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Private/Closed A Superpower RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by OmnipotentOnion, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Soryn Evaro High School! You're a young teen born with a supernatural gift that makes you exponentially different from a normal human being. You thought that the power you had could only be achievable in superhero universes, such as the power to manipulate or conjure fire, or run faster than the speed of sound, but nope; it's here. It does exist. And you have it. Because of your gift, you have been enrolled in a school that exists only to help other teens like you nurture your power and control it. It's quite the cozy campus, the other students are friendly, the dorms are nice and spacious, and the teachers are warm and welcoming; life is good!

    If only.

    Welcome to the Citadel; a prison for teenage abominations like you. Why are you an abomination? Because you were born with a supernatural power that makes you a threat to the people, and you were taken from your parents when you were born, as the curse was found in your DNA. Your home is a stone tile cell with no windows and power dampeners line the outside of the cell to keep you in check. No one comes in; no one goes out. After all, you're a virus to society and must be isolated from the public to ensure their safety. You have no chance of escape, so please: make yourself at home.

    - Pokecharms General Role Play Rules. Please follow.
    - Romance is allowed, but keep it limited to kissing.
    - There will be violence and blood, but try not to go too overboard.
    - Please don't be overpowered; it takes away from other RPers' fun.
    - Cussing is allowed, but once again: please don't go too overboard.
    - Somewhere in your bio, include the words "holy bugumba" so I can confirm you've read through the rules.
    - Grammar is a beautiful thing. Please use it.
    - The exposition is quite bleak, but have fun!
    Name: Xenon Jung
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Xenon, coming from a Korean family, has a rather pale skin tone and chocolate brown eyes. He has short, black hair roughly swept to the left, and his bangs tend to cover his left eye for maximum edge. Xenon has a rather slim but muscular physique, and his outfit is usually a black long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers, which is what he was wearing when he was captured.
    Personality: Xenon is very quiet and introverted; he'll avoid interaction with other people if he can, but when he's forced to talk, it's rather quiet.
    Power: Cryokinesis (Manipulation and conjuration of ice)
    Other: holy bugumba

    I'm gonna tag some people if they're interested: @Rohan Kishibe @kageyama @_obsequious @Top_Smug_; feel free to tag others

    I'm thinking of having about 5-6 others (excluding myself) join the RP before I close it, so.... yeah.

    - Xenon Jung (@OmnipotentOnion)
    - Raiden Ojima (@AnimeTail)
    - Elizabeth Thomas (@Sentorus67)
    - Marik Colten (@Mystic Zander)
    - Alexandra Saetes (@_obsequious)
    - Parker Bell (@Top_Smug_)
    - Mentis (@Nebulix)
    - Undecided (@kyuukestu)
    - Kyles Yuma (@Rohan Kishibe)
    - Tony Prince (@Red Gallade)
    - Zion Revie (@UniverSoul)
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  2. So, is there a basic story behind this prison? Its creator? A plan for us to escape or for something to happen so its not just a prison rp?
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  3. Yeah; I was planning to have an escape arc and then the next part would be them trying to fit back into society.
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  4. Interesting. Im feeling an Outcast's remembrance rp, lol.

    Well ill start work on a character sheet soon enough. Lemme know once youve fleshed out the story a little bit more.
  5. Lol; the more I think about it, this does have a bit of an Outcasts vibe
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  6. This sounds interesting, I'm gonna be busy so I'll make my bio later.
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  7. Yeah, I'll probably join. Not right now though, it's too late to make a character sheet right now ~w~
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  8. Bio time!!!

    Name: Tony Prince
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Very pale skin, Dark blonde medium smooth hair, Purple eyes. He wears a Light gray hoodie underneath a closed Black pea coat, Charcoal jeans and Brown trainers.
    Personality: Tony is calm and serious and always does what he can to help his friends or fellow powered individuals. He doesn't look down on regular humans although he wouldn't hesitate to attack any human who insults him for being 'different.' His is especially loyal to his friends and loves to backtalk people who insult him.
    Power: He has the ability to create and manipulate a special type of black crystal like material. He can create them almost anywhere he could within a 5 meter radius of himself and make them fly as fast as bullets, he can also choose what size and shape his crystals are ranging from deadly razor sharp spears for combat or platforms that he can control and ride on as well as how many he can make at once.
    Other: N/A Holy Bugumba
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  9. If its alright, ill be reserving a spot!

