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Ask to Join A Sorcerers tale (blood warning)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Zcraftgaming, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. hi it's me setting up another role play again. ( romance and mature warning) (all real people must be on same team)(this is not based on real world Happenings are purely by accident)(max tw0 characters)
    Okay so this RP is based around elemental magic (NOT NINJAGO) to join message me.
    Okay a bit more detail so your in a world like avatar where you can choose an element kind of like avatar the last airbender (Necromancy is also included this) i will explain each element
    Air: you can push at air knock enemy's down or take their oxygen or shield people.
    Fire: pretty simple fireballs etc etc
    Water: you can use water and move it aroun (drown people) and turn it sharp to ice
    Ground: you can shoot massive boulders at enemy's.
    Necromancy: can control shadow so turn them into spikes. (Raise max one zombie
    To explain the backstory: A greedy and evil sorcerer has taken over the world and the sorcerers (us btw) are trying to free it.

    You must add this layout when you join:
    Sidearm (optional):
    Clothes (for fighting):
    Why fighting for the rebellion:
    Here is mine

    Nickname: Sparks or the Vigilante when in armour
    Sidearm: six shooting revolver with faster reload speed
    Clothes: black jacket with red hood metal shoulder pad and a tracksuit
    Looks : brunette, white and quite handsome
    Ability: Air
    Why fighting: his village was raided and all his family was killed.

    Congrats your in let's do this

    James hid behind the corner waiting for the next guard to come. He stared down at the pitiful piece of bread he had stolen. "Why is the pay so horrible" he muttered to himself.
    Signing up to join the rebellion at the time had sounded great, But currently the rebellion hadn't been doing to well. Suddenly He heard clanking as a guard headed his way.
    The guard walked past James muttering something like "god damn criminal".
    This was enough for James to tell that the guard was after him.
    James wanted to be silent so he put away his gun.
    He felt the air connecting and focused on a sphere around the size of a head.
    James felt it around and pulled the oxygen out of the bubble and placed it around the guards head.
    The guard sighed still muttering and went to breathe in.
    When the guard found he couldn't he wheezed desperately trying to breathe.
    His head went purple then blue. James felt the man go limp kept the air over his head until he was sure the guard was dead. He turned and walked towards the quay where the nearest out post was.
    Upon arriving he was told to go to a dormitory to wait for other future members of a team.
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  2. Name: Alex Whitman
    Nickname: Shield
    Sidearm (optional): A large shield
    Clothes (for fighting): Large, heavy, protective armour
    Looks: Short, Dark Hair and Eyes
    Ability: Air
    Why fighting for the rebellion: He wants to stand up for what is right

    Name: Joseph Whitman
    Nickname: Sword
    Sidearm (optional): A long blade
    Clothes (for fighting): A light and thin jacket and shirt, so he can move around quickly
    Looks: Slightly Taller, Dark Hair and Eyes
    Ability: Necromancy
    Why fighting for the rebellion: After the rest of his family was killed, he decided to protect Alex at all times.

    "Now!" Alex shouted, as three guards charged forwards. Joe leapt out from behind Alex protective shield, reinforced by his air magic. He twirled around and impaled on with his blade, as Shadows curled and sliced through the other. The third charged, only to be launched backwards by Alex's air magic, and finally finished with a shadow spike.
    Arriving at the outpost, they entered the room that James was in
  3. James was nibbling his tiny roll of bread when two men walked in.
    "Hello" James tried to say but chocked on a crumb from his bread.
    He hit his chest a few times to try and clear it up
    "Ugh, Sorry, Hi im James, you sent here as well for assembling a team."
    "If you are nice to meet you if you aren't..... nice to meet you too"
    James sat on a chair in the corner, someone had told them not to leave until one other person arrived.
    James sighed he just wanted to get revenge on that stupid,greedy King that killed his family
  4. Name: Zmara
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: 27
    Sidearm (optional): A pair of twin, basic small rifle like guns that shoot energy based rounds on each thigh. For emergencies she has twin blades stored in each boot.
    Clothes (for fighting): thin black tank top, thin black cargo pants, a thick belt, and black combat boots with metal toes, very ridged soles, and a lot of buckles. She wears think gloves on her hands, and around her neck is a simple dog tag with the number 27 around her neck. Usually wears a black zip up hoodie to cover her arms. Occasionally, but not always, she wears a grey beanie. Her left ear is also triple pierced with one red, and two blue piercings.
    Looks: Pale skin, but riddled with scars. Not from fights, but from labor. Sickly pale green eyes, through the left eye and around it is replaced with metal and a glass robotic eye. Her throat was replaced by metal plating, not to mention both arms and from her knees down are replaced by metal limbs. Think Winter Soldier. Her hair is red, cut into a messy short cut, so it is very wavy on the top and the back of her head is shaved. She is incredibly muscular and pretty flat chested so she kinda looks like a dude.
    Ability: Fire
    Why fighting for the rebellion: She was more or less forced into this unwillingly, trained to fight in the rebellion. She doesn't exactly have anything against fighting in it, she just would much rather go to where she was born despite not having any family left.

