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Private/Closed A Wonderful Camping Trip!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Jekis, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. It was a wonderful evening where Jax, a 14 year old kid and 4 other people decided to "camp!" This follows a simple RP where a couple of pokemon trainers chill at Birch Pines, an outdoor resort with a log cabin-y mansion with a sauna. Anyway, here are the rules!

    -3 sentences in one post at minimum
    -Romance is allowed, but keep it PG
    -You can only control one character.
    -You should have a partner pokemon that USUALLY remains outside their pokeball
    -Up to 3 other pokemon you can RP as

    Character Format
    Age: (14-18
    Appearance: (Clothing, skin and eye color, hair style and color, etc)
    Personality: (Don't go too in depth, just enough for us to understand)
    3 dislikes:
    Partner Pokemon:
    Other Pokemon:
    RP start:

    My Character
    Name: Jackson "Jax" Quinn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: He has a nearly pale complextion with blue eyes, and white, spiky hair. He is 5'6" tall, and wears cargo pants and boots. He also wears a green hoodie that is usually over his head.
    Personality: Jackson is very outgoing and adventurous, always seeking to have fun in any way. He loves being with friends!
    3 likes: Cooking, swimming, running Cross Country
    3 dislikes: Sleep, bugs, the cold
    Partner Pokemon: Zane (M, Zoroark)
    Other Pokemon: Lax (M, Lombre), Iris (F, Roserade)
    RP start:

    "Here we are!" Said Jackson, excitedly. Him and his friends finally, after walking 3 Kilometers, arrived at the log cabin. Everyone was exhausted, but he was excited to see the log cabin only 500 ish meters away! "I can taste the luxury from here!"
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  2. Name: Devan Shingle
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: He always wears a black hoodie, and is usually has it over his head. He has black jeans he wears every wear, and has a belt with his Pokémon’s dusk balls on them.
    Personality: He is very quiet, doesn’t join in conversations that often, unless it’s about a topic that interests him. He seems to “come alive”, during the night and disappears sometimes, only to show up in the mornings.
    3 Likes: Ghost Type Pokémon, dark places, and sleeping during the day.
    3 Dislikes: Loud noises, bright lights, and being in contact, (petting for example) with Pokémon other than his own.
    Partner Pokémon: Duskull
    Other Pokémon: Golurk,(who stays in his Pokéball for the most part due to his size), and Sableye.

    Devan watched as his friend exclaimed the statistics of the shorter journey they were taking. His eyes were shadowed by the hoodie, and Duskull floated beside him. Sableye followed adventurously ahead. “Unless your going to be licking the couches I don’t think you will....” Devan said playfully. He grinned creepily under the hoodie as Duskull seemed to chuckle. “But yes....it will be nice.....”
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  3. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    Name: Hailey Beckett
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: She's in a rather pale complexion and has blonde wavy hair ,a pair of perfect pool blue eyes with a green sweater, and white pants, she also has white sneakers to patch it all up.
    Personality: Hailey is really energetic, she's the clown of the pact, also sometimes being too literal, she likes making people happy, though at times she does act really weird and ends up doing something really weird, and by weird i mean "throwing a party for a random person" weird.
    3 likes: Rainbows, Unicorns, and CANDY
    3 dislikes: Dark Places, Ghosts, and most importantly, Hailey really hates snakes.
    Partner Pokemon: Rainbow (F, Bewear)
    Other Pokemon: Candy (F, Swirlix), Unicorn (F, Rapidash)
    RP start:

    Indeed, everyone was exhausted, except for Hailey, she on the other hand, was skipping the whole time, "No Jax, you can't taste luxury, though it may be sweet and bitter at the same time" Hailey stated to Jax, completely smiling at him and skipping ahead of everyone, Rainbow the Bewear, was exhausted the whole time, but still kept following Hailey.
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  4. "Still, it's a house, and it's all ours for the next few days!" He said, smiling, chuckling a bit at Devan too. He turned around to see if everyone was there. "Hmm, missing some people...we'll be fine, they'll catch up!" The boy got a closer look at the place: A 2 floored log cabin with a wooden balcony and even a pool and hot tub to the side of the house! "Woah!"
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  5. Name: Nathaniel (Nate) Hark
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Nate has a light skin colour with black-ish brown eyes, and blond, wavy hair. He wears a gray sweatshirt with purple sleeves, white, ripped jeans and some brown shoes. His whole right hand, except for the fingers, is wrapped in bandages. Not because he hurt himself, but because he thinks it looks cool.
    Personality: Nate thinks of himself as laid-back, cool, and skilled. But he isn't. Like, at all. He's just a lazy guy. But usually, he's nice to others and tries to keep things civil, though he will participate in friendly battles with his friends. He's also not the brightest.
    3 likes: Sleep, Food, his friends
    3 dislikes: Physical activities, insults, fights
    Partner Pokemon: Feraligatr (F)
    Other Pokemon: Raff (M Girafarig), Honchkrow (M)

