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Private/Closed A Trainer Story

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Lucky Leafeon, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. For me and my friends. Welcome to the Laytinet Reigon!
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  2. My character:
    name: Joeci
    starter pokemon: Piplup
    personality: Brave, smart, sarcastic, loud, FUN
  3. Name: Connie
    Personality: Clumsy, awkward, artistic
    Pokémon: Eevee
  4. She sits in bedroom, "Oh, Eevee...I wish we could go on an adventure." she said. Eevee snuggles against her. She replies "I know you're scared but it'll be cool!". Eevee hides under the bed. "oh..I get it.." she sighs.
  5. She walks along path, " Piplup... I wish we would do something exciting" she said. Piplup jumps in excitement. Dad calls her in "Dad, why wont you let me go catch other pokemon" Dad replies" Because its to dangerous! You see this scar, I got that from a pokemon!" I wish I could be a real pokemon trainer" She groans
  6. She walks to get art set. Eevee squeals in joy, "Eeeee Ooeevee!". Connie laughs, "I knew drawing would cheer you uuuuuuu!!!!" She trips.
  7. She walks out to get away from Dad. " I'm gonna go to the shop" she yells to Dad. "Piplup needs new training supplies" She speaks to piplup "Come on lets go get stuff"
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  8. "Ow Ow Owwwww!!!" she yelps. Eevee comes over, sees her bruised toe and backs away, whimpering. "hey, hey..im okay Eevee" she tries to calm him down, "I'm fine, DAADD!!! do we have any bandages?!" A voice comes down the hall, "No, sweetie. You'll have to pick some up at the Pokemart." Connelley groans and picks up some loose change. She carries Eevee out the door and across the street to the pokemart, limping, when...
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  9. She walks up. BAM! " Ouch, oh I'm so sorry was my piplup being mean?" " Pip, ya gotta learn to love" "Hi I'm Joeci"
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  10. She bumps into a Piplup. "ouch, again..." She listen as Joeci speaks... "Ha! Well, I'm Connelley." She looks at Piplup and says," are you a..Pokémon Trainer?"
  11. She laughs. " I wish! My dad wont let me. He has 1 scar from a sneezle, so now he is really protective" I just have this little guy" She looks down at piplup." Are you a Pokémon trainer?"......
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  12. Eevee cringes at the word Sneasel and squeals "Ooeeevee!" Connelley apologizes, "sorry Eevee's scared of adventuring and other Pokemon, that's why he's my only pokemon.
  13. Piplup goes up to Eevee "Piiiip?" he says. " Sorry if he's to close. He doesn't see other Pokémon very often"Joeci says
  14. "It's okay," she looks at Eevee, "right buddy?" Eevee shakes his head and makes a face like this:-O. "Y'know what would be AWESOME?" She asks Joeci.
  15. If we could be Pokemon trainers together! We could get badges and catch pokemon and have tons of fun!"
  16. "I wish!" "But my dad would never let me" :(
  17. "Yeah...Eevee also needs to work up the courage," she says. "Hey, do you uh, want to maybe, hang out some time? You seem pretty cool and Eevee seems to like you! It would be fun! I mean if you uh..want to?" Eevee gingerly brushes up against Joeci's leg, keeping a safe distance from Piplup.
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  18. "Yeah, we should definitely hang out sometime!" "You seem pretty cool yourself!" Piplup squeaks in joy. Piplup starts waddling towards Eevee. "Piplup! Get back here!" "Eevee isn't ready for buddies yet" "Anyways, maybe I'll see you tomorrow. "Same time and place tomorrow?"
  19. "Of course! Thanks! See you then!" She skips off to the Pokemart, trips, and gets up again.
  20. She carries Piplup on her shoulder, and starts walking to the Pokemart in the other village.
  21. Connie goes to the Pokemart, skipping and soon limping. When she walks in, she sees a girl dressed in green, worriedly talking to the cashier. "I have to find him! Are you sure you haven't seen him?" the girl says. The clerk respondes "No, I'll tell you if I see him." Connie buts in, "Find who? Are you okay?" They looka at her and the girl says, "My Arbok, he's been stolen!" Connie gasps. "Who did it?" The clerk points to a poster that says LOOK OUT FOR TEAM FANG: POKEMON THIEVES "Ohhh! That's awful!" She cries "Hope your find Arbok..." She buys her bandages, and runs home, not telling Eevee because well, Eevee's scared of everything.
