagius was shot to the ground...
  18. Magjia made a groan and slowly floated back up and angrily growled "YOU'LL PAY!" She quickly charged up another Dark pulse aiming for Mimi, she completely ignored Chandelure due to being enraged.
  19. The dark pulse smacked hard against Mimi's fur, pinning her to the wall of her office for about ten seconds, before she was let drop to the floor.

    "Chandelure?" she cried weakly, "Help..."
  20. Chandelure heard the meek cry for help, she floated over to the distressed Pokémon. "What do you want me to do?" She whispered, looking around for something.
  21. "That mismagius," she panted, "It won't leave without a fight. I don't know how long I can keep spamming shadow ball...Get that thing out of this cave!"
  22. "Fine." Chandelure rose to the pokemon and used giga impact on the mismagius. Chandelure was annoyed of the mess it was causing. "CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF" she wailed.
  23. She let out a yelp of surprise and was hit and fell down onto the floor again, weak from all the endured hits she stayed on the ground tired out.

  24. Name: Ava

    Pokemon: Weavile
    Clan: Dark
    Personality: Agressive,Quiet,Distant,Agile,Deadly
    Likes: Sweet food
    Dislikes: Leaves, People and things in her way.

    Mate: None
    Gender: Female
  25. (you can start roleplaying any time you want <: )
  26. Ava dragged the Vulpix from under the rock, Ava was so close, almost crushed by the giant rock, thankfully it was the Vulpix instead. Ava chucked one of the figy berries in her mouth. There wasnt many in the bush, but they helped.
    She started her walk back to the clan, taking the lifeless vulpix with her.

    (EDIT: Everyone gone?)
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  27. The leader of the Darkness clan stood tall on a rock, a female Houndoom. Nobody had seen the leader in battle, but many of the elder in the clan speak of that shes leader for a reason, they believed she possessed the power of Mega Evolution. Her name was Rouge. Many other pokemon in the dark clan lay in the base meeting, a dead tall tree.
  28. Name: Cayce
    Pokémon: Lucario
    Clan: Darkness
    Personality: Ambiguous, enigmatic, stoic, timely, sympathetic
    Likes/Dislikes: +Analyzing surroundings, +Exploring nature, +Peace and quiet, +Meditation, -Being belittled, overlooked, or tested, -Cheer, -Unbalance or disorder
    Mate: N/A
    Gender: M

    I also wanted for him to be the medic for the clan, if that's alright.
  29. (ooc: thats fine with me! accepted! <: we'll probably need him soon anyways! )
  30. The infirmary had lost the edge to its sterile odour after so many days of being vacant. The royal blue figure spent much of his time honing himself for the day that came where a Pokémon would desperately need his care. For now, he sat cross-legged in the hollow of a long forgotten tree, contemplating the medical room's allocation in the case that the tree rotted and filled his lungs with mould. He would not fare the Clan much good if he could no longer breathe, see, or walk because of such a reckless mistake.
    He was not dead yet. He held to his lips a flute whittled from fresh spruce; it still tasted bitterly of wood. He played the notes tunelessly, having a lingering feeling that the day he dreamed of would come upon him soon enough.
  31. Rouge climbed down from the tall rock and went into the medicine den "Cayce, how is your medicine supply doing?" The leader spoke to the medic, as they trotted inside of the room, inspecting it.
  32. He bowed his head as she entered and gingerly placed his homemade flute on the floor as she entered, standing and brushing himself off. He beckoned for her to follow him to the medical cabinet where a chart taped to the door discerned the number of various medicines for various conditions (Burn, paralysis, and poisoning were just a few), bandages, gauze, and plasma. There was clearly a surplus in each supply. He looked back detachedly, waiting for her approval.
  33. Rouge nodded "alright, that is good. i sent a spy out hours ago and if they come back they may or may not be injured." she said, waving her tail in approval also.
  34. Name: Kyuushua (kyuu)
    Pokemon: Cyndaquil
    Clan: Darkness
    Personality: Quirky, Lazy, Mischievous
    Likes/Dislikes: Exploring /Troublesome things
    Mate: n/a
    Gender: Male
  35. (Accepted!)
  36. Kyuu sat under a tree and stared into the blue sky. He had been wondering around the woods when he came upon a Mismagius that had been sneaking about, likely for something important.... or to cause mischief, regardless of her reasons Kyuu had decided to follow her, if only to relieve his boredom. Unfortunately, he lost her after mere minutes and now found himself lost.

    "I think i'm somewhere on the boarders of the light and dark territories " Kyuu mumbled to himself, "what rotten luck, what'll i do if someone of the light clan finds me?"

    Suddenly Kyuu heard the rustling of leaves.
    "Oh no!" Kyuu almost cursed his luck I need to hurry and hide
    kyuu looked around anxiously before spotting a patch of shrubbery and diving into it.
    I'll hide here until they pass....
  37. He nodded in recognition of the situation and gestured to the medical wing in a curt way before soundlessly brushing past her and using Psychic to retrieve a roll of manila paper from a shelf twice his height. Cayce began tearing a sheet of the enormously dexterous material to lay on one of the tables he had cushioned with the skins of those Pokémon that had mercilessly been slaughtered to feed the Darkness. He looked over his shoulder distantly to see if their fearless leader had anything else to task him with.
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  38. Mimi hopped to her feet, so that she could examine the damage to her office. A weeks' harvest worth of leppa berries lay crushed on the floor, next to a smashed bottle of her home-made antidote.

    She winced as she bent down. Her abdomen was badly bruised, but for now, there wasn't much she could do about that.

    She popped an oran berry into her mouth, and cleaned up her office, ignoring her pain. And after Shinji went to all that effort to ger me those berries...I'll have to send him out for more.

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