    Zmara grumbled as she listened to her boots crunch pebbles under her feet. Her latest assignment? Getting a new team. Sure, maybe she used a bit of underhand play to secure a position in the other team, but she guess that 27 was too much even if she was only on reserve. Pulling her hood over her beanie, she kept a low profile as she continued to her destination. She wasn't in the mood to burn things today, so she weaved her way around the guards in the area before slipping into the room she was told to go to. She saw three men, and groaned. She was hoping to not have a repeat of last team, it was tiring being the only female and she was at least hoping to have a feminine companion for once.
  5. James got up stretched and analysed the people in the room.
    He glanced at their clothes, their looks, their weapons and glancing at everything about them doing what he usually does.
    James stepped forward extending an arm out to be shaken.
    "Hi im James, air elemental, nice to meet you....... sorry what's your name?"
  6. Name: Marius Aetherium [Although his name is unknown to the public, and even to most of his comrades. He usually only goes by one of his aliases, unless in the presence of friends or family.]
    Nickname: "Revan," occasionally called "Poseidon" instead.
    Sidearm: An intricate, double-sided glaive. Thanks to his mechanical expertise, it can also transform into a long range sniper rifle.
    Clothes: Revan usually travels light. Therefore, he's usually seen wearing dark grey jeans with black combat boots, a white tanktop, and a black leather jacket with a hood. A black bandanna covering the lower half of his face is also common for him. Dangling from his neck is a pair of welder's goggles. He also has a backpack with him at all times, which carries several supplies he needs.
    Looks: Short, black hair along with a black goatee. "Revan" has bright blue eyes and dark skin. He's tall, standing at 6'5", and has an average build.
    Ability: Water
    Personality: Despite the fact he's a very intelligent individual, he only shows it when he needs to. Cracking jokes is his specialty off of the field. He can be serious when he wants to be, but he usually doesn't want to be. He often uses humor as a defense mechanism. The only time he ever manages to shed that persona is when someone manages to piss him off, usually by bringing up his deceased wife. He is merciless and brutal when it comes to eliminating the enemy.
    Why fighting for the rebellion/Backstory: Marius's wife died as a martyr for the rebellion. Beforehand, he wanted nothing to do with it and just wanted to live an average life working on broken machines. However, after his wife helped a member of the Rebellion escape a local prison, she was publicly executed. He spent a month working on his weapon and mastering his powers before he joined the Rebellion, for the sake of what his wife stood for. Because of his expertise with machines, as well as being a tactical genius, Marius often helps develop strategies that have brought the Rebellion multiple victories. This earned him the title of "Revanchist," which is usually shortened to "Revan."

    Revan was near the local lake. Nearby was a storehouse that held what he was looking for. Supposedly, anyway. According to the information he'd gathered, it was supposed to be holding local troop movements, as well as food supplies. Revan looked over at the guard patrol. He counted four, and they were all bunched together. Perfect. He reached out his hand towards the ocean. As the water lapped at the sandy shore of the beach, it suddenly seemed to be brought to life. A large bubble enveloped the four guards, and they began to struggle to breathe. Revan stood up from his cover and looked around, before he walked up to the four suffocating guards. "Oooh, looks like you guys need to take a breather." He quipped, before walking away. As he felt their bodies go limp in the water, he snapped his fingers and the bubble popped, water splashing on the sand, as well as the four now-deceased bodies of the guards. Using a blowtorch from his backpack, he melted the lock with ease. He stepped into the small, wooden building. It was clear. He put his blowtorch back in his backpack and switched it out for two small devices. One was a flashdrive and the other was the machine that gave the all-clear signal for some other rebels to come and jack the supplies. He plugged the flashdrive into a nearby computer, and moved all the files on it onto the drive. As he waited for the transfer to finish, Revan activated the device and hid it in a small barrel. When he looked back, the file transfer was done. He took the flashdrive and ran. He had a team he was supposed to meet with, apparently.