    RP start: Nate walked... er, actually, he rode his Feraligatr who walked towards Birch Pines. His lips curled into a smile as his eyes landed on the mansion they were going to stay at. "This is amazing! I can't believe we're gonna stay here," he said as Feraligatr put him down. He ran, trying to catch up to his friends. "Aren't we lucky?"
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  6. Name: Allison Silverstone (Allie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: (14-18-) 15
    Appearance: She has long electric-blue hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'7. She wears a white tank top with torn denim shorts and black combat boots. She has a slim build and is caucasian.
    Personality: Charismatic and sweet, albeit a bit rash. Never backs down from a challenge.
    3 likes: Friends, training, sweet foods
    3 dislikes: Sitting still, hurting others emotionally, bee-like Pokemon (except Combee)
    Partner Pokemon: Eve the Eevee (F)
    Other Pokemon:
    Eclipse the Absol (M)
    Zelda the Shiny Kirlia (F)
    RP start:

    "There's a freaking pool!" Allie exclaimed joyfully. Now she was glad she'd brought her swimsuit.
    Eve sat on her shoulder, trying to look nonchalant. However, it was evident on the Evolution Pokemon's face that she was very much excited.
    "You guys! This is AWESOME!" she cried, barely containing her excitement. She let out a squeal, jumping up and down a bit.
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  7. Devan sure red eyes glinted in the sun. Allison and Nate seemed pretty excited. He ran quickly to the side of the cabin and grabbed a Pokeball from his belt. He threw it up into the air, and Golurk popped out, making a large thudding sound. He caught the Pokeball and added it to his belt again. Golurk began to stretch.
    Devan signed Sableye to follow, and he did gladly. Devan leaped onto Golurks hand, then shoulder, then to the top of the roof. “Keh heh heh....” He laughed to himself. Duskull and followed him into the roof. Devan examines the cabin from up on the top. The view was nice; surrounded by forests filled with Pokémon and mystery.
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  8. "Hey, DEVAN!" He screamed to the boy, "Enter through the front door, for once!" His Zoroark sighed. Devan was used to this, but Zane is notused to seeing Devan. As a Zoroa, he always slept on top of Jax.

    He turned to Allison. "Thank my parents! They were the ones who purchased it for us!"
  9. (probably better to refer to Allison as Allie. She hates using her real name)
    "Well, THANK YOU, WHEREVER YOU ARE!" she shouted. Eve sweatdropped, giving Jax an apologetic look.
    Eclipse suddenly emerged from his Pokeball, followed quickly by Zelda. The pair looked around, a bit winded. Zelda recovered much quicker, before teleporting over to a patch of wildflowers to observe them.
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  10. Devan looked down at his friend with his red eyes. “It’s fun this way....” He said. He stood up on the roof, and hopped back onto Golurk, feet on his hand, and his shoulders. “But if that’s what you want......I’ll go explore........” he muttered. Golurks legs and arms retracted and produced what looked like a rocket boosters, and took off. Once they were high in the sky, they looked down in everything before them.
    Once Devan and Golurk we’re gone, Sableye started to reenact what he did. He hopped on top Rainbows shoulder and pointed to the sky. He smiled and started laughing to himself. Duskull decided to Rome around the pool.
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  11. OOC: Nate's Honchkrow, isn't out of his Poké Ball, @JayBird Joe

    BIC: Nate watched Devon on the roof of the mansion and then take off to the skies with his Golurk with a very confused face. "Why am I friends with Devon, again?" He thought, shaking his head at his friend's behaviour. He looked at the rest of his friends. "So, shall we go in, see what we're dealing with," he asked his friends with a playful smile.
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  12. Nombre De Usuario

    Nombre De Usuario Previously JesusoChristo

    "WOAH, A POOL!?" Hailey shouted of excitement, and with no notice she ran straight for the house, but tripped on the making, "OW!" Hailey shouted, at least they're all safe after this, but after that tripping, Hailey just stood back up, and ran straight for the house once more, Rainbow the Bewear was surprised at the Sableye, Rainbow always liked Sableye, and just like her trainer, Rainbow hugged Sableye with no notice, she could kill this guy, just with a hug.
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  13. Sableye gasped when hugged by the big hulking bear, and patted her shoulder to try to let him down. Eventually he squirmed out enough to use shadow sneak, and disappeared, reappearing by Duskull. Duskull laughed to himself while Sableye massaged his arms. Duskulls glowing red eye eerily tinted the top of the pool red as he floated above it.
  14. "It's all ours for the weekend!" He smiled. It's been a while since his Zoroark got out of the shadows, but as soon as he stepped out, he went back to the shadows in shock. Jackson giggled, "Heh, it's funny that us humans are afraid of the dark, while Zane is somewhat afraid of the light!"
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  15. "Yeah, yeah, we're all friends, and we want to talk about absolutely nothing, but," Nate said with a bored tone, "we should go and see the inside of the house! And I really don't wanna wait for Devan." He scratched his head and walked over to Jax. "Lead the way, J." He gave his friend a little push towards the mansion, so he could lead them inside.
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  16. "Heh, if you think I'm leading the way by choice, you're wrong!" He readied into a to a racing position. "On your marks..." He grinned. "Get set..."
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  17. Devan suddenly appeared beside Jax, his red eyes seeming to glow in his hooded state. He said nothing, and kept to himself. Jax wanted to race? Certainly not. Why run some more when that’s all that you were just walking 3 miles? Devan sighed in his mind.

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