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Private/Closed A Transformed World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EllieBeth, Oct 26, 2019.


Should we allow more people to join?

Poll closed Dec 14, 2019.
  1. Yes, but only a few more

  2. Yes, a lot

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  3. No, we've got enough characters

  1. Almost 15 years ago, a strange calamity shattered the lines between humans and Pokémon, and changed the world forever. Over night, almost 50% of the population, changed mysteriously from humans into Pokémon. Now as society starts to rebuild itself from what's left of a relatively ruined world, how will humans, pokemon, and former humans, clash and shape this new world?

    -Keep Violence PG
    -Romance is allowed, but keep it child friendly, and do not harass other rpers.
    -Pokémon and humans can understand each other even if they aren't transformed, due to the calamity.
    -Pokémon still only have 4 main moves, but can also perform basic actions expected of their species eg- scratching, biting, breathing fire
    -You may play more than one character, but please be reasonable!
    -In theory, yes, a pokemon could be a trainer.
    -Don't catch player character pokemon, without verbal permission from either the character, or the player.
    -At the end of your bio put the secret code word 'superfunkymonkey'

    Character Bios

    Sexuality: (leave blank if you want to be excluded from potential romance)
    Pokémon owned: (leave blank if you don't own a pokemon)

    Pokémon Characters
    Sexuality: (leave blank if you wanna be excluded from romance)
    Personality / Backstory: (please mention if they were always a pokemon or if they turned into one)
    Moves and Ability:

    Finally add the code word!


    This is my character!

    Name: Rosie
    Species: Mincinno
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance: A scruffy, ordinary looking Minccino. She has a pink ribbon tied over one ear, and carries a pink handbag which is stuffed full of old papers, as well as a phone and a pair of sunglasses, also pink.

    Personality / Backstory: Rosie was born human, but was a baby when the calamity occurred turning her into a Mincinno, so she may as well have always been one. She grew up with her human parents, who looked after her best they could although there was sometimes a little distance between them, especially from her mother, who often found it hard to consider Rosie her child. She's faced a lot of anger and hatred from more racist humans in the past, such as being rejected from secondary school for being a pokemon, so she feels somewhat beaten down, but believes she can make things better. Since she isn't in school, she spends her time sleuthing or researching, trying to investigate the cause of the calamity, and she makes a little money on the side, acting as a detective for hire! Unfortunately, when she turned 16, her mother heavily pressured her into moving out (as close as you can get to kicking her out without doing it) so she's currently doing her best, on the streets and in shelters/hostels. She still messages her dad a lot, but hasn't seen him since. She's very lonely, and really just wants a family, so pours her self into her research, as a distraction.

    Moves and Ability: Double Slap, Sing, Swagger and Echoed Voice. Ability is Technician
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    A reminder that the RP forums - unlike the discussion boards - are not a place for empty placeholders. Posts in the RP forums must contain at least one paragraph (PARAGRAPH. Not line - I've gotten more than enough reports about one-liners from you - and for an RP starter, it should probably be more than one paragraph too!) of in-character content. Until you have one of those do not post the thread in the RP forums. The thread has been deleted. When you 've acquired enough people interested in your attempt at an RP to actually write a proper introduction post - that's when you post in the RP forums. Not before that.

    Also, please don't double post unless you actually need to. Double-posts are permitted in the Discussion Boards for a reason - to bump a discussion thread with RP-relevant new content if no one else posted since your past post and it's been a while. Otherwise, edit your old post or don't split the posts for no reason to begin with.

    Thank you.
  3. Sorry my bad, I will try not to make these mistakes in the future
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  4. @EllieBeth i found this

    Seems cool, would like to join
    Name: Torren Butte
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Jet black hair, ruffled and short. Dark blue eyes, pale skin, not very tall.
    Wears an oversized grey jacket.
    Seems like a bully on the outside, friendly and vicious to enemies. Isn't the brightest.Has a fair amount of depression.

    When the calamity occurred, Torren's family left to avoid the possibility of riots in the city, and left without a trace. (He never saw them leave, that's what the Coroner said.) and wants nothing to do with Pokemon, and works at a Barber's for humans. The only Pokemon he kind of likes Carvanha, but he hasn't seen one.
    Pokémon owned:

    Note: Thanks for the tip , fixed, fixed again
    Below is just my signature
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  5. Whilst I like the idea of your character, for plot reasons, that would be spoilers, you can't be a half Pokémon in this one. Also you forgot the codeword, but make these few tweaks and you'll most likely be accepted! If there's anyone you think who'd like this rp, please tag them!
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  6. Oh nee, another promising-looking open RP.

