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A SpongeBob Christmas Carol

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by David Da Bomb, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Stave 1: Meet Ebenezer Krabs​

    (Sandy Cheeks is standing in a cemetery, leaning on a tombstone. There is mild snowfall and Sandy is wearing a black vest, a red scarf and a top hat over her spacesuit.)

    Sandy (to the audience) : Howdy folks. The name's Sandy Cheeks and I shall be telling y'all a tale about Christmas, ghosts and a man with a heart that's black as coal who may discover about generosity that was long forgotten. But before we get to that, there's something y'all need to know first.

    (There is a close-up on the tombstone. The tombstone reads: "R.I.P. Squidward Marley".)

    Sandy (to the audience) : You got that? *pointing the written name* That fellow is dead. Seven years dead poor to where our story begins. Remember that: Squidward Marley is as dead as a door-nail...Weird, now what's so dead as a door-nail, anyway?

    (Sandy shifts her eyes.)

    Sandy (to the audience) : Oh, sorry about that. Now, on to our story.

    (A snowy wind blows and the scene changes to a bird's eye view of an Old English city.)

    Sandy's Voice: Now this where our story begins. It's Christmas Time once more and everybody's in good cheer.


    (The camera moves down to show Ebenezer Krabs standing in the middle of the street looking angrily at the sky.)

    Sandy's Voice (slightly annoyed) : Except him! That would be Ebenezer Krabs.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Humph!

    (Krabs walks away.)

    Sandy's Voice: Now, Krabs was a heartless person who thought about nothing but money and hated Christmas. He hated he whole Christmas season. Nobody knew why this was so. Some say that Krabs's head wasn't screwed on right. Others think that his shoes were on too tight.


    Sandy's Voice: Whoops! Wrong story. Now, where did that greedy crustacean go?

    (The camera pans to the right and Ebenezer Krabs is seen walking up to his counting house. Krabs opens the door and walks inside.

    Inside, Krabs sees his employee, SpongeBob Cratchett, with a shovel. SponeBob is attempting to take some coal to warm the room where he did his work in.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: SPONGEBOB!

    (Spongebob stands straight up, holding the shovel parallel to his body and snapping a salute.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: drop that shovel and get back to work on the double!

    SpongeBob Cratchett (nervously) : Yes, Mr. Krabs!

    (SpongeBob goes back to his office. Ebenezer Krabs sits at his desk. The door opens and out comes Krabs's niece, Pearl.)

    Pearl: Hi there, Uncle Krabs!

    Ebenezer Krabs: Argh. What do you want?

    Pearl: I want you to come over for our Christmas tomorrow.

    Ebenezer Krabs: What's the occasion?

    Pearl: Um, Christmas?

    Ebenezer Krabs: ...

    Pearl: Oh, and I'm also getting engaged.

    Ebenezer: For what?

    Pearl: Marriage.

    Ebenezer Krabs: WHAT? Since when did you get a boyfriend?

    Pearl: Eight months ago! If you just visited my mother more often, you'd know things like this.

    Ebenezer Krabs: So, what? Christmas is just another work day!

    Pearl: It is not! Christmas is a time when everyone, no matter how old or how young, rich or poor, strangers or not can be merry with each other. A time of peace on Earth and goodwill to man-

    Ebenezer Krabs: HUMBUG!

    Pearl: But, Uncle-

    Ebenezer Krabs: OUT!

    (Pearl's eyes start getting all glossy and she leaves, slamming the door behind her.)

    SpongeBob Cratchett: That was good speech, Mr. Krabs. If you didn't interupt like that, who knows how she could've ended.

    Ebenezer Krabs (gritting his teeth) : SpongeBob...

    SpongeBob Cratchett (nervously) : Wait! I was just wondering if you can let me have the day off tomorrow.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Fine! But ye be getting half a day's pay. It makes no sense having to to pay you for a full day without working. Now get back to work!

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Aye, Aye! Mr. Krabs.

    (SpongeBob goes back to his office. The door opens again and two gentlemen, on tall and skinny and the other short and stout, walk inside.)

    Stout Gentleman: Excuse me, is this Krabs and Marley's?

