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Open A Small Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Xiata, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. In the forests of Sinnoh a girl named Xaita was camping out by a fire, her tent set up and a smile on her face. She had become a trainer a while ago because of her parents giving her an Eevee on her birthday, she had then began to adventure and keep her best as she trained, along the way she caught a Ralts, Absol, and Vulpix.

    She looked to the sky and thought about home, she hadn't been in her birth region of Kanto in a long time, she missed her family but she always wrote letters to them when she could. "I was given a Pokemon, and then sent off to Sinnoh, wish I could have just stayed home."
  2. Rose wandered through Eterna Forest without a care in the world, followed eagerly by her bumbling, bouncy partner Mimi, a lopunny. The night sky was a clear, royal blue, lit up by a generous smattering of twinkling stars, as the chirruping cries of the many pokemon in the forest rang through the trees.

    Unable to find a suitable spot to camp in, Rose got her drifblim, Mari, out of her pokeball, so that she could do an aerial search of the forest.

    "Ready, Mari?" Rose enquired, as the balloon pokemon wrapped its four feelers around her arms.

    "Blim!" Mari answered, as he lifted Rose and Mimi into the air above the forest.
  3. Xaitara noticed the Driftblim in the sky and got a gleam in her eyes, she had the chance to catch a new Pokemon, the whole time unaware that it was already someone's Pokemon. "Alright, now we're talking, a ghost flying type should help me get around." She tossed a pokeball and out came her Eevee.

    "Vee!" He said as he was called.

    "Alright Veemo use swift on that Drifblim up there!" Xaitara pointed to the Pokemon in the sky and her own Pokemon then launched stars at the pokemon. "Oh wait, normal doesn't affect ghost types, maybe since it's also flying it'll hit it?" She said unsure of what would happen.
  4. "Blim! Bliiiiim!"

    "W-what is it, Mari?!" Rose cried as the ghost type rocked her around in the air, "Are we being attacked?"

    "Drifblim!" the pokemon cried, tipping Rose and Mimi far enough forward to see an eevee, firing a stream of golden stars at the three.

    Rose wasn't one to take a surprise attack lying down... What was their assailant thinking, anyway? Did they not see her and Mimi hanging onto Mari? Were they looking to catch themselves a drifblim, or were they just some thug trying to attack them for the sake of stealing Mari and Mimi?

    "Mari, drop us and use ominous wind!" Rose commanded, "Mimi, use focus blast!"

    Mimi fired a ball of blue energy as Mari blew a murky wind towards the eevee. Rose landed quietly on the ground, straightening up as her pokemon attacked.
  5. "Vee!" Veemo cried as he was launched back from the wind. "Eevee..." He said weakly.

    "No, Veemo, you're weak, alright come back." She recalled her pokemon and tossed another ball out. "Alright Shade, it's up to you!" An Absol came from the ball with a look of anger on it's face ready for a fight.

    "Sol, Absol!" It said looking at the other Pokemon.

    "Alright, you know the drill, Shade, use Shadowball on the Lopunny!" She ordered her pokemon Shade charged up a shot and launched it at the Lopunny.
  6. Rose straightened the flat cap on her head as an absol came towards Mimi, being commanded by another trainer. Hmpf. So it was nothing but a common thief.

    "You want a battle, I'll give you one," Rose threatened, "Mari, use phantom force! Mimi, dizzy punch!"

    Rose readied the rest of her pokeballs, to launch an all-out assault, should the need come.
  7. Xaitara took a step back and threw out three pokeballs. "Alright, Veemo, Rara, and Hono, get yourselves ready, we're doing a four v two right now!" The rest of her pokemon was called out, a Kirlia, her Eevee, and a Vulpix.

    "Vee!" Veemo called out ready to fight again, despite taking serious damage.
    "Kirli." Rara said readying her mind.
    "Vulpix!" Hono called ready to shoot streams of fire.