    ((Pokémon Character))
    Name: Phoxsune
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: (leave blank if you wanna be excluded from romance)
    A delphox, but the colors are a shade darker, and has a taller appearance
    Backstory: It was a normal day for Sam. As she was walking through the street she felt a bit dozy. She figured since this was a simple night walk, she would've gotten tired sooner or later. But this was different. A purplish glow emitted from her body, and then she passed out. She woke up, but, she felt different. She was now a Delphox.
    Bold // Chill.
    Moves and Ability: Flamethrower, Shadowball, Tackle, and Tailwhip. Her ability is that she emits heat 24/7

    ADMIN EDIT: We do not RP in first person and your character - even if it is based on you - is not you. Third person, past tense, story format, and yes, that goes for character bios too. Read the RP forum rules, please. I edited your post this time, but next time you do something like that there will be a system warning.
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  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    @MOI N - Please remove any references to Guzzlord from your character bios - the involvement of a legendary Pokemon - including ultra beasts - must be cleared with a staff member and you did not ask for that permission.
  8. Accepted!
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  9. You're accepted, so long as you remove the ultra beast part, like the admin requested, and you edit the death, since I want to keep this more PG, which means no murder! Other than that, it's a great character (Also you left the characters from route 217 in the affinity section)
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  10. lol, I know the character isn't great but it's for now. also, how did the calamity occur?
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  11. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Name: Emerald
    Species: Ninjask
    Age: 4 in cicada years, ~16 years human
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual, though a hopeless romantic
    Appearance: A normal Ninjask, he doesn’t have any defining features.
    Personality / Backstory: Emerald and his “brother”, Haze, were bred for competitive Pokémon battles. Their trainer wasn’t the best, though had a soft spot for the two. Eventually, the trainer’s soft spot vanished and they were abandoned soon after. Mysteriously, the trainer abandoned them the night the “strange calamity” occurred... His personality is clearly defined on his first impression. He is high energy, chatty, confident, and eccentric. His personality is the opposite of Haze’s.
    Moves and Ability: Speed Boost. Swords Dance, Double Team, X-Scissor, Baton Pass.

    Name: Haze
    Species: Shedinja
    Age: 4, ~16 in human years
    Gender: None
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Appearance: An ordinary Shedinja.
    Personality / Backstory: The same backstory as his “brother”. It shows zero sign of consciousness, just floating and teleporting around with an ominous sound. It never talks whatsoever and is mainly seen harvesting souls through it’s back. Why, Pokédex, why?
    Moves and Ability: Wonder Guard. Wil-O-Wisp, Hex, Phantom Force, Haze.

    I hope it isn’t rude not typing an introduction... Also spunkyfunkymonkey
  12. That would be a spoiler, and I also have to check with admins if it's ok first. One point of the main of points of the rp, is figuring out what caused it

    Nice idea! Accepted!!

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  13. If the character's not good enough i have a backup
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  14. Don't worry! Your character is good! If you want to play more than one though, you're welcome!
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  15. What about this for another character: (cause there's no Pokemon who were always pokemon)
    Name: Kaley
    Species: Snivy
    Age:8 (15 in human years)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Appearance: A normal Snivy, but wearing a blue sash which reads "Support Team", in gold
    Personality / Backstory: Caring, kind and confident.

    Kaley was born 2 days after the calamity and immediately realized that there was a lot of Pokemon who weren't acting well and decided to help those who had become and helps the Pokemon live their life. Owned by a trainer who does nothing with her, doesn't ever send her in Pokeball or even use her to battle.
    Moves and Ability: Power Whip, Razor Leaf, Tackle and Glare Ability: Pickup
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  16. Well, I'll probably sign up soon once I get my last two finals done. Mostly thinking about which character to use at the moment after checking the thread.
  17. Oh! Nice, I'd like to join, if I have any mistakes feel free to comment, as I'm not confident in my writing skills. I saw the role-play and what it was about...Reminds me a lot about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon...is this kind of based on it? Oops, sorry. I'll fill in my Characters' bio now.
    Is being shiny allowed? If not, I'll remove my Character from being shiny.

    Name: Sakura
    Species: Alolan Vulpix [Shiny]
    Age: 12 in human years, 4 in Pokemon years ( I guess? )

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: N/A

    Appearance: Sakura wears a dark royal blue colored bandana scarf on her neck, very protective of it. (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team reference. Duh!)She has magenta-pink ish faded to pastel blue eyes and white circle-shaped pupils. Sakura also has more of a pink-ish white coat being a shiny Alolan Vulpix. Her inside-ear color is also more of a dark purple-ish color. The hair/fur on her head is messier than normal Alolan Vulpix's, too.

    Personality: Sakura is kind-hearted and sympathetic with a natural desire to help others. She is modest but is not afraid to fight for what she thinks is right. She is not confident in her abilities to protect others but will try to do so.

