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A strange little private RP.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GracefulGunner, May 2, 2012.

  1. I have two more slots open for this RP.
    All types open.
    This is a challenge in which three Trainers will paricipate. One is water, one is fire, one is grass. These three must learn to overcome their challenges and work together, epescially under these... special... conditions. Each trainer must choose one Poke'mon according to their type, which will have, say, a certain effect. The Trainer will become that Poke'mon! The goal is simple: reach the other side of the course!
    They said that a month ago. After choosing our Poke'mon, and being altered, they showed their true colors and released us into a lab...
    As test subjects.
    Okay, plot's out of the way. Now I just want to see if anyone's interested. I'll take any type other than fire.

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