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A Scott Pilgrim RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Brendan Savem, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. After seeing the movie just earlier today, my head began to buzz with this sort of idea, natural dilemmas of human life merged with old-school-video-gaming. That pretty much sums up the world of Scott Pilgrim. So I thought why not have a similar story happening in a completely different place? That is why I decided to make a Scott Pilgrim RP.

    Plot: What started as a lucky lottery becomes a full-fledged dream; Club Checkpoint opens up and becomes a big hit, already there are people flocking in to spend their nights partying there. However, various parties, including mafia, rival clubs, and even a senatorial presence, all of them want to see the club closed down. The characters fight to defend the club from various attacks from those that wish it harm. The opponents however don’t give up, and start to pick on individuals on the inside, to try to create divides in the club.

    So yeah, what do you guys think? Say so if you have interest in this sort of thing, so that I can get a head count. I'll put up further details later on when I hear what you guys have to say.
  2. Can we have silly superpowers with weird origins? I mean, I haven't seen the film or read the comics, but there is a vegetarian character that gained mental abilities, as his vegetarian diet opened up new areas of the brain, but before he defeats Pilgrim, gets his powers revoked by some vegetarian committee. XD Perhaps there could be spontaneous balloon production.
  3. Yes.

    Just... Yes.

    I really like the idea of a Scott Pilgrim RP. I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but I'm planning to, and I've done some research.

    I really like your plot idea, too. Maybe you could describe the enemies?

    Anyway, count me in~
  4. I haven't seen the movie/read any books, but it sounds great.

    I'm in~
  5. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Seeing as I've read (and own all) the books and seen (and own too) the movie I'll throw my hat into this RP as an "expert" on the story and world. :p

    But yes, this should be quite fun indeed. :>

    Also @Secad: The character that had psychic abilities was a Vegan. ;3
  6. *facepalm* Grr. I should have remembered that from the Wikipedia page.

    For random balloon generation, I am thinking my character should have a fetish or work in some balloon factory.
  7. Extraordinary powers don't even need to be fully explained, I'm still not sure where the Demon Hipster Chicks came from myself.

    On to further matters, concerning characters. I'm putting down a character rule, since random people don't just come in and decide to defend the club randomly. So all main characters must be staff members of the club, what they do though is up to your imagination, since my character probably hired you without really looking at your application. I already have a bio for my club-owner/bartender character.

    On the subject of DS's question. Basic enemies would basically be grunts, ninjas, thugs, and whatnot that when killed will explode into coins, and sometimes items, the number and value increasing as the difficulty increases. On the subject of bosses however, I'm going to let you be a little creative. I'm already working on antagonists that directly attack the club, but feel free to throw in some ideas of your own. Perhaps someone that has some sort of tie to your character's past that can stir up some inner conflict or something like that. Be sure to post your boss ideas, as well as a bio for your character if you made one, here.

    I've also had some trouble trying to create a proper title for the RP. So far, I sort of punned it off of the origin of this RP and the fact that this is an RP, forming the title "Club Checkpoint vs. The RP". If you guys have a better idea for a title of the RP, feel free to post it.
  8. Veeegaaans ~

    I remember seeing the movie last year, and loving it, often because of the sheer randomness of some things (Veeega- *brick'd*). Yeah, I'd love to join it with this, and could probably whip up some character to fit into this world of awesome.
  9. For a title, how about simply using Club Checkpoint and the Random Attacks? I think this would work better as the club is often attacked randomly by X organizations. As for the position, I think a bartender for my balloon woman would be cool.
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Are we not doing full on Character sheets for this RP? :v

    As for the name of the RP name, Brendan's idea could definitely work. It's channeling the name of the film (which was taken from the name of the second book, as well as the book being "Vs the Universe"), so it certainly has nice Scott Pilgrim world backing. Also, it's a little tongue-in-cheek, which I like.
  11. Of course character sheets young Knave! Did you really think I wouldn't make you create character sheets!? I did say that right... up... there......


