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Ask to Join A second chance in Sinnoh. [RP]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Red Gallade, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-second-chance-in-sinnoh-discussion.21515/

    After the events that transpired within Oroburgh City which involved a pair of curious flying figures and Officer Jenny, Tony and his Zoroark while curious brushed the feeling aside and let the authorities take things from here. The pair calmly walked out of Oroburgh City toward the roads of Route 7, he planned to do a bit more training with his Pokemon before he made his way back to Oreburgh to battle the Gym leader.

    Tony and Zoroark walked for what almost seemed like forever before they found a wide open area, a perfect place for Tony to set up camp and start training. "What do you think, Zoroark?" Tony asked his Pokemon who nodded and smiled before she walked around to see what else was within their chosen camping spot.
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  2. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Yes I'm pretty sure that's the same trainer from before!" Jade peeked from behind a tree, with Michi on her shoulder. They were looking at Tony, trying to figure out if it was the same trainer who got into a battle earlier.

    "I mean, how many trainers with Zoroaks do you see that often ?"

    Michi though for a second and agreed.

    "Great! Let's go meet him." Jade came out of her hiding spot and approached Tony. "Hi! Sorry to come out of nowhere like this. I was wondering, if by any chance, you could help me and my team get stronger. We saw you battle and were amazed by your skills, which something tells me you weren't even trying."
  3. Tony blinked in surprise at the sudden approach of a female with a Pikachu on her shoulder that wore an... unusual but not bad choice of attire like a luchador would wear, Zoroark on the other hand racewalked to stand in between Tony and the newcomer. "That's not someting you hear everyday; you really expect me to accept helping someone get stronger right out of the blue?" Tony asked with clear curiosity. "Don't get me wrong, but what exactly was it that got you so amazed by me? The guy I fought was just an overconfident and egotistical amateur, all I did was teach him a lesson." Tony said as if the entire situation was no big deal.

    "...Although if I'm travelling, I could use the extra company... not that you aren't good company yourself, pal." He said as he went to pet Zoroark's head. "The name's Tony, and I have... my own reasons for travelling and training."
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  4. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade looked nervous. "Well the way you handled it showed you're skills were far superior. While, we would've struggled to defeat him. I know it's odd, but me and Michi have a lot to learn. We've trained with different masters and we still need to polish our skills." She played with her finger nervously. "I'm a good cook, by the way."
  5. Tony raised an eyebrow and almost blushed. "That's... very kind of you... I do hope you have your own camping gear with you if you plan on staying." Tony said as he looked around to double check his surroundings before he went to get out what looked like a tent. "As for cooking, we'll worry about food later, I like to do a bit of training beforehand." Tony said as he began to slowly set up his tent while his Zoroark walked over to help him.
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  6. Two dark furry heads popped up from behind a bush nearby, followed by the sound of them squawking and proceeding to nip at each other.
    "Hey, hey, stop it you two."
    Finn's voice came from just behind them, and he and Hydra push through the bushes into the clearing before the two others.
    "I told you to look for a good empty spot for us to set up." Finn sighed and pat the heads of his partner.
    "Do you two mind if I set up here too? Clearings like this are long and far in between and I'd rather not be walking around here through the night." He forced a small smile looking at the girl and boy around the same age as him before grabbing a box of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket and popping one in his mouth.
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  7. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade nodded excitedly. "Yes! We have our own tent, can we train with you?"

    Michi looked at Tony, eagerly waiting for a yes.

    Jade turned when she heard the voice of Finn. "Hello! Well there is plenty of space, I don´t see a reason why you should not."

    Jade removed her backpack and began to take out her tent, she rarely used it since she always preferred Pokemon Centers, but she could care less today, she found a new traveling partner, and a strong one.
  8. Tony put the finishing touched on his tent just in time to hear Jade's question about training. "I suppose that wouldn't hurt... you haven't told me your name yet." Tony said as Zoroark turned her head to a Zweilous followed by an individual who almost reminded him of a punk he battled earlier. His next question forced him to sigh. "Sure, just don't try anything I'll be forced to take action on." Tony said rather bluntly. "...And please be careful where you smoke." He added with a sigh as he sat down for a little rest after setting up the tent and threw out two Pokeballs which soon opened to reveal two more Pokemon.

