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Ask to Join A travel through Hoenn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by zenkami_, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Joseph rose from the bed, excited to finally begin his adventure, went quickly to the bathroom to shower.
    When he finished he ran to eat breakfast, as did Nina, Lea and Zeus.
    "They seem as excited as you" said Mary, Joseph's mother.
    "It's true! Or not, friends?" Joseph asked to his pokémon, who responded with a smile and an exclamation of happiness.
    When they finished eating, Joseph said goodbye to his mother with a kiss on the cheek and ran through the village, until he finally arrived at Professor Birch's Laboratory.
    Upon entering he was surprised that there were enough trainers from all over coming to get their pokédex and their initial pokémon.
    Seeing that the proffesor was nowhere, he asked a trainer what was going on.
    "We only know that he is fixing a problem with one of the machines of the laboratory, they told us he would be back soon," said the trainer.
    Without choice, he had to wait in one of the chairs. To pass the time, he started to chat with the trainers nearby.
  2. As Nathan was walking around in the forest he then called out. "Can someone help me?" As soon as he said that he saw a clearing and a sign that said LittleRoot. He then ran towards the clearing and went to look for the professor. As he was searching he saw someone running out with three Pokémon following him. He then decided to follow him and found himself at the laboratory. He then went in and saw more trainers in there and heard that the professor was busy. He then looked around somewhere to sit to wait for the professor.
  3. Joseph saw a person sitting next to him. Since he had nothing to do, and the proffesor took a long time, he decided to chat with him.
    "Hey, did you come for a pokédex? I'm Joseph, but you can tell me Zephi" Joseph said, until Zeus, coming out of his pokéball, started to lick the person. "Oh, this is Zeus, he's very mischievous, haha. So, what's your name?"
  4. "Oh my name is Nathan." He said as the Growlithe was licking him. As he said that his Duskull came out of its pokeball. "Well looks like your Growlithe isn't the only one that is coming out. Any way I'm here to see what the professor is like and what he does. Plus I don't really need a pokedex." He said with a smile.
  5. "Ahh!" Joseph yelled, almost falling off his chair. "For God's sake ... sorry, I'm so afraid of the ghosts ..." he said recovering from the fright, while Zeus licked his face to calm him.
    While they chatted, the professor arrived apologizing for the delay, and then gave the pokédex to those who were missing. As people left the lab, Joseph decided to ask Nathan something.
    "Hey, Nathan, would you like us to travel together? It does not matter if you say no ..."
  6. Naomi waited patiently for her mother to get out of bed. She had made her bed, did her chores, and fed her two Pokemon. So why was she waiting? Well, Naomi waited to say goodbye to her mother before she left to get her starter Pokemon for her journey across the Hoenn Region. Luckily, Naomi was patient. She had to be if she was a artist, art takes a long time to make. Well, good art that is. She turned to her Ralts, a Shiny Pokemon she nicknamed Blue after it's appearance. Blue was currently drinking the coffee she made for her mother. "That's not for you Blue, It's for.." While she was mid-sentence, Her mother walked into the kitchen. "Is Blue drinking coffee again?" Her mother asked her daughter. "Yes, sadly. I have to get him to stop drinking it. But he is addicted." While Naomi was responding to her mother, Blue used his Psychic powers to teleport himself and the mug away. "Great, at this rate I will never see the professor and get my Pokemon."