    Backstory: Sakura was reading a book, sitting on top of a thick branch of a tree in a forest, using its shade because she didn't like the sunlight when the calamity hit where she was at, she suddenly felt sleepy for some odd reason, the soothing sound of trickling water helping her fall asleep easily when she woke up she was a Vulpix. (I know, not the greatest backstory but the best I could make up.)

    : Moonblast, Blizzard, Hidden Power [Ground] and Freeze Dry.

    Ability: Snow Warning.

    Perhaps a certain Grookey?
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  18. Yep, your character is accepted! A few more people and we can start!
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  19. Accepted! Were they released by their trainer, or are they also present?
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  20. Is it possible to have 1-3 characters? I would like to make another character if possible .w.
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  21. Quick addition to the plot. If some people want to play characters younger than 15, then I'm changing it, so that the calamity is ongoing. It's far less common now a days, but sometimes people still transform
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  22. I'd say 2 max for now, since I'll make it so people can't join after a certain point and it would be unfair if people couldn't join since there were already too many
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  23. Not released , but Kaley's Pokeball has gone missing and her Trainer doesn't care about what happens to Kaley.
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  24. That's seven characters!
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  25. Ok cool! That's probably enough to start! I have a vague idea of the story I want for this, but I want to see what everybody thinks, at least for how it starts. The two main plot things I wanted to cover, were the fighting/racism between humans and Pokemon, and probably more prominently, trying to figure out what caused the calamity, and whether it can be stopped. Some ideas I had for the start, was to begin, setting it in a more rundown section of a city, where Pokémon are more common, and from where Rosie is running her little detective business from in a youth hostel. Other things of note, in this part of the city, are a Pokémon rights organisation, as well as an opposing group from out side it, who don't like us and a probably illegal battling club. I suggest each character has something that leads to them finding their way to Rosie, as all interested, being a mystery solving group, akin, to a mystery dungeon team, could be great a starting point for doing this. Of course that's just my idea for this Rp, and there's so much you can do with this world, so I'd love to hear what you guys think- either about this idea, or another, you might think of!
  26. I'm going to say Kaley knows Rosie already, being a supporter and worker of Pokemon Rights.
    Torren is an opposition , he just supports them but doesn't do anything.
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  27. Sure I'd be up for that! I imagine that whilst they're not super close, they've spent time at the same hostels or maybe in the wild before, so are friends?
  28. Currently working on the character bios at the moment after a second to last exam on finals. I'll try to post as soon as possible.

    If anyone is curious, I am having a Pokémon character that was a detective, and a trainer that is their younger brother.
  29. Good to have another sleuth on the team!
  30. Oh! Okay, I guess I'll assume Sakura is in the same building and she bumps into you in role-play or already knows you.
    Sorry, I fell asleep while trying to stay awake, and school soon.
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  31. @EllieBeth, is the role-play up yet? Sorry, I can't wait.
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  32. Not close, but how about talked to each other at like a rally, for Pokemon rights.

    Or Kaley could be a support for calamity victims , and helped Rosie get through a rough patch , but after her work was done, they parted ways.
  33. Not quite, as I've been a bit busy and I maybe want a few more people? I might try and get started writing a beginning later today! There's also one thing I need to check with mods before we do!
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  34. Oh, okay, I understand. Please take your time x3
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  35. This seams cool
    Name: Chilli
    Species: Scorbunny
    Age: 10
    Appearance: A small Scorbunny
    Personally / Backstory: Chilli was born alone, her egg abandoned in a cave. She was eventually found by another Pokemon and was taken to the other Pokemon. Chilli is an okay fighter, but she’s always happy and bouncy and always tries to find the good in everyone.
    Moves: Ember, Tackle, Quick Attack, Double Kick
    Ability: Blaze
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  36. Psst, You need to add superfunkymonkey-
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  37. I'll put in Milan's status info stuff tomorrow probably, since it's getting a bit late at the moment eep. I got one more final to go, and then I'll be free for like the entire month unless if I have any plans for the holidays I suppose.