    Ebenezer Krabs: Aye, that it is! Ebenezer Krabs and your service. State you business.

    Skinny Gentleman: Well, we were wondering if you'd like to make a donation to the poor.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Oh, really? Tell me, are there any prisons?

    Stout Gentleman: Yes.

    Ebenezer Krabs: How are the factories in this city?

    Skinny Gentleman: There are quite fine.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Then I won't be giving you a cent.

    Gentlemen: WHAT?!

    Ebenezer Krabs: You heard me, I pay enough in taxes for the things that already handle the poor! Now get out!

    (The two gentlemen leave.)

    Sandy's Voice: And so, the day went on and soon it was quitting time. SpongeBob left for home full of excitement, because he had tomorrow off. Ebenezer just went home, unaware of what super-natural thing would happen that very evening...

    To be continued...
  2. Here's the second part the SpongeBob Christmas Carol, please feel free to comment:

    Stave 2:Squidward Marley, the Unfriendly Ghost​

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : Ebenezer Krabs has finally got back to his house that night. When he was about to open the door to his house, he stopped to gaze upon a peculiar sight.

    Ebenezer Krabs: *Gasp!*

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : The door knocker had taken the shape of the face of Krabs's old partner, Squidward Marley!

    Ebenezer Krabs: Um...

    (Ebenezer opens the door and peeks behind it, expecting to see the rest of Squidward back there. Nothing could be see behind the door and Ebenezer closes the door.)

    Ebenezer Krabs (nervously) : S-Squidward?

    (Ebenezer reaches for Squidward's face and pinches his nose.)


    Squidward Marley: Ow!

    (Ebenezer flinches.)


    (The door knocker changes to a normal state.)

    Ebenezer Krabs (to himself) : Y'know, sometimes I wonder why I even kept that knocker in the first place.

    (Krabs opens the door and walks inside his house and shuts door behind him.)

    Ebenezer Krabs (to himself) : But still... Squidward...

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : With the thought of seeing his deceased partner still in his brain, Ebenezer Krabs searched the entire house for any sign of Squidward Marley. However, Squidward was nowhere to be seen.

    (Krabs is now sitting in the parlor in his night gown, eating a bowl of porridge.)

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : While Krabs was eating his porridge, he suddenly started to hear the sound of clinking chains mixed with slithering tentacles.

    Squidward's Voice: Kraaaaabssss...

    (Krabs turns his head to the left and sees the ghost of Squidward Marley. Chains were attached to Squidward's wrists and ankles and piggy banks and check books were attached to the chains. Ebenezer Krabs drops his porridge bowl as he screams his head off.)

    Squidward Marley's Ghost: Enough... Enough!

    Ebenezer Krabs (nervously) : Y-yes, Squidward. So, Squiddy, I haven't you in seven years.

    Squidward Marley's Ghost: Yeah, I know you haven't...

    Ebenezer Krabs: Gosh, Squidward, you look a little pale this evening...

    Squidward Marley's Ghost: Yeah, well you'd be looking pale if you spent the last seven years being dead.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Oh...


    Ebenezer Krabs: DEAD!?!


    Ebenezer Krabs (nervously) : Well, it sure is nice to visit good ol' Ebenezer Krabs.

    Squidward Marley's Ghost: I AM NOT HERE JUST TO VISIT! I am here to warn you!! For you haven't been very generous either.

    (Ebenezer Krabs's teeth are chattering.)

    Squidward Marley's Ghost: You shall be visited by three more ghosts tonight. Pay attention to what they say or your chains shall be heavier than mine.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Um, right. Goodbye Squidward.

    Squidward Marley's Ghost (while vanishing into thin air) : Farewell...

    Sandy's Voice: After that visit was over, Ebenezer decided to go hit the hay.

    To be continued...
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  6. Okay. BTW, what do you actually think about my fanfic?
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  8. But, do you actually like what I've written so far?
  9. Well, now it's time for Part 3, with Princess Mindy (from the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie) as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    Stave 3: The Past and the Depressed​

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : Ebenezer Krabs was having a heap of trouble getting to sleep that night, all because of Squidward's warning earlier that evening.