    "Alright you guys, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Flamethrower, Hypnosis!" She commanded her four pokemon at once, each of them launching their attack. Veemo using Quick Attack rammed himself into the Lopunny and then ran back to his position. "Alright guys, focus on the Lopunny, and after we win, I might be able to catch the Drifblim, it's so cool, Flying Ghost, it's got low weaknesses like that." Xaitara was speaking to her Pokemon, making it clear she didn't know the Drifblim was Rose's.
  8. Rose immediately threw out her the rest of her team; Oktavia the glaceon, Kagura the skuntank, Dee the minun, and Sayaka, the Lapras. Would she think still think that Mari was cool after she'd beaten her team up, with the assistance of her other pokemon.

    "Oktavia, use blizzard. Kagura, use smog, Dee, use thunderbolt, and Sayaka, you use hydro pump!" Rose continued.

    Mimi grunted as she got up, awaiting her next orders.

    "Mimi, use focus blast again! Mari, shadow ball! Make this thief pay for messing with me!" Rose growled.
  9. "Thief?" Xaitara heard that and recalled all her pokemon looking at Rose with a confused look. "What do you mean thief?" She tilted her head and placed a hand on her hip the light of the fire had hidden her some but when she took a step back the light illuminated her showing she was just a normal trainer. "I'm not a thief, what do I look like, a member of Team Rocket or something?"

    She dug around in her backpack and pulled out her pokedex showing it to her. "See, i've got a Pokedex, given to me by Professor Rowan." She then thought for a moment and then blushed from embarrassment. "Wait, is that Drifblim yours, I am so sorry, I didn't know, I thought it was a wild one!"
  10. Rose returned her team, except for Mari and Mimi. "Yes, that's right. This drifblim here is mine."

    Mari floated over to her mistress, wrapping her feelers around her left arm. "Did you not see Mimi and I hanging onto it? We were only about thirty feet up in the air," the girl scoffed, "Couldn't get a place to stay in any of the hotels 'round here, so, I was just floating through the forest with Mari, looking for a place to camp."

    Rose looked down at the rest of her pokeballs, recalling the memory of her first attack, "Y'see, I've had countless thieves after me for my pokemon. Mostly team galactic grunts, but some common thieves too."
  11. "Well when it's night you really can't see too many things now can you?" She replied with a sigh before sitting against the tree looking at her fire. "Hey, what's Team Galactic?" She asked not knowing the team, it made it obvious she wasn't from this region at all. "My name is Xiata, what's yours?" She asked the girl.
  12. "Name's Rose," the girl answered, staring down at the fire disinterestedly. The orange embers glowed brightly in the blackness of the night, allowing her to get a somewhat clearer view of her new companion, "And to answer your question, Team Galactic are sort of our main evil gang around here. Like Kanto has Team Rocket, and Alola has Team Skull, you know the drill. Say that they're trying to create new world, but so far all that they've done is steal random pokemon."
  13. "Create a new world?" She asked confused and just wondering what exactly that meant. "That is really weird, Team Rocket only wants economic gain." She then moved to her set up tent and began to crawl inside. "You're welcome to use the fire if you want, i'm just going to sleep now, night." She waved at her and zipped up her tent laying down to sleep.
  14. Rose surveyed the area, using the glow from her phone as a makeshift torch. By the looks of things, the area was relatively free of aggressive wild pokemon, and of rocks and droppings, so tonight, she'd set up camp here.

    She snuffed the fire out with a little water from her canteen, and climbed into a sleeping bag, without bothering to removed her street clothes, or even her shoes. Mimi snuggled up to her, as always, while the rest of her pokemon were returned to their pokeballs, and placed safely inside the sleeping bag, so that they couldn't be stolen without her noticing.
  15. The next day Xiata got out of her tent and stretched grabbing some food from her bag she began eating. "Come on out everyone." She tossed her pokeballs and called out her Pokemon handing them berries and smiling at them. "After we're done here, we'll get to the nearest town, and buy some more supplies, and hopefully, we'll get a gym badge."
  16. Rose awoke with a start the next morning, shuffling out of her sleeping bag effortlessly before she folded it up and stuffed it back in her bag. Her pokemon whined demandingly at her as she got out an array of various food bowls, and specially-made pokemon food packets, made to suit the needs of their types.