    One appeared to be a dragon Pokemon known as Fraxure who curiously looked around at the area and other people, the other Pokemon was a rather large centipede Pokemon known as Scolipede who immediately burled around her trainer who responded with a few small strokes to her head. "We'll train in a sec, guys." He said to his Pokemon who all nodded in response.
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  9. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Really?" Jade said excitedly. "You heard that Michi? We can train!" She and Michi worked quickly on the tent. After they were done they ran up to Tony. "Sorry, my name is Jade and this is Michi."

    Michi smiled. "Pika!"

    "We are from Sinnoh, but spent a long time in Kanto." She looked at her Pokemon. "They look really strong."
  10. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Brett Chamberlain wasn't one to travel, though this was for good reason. He was going to document (not capture, but record) every Pokemon out there for Professor Birch, a little gift for getting him into the Pokemon Gym Challenge. He hoped that it would be a surprise, and smirked at the thought. He started off with Sinnoh, and took a plane to Oreburgh City. He couldn't stand the fossil fuel fumes and took a different route here. He looked around, noticing trainers in the distance. His Breloom looked cautious, intensively looking every direction. He had his Swablu, Cirrus, out as well, and it was sleeping on Breloom like a hat. On the other side of him was an Armadlo, who looked rather drowsy. Brett decided to approach the trainers, giving off a friendly smile and a wave before confrontation. Once he walked up to them he dropped the smile, though retained a positive look. "Hi, I'm Brett, who are you?", he asked. He hoped he didn't interrupt anything, and looked at their Pokemon. Some of them he couldn't even recognize, and he looked back up at the trainers, hoping they'd answered his question.
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  11. Finn grunted an affirmative to the young gothic looking mans demand for caution and lit up his smoke. The voice of another person caught his attention and he and Hydra met the eyes of the other young man to appear before them.
    "Finn. The girl's Jade apparently. Haven't caught the pale guy's name yet." He mumbled in response to the ragged, dirty clothed boy.
    Hydra scuttled close to the approaching Breloom, looking at it with curious eyes, and then gave it a few gentle nips. He proceeded to do the same thing to the other two newly released Pokemon, but Finn manages to pull the scruff of Hydra's neck and stop it before it bites the Zoroark.
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  12. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Yes, I'm Jade." Jade smiled and waved at the new arrival. "Can we help you with something?"

    Michi was on Jade's shoulder, sniffing the air, trying to catch a sent of the Pokemon around her.
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  13. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    The Breloom was very uptight, and stood still when the Zweilous approached. The Swablu, Cirrus, looked annoyed in it's slumber, turning around. The Armaldo didn't seem to notice, though was confused of why it's trainer brought them to Oreburgh City.

    Brett looked at the trainer known as Jade. He really didn't have any reason to come over here, but haphazardly made an excuse like a normal person," Oh, well, you know. I was just... wondering... if you know, maybe you could show me around Sinnoh? I come from Hoenn myself and am on a mission of sorts."
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  14. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Show you around? Well you should talk it out with Tony." She pointed at Tony. "He is my superior so he should be the one to make such decisions. Your Swablu is adorable by the way."
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  15. “Superior?” Finn glanced at Jade with a raised brow and incredulous expression, but just shook his head in dismissal of it.
    “I’m safe in assuming you,” Finn pointed at Brett, “Hell, all of us, are doing the gym challenge?” He asked, pulling the Badge case from outside the inside of his bomber jacket.
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  16. Tony face palmed and sighed lightly. "Jade, we literally just met..." He said with slight embarrassment before he stood up. "And speak for yourself, I'm a Pokemon trainer, not a tour guide." He said bluntly. "Having just Jade and 'Finn' would be enough, but this might be a stretch." Tony thought to himself. "As long as they don't get in the way of my training." He said as he looked around for a good place to train his Pokemon while they also stood up and curiously looked at the other present Pokemon. "As for the whole Gym challenge thing, I plan on doing that... then make a trip to the Lost Tower."
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  17. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    The Swablu all of a sudden woke up and started flying around afterwards. It surprised the Breloom, and it jumped a bit. Embarrassed, it gave a glare to the Swablu who seemed do not care. Klaus the Armadlo was getting more drowsy, curling up in a ball.