    Ebenezer Krabs: And I'd have a better time sleeping if I didn't keep hearing voices either.

    (The alarm clock chimed midnight as Ebenezer tossed himself to the side of his bed. It was then that Krabs saw a ghost that look a girl in her mid-teens floating by his bed. She was wearing a night-gown, holding a branch of mistletoe and she had silvery hair. On top of all that, the ghost appeared to be a "Steam-Boat Willy" styled cartoon character.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Davy Jones! Squidward was right!

    Christmas Past: Greeting, Mr. Krabs, I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Well, that explains why you're all black-in-white and stuff.

    Christmas Past: Now, come with me, I have something to show you.

    (Before another word could be said, the Ghost Christmas Past took Ebenezer Krabs by the wrist and flies out the window. Then, the ghost and Ebenezer were surrounded by a thick fog.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Where are you taking me, Ghost?

    Christmas Past: To a Christmas of long ago.

    (A sea cucumber in a burlap cloak pokes out of the fog.)

    Sea Cucumber (in Yoda's voice) : Not ready is he. There is no "try", only "do".

    Ebenezer Krabs (to Christmas Past) : What's that pickle talking about?

    Christmas Past: Um... Nothing. He just keeps on appearing every time I take someone to the past.

    (The fog [and the sea cucumber] disappear and the ghost and Krabs are now inside a room of a dilapidated school building. Sitting in the fireplace was Ebenezer Krabs as a little boy who was quietly reading a book. All but the present-day Ebenezer Krabs are black-and-white.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: That's... ME!!

    (Krabs walks over the boy and looks over his shoulder.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Dear Neptune! That's "1,001 Arabian Nights" that he's reading! I loved so stories so much!

    (Ebenezer starts reminiscing about "1,001 Arabian Nights" until someone that looks like Pearl shows up and takes him away.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: That was me sister! Hauling me away to me first day of apprenticeship.

    Christmas Past: Yep, and the mother of your niece, Pearl.


    Christmas Past: Wait minute, how the barnacle does that work out?

    Ebenezer Krabs: Well-

    Christmas Past (uncomfortable) : On second thought, I don't want to know. I have more to show you, anyway.

    (The Ghost takes Krabs by the wrist again and takes him to a winery.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Hey! This must be Ol' Mr. Fishywig's winery! Fishywig was the kindest man I could ever work for.

    (Inside the building, there were fish-folk dancing to a merry tune being played on a fiddle by a man in a powdered wig [that's Mr. Fishywig]. At the end of the room, next to the refreshments was a mid-teen Ebenezer Krabs all by himself. A pufferfish walks up to him.)

    Isabelle Puff: Oh, Ebenezer.

    (The young Ebenezer looks toward Isabelle.)

    Isabelle Puff: My eyes are shut, my lips puckered and I'm standing under the mistletoe, waiting for someone to kiss me.

    Young Ebenezer (slowly) : Guess that it better be me...

    (The young Ebenezer kisses Isabelle on the lips.)

    Isabelle: Oh! Now let's dance, Benny.

    (Isabelle and young Ebenezer start dancing.)

    Christmas Past (to the present-day Ebenezer) : Do you see? That was you before became consumed by greed.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Yeah, I loved Isabelle so much...

    Christmas Past: However, in ten years' time you began to love something else...

    (There is a ripple-effect on everything surrounding the ghost and Ebenezer. Suddenly, the two of them are in Ebenezer Krabs's counting house. A young-adult Ebenezer Krabs in sitting at his desk, counting money. Everything in color now, but not drawn in a modern animation style.)

    Young-Adult Ebenezer: ...1,488, 1,489, 1,490-

    (An older Isabelle comes through the door announcing Ebenezer's name.)

    Young-Adult Ebenezer (annoyed) : Isabelle, what are you doing here?

    Isabelle Puff: Well it's just that we've been living together at that cottage of ours for ten years and I'm still waiting for the day when you say that you'll marry me.

    Young-Adult Ebenezer: Yeah, about that cottage. The mortgage was an hour late, so I'm fore-closing on it.

    Isabelle Puff: B-But-

    Young-Adult Ebenezer: Now get out, I've got work to do!

