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Open A World Changing Wish (sign ups/discussions)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Suga_Crystals, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Disclaimer: Yes this will be dark so don't join if you're sensitive to that

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-world-changing-wish.20551/ This is the RP link.

    The world as you knew it was pretty bland, as the world should have been. Since that way nothing bad would be happening to you past maybe being fired or failing classes, or the small chance you get into an accident by a car or falling off some place you shouldn't have been in the first place.

    Then sightings of these weirdly dressed people show up, but no one could get a clear photo of them to mock them online. Of course those people online will continue to insist that a boy in a dragon costume saved him or a girl dressed as queen helped them. Soon more and more of these weird costumed people were being seen.

    Then by chance you encounter a creature that wants to make a wish of yours come true in exchange if you help them in some sort of war. Will you accept or will you do your best to resist their pleas as these monster you can now see are causing havoc in your city.

    -Obviously pokecharm rules apply here
    -Everybody is allowed ONE Power and it must have a downside too (So if you control light you control light no fire manipulation, and maybe you get more tired during the night.)
    -No time traveling or op things please
    -But with that one power you can power it up in a sense, maybe have it branch out to other powers if it makes sense. Just don't try and have a thousand fire arrows on post twenty, and don't try to have water magic be a branching path you have if you have fire powers.
    -Keep team growth at a steady rate. Since I will be dividing people into teams in a sense.
    -This RP is kind of like a game of sorts like I'll post missions for you magical folk to complete and you rp that.
    -Also don't think that if your OC is in school they'll be able to skip, just keep it mind. Along with the fact that jobs don't just let you skip out during shifts.
    -If you want to kill others make sure it's okay with the other party before you do.
    -No Mary Sues.
    -When you're not using magic don't try to jump 50 stories into the air
    -Be as descriptive if you can.
    -Romance is allowed but keep it pg guys, since not everyone is comfortable or should be reading adult material.
    -Have fun.

    Character sheets
    Appearance as a human:
    Appearance as a magical being:
    Weapon of choice:
    Wish granted:

    My OC
    Name: Charlotte Rhodes
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance as a human: As a human she has mid-length wavy blonde hair, with hazel eyes, pale skin, with the hourglass figure although it's better to compare her to the mid section of a cola bottle than an hourglass. She's usually seen casually wearing what ever is the newest trend but outside of that she has a classic school uniform since she belongs in a private school, which is a dark green in colour scheme and has a skirt to her knees and a long sleeved shirt with the school emblem on it.
    Sexuality: She wouldn't admit it to anyone in school, but she's bisexual.
    Appearance as a Magical Being: When she changes her hair is cut to bob length and goes white with her eyes turning blue and her magical outfit is one you'd think a knight would wear minus the helmet, the gauntlets, boots, and chest plate all being silver, while the under garments are a light blue with a blueish tint. The additional cape is a darker blue to that.
    Power: She has the power to manipulate water although with in reason, right now, she can only use it like a water balloon at best, but if she's around too much water in her human form she'll basically drown. (So she can't swim, but drinks of water or a little bit of the waves touching her is fine.)
    Weapon of choice: She prefers to go with a sword.
    Wish Granted: The wish granted to her was that she and her family would be saved.
    Personality: Charlotte is a loud, energetic girl who tries her best to be friends with everyone although she can come off as pushy with it and will comment on it whether you like it or not. She's also the type who's into all the newest and hottest things even if others would mock her for it. She also is like a kid, in the way that kids would try to do what they think is right even if it meant devastating consequences in the future. She chooses to be very active doing an assortment of sports, and with that also eats quite a bit.
    Backstory: Charlotte got into this life by chance as she was reading posts online about these mystery people helping others with glee, as she and her family were heading home after a winter vacation of skiing and snowboarding. If people were helping others out even in this weather it would mean that the world is becoming a better place or at least that's what she thought before she heard the car screech and felt herself being flung to the side, if she wasn't wearing her seat belt no doubt she'd be outside the car. They'd just hit an ice patch much too quickly and were skidding off the cliff they were on. Next thing Charlotte knew there was a crashing sound and she even with her seatbelt on knew she was falling, and she shut her eyes waiting for the impact wishing for everyone to live and someone to save them, and how she'd do anything in return for this to come true.
    Before the sound of shattering ice then splashing of water happened, yet miraculously the car didn't sink into the icy cold depths, and even more miraculous, everyone was still alive.