    It was funny how well he remembered the layout of the streets. Most guards still needed a map to navigate around, but not Revan. He memorized every road, which road had guards, when they were supposed to be there. He supposed that would be a valuable trait to have in his new team. "This is where it's supposed to be..." He murmured, as he neared the door. He opened it, revealing four figures. "This everybody?" He asked, as he walked in and shut the door behind him.
  7. Zmara glanced at the other two men, deducing that they must be siblings. Huh, wouldn't it be nice to be close to a brother like that? Then, a rather large man entered. Zmara could only offer a shrug as an answer to his opening statement. Either way, no one seemed to greet poor James, so she decided to make the first move. She flipped her hoodie down, walking up to James, he had a nice face unlike hers, she thought with a slight smirk. At least her voice hadn't changed, "I'm Zmara, fire elemental." she tried to not crush his hand in her metal one, although it was covered, looking at James with a slight gleam in her eye.
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  8. "Nice to meet you Zmara" James said
    " Hi im Ja-" he started to introduce himself when a low ranked rebellion soldier walked in.
    The soldier was an old women with a nasally voice that just didn't fit the body.
    "Officer Arrow would like to see you NOW" she said bossily and walked out. thought hiking
    At the mention of Arrow, James gasped
    'Why is one of the leaders of the rebellion here?' He thought
    James saluted to his teammates and walked out." Cya there"
    Navigating the corridors in the outpost was hard it was designed to be a maze.
    Finding the fastest route was easy if you knew the lay of the land' he thought
    Arriving at the office he leaned against the wall with his hood up.
    A thought struck him "I'm one of his best operatives why does the vigilante need a team"
    James through that thought away. Arrow knows what he is doing.

    While waiting for the others James felt the air around him, he felt the like sonar detecting were everyone was. He stopped feeling the air and focused and made a small ball of air and threw it up and down.
  9. Revan groaned as they were informed they needed to now head somewhere else. "Well, guess I don't have to worry about exercise today." He quipped on his way out. Revan had memorized the way around the corridors of the outpost. It was rather easy for him, though he understood why some people found it difficult. As he entered the office, he noticed his supposed teammate from earlier leaning against the wall. Revan pulled down his own hood as well as his bandanna, leaving the latter dangling around his neck as he approached the water fountain next to James. "I believe your introduction was cut short." He stated, trying to make conversation while the two waited. He turned on the water fountain, and as the water reached it's height before it went to it's descent, it stopped, and started to form into a bubble. "You got off a 'Ja.'" He added, as he walked away from the water fountain, practically holding the sphere of water in his hand. He brought it up to his face and took a sip from it. "Either way, nice to meet you. They call me Revan. Water elemental." He extended his free hand for a handshake.
  10. James took it and shook it
    "Hi im James the vigil-" he stopped himself none could know the murderer and thief vigilante was back "the vigilant teammate nice to meet you
    He scolded himself for such a stupid mistake.
    He walked over to the water fountain and took a sip. He went back over to Revan.
    " I don't have any fancy water tricks like you " James said to Reven grinning.
    He caught a glance of Arrow through the window.
    One limb his left arm and scars running all over his body. James shuddered
  11. Odd how he cut himself off. He seemed hesitant. Revan would have to look into that later. He continued to drink from his water sphere before continuing the conversation. "Perhaps not, but my bet is that you do have some kind of fancy trick." He stated, before he finished his drink. "So, why do you think they called us here? New op we're supposed to do as a team, or something? Otherwise, it's a hell of a coincidence we're needed, supposedly for an assignment, just when we're meeting up with our team."
  12. "Yes that's probably what's happening" James said
    He practised drawing his gun
    He pulled it out like a flash before the blink of an eye
    He smiled to himself
    'I've still got it' he thought and started thinking about combat and guards and of course weak points
  13. "Nah, it probably is a new assignment. If this team functions anything like my previous one, which I did absolutely nothing on other than sit in the reserve slot, then we're probably going to be sent out as soon as possible." Zmara scoffed, following after the men. She placed her knuckles against her back, arching as she popped her spine. Rolling out her neck, the faintest sliver of the metal covering the front of her throat poked from her hoodie. Faintly, her robotic eye clicked as if taking a photo of the new area around her. "Whatever it is, I hope I get some action for once. Never really was allowed to burn stuff. Which is stupid since I was trained to be almost hyper lethal, only to be told I can't do diddly squat."
  14. Revan looked over at the new arrival and gave her a nod before he spoke again. "That seems like a rather - tactically speaking - poor decision on command's part. If you're trained to be nearly hyper-lethal, you should be out with assault teams, not sitting on the bench with your thumb up your ass." He replied. "Either way, it's good to have you on the team. I'm called Revan." Revan said, outstretching his hand for a handshake.
  15. "Nice to know you thought the same as me, Revan." Zmara grinned, letting a bit of her inhuman, robotically enhanced, strength squeeze into the handshake. He seemed like he could handle a little bit of soreness. "Not sure if you hear, but either way, I'm called Zmara. Unlike my other team, we was so large we were given numbers." She chuckled lightly.
  16. "Alright I'd say we should go in there now and get this over with" James said nodding at Zmara
    He pulled his hood down and walked in.
    Arrow stared at him as he walked in.
    "You already know why your here don't you?" Arrow rasped chuckling
    James smiled and nodded his head
    James glanced to the side out the window something glinted in the sun.
    'Shit' he thought
    The sniper flashed and suddenly arrow fell blood pouring from his temple.
    James ran outside the office air shield up protecting his teammates.
    With his free hand he took out his pistol.
    Aiming carefully he shot the sniper between the eyes just as soldiers and mages marched in killing rebel sorcerers and guards with ease.