    (Isabelle starts crying.)

    Young-Adult Ebenezer: 1,491, 1,492, 1,49-

    (Isabelle walks out and slams the door as hard as possible, causing the stacks of coins to fall.)

    Young-Adult Ebenezer: Three.

    Christmas Past: No thanks to your greed, that poor woman walked out on you and you lost her forever.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Take me back, Past. I wish to see no more.

    Christmas Past: Not so fast! I have one more thing to show you, Ebenezer!

    (Before another word was said, the scene changed to show a slightly older version of Isabelle with a school of children swarming around her. There are living in a small, yet comfortable house. A knock on the door is heard.)

    Isabelle Puff: Oh my, that must be your father.

    (Isabelle walks to the front door of the house with the children following close behind. She opens the door and the kids' father is standing there holding a big stack of presents.)

    Isabelle's Husband: Hey kids! Merry Christmas!

    Isabelle's Children: YAY!!

    (The kids take there presents from their father and take them to the living room.)

    Isabelle's Husband: Say, Belle, you'll never guess who I came across yesterday.

    Isabelle Puff: Who?

    Isabelle's Husband: It was your old lover, Ebenezer Krabs.

    Isabelle Puff (in amazement): "Ebenezer Krabs"?

    Isabelle's Husband: Yeah, he just looks so lonesome and bitter. And that clerk of his looks like he's been working himself to death!

    Ebenezer Krabs: NO!!! This was the life I could've had? A family, with Isabelle?! ISABELLE, WHY DID I LET YOU GO!?! WHY!?!!

    (Ebenezer starts crying his eyes out until he finds himself laying in his bed.)

    To be continued...
  10. Now it's time for Part 4, featuring King Neptune (the one from the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie) as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Patrick Star as Pearl's boyfriend.

    Stave 4: Present and Accounted For​

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : So, We're back at Ebenezer Krabs's bedroom. The poor old crustacean was feeling guilty due to the fact that he realized that he never treated Squidward Marley and SpongeBob Cratchett they way Mr. Fishywig would've treated them and that he had dumped Isabelle.

    Ebenezer Krabs (to Sandy) : Don't remind me...

    (Some jolly laughter is heard. Krabs sits up in his bed to see a spirit who is dressed up as St. Nick, except that he's wearing a Christmas wreath on his head. The spirit is sitting in front of a Christmas dinner fit for a king. Ebenezer gets up from his bed.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Ahoy there! Am I right to assume that you're the second spirit I'm seeing tonight?

    Christmas Present: Why yes it is! I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Say, can I have some your food?

    Christmas Present: I think not! This feast is the food of generosity, which you have long denied your fellow man.

    Ebenezer Krabs: "Generosity"? No one has ever shown me any generosity!

    Christmas Present: You've never given them any reason to. C'mon, we've got no time to waste!

    (Christmas Present grabs Ebenezer Krabs and takes him to Pearl's house. Pearl is having her Christmas party with some friends of hers with the addition of her boyfriend, Fredrick Star.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Seems like they're having fun. Not like Fishywig's parties, though.

    Pearl: Ready to play "Similes" everyone?

    Pearl's Friends: Yeah!

    Fredrick Star: Sure!

    Pearl: Okay, now the simile is "As tight as..."

    Fredrick Star: A dr-!

    One of Pearl's Friends: Your uncle's wallet!

    Fredrick: -um!

    Pearl: I was sort of going for what Freddy was saying, but you're ideas fits too, Scarlett.

    (Everyone starts laughing.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Hey!

    Christmas Past: The truth hurts, doesn't it?

    Ebenezer Krabs: It does.

    Christmas Past: C'mon, I've got one more thing to show you!

    (The Spirit takes to SpongeBob Cratchett's house.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Barnacles! That invertebrate lives in this shack?

    Christmas Past: Yep, the poor little boy can barely support his family.

    (Ebenezer Krabs sees that all the food that SpongeBob's family has is barely enough to feed a family of mice.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Is that all that family has to eat?

    Christmas Past: It's not just for the boy and his parents.

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Oh boy, I can hardly wait to eat.

    SpongeBob's Mom: Come on, Robert, you know the rules.

