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A Request For Pokemon Stats Cards!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Pearl Nguyen, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Hello, Pokécharms Request!
    I love my Pokémon Trainer Card, and it kinda made me want to make a card for my pokémon too!

    Ideally, cards will give personality. Here is an example of three. What do you think?
    Trainer Items: [​IMG] Water Stone

    Pokéball: [​IMG] Heal Ball
    Name: Skitty
    Type: [​IMG]
    Nature: Naive
    a. [​IMG] Charm
    b. [​IMG] Water Pulse
    c. [​IMG] Thunder
    d. [​IMG] Heal Bell​

    Pokéball: [​IMG] Love Ball
    Name: Vulpix
    Type: [​IMG]
    Nature: Gentle
    a. [​IMG] Baby-Doll Eyes
    b. [​IMG] Attract
    c. [​IMG] Will-O-Wisp
    d. [​IMG] Fire Blast​

    Pokéball: [​IMG] Moon Ball
    Name: Jolteon
    Type: [​IMG]
    Nature: Brave
    Items: [​IMG] Water Stone
    a. [​IMG] Swagger
    b. [​IMG] Thunder Wave
    c. [​IMG] Iron Tail
    d. [​IMG] Rain Dance​
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