    "Get back!" James yelled to Reven and Zmara
    "We need to get to a different out post rainyday might work but now we need to hold them off.
    Dropping his shield he stabbed an enemy soldier and shot another
    He pulled up his hood and raised his shield again. Sweat beading down his face from the effort.
  17. "What the what" Alex said as he ran up "i didn't even have time to introduce myself!"
    Joe chucked "you totally had time, you were just being REALLY socially awkward. Again"
    Alex rolled his eyes, "verryyyyy funny..."
    Alex raised his massive shield, covering it with Air, Joe stayed behind it, launching tendrils of Shadow at the invading Soldiers and Mages, but they wouldn't be able to hold of the enemy forever.
  18. Zmara hardly bat an eye to the sudden carnage around her, but she did blink (in her other eye's case, snap) in surprise. However, that was quickly replaced by a feral grin as she practically ripped her pistols from her thighs and rapidly shot into the fray with deadly accuracy. The mages invading more or less managed to survive her shots completely or were severely injured, but the soldiers were not so lucky, easily falling to Zmara's on point accuracy. Of course, long range offensive could only last so long, especially as soldiers drew in closer, and Zmara's pistols needed to cool and recharge. Quickly, she noticed that her emergency knives wouldn't be much of use here, so she crouched into a sprinter's ready position before launching herself into a nearby group in a torrent of flames.