    SpongeBob's Dad: Not until Li'l Gary comes to the table.

    (A snail slithers to the table and climbs up to the seat opposite of SpongeBob's.)

    Li'l Gary: Meow...

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Now that Gary's here, I'd like to thank the man who made it possible for us to have this feast: Ebenezer Krabs.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Wow, the little sponge is treated like pond scum and yet he still appreciates that I pay him to work for me at all.

    Christmas Present: Yeah too bad the case for Li'l Gary...

    Ebenezer Krabs: The snail? What's wrong with him?

    Christmas Present: A lot of things are wrong with it. And if these events go unchecked, I fear that there's going to be an empty chair where Li'l Gary once sat in.

    Ebenezer Krabs: You mean that the snail is going to-?

    (Ebenezer stops speaking due to the shock of the ghost had disappeared into thin air.)

    To be continued...
  11. Here's Part 5 I won't reveal the identity of the one play the Ghost of Christmas Future is just yet, but the two gentlemen in this part (aswell as the gentlemen from Part 1) are/were Mermaind Man and Barnacle Boy.

    Stave 5: A Horrible Tomorrow​

    Sandy's Voice (to the audience) : We last left Ebenezer Krabs at the front of SpongeBob Cratchett's house. He's been shocked to see that the Ghost of Christmas Present had disappeared.

    Ebenezer Krabs: Spirit? Where'd you go? What's gonna happen to that snail?

    (A green fog picks up and fog horn is heard. Suddenly, a figure that's completely concealed in a black cloak [save for a pair of glowing, green eyes peer out of the hood] appears.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: The final ghost! Let me geuss, you're the Ghost of Christmas Future, right?

    (The ghost nods its head.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: What, can't you talk?

    Christmas Future: (no audio)

    Ebenezer Krabs: I'll take that as a "No".

    (The ghost takes Ebenezer Krabs by the arm. The two of them keep walking until they get to Ebenezer's Counting House. The two gentlemen from Stave 1 are walking by.)

    Stout Gentleman: So how many people do you suppose went to that funeral? Two?

    Skinny Gentleman: Yeah! But it might aswell have been -50. That number would've been more suitable for the likes of him.

    (The two gentlemen start laughing up a storm.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Barnacles! Who were those two guys talking about?

    (The Ghost doesn't make an audible response, but takes Krabs to an empty mansion. There are some people having an auction on the front law.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: What's with the auction? Does that stuff belong to the stiff those two gentlemen were talking about?

    (The Ghost nods his head again. Afterwards, he grabs Ebenezer and takes him to a cemetery.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: You've really need to stop doing that, Future.

    (SpongeBob and his parents are seen walking up to a little tombstone with a bouquet.)

    SpongeBob Cratchett: *sniff!* Goodbye, Gary. We'll miss you very much.

    SpongeBob's Mother: There, there, SpongeBob. He's in a better place.

    (The three of them walk away.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: No! The snail did die!


    Ebenezer Krabs (to Chistmas Future) : Hold the phone, here! What do the other two things you've shown me have to do with the snail croaking?

    (The Ghost points to another tombstone. Ebenezer walks up to it. The tombstone reads: "Here lies Ebenezer Krabs. Good riddance to bad rubbish".)

    Ebenezer Krabs: *GASP!*

    Christmas Future: Congradulations, Ebenezer!

    (Krabs turns around to look at the ghost. The ghost pulls his hood off to reveal a face that looks like the one belonging to the Flying Dutchman.)


    (The Ghost starts laughing at Ebenezer Krabs. Ebenezer timidly walks backwards until the ground beneath him opens up and he falls into the bottomless abyss below.)

    Ebenezer Krabs (while falling) : NOOOOOO......!

    (Everything goes black.)

    To be continued...

    By the way, has anyone here seen "Bah, Hum-Duck!" on Cartoon Network?
  12. Alright, I am gonna finish this story now!

    Stave 6: Born Again Krabs​

    (Ebenezer Krabs is on the floor of his bedroom, all tangled up in his bed sheet. Ebenezer manages to get out and he gets up on his feet.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Dear Neptune above, I'm back in me bedroom?