    After chasing down Blue, Naomi was ready to go. She kissed her mother goodbye, after a bit of sobbing on her mother's part. She got Blue and Thorn in their Pokeballs and headed towards the small town. Luckily for her, Littleroot Town was not too far from Petalburg City. SO the walk was not that long. She made it to the lab, after a few encounters with the wild Pokemon. She used Blue to fight the wild Pokemon and was too focused to put him back in his Pokeball. She already knew what starter she wanted. If it was still there, Naomi really wanted Mudkip to be her starter. It was the cutest in her opinion, and she really wanted a water type pokemon to be her starter. Her mother had chosen Squirtle to be her starter, and Naomi wanted to follow in her footsteps by choosing a water starter as well. When she went inside the lab, she saw two other trainers with their Pokemon there. She politely asked one of them which one was the professor, since there were a few other people there wearing lab coats. Blue decided to be mischievous as always and use his psychic powers to lift one of the trainer's Growlithe into the air. Naomi quickly turned to the trainer "I am so sorry, Blue is extremely mischievous. He does this all the time, especially with my other Pokemon." Blue giggled as he put the Growlithe back down on the ground and teleported onto the Growlithe's back. Naomi just rolled her eyes at the guesser, use to Blue's silly jokes.
  7. Halt walked around Littleroot Town. He came from Slateport, but his Steven sent him here for a pokedex. After a little bit of looking, he found the lab. His partner, Charmander, decided it was a perfect time to jump onto Halt. "Cut it out!" He called to his pokemon, while reaching for him. The pokemon lept off, and Halt sighed. He opened the door, and saw a few people waiting. Assuming they were waiting, he sat on an open chair, and took out an apricorn to form into his custom pokeball. A blue top with two silver crosses on them, over a silver bottom.
  8. "Oh, no problem ... are you okay, little buddy?" Zen asked Growlithe, who responded with a growl toward the Ralts. "Better come back to your pokéball, before you destroy everything as always... Let me introduce myself, my name is Joseph, but you can call me Zephi" At that moment, Nidoran♀ and Sneasel came out of their pokéball. As extroverts they are, they started playing for the lab. "I have to do something so they do not get out of their pokéball like this..."
  9. Alex was walking through Littleroot Town, Eevee following behind. She had her Pokégear out and headphones on, listening to the radio app. Despite keeping her eyes on her device, Alex was able to navigate through the small town without running into anyone or anything. She ended up standing outside of Birch's Lab. After glancing up at the building, she reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope, the sender's address matching the lab's. Alex put the envelope away and entered the lab. There seemed to be quiet a few other trainers inside. She stepped to the side and found an empty seat. Alex continued to listen to her music while she waited for the professor. Eevee hopped into Alex's lap and curled up, taking a nap.
  10. "Sure I don't mind traveling with you." Nathan said with a smile. "By the by what are you going to be doing when you leave here?" Nathan asked. As he said that Chikorita and Buizel both came out of their pokeball. When they came out they were both in some kind of costume. "Look at who decided to come out. These are my other Pokémon." When he said that his Pokémon did some kind of pose.
  11. "Well, my main goal is to become a champion. I know that with effort I can do it," said Joseph. "On the other hand, are you a performer or something? I really like the costumes of your pokémon, let our pokémon know each other. Come on, Nina, Lea!" He said calling Nidoran♀ and Sneasel, who greeted Nathan's Pokémon kindly.
  12. Shawn was assigned to bring a few Pokémon by the lab, because his father, Miles, needed new Pokémon for the lab. Shawn lived in Oldale Town, Oldale town was really close but there had been some mysterious stuff happening there lately, which is why Shawn decided to make an excuse to leave. When he got to the lab to meet his father, there was already a few trainers beginning the journey. He looked at his Pokémon. “I need to start my journey now.” He thought, stepping inside. “Aye, kiddo!” His father, Miles greeted him. “Hi dad...” He sighed as he gave the new Pokémon from him. “Kid, I need to talk to you, ready to start your journey?” He asked, his expression looking like he meant it. “Y-yeah!” Shawn peeked up at his tall dad, getting a bit happier. “I’d be glad too!”
  13. Euclides woke up inside a little hotel in the PokéCenter of Petalburg, he moved his torso up, bashing his head against the bed on top of his, which was Mark's bed.

    "AGH!!!!!" Euclides shouted, placing his head on his head, the impact was so strong that it made Mark's bed go up, causing him to wake up. "WHAT WAS THAT, EUCLIDES?!" Mark exclaimed angrily, moving his head down "YOU REALIZE THAT WE SPENT 2 DAYS IN THE BOAT WITHOUT SLEEPING!?" Mark shouted. "Calm Down, Mark... Aww... My head..." Euclides said, looking up."Sorry... What happened?" Mark said, hopping off his bed, landing beside Euclides' bed. "I basically hit your bed with my head," Euclides said, looking at Mark."Oh, I see... Soo.. In a chart of 0 to 10, what is the intensity of the pain you're feeling???" Mark asked Euclides, pulling out a little paper with a little graphic on it."8!" Euclides exclaimed. "That's bad..." Mark pulled out a piece of cloth, it was humid and warm, he placed it on Euclides' head. "Now rest a bit..." Mark said, climbing up Euclides' bed, reaching his bed. Mark covered himself with the blanket, laying down on the bed, sleeping. Euclides did the same.

    After some hours, both of them woke up, this tie, Euclides didn't hit the bed once again. Mark jumped off his bed, landing on the ground, Euclides just moved his body to the left, getting up from his bed. "Agh... We should go get our Pokéballs..." Euclides said, looking at Mark, who nodded yes. Both of them walked towards a little closet, opening it. Euclides picked his clothes, wearing them quickly, same with Mark. "We are ready!" Mark exclaimed, running off the little room, Euclides ran after Mark, trying to catch up to him, but Mark was somehow faster than him, and he was able to enter the room first.

    "FIRST!!!!" Mark Exclaimed, taking his Pokéballs off a little chest. Mark then walked out the room. "Second... As always..." Euclides muttered, picking up his Pokéballs and walking out the room. "So... What do you want to do?" Mark asked Euclides. "I just want to get my PokéDex, since the smart boy here forgot that they exist!!!" Euclides exclaimed. "Hey! It wasn't my fault!!! I cannot remember something that we got 2 years ago!!!" Mark exclaimed. They were talking about the PokéDex that Mark forgot to pick. "We need to go there as soon as possible, Mark!" Euclides exclaimed, running down the PokéCenter stairs, going out, Mark went after him, getting out the PokéCenter seconds after him. "The first person to reach Oldale town is the best trainer that has ever touched the Earth!!!" Euclides shouted, sprinting off. "HEY!!!! WAIT FOR ME, YOU FOOL!!!" Mark went towards Euclides.