    Also, anyone else notice how in these types of rp's they always end up capturing the meta's instead of just killing them? Like wouldnt that make the whole story more logical? Er, I guess there wouldnt be a story if that were the case. Cary on, ignore me.
  10. The sites been without Outcast for awhile, Kind of want to revive the concept, save me a spot
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  11. Hello! I wasn't tagged but came upon this so I decided to put a bio in!
    Name: Raiden Ojima
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Messy, black hair, black eyes, a light blue shirt that says electric on it, navy blue jeans, white socks, and black-blue sneakers. He also has peach skin.
    Personality: Raiden is kind to those he trusts, but distant to people he doesn't. He is not afraid to say what he wants, but if he is threatened, he gets a little scared. Raiden is calm and if someone is in big trouble, he might help them. Raiden wants to show thoes regular humans that even though him and others may be "different", they can be good people and kind hearted.
    Power: Superspeed
    Other: Raiden very much likes dragons.
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  12. Accepted!
    The spots will be first come first serve, but I'm gonna be a bit more strict on the acceptance criteria.
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  13. Name: Elizabeth Thomas
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'4, peach skin with long straightened blonde hair, light blue eyes. she enjoys "autumn" colors and loves attire people wear during summer travels, so she is usually wearing Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts and flip flops. She always carries around a purple scrunchie either in her hair or somewhere else.
    Personality: the best way to describe her is jaded, she has a sourly negative attitude on everything along with being sarcastic and finding the worst in a moment. she has a ton doubt in everyone ( including herself) and assumes people are untrustworthy and dumb by nature. It is very easy for her to hold a grudge but at least she doesn't act on them.
    Power: Conduit- naturally she can create blue sparks of lighting, unless messing with devices the ability does not do much by itself besides mildly shocking people. another way for her to use it that she can create "Links" with other people. While on, anyone connected to the link with have the same powers as everyone else connected, though they need a basic understanding on how to use the power. Using too many powers at once however can overload the link and have it instantly turn off.
    Other: behold the powerful battery girl!! holy bugumba she is strong!
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  14. Bio looks good overall, but you're missing something from the rules. Read over them one more time.

    EDIT: Accepted!
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  15. Name: Marik Colten
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Messy red hair sticking out in wild spikes, pale blue eyes, sun-kissed skin, above average height. Most of his upper body is scattered with small faded scars. He wears a baggy black hoodie with the sleeves messily torn away from the shoulders, faded dark blue boot cut jeans, and a pair of matte black work boots speckled with dried mud and dirt.
    Personality: On one hand, some may see Marik as a very easy going person, on the other hand, some may seem him as the most cynical lunatic to walk on the surface of this planet. He comes off as very docile and calm initially, but if he get's a bad vibe from you at first contact, its almost set in stone that you wont two wont be friends, he has habit of taking shots a people he doesnt like whenever he has the chance, his 'filter' being completely disabled, even in a prison setting. Fortunately, the boy has the wits to back up his trouble making persona, allowing him to fend off any enemies he's make along the way.
    Power: Multiply- By the name, some may assume this is a simple cloning power, when in fact its far more than that. Marik has the capability of generating and degenerating copies of his own physical anatomy on different levels from anywhere on his body. Basically cloning, but only partial, and always connected to him. Some examples could include duplicating a set of eyes on the back of his head for enhanced senses, or duplicating a new limb if one had been severed. He is (currently) not able to generate full copies of himself as he's only had a few years to learn about his complex power.
    Other: Holy Bugumba!! ...is this to obvious?
  16. Im assuming your waiting for one or two more people to join. In the meantime, you wanna work out some details of the rp? Like how long we'll be spending in each location, and how we plan to escape the prison in general.