    Name: His name is Colin Barnes.
    Age: He is 16 Years old.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: He is as straight as the change in the x-axis in a typical equation of y = mx + b.
    Appearance: Colin has a modest build, fair skin tone, blue eyes, and blonde hair. He wears a cloud gray hoodie over his silver shaded, short-sleeve shirt. He also wears fossil gray shorts, and a pair of coin gray sneakers with snow white socks. He has on a black daypack that contains everyday belongings, along with a small sling to carry around belongings with odd dimensions or small Pokémon when needed.
    Personality: Colin sports a humble, modest outlook in life. Unlike his other brother, he does not care too much for being an overachiever, or making sure a bottle is perfectly filled to a certain mark. He tries to take life in a slow manner, though the recent incident may force him to shift his gears up a bit slightly. He attempts to get a conversation going if the breaks are pressed on a bit too hard, though it often results in a brief dispute between him and the Minun should the chat take far longer than the young Pokémon likes.
    Backstory: Colin attended Baxstarus High with average marks for his recent report card. His ordinary, daily life usually composed of hour long lectures during the day, along with brief studies and friend hangouts after school was over for the day. Although Colin was unaffected from the devastating occurrence, he soon found out about the state of his brother soon after the Minun crawled near the front gate. Colin took the young Pokémon inside, and attempted to treat his recently discovered injuries to the best of his ability. The two had a lengthy discussion, and Colin was able to confirm the Minun's identity after he analyzed the tablet and identification card the little Pokémon had. The trainer decided to allow the Minun to go in and out of a Poké Ball, and dress the electric mouse in newborn clothing from the wardrobe in the garage. After Colin had another talk with his brother, they decided to leave the city with numerous articles in a very neat, organized manner. Their belongings ranged from baby bottles of milk, to spare clothing of two significantly ranged sizes, along with almost a dozen moderately valued bank notes, and other items. Who knows when they will find a lead for the incident? Maybe Colin can figure out a way to turn his older brother back one day...
    Pokémon Owned: He has a Minun. (Character bio below for more information.)
    Name: His name is Milan Barnes.
    Species: Minun | Cheering Pokémon
    Age: Although his former human age is currently unknown; as a Pokémon, he seems to be an infant from his appearance and behavior.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: N/A, this field is inapplicable for a young character from what the first post stated.
    Appearance: Milan looks like your normal, everyday Minun for the most part. He stands at a shorter height of eleven inches, or twenty-eight centimeters. He has a thin, weak build, and a paler skin tone from the original cream coloring his species normally has. In addition, the blue markings on certain areas of his body are somewhat lighter than the ordinary shadings of the skies. He wears a light blue, infant bodysuit that has a small hood on the back. He has on a pair of mittens and socks in the same, exact coloring as his onesie. The one-piece dress has a clear pocket pouch that allows items to clearly be seen when any articles of any kind are deposited in the clear sewn bag. He is often seen carrying around a cellular tablet that has many applications, depending on what it is used for.
    Personality: Milan is described from his brother to be an eccentric, inquisitive Pokémon. He often shows impaired social skills when around others, since he seems to be hooked on recent mysteries and his tablet most of the time as a baby Pokémon. His restricted interests and activities often leads to more questions than the little Minun can handle; so he often resorts to crying and common, infantile body language when faced with inquiries his babbles cannot handle.
    Backstory: Before the mysterious incident, Milan attended Zealor Community College and had outstanding marks for his recent scorecard. He performed his usual, daily business- which ranged from brief lectures to volunteer opportunities in the field of simple investigations. Before he could obtain a Bachelor of Legal Studies, he was suddenly changed into a young Minun. Without any leads on his sudden, bodily change, the baby Pokémon was forced to flee the campus with his tablet and other belongings after he could not convince an officer of his identity. He arrived at his home about a half mile from the college at a tortoise's pace, and had some treatment performed by his new trainer after some injuries were discovered. Then came a long, painful discussion with the brother after the Minun stopped sobbing after half an hour. Babbles and infantile cries would not cut it, so Milan was forced to use his tablet's notepad application to the best of his ability throughout the conversation. After Colin confirmed the Minun's identity with the tablet and campus ID, the two decided to leave the city in hopes of finding any clues with the sudden, dreadful disaster.
    Primary Moves:
    • Quick Attack - Milan swiftly strikes the target with his left or right paw. Due to being unable to walk without support at the moment, this move has limited utility in combat.
    • Thunder Wave - Milan fires a weak, electrical bolt at the target. On hit, the projectile paralyzes the target, reducing its speed stat and occasionally rendering it immobile in combat. It can also be used to recharge most electrical devices safely, provided the voltage or amperage limit does not exceed the safe threshold.
    • Growl - Milan emits a high, piercing cry in an attempt to calm or intimidate other Pokémon to lower their attack stat. Stronger Pokémon may not be affected by this move, due to the puerile voice used. This move is often used when Milan is attempting to get someone's attention if his screams and tears don't do for the moment.
    • Protect - Milan summons a light blue barrier that nullifies all damage and effects from incoming attacks. If the barrier is used continuously, the barrier may shatter and leave Milan vulnerable.
    Ability: Volt Absorb (Instead of directly taking damage when attacked with an Electric-based move, the Pokémon recovers 25% HP instead. Multi-strike moves don't stack however.)

    Also erm, I heard there was a superfunkymonkey around here somewhere... but where though?

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