    While Mimi feasted on normal-type kibble, Mari received a bowl of gelatinous liquid, which, according to the label was, "A complete meal suitable for all ghost type pokemon". Oktavia received gel made for ice types, which was cold to the touch in all conditions, as Kagura got her poison type kibble, Sayaka had her water-type jelly, and Dee got her electric type jelly tin.

    Rose just popped a pecha berry into her mouth, spitting the inside pocket out as soon as she'd chewed the flesh off. She washed it down with a little water, dragged a brush through her short blonde hair, and then jammed her hat back on. Now, she was ready for the day.
  17. "You give your friends kibble?" She asked With a confused look, still just giving her Pokemon berries, and even soda. "That's kind of weird, right guys?" She asked her Pokemon who all nodded in response. "But if it's what you do, it's what you do."
  18. "It's what keeps them in peak condition," Rose responded matter-of-factly, "Pokémon aren't all one and the same, y'know. If you want them to be able to do their best in battle, you have to cater to each of their needs, according to type, height, weight, and the role that they play in battle."

    She glanced down with a furrowed brow as she noticed Xiata's pokemon feasting on berries and soda for breakfast. "Do they eat like that all the time?" she enquired, "Feeding them soda for breakfast can't be healthy..."
  19. "I always believe Pokemon are more than tools, more than allies, more than pets, they're not even partners, they're family." She responded with a smile. "If I treat them as such, i've found they are more healthy than other trainer's Pokemon, because most leave them in their Pokeballs, and often times don't see them in a beautiful way."

    After giving her answer Xiata stood up and picked up all the trash and then began walking alongside her Pokemon. "Alright guys, if we're lucky, no wild Pokemon should attack."
  20. "I simply wish to cater to the health of all of the pokemon in my possession. The best thing a trainer can do for their pokemon is feed them the right things and keep them fighting fit," Rose continued, "Hence why I always splash out on this food. My team deserve nothing but the best."

    The girl returned her pokemon, except for Mimi, and walked in tandem with the rabbit's bounces, grateful for her incredibly short hair, so that it wouldn't get caught in the pokemon's fluffy ears.
  21. "Well, if you say so, but the thing with that is if you treat them like this, only ever giving them one food, eventually they'll get sad, angry even, Pokemon are family, and should be treated as such." She pet her Pokemon as she walked. "They where there for us from the beginning, and will be there for us in the end."
  22. "If there were a problem with any of the items I was feeding my pokemon, then I wouldn't be feeding it to them," Rose answered, her tone sharpened slightly, "I can only feed Oktavia that particular food anyway. She's dreadfully allergic to yache berries, but almost all of the ice type pokemon foods on the market contain them, so I'm always having to buy her custom-made gel."

    Rose thought about making a sharp-tongued remark about how this girl insinuated that she did not care about her pokemon, but she bit her tongue instead, not trusting herself to say anything. Well, Eterna City, and Cycling Road were coming up shortly. This girl would see how well looked after her pokemon were when she whooped all of the trainers on Cycling Road with her team.
  23. "Alright guys, here we are, we've made it." She recalled her Pokemon and then headed her way to a PokeCenter. "Soon you guys will be healed and I can call you back out so we can go take on the gym here." After making her way to the PokeCenter, she asked Nurse Joy to heal her Pokemon and then waited.
  24. Rose reminisced about her own dealings with Eterna City's gym leader, Gardenia, back when she was ten. The battle had been somewhat rough, due to her being outnumbered at the time in terms of pokemon, but she had ended up with the badge anyway, after Mari, who was still a drifloon at the time, had only just defeated her last pokemon.