    So yeah, character sheets please. I'll put up the bio I had for my character as a guideline if you need it, but feel free to use your own to accommodate for the important details of your character.

    Name: Tony Solkos
    Age: 25
    Profession: Club manager/Bartender
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Hair Style: Short, but gelled upwards
    Eye Color: Green
    Unique Features: Light beard and moustache
    Clothing: Black Pants, sneakers, and a grey shirt. While on shift, he changes his shirt for a white one with the Club Logo on the left breast.
    Biography: Tony has been a bumbling, happy-go-lucky, spur-of-the-moment fool his entire life. He flunked out of university and began working in a small-time bar. Every week, he would buy four lottery tickets with his meager funds, and watch it disappear on the TV. He lost other things too, including the love of his sister. After five years though, he finally hits it big, earning $80,000 in the draw. Without hesitation, he decides to take up his next big dream, to own a nightclub. Seven months later, he turns an old warehouse into the new hotspot in Downtown Las Vegas. However, he is unaware of the ferocity of competition between clubs in this town, and the people that control them like puppets.
    Fighting Style: Plain old punching and kicking (like Scott Pilgrim does), also uses a large cocktail bottle like a gun to blast highly pressurized drinks, in cases that he has time to prepare it at least.

    On to other matters though, thanks for your approval of my title Red. And Secad, just in case you think so, yes you can still be a bartender, most clubs have two or more anyway.

    I'll see to getting the first post out hopefully on the weekend, since I'm being swamped right now with everything to keep me busy all week, I won't have anything left for the weekend afterwards though, so I'll have time then.
  12. Name: Raqeul (pronounced Rachel) Lanieum

    Nickname: Raqy (pronounced Ray-chee)

    Age: 27

    Profession: Bartender, with a bit of fume-filled balloon production on the side (for the sniffing pleasure)

    Education level: Bachelor's degree in business, taking a bartending job for support while looking for a job

    Significant Other: Lives with committed girlfriend, her fiancee

    Height: Five foot five

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Hair Color: Brown

    Hair Style: Curly, in a loose afro style around the shoulders

    Skin Color: Brown, being of African Canadian background

    Eye Color: Light brown

    Build: Average

    Unique Features: Little, almost freckle-like dots (closed orifices) all over to assist in balloon production

    Clothing: In job, black A-line skirt (above knee), white club T-shirt, knee-height platform boots for the stomping.

    Biography: Raqy grew up in a nice middle-class home. She was average in school, and went to an average local university, where she did excel in her business major. She graduated in the top quarter of her class, hoping to use her degree in business to help lead her into the management of product design, but alas, she has not found a good job yet. To make ends meet, Raqy got a job bartending where she 'spikes' her drinks and the air around her customers with different gases to enhance or change the drink's effect. Wherever she got the ability to produce different balloons and gases, Raqy never knew. Raqy's personality generally has a 'go with it' vibe, unless it seriously affects her to the point in which she needs to fight the direction things are going in.

    Fighting Style: Punching and kicking is an excellent start, helped by Raqy's love for heavy boots, but she can excrete gases with various effects. Because of these other 'effects' (read: flammable gases) she carries a lighter with her, even though she doesn't smoke. Her balloon production can also be helpful, as if she excretes balloons from her orifices filled with lighter-than-air gases, she can fly to a limited degree.

    How's this, guys?
  13. Name: Chie Izanami
    Age: 22
    Profession: Electronics Manager

    Appearance: Chie has rather ‘cute’ features with a small, pointed nose, a little mouth and large eyes. Her eyes are dark red in colour which give her a slightly startling appearance. Her skin is very pale, with a tinge of ‘gold’ as she prefers to call it (‘cause she’s Japanese). She’s also rather short, which irritates her because then people can stare down at her. Her hair is jet black, cut into a bob with a heavy straight fringe. She wears two short ponytails on the sides of her head. The hair that comes out of them is very spiky and wild – very different from the rest of her tidy hair.