    Some hours after running like crazy people, they arrived at Oldale town, Euclides somehow managed to arrive there first than Mark, he dropped to the ground, breathing deeper than usual. "I'-m.. s-o... tired!!!" Euclides exclaimed. Mark arrived some seconds after., dropping to the ground as well. "Ghhhh!!!!! This is so tiring!!!!! At least our way to Littleroot town is shorter..." Mark said, sighing. "That's true... We shouldn't give up now!!!" Euclides got up, running towards the end of Oldale Town, which is tiny compared to the other towns. He quickly reached the first route entrance, running down the path. "I WILL GET THERE FIRST!!!" Euclides shouted. "NO WAY!!!" Mark shouted, his voice was kinda near.. Euclides looked back and.. ZAP! Mark was already past him! "No way!!!" Euclides shouted, running even faster.

    After some minutes, they finally reached the Littleroot town, Euclides didn't stop running, going towards the Lab, he entered it, looking around. "How futuristic!!!!" Euclides Exclaimed, getting flung forwards... It was Mark!!! He basically body slammed Euclides. "Agh!!!!! Why did you do that?!" Euclides asked Mark, looking up. "Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! That was funny!" Mark exclaimed. "Look, there are other people here!!!" Euclides exclaimed. "You're right..." Mark walked up to a chair, sitting beside Joseph. "Hey! How is it going?" Mark asked him. "Same works to you!!" Mark exclaimed, looking at Nathan. "Hey!!! I'm his friend, my name is Euclides, and his name is Mark!" Euclides exclaimed, getting up, walking towards a chair and sitting on it, the chair was beside Mark.
  14. "Could you guys be any louder? Halt asked the two who just bursted in. "Pokeball crafting is extremely difficult." Halt looked up from his ball, that now slightly resembles one. He reached back into his bag, and took out some pieces and tools, and started to install a button onto it, allowing it to open and close.
  15. Shawn was started at the two people that just bursted in the lab. Miles, his dad, went to have a conversation about keeping the voice levels down. “Thanks a lot, crazy kids...” he murmured under his breath. He was just about to get a Pokédex and five Pokeballs. He sat down on a seat nearby and sent out his Snivy, Vine, which was looking everywhere. The look in her eyes made Shawn think that she was about to go crazy again.
  16. Tyler emerged from the darkness of his hotel into the bright sunlight that was covering Littleroot Town. His Munchlax, Teddy, and Swinub, Snuffy, both followed closely at his heels while Benedict's head poked out of Tyler's worn-down backpack. He took out and unfolded a wrinkled map from his pocket and studied it carefully.

    So, according to this, the lab should be somewhere in the southern part of the town, he thought to himself.

    As he approached what he assumed to be the famed Littleroot Town Pokemon Lab, he observed that there were many other people entering and exiting the front doorway as well as conversing outside on the lawn. Tyler strode up the path and yelled out loud to the people surrounding the building.

    "Hey, does anyone know if this is the Pokemon Lab?"
  17. Halt looked up, and sighed. "Yes, this is the laboratory. Take a seat." He looked back diwn at his ball, that now opens and shuts. He removed an etched, and started to sketch his symbol into the ball.
  18. "Alright thanks!" Tyler called as he headed inside the laboratory.

    Once inside, he placed all of his Pokemon onto the floor and let them explore. Tyler glanced around the inside of the building for someone he could talk to as it was never enjoyable to go on a journey alone.
  19. Halt sat fidgeting around with his ball. He finished his symbol, an H with two Us connecting from the top and the bottom. "Hey, Charmander, mind helping?" He asked his partner, who climbed up and placed his tail under the ball. The pokeball was becoming more solid, and causing a higher chance to catch pokemon.
  20. Joseph chatted with his new acquaintances, then decided to move from the place to go on Route 101, heading to Oldale Town, which was quite close to Littleroot town. Once there, he decided to buy potions and pokéball just in case.

    As he left the tent, he saw two men dressed in green suits, and next to a Seviper and a Zangoose they were bothering a man in a scientist's suit.

    Going to the aid of the man, Joseph took Zeus, Nina and Lea out of their pokéball, which easily defeated the Seviper and the Zangoose.

    "Got damn!" exclaimed one of the men. "You will not get away with it, Devon employee!" he said and then ran off.

    "Who were they?" Joseph asked.
    "They were grunts of Team Gamma, they wanted to rob me of the Master Ball that I was commissioned by the president of Devon" explained.
    "Devon? That company that makes articles for the Pokémon?" asked Joseph.
    "Yes, I am an employee of Devon Corporation, I was commissioned to bring this prototype to the president"
    "Okay, but what is Team Gamma?"
    "Do you know the former criminal groups Magma and Aqua? Well, they were dissolved a few years ago, but some former members decided to get together and create the Gamma Team.I do not know much about them, I was not explained any more"
    "I'll have to take care of these guys, though Joseph.

    Joseph went to rest, and by the way he healed his Pokémon in the Pokémon Center of the town.
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