    But today, she wasn't here to simply battle the local trainers. No, Rose had a much more important task, and that was, investigate. Team Galactic grunts had been spotted around Eterna City, snatching pokemon, and thus, she had been assigned the task of apprehending any grunts she saw.
  25. "It was nice meeting you Rose, maybe we'll see each other sometime soon." Xiata smiled and waved at her as she sat in the waiting room of the PokeCenter, she knew Nurse Joy was the best around, but she couldn't help but worry for her Pokemon, who she saw as family. "It'll only be a few minutes, no longer, no shorter."
  26. "Same to you," Rose replied curtly, looking down at her phone. Her orders were displayed in unown rues, which only Rose, and her fellow agents could read. Several small children and beginner trainers had had their pokemon stolen by Team Galactic grunts... So, all she had to do was beat up the blue bowl-cut crooks and then--

    "My shinx! She's gone!"

    Rose's attention was all of a sudden turned to a girl much younger than her, who flew around the pokemon centre in a blind panic.

    "Something up?" Rose enquired.

    "Some guys with blue hair just took my shinx! the girl wailed, "And I can't fight back, because I don't have any other pokemon!"
  27. Xiata walked up to the girl. "Hey, hey, calm down, listen little girl, i'll get your pokemon back." Xiata went and got her pokemon from nurse joy once they where healed. "And then i'll come back and give them to you, okay?" She smiled at the girl and then ran out of the center looking around. "Alright, now if I was a group of villains, where would I hide?"
  28. Rose surveyed the pokemon centre carefully... Team Galactic weren't normally ones to hide from a battle, not that they were particularly good at hiding anyway. Cyrus really ought to invest in less garish outfits for them; those bowl cuts and space suits made them stick out like sore thumbs...

    Her head snapped to the left as she saw a man with a garish blue bowl cut trying to leave the the pokemon centre walking with a crooked gait.

    Pulling her cap down over her eyes, Rose approached him and softly asked, "Excuse me, sir, have you seen a shinx around here?"

    "Course I have," he said gruffly, "There are toms of shinxes 'round this place, I bet."

    Rose stepped in front of him as he tried to leave. "A young lady here says that some bell-end has stolen her shinx! You wouldn't happen to know anything 'bout that, would you?"

    "I... Er... You're not having it back!" The man cried as he dashed away.

    Rose calmly opened her drifblim's pokeball. "Mari, use ominous wind. Don't let him get away!"
  29. Sinnoh was a curious place; lots of different Pokemon and strange cities. Of course, this was what any Sinnoh trainer would think observing the Hoenn region. Joseph was casually strolling through the city he had flown into from Littleroot until a strange man in a blue bowl cut hairstyle dashed straight past him, yelling frantically to get out of the way. This man also had a uniform with a G on it, most likely meaning that he was part of a crime organization, like Team Magma. Joseph instantly grabbed the man's arm and collar, pinned his leg behind the man's, and took him down swiftly. Joseph squatted down next to the dazed criminal to see a Pokeball clenched in his hand. He easily wrestled it free and observed it. "Well, this doesn't look like it belongs to you," Joseph said calmly. "You stole it, didn't you?" The thug struggled to get up. "What do you care whether it's mine or not? You're just a kid!" He tried dashing off again. Joseph quickly lunged forward and punched him in the stomach. The thug flew back and landed on the ground unconscious. Joseph looked at him one last time. That's when he noticed a Drifblim using Ominous Wind in his periphery, coming straight towards him. Joseph jumped to the side. "Whoa! What was that? I was only trying to help!"
  30. Lucia was trying hard not to sneeze but she failed. Wandering through the flower fields of floaroma town during spring was hard when you were allergic to polls. Her chimchar at her site was doing just finey enjoying the flowers and Pokémon around it. Lucia was thinking, what was she even doing? She ran away from home But why? She sighed, swept her platinum blond hair behind her ear and pulled her scarf, burrying her hands in the pockets of her gray coat
  31. Rose snatched up the stolen pokeball calmly, noting the the pink flower petal seal on it as she beamed the shinx back inside. Mari drifted back over to her mistress, chattering, "Blim! Blim!" at the stranger as Rose turned heel, and waked towards the little girl.