    She rose up from the scorched ground around her, a devious glint in her eyes as she looked into the nearest mage's orbs. "Hello, boys~" she grinned, causing a few of the group to warily step back. Their hesitation was all Zmara needed, as her hidden metal fist met with the mage's head with a satisfying crunch. Ripping off her gloves, she raised her palms and unleashed a torrent of close range fire into the surrounding group. She spun around with her magical flamethrowers, effectively taking care of the baddies around her.
  19. "A pleasure, Zma-" Then all hell broke loose. "Damn!" Revan outstretched his hand towards the water fountain from before. The water fountain broke as water shot from the pipes several bubbles formed, trapping small groups of soldiers in them and suffocating them. "I see you weren't exaggerating when you said you were nearly hyper-lethal!" Revan quipped. He made sure his water stayed away from Zmara's flames. He looked over and saw a group of soldiers preparing to flank them, as well as several snipers. Using his quick thinking, Revan released the now-deceased soldiers from his bubbles and formed them into two massive torrents of water. One torrent quickly overwhelmed the soldiers, while the second spread in front of the sniper's line of fire and quickly froze over.
  20. Name: Autumn
    Nickname: Ader
    Sidearm (optional): Golden Sword
    Clothes (for fighting): A black shirt with short sleeves and an V-neck, dark blue denim jeans that completely cover her legs expect her feet which are covered with black and white shoes.
    Looks: She has golden hair that comes down halfway down her neck, Orange eyes and tanned white skin
    Ability: Air.
    Why fighting for the rebellion: They took her love Oblivion
    Autumn sliced one of the mage figures before turning around and running up somebody else knocking him onto the ground, in her position she was upside down in the air but still could stab somebody else while doing this she saw the other main one in their group helping was another girl "Hey boys, are you gonna help or are you gonna be pussyand leave it to girls because I feel like you have no reflexes!" She yelled quickly executing someone sneaking up on her for some reason and then knocking two mages back with her abilities which one of them she threw her sword at her while the other one she ran over to despite having no armor or weapon, the one she was running towards chuckled, he thought she was easy to kill because of the lack of armor or weapons, wrong, dead faster than a bullet train, she had kicked him in the nuts then collapsed his lungs before giving a sadistic simile and before going to the other limp body to grab her sword without bothering to wipe the off it "Mother fuckers" she mumbled to herself before dropping a few bodies, she knew she was weird even without powers, she likes other girls, she's sadistic and well a lot more of things like literally going insane once but she didn't let that scar her and so she dropped another body before noticing a member of this so called group bleeding and ran over to him to help him but just as she started to pick up pace another person was once again really stupid to attack her so he was shut down right away but while she was still turned around he self- revived himself and had the upper hand on her knocking her down onto the ground and putting a knife to her neck "Little help here!" She yelled out while holding the knife back with blood dripping from her hands now "Any last words?" The mage said which Autumn replied with
    "Goodbye, Oblivion" She said but all of a sudden there was a blinding flash knocking the mage back and now there was a streak of purple in her hair and one of her eyes turned purple "I won't let you die" Autumn had heard before she killed the man and her eyes and hair turned back to normal then a tiny bright white orb appeared and disappeared into Autumn before anyone could notice, she walked over to the rest of everyone else "Hey, " she said while puffing "I'm a little late, sorry, but anyway my name's Autumn" She said while calming her breath.
  21. Dropping air his shield he drew his pistol and knife and ran in
    Seeing a Mage he used the air to push him back disoriente him then shot him in the face.
    Grinning like a madman he stabbed, spun, choked and shot anyone in armour.
    He went to aim at one but realised it was Zmara and pointed it elsewhere.
    He gutted a Mage and watched as his guts fell onto the concrete reloaded then fanned the hammer into his face.
    James pushed through the crowd and found his teammates standing with a stranger
    'Probably another teammate' he thought
    He lifted his shield in case a sniper was watching
    James nodded at the new recruit
    "We need to head to the docks and get to my boat. I know the way to rainyday base"
    He said
  22. "Not a problem." Revan said to their newest arrival. "I'm Revan." He greeted, as he used his remaining water to effectively drown another squad of soldiers. He saw James approach them and inform them that he knew the way to their rendezvous point. "I know the way as well. I'll hold them off here, the rest of you move it!" Revan barked, before he made all the remaining water flush forward, which knocked down several more squads of soldiers. "I'll hold them off until you all pull out of the dock, then I'll catch up."
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  23. "I'll help you hold it" She said before collapsing a few more of the mages lungs "Also would anyone know first aid here?" She said while looking at her light, bloody hands
  24. "Me I can do it but water elementals can do it too" he grabbed bandages from his coat pocket
    And worked on her hands
    "I'm just saying that staying isn't so good i would leave Reven cause he can walk on water and you can't." James said
    "Alright follow me " James said and headed towards the docks
    Upon arriving he opened the sails and waited for everyone to clamber on
  25. Name:Chromius Blackstone
    Nickname: Stab
    Sidearm: a dagger, and a .44 magnum
    Clothes (for fighting) : Black hoodie to conceal his face, blue denim jeans, gray sneakers.
    Looks:Black hair, hazel eyes, tall, tanned skin.
    Why fighting for the rebellion:Wants to rid the world of every evil he can.