    Chie has a red inked body tattoo. It starts high up on her neck, weaves its way down onto and around her breasts and finishes with a sun like symbol over her belly button. It’s made mainly of lines that curve around her upper body. In Chie’s family, you gain a tattoo when you enter adulthood.

    Clothing wise, Chie normally wears a long sleeved, top that shows all of her stomach, revealing a lot of her tattoo. This particular top appears to be simply wrapped onto her body and not held together with anything, but that’s just how it was designed. Near her neck, it’s a dark red which fades to a light pink as it gets closer to the ends of the sleeves. She wears tight black jeans, a bit worn in places and fading as well from use. These jeans are worn down low. She also has a black belt worn around the top of her jeans, studded with red plastic gems. Her runners are black and white, also rather worn.

    When she's working, she also adds a black hoodie to this with the club logo on it. She also has a grey shoulder bag which carries her most precious item; her laptop. This bag is always within reach.

    Personality: Chie’s the type of person who gets irritated easily. People taller than her make her irritated. People who think she’s just another pretty face irritate her. People who insult her clothes or hair irritate her. You really have to watch your words when you’re around her.

    If you can master not ticking Chie off, she’s a pleasant, if slightly childish, to be with. A lot of teasing, sticking tongues out and lack of seriousness can be found when you’re around her. It can be annoying to some people, especially those who find childish people irritating. If you don’t find childish people annoying, you should be able to get along with her.

    For all her playfulness, Chie does know when it’s time to be serious, generally when she’s dealing with a piece of equipment or someone who’s trying to kill her. She tries to take alarming situations calmly, but normally fails at it and ends up freaking out. Despite this, she prefers to live life in the fast lane. She wants exciting things to happen to her, not for her to just live out her life without any thrills.

    She treats every person she meets as a future friend until they prove themselves untrustworthy or her enemy in some way.

    History: Chie was born in another city, some way away from Las Vegas (You did say Las Vegas right?). She was born a twin, her brother being named Satoshi, and up until she turned 19, her life was pretty ordinary. She had crushes, birthday’s, friends and was the top of her grade in electronics and computer studies, much to her delight.

    After completing school, she really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Her father suggested being an Engineer; Her Mother suggested an Accountant. Neither of these sounded very appealing to Chie though, as she wanted something fast paced. So, when Satoshi decided that he was moving to LA to go to University, Chie decided to go with him. The two of them live in a flat together, along with Satoshi’s girlfriend, Liza.

    Chie managed to get a job at Club Checkpoint, keeping all the electronics in check, making sure the lights work, the sound system would be pumping, and that the whole atmosphere of the nightclub would be there. She hoped that in such a place, there would be plenty of thrills and spills, and as it turns out, she would not be disappointed.

    Fighting Style: She tends to fight more from a distance, throwing pieces of code at her enemies which she must type up on her laptop first (which is why it's her most precious item). These bits of code will hurt a bit, and often will zap the thing that it hits. She can also get various electronic equipment to come to life and attack the said person for her. Sometimes she’ll get creative and merge several pieces of equipment to create a huge super mega machine monster, but generally this doesn’t go down too well, as it’s a bit harder to separate the machinery than to put it together. This strange fighting style of hers seems to have come from the amount of time she’s spent with electronics. She’s rather fast and agile, and uses this to her advantage, keeping out of the way of potential attacks.


