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Open A Transformed World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EllieBeth, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Almost 15 years ago, a strange calamity shattered the lines between humans and Pokémon, and changed the world forever. Over night, almost 50% of the population, changed mysteriously from humans into Pokémon. Now as society starts to rebuild itself from what's left of a relatively ruined world, how will humans, pokemon, and former humans, clash and shape this new world?

    -Keep Violence PG
    -Romance is allowed, but keep it child friendly, and do not harass other rpers.
    -Pokémon and humans can understand each other.
    -Pokémon still only have 4 main moves, but can also perform basic actions expected of their species eg- scratching, biting, breathing fire
    -You may play more than one character, but please be reasonable!
    -In theory, yes, a pokemon could be a trainer
    -At the end of your bio put the secret code word 'superfunkymonkey'

    Character Bios

    Sexuality: (leave blank if you want to be excluded from potential romance)
    Pokémon owned: (leave blank if you don't own a pokemon)

    Pokémon Characters
    Sexuality: (leave blank if you wanna be excluded from romance)
    Personality / Backstory: (please mention if they were always a pokemon or if they turned into one)
    Moves and Ability:

    Finally add the code word!


    This is my character!

    Name: Rosie
    Species: Mincinno
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance: A scruffy, ordinary looking Minccino. She has a pink ribbon tied over one ear, and carries a pink handbag which is stuffed full of old papers, as well as a phone and a pair of sunglasses, also pink.

    Personality / Backstory: Rosie was born human, but was a baby when the calamity occurred turning her into a Mincinno, so she may as well have always been one. She grew up with her human parents, who looked after her best they could although there was sometimes a little distance between them. She's faced a lot of anger and hatred from more racist humans in the past, such as being rejected from secondary school for being a pokemon, so she feels somewhat beaten down, but believes she can make things better. Since she isn't in school, she spends her time sleuthing, trying to investigate the cause of the calamity, and she makes a little money on the side, acting as a detective for hire!

    Moves and Ability: Double Slap, Sing, Swagger and Echoed Voice. Ability is Technician
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    A reminder that the RP forums - unlike the discussion boards - are not a place for empty placeholders. Posts in the RP forums must contain at least one paragraph (PARAGRAPH. Not line - I've gotten more than enough reports about one-liners from you - and for an RP starter, it should probably be more than one paragraph too!) of in-character content. Until you have one of those do not post the thread in the RP forums. The thread has been deleted. When you 've acquired enough people interested in your attempt at an RP to actually write a proper introduction post - that's when you post in the RP forums. Not before that.

    Also, please don't double post unless you actually need to. Double-posts are permitted in the Discussion Boards for a reason - to bump a discussion thread with RP-relevant new content if no one else posted since your past post and it's been a while. Otherwise, edit your old post or don't split the posts for no reason to begin with.

    Thank you.
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  3. Sorry my bad, I will try not to make these mistakes in the future

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