    "I didn't need your help," the girl said gruffly, lowering her cap back over her eyes, "Mari and I had the situation under perfect control. A civilian like you shouldn't dare try to rumble with Team Galactic, or interfere with the works of a Team Terra agent!"

    With that, Rose's tone changed quite suddenly as she gave the girl an amicable smile. "Here's your shinx back. I'd recommend catching some more pokemon, so that you can fight back if Team Galactic try to attack you again."

    The girl's eyes lit up, as she hugged her pokeball to her chest. "Oh, thanks, lady! I promise, I'll catch loads of pokemon, and I'll never let anyone steal my shinx again!"
  32. What heard like trotting was heard as young boy riding a Samurott rode towards the passed out criminal and stopped besides him , turning towards the one who knocked him out. "This one looks like some sort of criminal in fact he reminds me of those team plasma brutes." He shivered at the thoughts of those thugs in knight like armor who claimed they wanted to free pokemon from humans.
  33. Lucia suddenly looked up. She heard screams from behind the flower fields.
    Her chimchar payed attention to it aswell, they looked at each other and nooded.
    She started running to the sounds only to see Person riding a samurott and a not very alive looking person in a gray uniform
  34. The trainer riding the Samurott dismounted and gave the Samurott a berry. "There you go Samantha." He said , petting it , that's when he noticed a trainer with a Chimchar. "Oh hello" He said , going over with his Samurott following.
  35. The blonde haired girl suddenly panicked and checking the area around her if there was some way to get out if this Situation.
    She only saw the man having noticed her and making his way towards her
    "Uhmmm... H-hi..." She managed and her chimchar hid behind her legs
  36. "Team Terra?" Joseph snorted. "Please. That Ominous Wind wouldn't even have hit in the first place. Face it. You needed me for that."
    Joseph walked off. "Oh, and by the way, Team Galactic's hideout is in Veilstone City."
  37. Lucia also noticed a second person and now she really was a bit scared, looked from one to the other she stammered "whats going on here?"...
  38. Ari was walking by, her Quilava by her feet. On her head lay a skitty, its tail dragging behind the girl's head. On the side opposite to Quilava, there was an Eevee Flitting through the air just over her head was a Pidgeotto. A person in an odd getup, some weird space-age dress and boots, and blue hair walked by. She seemed to do a double take, then walked up to Ari. "Is that your Pokemon?" She asked.
    "Yeah," Ari responded. The oddly clothed girl smirked smugly and snatched up the small brown Eevee.
    "Not anymore!" She said as she ran off. Ari was momentarily stunned, then ran after the person.
    "Hey! Who do you think you are, anyway?"
    "A member of Team Galactic!"
    "Is that some sort of cosplay group or something?"
    The girl that stole Eevee spluttered. "What?! No! We're an organization that wants to re-create the world!"
    Ari was confused. "And you need an Eevee for that WHY?"
    "To help us get stronger so we can acquire the necessary materials. Honestly, how stupid are you Trainers?" The girl finished with a shake of her head.
  39. "What's going on, I'm afraid, is that there are Team Galactic members on the prowl around here," Rose answered, "And it's my job to neutralise each and every one of 'em."

    Rose got a small wallet out of her pocket, inside which was a gold badge, with crystalline green leaf details, and a picture of her in a slightly different outfit inside. "The name's Rosalia, but you can just call me Rose. I'm a Team Terra agent, here to put a stop to the works of any Team Galactic grunts that I find."
  40. Ari finally caught up with the person from 'Team Galactic'. "Look, I don't understand what you want, but-"
    "Isn't it simple?" The girl asked, "We need your Pokemon to try and re-make the world! I already told you this!"
    "I don't care!" Ari shouted, and tackled the person. Eevee broke free and ran off towards someone holding out an official looking badge. "Eevee!" It cried, asking for help.

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