    I hope her fighting style isn't too overpowered, but creating random robots out of say the speakers is waay to fun of an idea to pass up, as is throwing bits of binary in people's faces. If it is though, just say so 'cause I can change it.
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  14. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Name: Andrew "Shuffle" Shufflinski
    Age: 21
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Profession: Busboy/dishwasher
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Hair Style: Very shaggy and messy, covers up his ears and hangs partially in front of his eyes.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Unique Features: Usually has the bristling of a beard.
    Clothing: Black dress pants and a black t-shirt over a white undershirt. He wears a pair of Toms and has glasses.
    Biography: Andrew, or Shuffle as he is know by most, was never really the brightest or most focused of kids. Throughout High School he constantly goofed off and would rather spend time hanging out with friends or reading comic books. He was able to skate by and graduate, his grades were not good enough to warrant further education. He lived with his parent's for a short while after High School, but they have since kicked him out. He now lives in a crappy apartment with two of his friends and they take jobs doing whatever they can.
    Fighting Style: Much like most people, Shuffle utilizes punches and kicks and attacks of that nature (mixing in elbows, knees, headbutts and whatever other body part he can randomly lash out with). In addition to that, he uses knifes and other utensils as projectiles. He also has a "Utility Belt", but the contents of it are a mystery to all but him.

    Underachiever FTW~!!! :'D
  15. Name:Sam "Blitzer" Axle
    Profesison:Bored Guy
    Hair colour:Fair
    Hair style:spiky at the front,but not Jedward spiky.
    Eye colour:blue
    Abilities:Half-ninja reflexes,excellent mechanical skills,owns a custom made gun.
    Appeaeance:Wears a navy vest with a holster for his gun and also wears an armoured plate on his arm.Wears goggles on his forehead,and wears black jeans.Other items of clothing include rocket powered converse shoes,styled to look like sonic the hedgehogs,a subspace backpack like Ramonas subspace bag, with computer interface and mechanical arms.Also wears a black apron with the clubs logo on it.
    Backstory:After flunking Vegan academy,when he discovered that he didn't have psychic powers(in fact he had actually drank 100 cups of coffee before enrolling)he got a job working at amazon.ca where he met Ramona,but he hasn't heard from her after she left new york.After getting very drunk and ending up on a fishing boat,he ended up in japan.After spending all of his moneying buying pokemon platinum,he got a job as the Katayanagi brothers assistant.When they went to Toronto,Scott killed them and Sam was unemployed again.He decided to work at Club Checkpoint,where after getting his first paycheck,moved into Scott and Wallace's old apartment.
    Personality:Is all around good-natured and is good friends with Scott,despite him killing his employers.He buys scott and his friends drinks on the house,but does not like Wallace,because he found incriminating gay images hidden in the apartment.His favourite food is nachos and cheese,and has a mini-kegs full of cheese dip and an infinite supply of nachos in his high-tech subspace backpack.
    Fighting style:Has a fast fighting style,and can shoot small fireballs from his hands as a result of watching to much DBZ while drinking nuclear coffee,his favourite drink.Can knock over opponents using combos with the mech arms built into his backpack.,and can also shoot rockets.Also uses a katana,a pokeball containing a scizor and can also throw nacho's like shuriken(all stored in backpack).Can also shoop da whoop,but does not do it often.

    I own all the books and the collectors edition 2-dic DVD of SP.
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Elnachoman, two things:

    1. Spaces are your best friend. Please use spaces after your commas, periods, and colons. Your post is very hard to read without 'em.

    2. I'm not sure if your character is supposed to know Scott n' the gang, but I'll let Brendan scold you on that one if not.

    P.S. - I own all the books and stuff too. :3
  17. Name: Alec Reynolds

    Age: 23

    Profession: Club DJ

    Hair Color: Brown

    Hair Style: Bed hair, no matter how long he's slept or if he's even slept at all, it always looks the same.

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Unique Features: The Fact he usually has DJ headphones over his ears, and can still hear people loud and clear

    Clothing: Red shirt, Black pull-on hooded jumper with a star embroidered in the side (bought it like this). Faded grey jeans, Black hi top converse. Has a small messenger bag slung over his left shoulder and reaches down to his right hip.

    Biography: Brought up in the city, all Alec has been interested in since he could think properly was music, and such, aspired to be a musician. He also had a thing for hip-hop dancing, but liked music over it. He got poor grades in school, in everything but music class. In high school, he got picked on for being so scrawny, but didn't mind it much. He took self-defense classes so he wouldn't be picked on as much, and as a result, the meanness and insults died down. Due to not being good at anything but music, Alec didn't get high enough grades and flunked out of high school. He is trying to find a way to get into university so he can chase up a music career, but currently has a nice job as a DJ at a place called Club Checkpoint.