    Brett took note of the Lost Tower, it sounded like a good place to find Pokemon. I hope they had a Safari Zone for more Pokemon... He looked down at his Pokemon, who seemed to be bickering. He wished he could bring his other Pokemon, but they can't fit on a plane...
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  18. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade lowered her head embarrassed. "Sorry, but due to your experience, you are my superior in that area."

    Michi nodded acertively, agreeing with her trainer.

    Jade and Michi watched the Swablu fly around. "We should get one, Michi it looks adorable."

    Michi crossed her arms and looked away.

    "Not as adorable as you!" Jade picked up her Pikachu and snuggled with it. She set Michi down and spoke out loud. "I already have some badges from this region."
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  19. Finn tucked the badge case into his jacket and whistled. Hydra perked his heads up in response and trotted over to Finn, who gave it a pat before making his way with his partner over to a wider part of the clearing away from the other three.
    Finn reached into his jean pockets and pulled out another Pokeball, which had the intials ‘K.C.’ scratched into them and released the Hitmonchan from inside.

    “Nice to see you again Mac.” Finn smiled and fist bumped the tired, old looking Pokémon.
    “Hey, pale guy. You’re looking to train right? How about a little friendly spar with Mac and Hydra here?”
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  20. Tony turned his head to Finn. "It's Tony... and I don't mind; might give me a way to give my new techniques a test drive." He said with a shrug as he put his hands in his pockets, while his Pokemon all looked eager to battle. "Question is who to battle with... likely one of my other two Pokemon so I'm not relying on Zoroark so much... no offence to you of course." Tony said as he stroked Zoroark's head whilst she shrugged and turned to is other Pokemon, Scolipede looked down at Fraxure who looked even more confident than the other Pokemon, a trait Tony was familiar with.
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  21. “A dragon on dragon fight would be fun. Wouldn’t it?” Finn ruffled the fur of his Zweilous, who yipped and jumped in excitement at the opportunity of fighting another trainer again.

    “Don’t go too hard on me now though. I haven’t even got a single badge to my name, so how good can I actually be?” Finn chuckled to himself and stepped back near the trees in the clearing, giving Hydra enough room to battle.

    Hydra’s demeanour changed. Before the Pokémon had looked bursting with energy unable to contain it, but now looked composed and focused, its two heads still beside one another and concentrated on the Fraxure ahead of them.
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  22. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "What?!" Jade burst out loud. "I asked for training first and this stranger shows up and he gets to battle?!"

    "Pika pika" Michi shrugged.

    "Well, yes, we are strangers also, but less strangers then him!" Jade sighed loudly. "Fine. Let´s just watch. Maybe we can learn something." She and Michi sat down near their tent, looking towards the battle.
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  23. “Sorry Jade.” Finn turned and flashed a smile at the dissapointed girl and her Pokémon.
    “I’m sure Tony will have more than enough energy for you after plowing through my team here.”

    Finn’s Hitmonchan lumbered over to Jade and held up his fist to Michi for a fist bump.
    “Oh, and don’t mind Mac. He’s just an old fella and probably just wants to go on about some old stories to another Pokémon.”
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  24. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade smiled back at Finn. "It´s okay! I have never seen Pokemon like yours battle, so this will be new for us."

    Michi fist bumped Mac. She had trained in the Kanto fighting Dojo, so a Hitmochan was a common Pokemon for her and Jade. She actually learned ThunderPunch from a Hitmonchan.
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  25. “While Tony over there is getting ready, you mind telling me about your Pikachu’s get up?”
    Finn look over at Jades Pokémon with a curious eye
    “Not that it’s bad or anything. Just out of the ordinary.”

    Mac gently rested his hand on the back of Michi’s head and gave her a small pat, like a grandparent patting their grandchild, and then pulled an Oran berry from its glove. With a soft smile he holds it up for the Libre Pikachu to take.
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  26. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Of course!" Jade replied. "After training in the fighting Dojo for a long time, Michi was able to learn Double Kick. So, in order to represent her roots and her unique moveset, our master gave her this suit. He said that it represents the fighting type she has in her and her battle style, since she is quick and agile, like a famous wrestler from another region. She loves it and wears it proudly. We also have a blue version of it."