    Will there be any sort of opening? Or are a group of powerless teenagers gonna skill there way out of what im assuming is the most maximum security prison on the planet?

    Or....do you already have an idea but you dont wanna reveal it just yet? lol
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  17. technically they are metahuman teenagers, and i'm probably planning to spend some of the plot in the cells; during that time the others can "convene" and try to work together to find a way out of the Citadel (which indeed is the most maximum security prison on the planet lmao)
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  18. Yes but you said there are power dampeners lining each of the cells, so arent we all just normal teenagers right now? Im mean even if we all naturally had above average intelligence and/or combat ability, how would we take down a line of guards with anti-meta rounds loaded in there chambers? (This isnt accounting for some super genius expertly skilled character who can deactivate these power dampeners remotely with a toothpick or some other crazy Outcast style stunt like that)

    Im sorry if I seem to be asking a lot, I just wanna get everything straight before we start.
  19. oh yeah; i'm planning to have the first part of their escape be deactivating the power dampeners (logically, of course; no levitating apples that cause a disturbance in the generator, thus giving the prisoners a chance to destroy the dampeners from inside their cells), and we can just yeet our way through the rest of the plot or something (let's just assume that these guards have aim worse than stormtroopers for now lmao)

    also no worries dude you're fine
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  20. me: seq don’t join any more roleplays, you’re sort of overwhelmed and should stick to the minimum you’re at.
    bbbuuuutttt i don’t have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so this is unfinished, im sorry ;w;
    but! i should be able to finish it in the morning. thanks for understandinggg

    Name: Alexandra “Alex” Saetes
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Being only a sophomore, Alex is still rather young, and her appearance goes to prove it, standing only at 5’0. Her skin is pale and numerously freckled, and cut at her shoulders is rather short, messy light brown hair. Her eyes are a deep brown, and she is usually seen in comfy sweaters and t-shirts.
    Personality: Because of her power, Alex has always proved to be somewhat anxious, usually worrying about something bad being around and it being her job to recognize it. Despite that, she’s sweet and understanding, but has a tendency to snap back with a harsh attitude in dire situations. Unafraid to call people out for wrong-doings and lies.
    Power: Extrasensory. Alex has the ability to cast out her field of vision and hearing up to a mile radius in any direction, although the farther she goes the hazier it gets (a mile, for example, is the peak of her abilities at the moment, and her vision and hearing would be very impaired and fuzzy).
    Other: only the holiest of bugumbas allowed here!
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  21. I have no time to make a character sheet right now, massive test here in a second, but I'm gonna try and reserve a character spot here ~w~

    Name: Parker Bell

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Parker is an Asian American of average height and fairly average build. He's not slim or large, and he has a decent amount of muscle on him. His hair is jet black and reaches his eyes, however he combs it to the side messily. His eyes are very dark brown, and he wears black eye-glasses so he can see more than a few inches in front of his face. Typical attire consists of a black t-shirt with a black hoodie and black denim jacket over it. He also wears a pair of black pants and black shoes.

    Personality: Outwardly cocky and smug due to the power he posses. He grew up a lonely and quiet boy until he received his powers. He promptly approached those he had wished to become friends with, only to become an even bigger social outcast. Parker became angry, angry at the world for treating him so poorly. On the inside though, he's secretly a big softie. He hides his true intentions behind a wall of edge. He bullies others when he really wants to befriend them, and uses this as a way of coping.

    Power: Parker can conjure forth power from a demon inside himself. Using this power he is able to create and control a special type of flame, Shadow Fire. Shadow Fire is a black and silver flame with a red outline, it doesn't feel hot to touch but still burns the things it comes into contact with. He can also summon a sword and shield made of Shadow Fire. Despite being made of a gaseous material, they can inexplicably make contact with solid objects. His power did not originate in his genetic code, and was given to him when he was chosen by a demon to be a sort of vessel. Thus explaining why he had lived a somewhat normal life until his powers were discovered.