    Fighting Style: Doesn't like fighting too much, but if provoked he will release his amateur Red-black belt Tae-kwon-do skills on the provoker. Do to being immersed in music his whole life, he can throw semi-solid music notes that release that note's sounds on impact and feel like he's thrown rocks at you. In addition, sharp notes feel like needles and flat notes feel like hammers. He can pull endless supplies of music records (for his turntables) from his messenger bag and throw them like frisbees, and can takes his head phones off his head, throw them like a one-way-boomerang, and pull them back to his head by tugging on the cord that connects them to his iPod. The cord never actually breaks for some reason.

    And there's my character, Alec Reynolds. Hope this is okay, if not, I'll edit it.
  18. Name: Xavier Roberts

    Age: 25

    Profession: Repairman/Plumber.

    Hair Color: Dark blonde.

    Hair Style: Think Matt Smith as Dr. Who, just longer at the sides and back.

    Eye Color: Greyish green.

    Unique Features: He wears a golden earring in his right ear, and a silver one in his left. Both are of identical shape and size though.

    Clothing: Baggy jeans, black Vans, a white muscle T-shirt with a vintage print of ACDC's logo, a black rubber digital wristwatch around his left wrist. Around his waist is a belt pouch, with a couple of tools, but he rarely needs them.

    Biography: Born as the son of a night club guard, Xavier was born and raised in dowtown Las Vegas. He has a very laid-back, relaxed and careless personality, although he does know when to turn serious. Due to his lazyness, his grades were never very good, and he dediceded to drop out, because he didn't feel he needed high school for his future.

    Even though he is laid-back, working out is one of his hobbies; He doesn't want to become fat, so he works out regularly, both fitnessing and martial arts. He is currently Club Checkpoint's repairman and plumber, an easy job for him due to his morphing.

    Fighting Style: He has been training martial arts for a couple of years now, so he knows his kicks, punches and attacks- But he'd rather use his morphing powers in battle. These powers change the structure of an object, on a molecular level. During street fights, for example, he can make street lights bendable, and whack his opponents with them. The larger the object, the harder to morph; Lifting the soil enough to make someone trip already takes a load of energy. He also uses the tools in his pouch for fighting.
  19. Okay, all of you have bios I deem worthy, so I'll be seeing you at Club Checkpoint at opening night, which will be when I get on with it. However, our unfortunate soul who clearly does not have a clue where we are, requires a few notes beforehand. Elnachoman, I am addressing you.
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]You directly relate to Scott, Ramona, and other characters that are in the comics and movie, which is set in Toronto. We however are in Las Vegas, and I very much doubt you can even afford a cardboard box if you have to cross the border and travel 500 miles just to work in a club
    [*]You are ridiculously overpowered, and when you're not a vegan, it's seriously something. Shoop da Whoop is a very dangerous thing to have on a character. Even if its used sparingly, it can only be offset by cuteness, and a dynamic split-personality. As seen with...[/list]
    So yeah, please don't
    • Pokemon do not exist in this world, at least not in the physical sense that you are making it. So Scizor has to go too, even if he's an awesome pokemon.
    • You apparently get paid to lounge around acting bored and making a nuisance of yourself. Does anybody get paid to do that? I didn't think so. Go get a real job.
    • You insulted Wallace... I shouldn't need to say anything else

    I believe that you are a fan of Scott Pilgrim, but you also need to understand that we run a tight ship here. So please, read what I said and either change your character so that the above is filled out and so that I know you actually tried, or don't bother at all.

    For any that still want to take part, there are still opportunities for jobs at Club Checkpoint, but each one will have to be unique. If you are struggling, then I'll just say that we don't have a bouncer, and those are pretty important at clubs.

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