    "Now it's just a matter of time." Chromius said to himself as he approached a guard from behind and stabbed him in the neck. "There goes another one." He said to himself as he left the body there to rot. He began walking towards the docks when he saw a group of rebels heading onto a boat. "Don't plan on leaving without me." He yelled out to them. "The names Chromius that's all you need to know about me other than the fact that I am a master of Necromancy." He said
  26. Autumn rolled her eyes before following him but not without getting into a fight with herself in her mind before looking at her hands and everything went gray, all the color from the world drained while Autumns eyes pulsed red "ENOUGH!" She yelled bringing all the mages attention towards her.
  27. "Master, HA!" Laughed Joe, "unless you've been studying for twenty odd years, you'd never even come close. It's impossible to master any magical power, you can refine one aspect to the point of perfection, but that's only one branch of an ever expanding tree. I mean look at Alex, he's one of the best at making defensive constructs and he can barely choke a guy to death"
    Alex shrugged, "with you here, I don't really need to," he explained, "Joe here is very well trained in the art of stabbing people to death with sharp spikes"
  28. "You have a point." Chromius said. "I haven't perfected it yet but I'm on my own separate branch of skill, in my eyes I see perfection in yours you clearly see differently." He said. "But there is not time for this uneccessary banter, right now we clearly have our own problems to worry about." He said.
  29. Activating the motor and sails James went to the back to steer
    The boat left port and glided onto the waves
    James headed in the direction of the island off the coast of the main land
    "Alright this could take a day or two till we reach rainyday cause it's on the opposite side of the island" he yelled
    'I hope Reven and Zmara are okay' he thought
    The sea was smooth and calm
    Then the massive tentacles grabbed the deck
    'Shit' James thought
    He pulled out a pistol and shot it.
    It didn't work, the tentacle grabbed his leg and flung him face first into the mast.
    James screamed as his leg dislocated.
    Reacting quickly he whimpered in pain as he clicked it back in.
    He used the air to push one tentacle off the ship.
    "Could do with a hand here" James yelled
  30. "Come on, water? Really? Fire does not mix well with water you guys!" Zmara pretty much snarled as she ran after James. Oh she was hella annoyed, but for good reason, she was a fire mage. She sprinted towards the docks, ignoring the bullets even as they ripped through her pants and sleeves, bouncing uselessly off her metal limbs. She would just need to find something spare to wear after this though...

    Luckily, it seemed Zmara arrived at a rather excellent time, leaping she placed her palms down and shot a stream of white hot flames at the tentacles trying to crush the ship. Seeing as how they had been out of the water long enough, they didn't have any sort of barrier to use against her flames, which easily incinerated them, though her nose scrunched up at the foul burning smell.
  31. The water foamed and a monster surged up.
    Dark blue and yellow spots covered its body, and one massive red eye blinked down at them.
    It shrieked and six tentacles grabbed the mast and broke it in half like a twig.
    James grabbed his pistol and shot the eye.
    It wailed and fell to the water shrieking loudly and sunk down.
    "Well that was anti-climactic" James said.
  32. Name: Silvia Murkin
    Nickname: Murk
    Sidearm (optional): collapsible baton
    Clothes (for fighting): green long sleeve top, dusty brown shorts, green boots, grey thigh high socks, grey sleeveless hoodie
    Looks: reddish brown hairs, greyish green eyes, dusty skin
    Ability: earth
    Why fighting for the rebellion: she likes the adventure.
    Silvia was whistling. She walked along the coast of the island kicking up sand and small stones. She dropped a stone after picking it up and looking at it closely. She pulled the hood of her hoodie up and made sure it was secure before shooting forward towards the center of the island.
  33. "Tell me about it." Zmara muttered, flicking water off of her. Deeming her ripped up hoodie useless, she peeled the wet cloth off, luckily her sleeveless tank and metal arms remained perfectly dry. Of course, her pants were riddled with holes as well, so she rolled them up to where the metal ended at her knees. She tossed her wet hoodie off to the side to let it dry, she could probably find a way to patch it up later, but for now, she simply waited on the boat, thankful at the very least her metal stayed dry. She knew her limbs had been carefully designed, but she wasn't keen on learning if they could rust.
  34. Once again, Revan summoned the remaining water around him to drown out pockets of enemy soldiers. He would say enemy resistance, but they were the resistance. He used the rest of the remaining water to cover his escape. He formed the water in front of him and turned it to ice. He ran to where the others had gone and jumped towards the water. Reaching out with his hands, Revan summoned a large wave, and he rode the wave in the direction James and his allies had gone.

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