    Sirens rang out as police and the emergency care team were there to take the entire family to the nearest hospital as staff uttered how miraculous it was that these people were alive. As Charlotte opened her eyes again she could see a very small horse like creature in her blurred vision watching her as the crew took her away.
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  2. I'm still confused. I want to ask things but don't know where to start.

    Allright, let's start with this. Is the setting heavily inspired by a particular franchise? The wish granting part reminds me of Madoka but then they come from another world and is in some sort of war, like Narnia. But the person who obtained power still need to do school and work, so they're like have a portal that allow them to teleport between two world? Or it's the other way around, the magical beings come into our world? Also, please explain this 'war' and the reason why these magical being other to pick people from our world.
  3. I mean inspired by many darker Magical girls series, and magical girl series in general yes. The going to school/Job still comes from Cardcaptor Sakura and the like where the danger comes to our world. This war is actually why I’m putting you into different groups since like in Madoka and others groups of magical girls take care of their own Area as it were, and these beings have their own reasons to pick humans to become magical. Some are kind and just want to help in sad situations, others see them as good soldiers, while others picked them at random because of the feud going on against one another and they don’t have time to personally make an army of their own creation. I hope that helps.
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  4. This roleplay seems very interesting to me, but I don't currently have enough time to make a charscter sheet, so if you could possibly reserve a spot for me, that would be great.
  5. Name: Airin Isaia
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Appearance as a human: She's quite tall, with pale skin, long black hair and black eyes. She usually wears blouse and skirt.
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Appearance as a magical being: her own appearance doesn't change much. Her magical outfit is a set of trench coat, pants, gloves and boots. All colored black with white lines on the edge.
    Power: She can strengthen anything she hold in her hands, but after the spell end said object will be destroyed.
    Weapon of choice: scythe, I mean, giant badass looking scythe with lots of unnecessary curves and spikes that might hurt her hands... I'm kidding about the spikes.
    Wish granted: debt removal
    Personality: Airin is a cautious person. She's introverted but seems overeager to help another people.
    Backstory: Airin is studying in one of the university while working as an editor for a small magazine. Because of some reasons, she took some loan from the wrong person. Afraid of unable to pay it, Airin took an offer from a talking black cat. In the end, her debt was removed, but it already cost her something else.
  6. I will reserve a spot for you.
    You are accepted.
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  7. So wait...what if a wish were to involve unlimited power? Lol

    That kinda makes the whole subject moot.

    I'm not asking for that, I just wanna clarify the limits on wish granting.
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  8. If it were to involve something like that they'd probably twist it in some way like you have unlimited power but for like only a minute, then you're as weak as tracing paper is to someone with a sword poking it. And they wouldn't be able to get that strength back for about a month maybe longer since you did wield unlimited power and that can't be good to the human body. While you may be a magical you still are going to be back in your human body. Or if you use magic in as a human just imagine lots of broken and shattered things. It's not a good time
  9. Oh that was only an example wish, but I'd totally use it now. XD

    Unlimited power for one whole minute? That would be like a year to someone moving as fast as they please. I could total the earth in less than a fraction of a minute. Wipe out existence in the blink of an eye and whatnot.

    Perhaps limit the wishes so they can't go beyond the wish granters power? DBZ this thing. Lol
  10. Make them all over 9000! XD

    Maybe think from the perspective of the wish granter. If someone ask for too much they'll probably just cancel the offer, or if the wish has too much hassle they will twist it in some way to make it convenient for them.
  11. Yeah that's it, like they'll pretty much make it so that the wish breaks your entire physical being if you try it, like I said 1 magic power so you don't and you won't have a recovery spell with infinite strength. So Deku but worse off because at least you can heal broken bones and stuff but your entire being... yeah that's not happening. Or they will cancel it depends on the creature really since one is incredibly lazy and would just cancel the wish if it's too much for them.
  12. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Hola hola hola hola hola Hold Up

    So basically this is konosuba but the if the war came to us and if we were saved we had (not really it's our choice) to help them in return?
  13. I did not watch that actually, I personally got the war idea from dark meguka overdone version Mahou site because manga spoils anime, and the helping thing is more like most magical girl shows.
  14. I finally managed to finish my character sheet.