    Michi took the Oran berry and ate it joyfully. "Pika!" She cried out happily.
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  27. Tony looked at the Pikachu with curiosity. "I think it suits her." He says as he walks over to the opposite of where Finn and Zweilous stood. "Hey Fraxure, you're up!" Tony called his Pokemon who immediately ran over to Tony and looked at Zweilous with a fierce amount of competitiveness in his eyes. "If you don't mind, I'd like this spar to just be with just these two; I always train a little before eating." He said as he put his hands in his coat pockets while Fraxure assumed what looked like a battle stance.
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  28. “No problems.”
    Finn nodded and took his hands out of his pockets and called Mac over.
    Mac sighed and begrudgingly waddled over and got into a half-hearted combat stance.
    “Thanks buddy.” Finn smiled and stiffened up himself.

    “Now I assume we’re all ready. Let’s do this. Hydra! Hit him with a Hyper Voice!”
    Hydra immediately responded and both heads raised themselves up high, gathering their voice before shooting back down and towards Fraxure, an intensely loud and high pitched scream blowing against the Pokémon. The sound is a mixture of both heads, with an obvious high pitch coming from one and a low pitch from the other.
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  29. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    The Pokemon continued their antics, playing around with each other. They all knew each other for a very long time, so they were good friends. Klaus was tired merely due to the change of time zones between Hoenn and Sinnoh (yes, I know Japan isn't split up into different time zones).

    Brett started to fade out of the conversation, just listening. He was always on board with meeting new people, but something felt... off. He didn't know where to put it, it just didn't feel... He couldn't describe it. He heard the trainers talking about battling, capturing his interest. He
    walked over to where they were battling. He was surprised to see Hyper Voice, reminding him of Swablu's old move. He started to ponder on what his journey through Sinnoh would be like.
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  30. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade and Michi watched the battle, while sitting down in front of their tent. Their stomachs grumbled.

    "We should get started on dinner. Or better yet, I should, you watch and learn." Jade told Michi.

    Michi nodded and continued to watch. Jade meanwhile, took out a pot and began putting different ingredients in it. She then started a small fire and began cooking over it, mixing the ingredients with a big spoon. She would occasionally turn to watch the battle.
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  31. Tony raised an eyebrow in curiosity at the Hyper Voice used, something he heard a Zweilous couldn't learn until much later, but he looked at his Fraxure who was ready to respond to his trainer's command. "Block it with Rock Tomb!" Tony commanded, Fraxure roared to the skies as sharp rocks began to form a ring around him, the rocks grew taller than Fraxure before they impaled the ground in front of the tusked reptile to make a hastily built rock wall to block the Hyper Voice before it landed.
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  32. Finn let out an annoyed grunt and tensed up as the Hyper Voice uselessly hit rock.
    “Focus Energy until he comes out from behind the rock! But be ready to dodge!”
    Hydra’s stance became more relaxed, and a faint white aura began to appear around its form.

    Meanwhile, Mac the Hitmonchan was watching Jade cook food, pulling berries and other snacks from its gloves to hand to her so she could use.
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  33. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Jade took the items Mac gave her. She set them to the side, while Michi ate some of them.

    "Thank you Mac, you're very kind but I have what I need. I'll make sure to give you a bowl if you wish though." Jade continued to stir the stew, making sure it was mixing correctly.

    Mich are some berries while watching the battle attentively.
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  34. Tony raised an eyebrow. "So, using the time it'll take me to get out by getting stronger? Smart move." He thought. "I'll just do the same then." He added. "Fraxure, Swords Dance!" Tony commanded while his tusked companion began to briefly envelop himself in a strange orange aura, orbited by spectral swords before a roar was heard when Fraxure felt himself get stronger. Afterward, Tony simply pointed upward which made Fraxure leap high into the air over his Rock Tomb shield. "Another Rock Tomb, this time around Zweilous!" He said as Fraxure began to summon more sharp rocks around himself before he hurled them directly toward the twin headed dragon, while a few rocks went directly toward him, it appeared their main purpose was to surround him and box him in.
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  35. "Dodge!"
    Finn reacted before he could fully process what was going on and his Zweilous followed suit. Before he even began giving his next order Hydra was already starting it's next turn.
    "Dragon Rush and close the distance!"
    Purple flames surrounded his Pokemon and Hydra began charging ahead, doing its best to dodge the shards of rock. But just before it drew near enough to strike Fraxure a shard catches him by a wing, pulling him to a total stop and the flames around his body dissipating as it yelled in shock and pain.
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