    Other: Holy Bugumba Batman!
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  22. accepted! welcome aboard :>

    once we get 2-3 more people in, i'll get started, so sit tight i guess lmao
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  23. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    I'm not inviting @kyuukestu in this one unless I wanna die. also this is perfect i literally i had an idea of a super powered character that's like a criminalish oh yes
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  24. technically you just invited him by mentioning him in your post??
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  25. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    oh shoot. welp i'm gonna make an bio:

    Name: Mentis
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black leather jacket and shirt, completely covered in belts which force his arms to his torso. Unable to move his arms or hands, but his legs and feet are mobile, which also are clothed with black jeans. He wears a face mask over his mouth which seem to have something inside. He has soulless black eyes and messy black hair.
    Personality: sort of quiet, though it's not his own choosing. Seems like a normal guy except for his clothing but he's quite the opposite. Completely deranged in reality and has no feelings for people nor does he care about theirs. When he talks his voice sounds robotic.
    Power: Psychic- currently just telekinesis but his power will be more developed
    Other: holy bugumba we're all dead
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  26. I was actually already typing a response to this one xD

    Eh, I'm quite interested since there aren't that many bleak RP's, but I'm with Zander on this whole escape thing. Besides plot convenience and a ton of luck it'd take months of in-Rp planning to even consider escaping from something like the Most secure prison in the world specifically designed to hold Supermutant humanoids :v

    A commercial airplane has like 2 back up engines, a backup pilot, a tracking box, 3 different floatation devices in case of a water landing...

    For a maximum security prison? Considering we've been dehumanized as the scourge of the earth you can forget about stuff like 3 square meals a day or 'exercise time' to keep you strong and healthy.

    That being said, we can't make it nigh impossible to escape, but we shouldn't be escaping in like 5 or 6 posts. I'd personally prefer to have a solid arc where we have to figure out how to even communicate without being shot dead. The escape itself should be its own developed arc and all.
  27. yeah that's exactly what i was planning actually lol
    i'm planning to have an entire escape-centered arc before we go on
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  28. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    lol you guys are gonna have to be extra creative to figure out how to communicate with mentis.
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  29. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    Good thing we aren't fighting each other in this RP *wipes sweat off his forehead*
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  30. oh that's an amen from me dog
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  31. Excellent! I'm in then :)
    I'm envisioning a tiny stone box either miles underground, or within a larger sturdier box of some super-dense-substance because- let's be honest here- Stone's aren't very sturdy in the context of Super Powers.

    We're probably all coming down with Vitamin D deficiency, and we're a virus to society so you can forget about human rights and humane treatment xD

    So we're a weakened group, underfed and probably frequently beaten up for kicks to boot, with little time to interact with each other in a giant cage designed to keep us until death. Escape is either gonna require ingenuity or a whole ton of luck.
  32. Cages won't be soundproof, so that'll make interaction a bit easier, if that helps
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  33. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    wait what does this have to do with my post
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  34. i think the way to understand how or if we can escape the prison is what are "power dampeners"? cuffs, pills, a force field, one really strong guy who turns off other powers by staring at them? understanding what the obstacle is, is how we can figure to overcome it.
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  35. Yea, but it's not like we can be yelling to the guy down the hall about our secret plans to escape. The guards aren't deaf, and the cages are probably monitored strictly, anything we say would be overheard through some means.

    We'd need some like, a signal, or some way of communicating without instantly tipping off our Prison Guard overlords.
  36. I'm planning for it to be a force field enveloping the prison room so once it's deactivated our outcasts can just yeet themselves out of there
    also side note: the prison room's gonna be shaped similar to the one in captain america civil war (image below) Raft_(Earth-199999)_from_Captain_America_Civil_War_002.jpg

    @kyuukestu that's true; maybe we could allow some kind of "stretching time" or something where the prisoners are let out for a brief moment but limited to just the prison room. they'll still be monitored, so that's where we try to subtly plan the escape
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  37. Fair enough, but we've gotta at least plan out taking down the backup generator.
  38. I literally have nothing to say lol.
  39. messages are coming in so fast i can't think straight LOL
    there'll be a plan to take out the generator, but since i can't think of one at the moment, we'll just RP through what we have for now.
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