    Name: Akaal Dolens
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance as a human: Akaal's appearance is somewhat peculiar, to say the least. His most noticeable features are that his hair is incredibly short, almost to the point of baldness, and that his eyes are an unnaturally deep shade of black. Even stranger though, is that his skin, when closely observed, can be noticed to have seemingly random marking not unlike those one may find in the place of wounds that healed long ago. The strangest part of this, though, is that the marking seem to disappear, and reappear in other places without explanation. Other than his relatively muscular build, there isn't much else to say regarding his physique. As for his clothing, he has a habit of throwing on whatever he can find, so he doesn't have many constants, besides his school uniform, which is similar to Charlotte's, as he goes to the same school as her (if that's okay with you).
    Sexuality: Heterosexual.
    Appearance as a magical being: As a magical being, Akaal's skin becomes much more rough and rigid, to the point that he becomes entirely unrecognizable. Each time he does this, his hair falls out almost completely, resulting in his peculiar short hair. His skin usually isn't seen at first though, as along with this transformation, he wears a specially made red and black costume, including a mask, specifically made to mask the color of the blood that he's often drenched in while using his magical ability. He also wears an armored black cape to aid with stealth.
    Power: Akaal's magical power is to manually regenerate any part of his body that is hurt or damaged. While this may seem a bit too powerful, regeneration takes quite a while, so if he happens to lose a limb, which has happened in the past, he is left completely defenseless, allowing any enemy to attack him without risk, leading to even more damage, and a longer time he has to wait before turning back to normal and resuming his daily life. Besides this, his power does not currently allow him to harm others more than he would without it, so he's forced to adopt creative strategies when fighting, and he requires the use of his brain to regenerate, so if it is damaged enough, he will die almost instantly.
    Weapon of choice: He carries a standard hunting rifle, as well as a femur that he managed to completely preserve after his leg was chopped off at one point, which he uses as a blunt object.
    Wish granted: To be relieved entirely of all physical pain.
    Personality: After a certain event mentioned in his backstory, Akaal has embraced a newfound love of simply existing. Though he was somewhat confused by life at first, he is now much more calm, and he found his own way to enjoy the simple things in life, even if to him, one of the simplest things in life to enjoy is a puff of a cigarette behind his school when no one's looking, as, though he is more so at peace with himself than he once was, he still can't deny having his rebellious moments, as well as his habit of acting without thinking, as, considering his power, he assumes that there is no real risk to running into a situation guns-blazing (both figuratively, and sometimes literally). Because of this, he often unintentionally puts the well-being of himself and others at risk.
    Backstory: As a child, Akaal was raised in a southern town with a small population. He certainly didn't have bad life, in fact, he quite enjoyed how simple everything around him was. There was, though, a strange question that always seemed to plague his mind. No matter what he did as attempt to drown the question, it always resurfaced. The question was very simple. He wanted to know why there was life. Everything around him seemed so mundane, he struggled to find a purpose, seeing as how nothing ever seemed to change. Of course he always enjoyed hunting with his father, which enhanced his aim, especially when using a hunting rifle, but the world around him always seemed to abide by constants. Unfortunately though, as soon as something did happen, it gave him a taste of hell, as he developed a rare illness that is known to not kill it's victim, but to put them through increasingly horrible pain, rendering them immobile until the illness is cured. Unfourtunately, there was no known cure at the time, so most people died with the disease, after at least a year of fighting a pointless battle. In order to have a better chance of curing Akaal's illness, his parents brought him to a hospital in a large city about an hour away from their home. Akaal stayed in that one place for so long, his parents decided to move to the city, acquiring new jobs, all in order to be able to see their son in his darkest ours. Once Akaal had been plagued by his illness for almost ten months, he snapped. In one moment, he used all of his power to mutter, "N-no more pain," and just before he fell unconscious, he noticed a mysterious raven in the corner of his eye.
    (I swear, I didn't mean for him to be so much like Deadpool. It just sort of happened.)
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  15. Hey Deadpool is cool and funny, although his inability to die is a problem with the RP... I mean heavily injured is good though.
  16. He is able to die if his brain is damaged enough, as he has to regenerate himself manually, and he isn't able to do that without the use of his brain. I forgot to mention that in the sheet when I made it, so I'll edit that in.
  17. okay with that edit you're accepted and I'll put a link to the RP soon

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