    (Ebenezer Krabs walks to he window and looks outside.)

    Ebenezer Krabs (shouting) : HEY! CAN ANYONE OUT THERE TELL ME WHAT DAY IT IS!?

    Random Person's Voice (shouting) : IT'S CHRISTMAS, MR. VOICE-FROM-NOWHERE!!

    Ebenezer Krabs (moving to the center of his room) : The spirits! They've given me a second chance! I'd better make the most of it!

    (Ebenezer Krabs runs off-screen and comes back dressed in his suit.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: So much time and so little to do!

    (Ebenezer Krabs runs out of his house and he immediately bumps into the two gentlemen from yesterday.)

    Skinny Gentleman: HEY! Watch where you're going, tight-wad!

    Ebenezer Krabs: What? I actually think that its lucky for you that we bumped into each other.

    Stout Gentleman: Why?

    Ebenezer Krabs (taking a sack from his overcoat) : I was just wondering if I could donate this bag of money to the poor.

    (The two gentlemen gasp in amazement.)

    Skinny Gentleman: Are you serious about this?

    Stout Gentleman: But I thought-

    Ebenezer Krabs: That was yesterday, boys. I'm a new man!

    (The two gentlemen take the bag without a word and away. A few moments later, Ebenezer Krabs comes across Pearl and Fredrick.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Ahoy, there!

    Pearl: Uncle Krabs?

    Fredrick Star: Hi there! Merry Christmas, Ebenezer.

    Pearl: Fred! Don't say that C-word in front of my uncle.

    Ebenezer Krabs (ignoring Pearl) : And a Happy New Year right back at you!

    (Pearl stands there with her mouth agape.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Guess what, Pearl.

    Pearl: Um...What?

    Ebenezer Krabs: Tell those friends of yours that Ol' Ebenezer Krabs is coming to your Christmas Party!

    Pearl (stunned): Gosh! I don't know what to say.

    Ebenezer Krabs: How about: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    (Ebenezer Krabs runs off chuckling merrily. Ebenezer Krabs is now at the Cratchett House and he knocks on the door. SpongeBob comes to the door and opens it.)

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Um, Mr. Krabs?

    Ebenezer Krabs: Aye, lad.

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Come on in, Mr. Krabs. Mi casa es su casa!

    (Ebenezer Krabs walk inside SpongeBob's house. Mr and Mrs Cratchett are surprised to see Ebenezer.)

    SpongeBob's Dad: Is this your boss, Son?

    SpongeBob Cratchett: He sure is, Dad.

    SpongeBob's Mom: What brings you here, Mr. Krabs?

    Ebenezer Krabs: Well, it's about your son, Mr and Mrs Cratchett.

    SpongeBob's Mom: What's wrong?

    Ebenezer Krabs: I haven't been treating him very well and I feel like a-

    (A picture of a donkey appears in front of Mr. Krabs.)

    Donkey: HAW! Hee-HAW! Hee-HAW!

    (The donkey disappears.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: Aye, that! And I want to make it up to the kid.

    (Ebenezer turns towards his employee.)

    Ebenezer Krabs: I'd like to give you a raise and let you use all the coal that you need.

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Thanks Mr. Krabs!

    (SpongeBob hugs his boss. SpongeBob's parents hug there son and Mr. Krabs. The ghost of Squidward Marley appears.)

    Squidward Marley's Ghost (to Ebenezer Krabs) : Congratulations, Mr. Krabs. Thanks to your cooperation, my chains have been made lighter and I've given this *pulls out a clarinet* in exchange!

    (Squidward plays "Deck the Halls" slightly off-key.)

    Ebenezer Krabs (half-heartedly) : Keep trying, Squiddy.

    SpongeBob Cratchett: Who are you talking to, Mr. Krabs?

    (There is an awkward silence and then everyone starts laughing. Li'l Gary slithers in front of everyone with a sign that says "May Neptune Bless Us All".)

    Li'l Gary: Meow!

    THE END!

    This fan-fic was brought to you by "Plankton's Christmas Hits"

    Plankton: Season's beating, weaklings!
  13. XD Thats so funny lmao!
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