  22. Joeci walks into Pokemart happily. She Gasps. There right in front of her was Team Fang kicking an Arbok. Her dad had warned her of Team Fang before. "Hey! Stop!" " Oh look here, a tiny girl trying to.. what, stop us! That's hilarious!" "Hmm.." said Team Fang as they start circling around Joeci. "Ooo, a Piplup. We don't have one of those." Team Fang snatches Piplup from Joeci. "NO!" Piplup screams! Joeci starts crying "Give him Back!" Team Fang runs away. Joeci picks up the phone and calls Connelley. *Ring Ring* "Oh I hope she picks up" Remember Joeci is at the Pokemart on the other side of town from where Connie is.
  23. She hears Eevee shriek as her phone rings. "Oh Eevee, it's just a phone," she syas as she picks it up, "Hello?"
  24. "Thank Goodness!" "Piplup just got taken from Team Fang at the Pokemart across Town!" "And they left there Arobak here which I assume they stole! " I am heading to the Pokehealth center downtown" The Arobak is critically injured" "All I saw was them kicking it. Can you meet me there?"
  25. "WHOA, calm down...wait, THEY STOLE PIPLUP?!" She starts hyperventilating as Eevee shrieks in fear, " and that Arbok! I met someone who was missing an Arbok! I'll come right there!"
  26. Joeci starts running to the Pokecenter
  27. Connie runs to the Pokémon Center, cradling Eevee. She arrives, sees Joeci and shouts, " Joeci! Um..are you alright?"
  28. "Yes I'm alright! But I don't think Piplup is!" Joeci looks up to the sky and there is Piplup dangling under Team Fang's hot air balloon. Piplup screams while Team Fang laughs. "HELP" Yells Joeci
  29. A girl from Team Fang hears them and jumps down, riding a Pidgeotto. She had brown curly hair and wore a black and purple jacket. She smiled cruely, saying " Oh..you want your pathetic Poemon back? Here..." she tosses the pokeball to Joeci. "both of you, battle me. Double battle. Winner takes the pokemon."
  30. Connie shouts "go, Eevee!" Eevee leaps out of her arms, looking utterly terrified. The girl sends out a Machop and Pigeotto.
  31. Piplup Go! Use iceberg!
  32. the Pidgeotto was surrounded in ice. "Eevee, use..uh...growl?" Eevee cautiously let out a meek growl at machop doing next to nothing. The girl smirked and said "Machop, pound that pathetic puffball." Eevee nimbly dodged and the Machop pounded his tail rather than his body. "EEEEEVEEEE!!!"
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  33. Piplup use Peck!!!!!!!! Joeci runs to Eevee "Is she ok?"
  34. "He, and I don't know..." Eevee stood up, meekly nodded and got into battling position "Okay.." Connie said "In that case, tackle that pidgeotto! and maybe... baby doll eyes?" Eevee leaped on top of the still frozen bird and then made an adorable face, making the Machop look like this, :love:.
    The girl cursed under her breath and shouted, Machop! punch that Piplup again and again! Pidgeotto, break out of that ice! NOW!!!" They obeyed.
  35. Pidgeotto flew up with great force ,although looking weak from Eevee's tackle, breaking out of the ice and smacking Eevee with its wing. "OooEeeeve!!" he shouted.
  36. "Joeci! Try attacking Pidgeotto! One more hit should knock it out!" Conneley yelled, looking fearfully at Eevee. He looked weak one more hit would get him too. Meanwhile, Machop raised its fist, heading towards Piplup.
  37. "Piplup attack Pidgeotto!
  38. The Pidgeotto squealed "PIDGOO!!!" and collapsed. The girl once again cursed, louder this time and sucked her Pokemon back into its ball.
    "Machop," she said, furious "Finish that Eevee with pound!" The Machopraises two fists and smashed Eevee. Eevee cried "EEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEE!!" and fainted
    "Oh no! Eevee!" Connie cried. She rushed to pick up the fallen Pokémon. The girl smirked once again." Machop, double kick that Piplup!"
  39. "It's up to you Joeci" Connie said, stroking Eevee nervously.

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