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A quick glimpse at the brand new 'CharmsDex

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's now about 3 months since this current layout went live, and throughout that time the Pokedex has been down while I worked on the new one. Now, while I started work on the new Pokedex waaay back at the end of last year - it wasn't actually intentional to be without a Pokedex for this long at all. Basically, what happened - if you weren't already aware - was that the current design, combined with the set up on the new server, basically just did not like the old Pokedex at all and it simply ceased to function.

    I have been working behind the scenes as much as possible to have the new one ready for going live though and can finally say that it's getting into the final stages. Now, that's not to say there's not still plenty to do - just that a lot of the groundwork is now completed and it's pretty much downhill from here onwards.

    The original Pokedex was a pretty standard affair - all on one page and pretty average all around. Being one of my first real coding projects though, it was also incredibly messy - especially when it came time to bolting on all the D/P stuff - and was clearly in need of a massive revamp. My further experience and knowledge also meant I could do something a LOT more ambitious.

    So, that's where the driving force for this new Pokedex came in. My aims in every single aspect has been to make it as much as possible the 'ultimate' Pokedex. But I also wanted to avoid the common design errors that almost all the online Pokedexes have - one of those being a massive onslaught of information all at once. Not to mention any actual attention to the actual aesthetics at play.

    So, to show some proof of my efforts and hopefully get you all wetting yourselves in anticipation (or something to that effect), I've grabbed a screenshot of the current build of the Dex in action to demonstrate a lot of what's available.

    Please remember that while a lot of this is in a completed state - there's still a lot to be added and tweaked, so it doesn't fully demonstrate EVERYTHING you'll be able to do or see with the finished program. I've picked Shaymin for this screengrab because it shows a handful of recent touches, but there's still a lot more to be put in for Pokemon like Shaymin - so it's both a good example of what's already there AND what's still to come (though you'll have to wait to see the latter...).

    The new Pokedex will launch sometime this Easter - along with another new design and a major upgrade to the forums. This is the first step in our plans for a massive overhaul over the summer to incorporate a major new feature (or even a few of them) and I think it's going to be a fantastic way to kick off what should be a brilliant rest of the year for Pokecharms.

    (Screenshot in next post)


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Apr 2, 2009.

    1. Doctor Oak
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    2. Kai678
      I'm guessing there's going to be a front page where you can choose pokemon from a list? Or does it automatically start at bulbasaur?
    3. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      As you can see from the design we're already running, there will be a Pokedex search option available from every page on the site where you can select which Pokemon you'd like to see.

      The 'front page' of the dex will be a more powerful and extended version of this search function that will include more options such as searching for Pokemon that learn certain attacks or whatever - much the same as the old one.
    4. Magpie
      Looking very awesome indeed, Alex! I'm loving the new layout of the design and the quality of the design itself. The menu bar down the side looks great, and seems to have loads of important information. I like the colours too, they're easy on the eyes and match with 'Charms really well. All in all a pretty wonderful new 'Dex. I can't wait until it goes live.

      It's always a great thing to see people constantly trying to better themselves and what they have done, especially when the results are designs like these. I'm sure everyone who comes here often must realise just how much work you put into keeping 'Charms up and running and awesome. If I had a hat, I'd take it off to you ^^
    5. rafaelrochad
    6. Linkachu

      ... Please don't spam the website in another language. English only, please.
    7. donkwdcv
      cant wait till it comes out
    8. Muzza-Sensei
      Very well written and prepared, im sure the complete version will be twice as good =3
    9. Dragodden
      Looks beautiful, Alex. Well worth the wait!
    10. POH!KEMON
      This looks way better than Pokemon.com's pokedex (like 4x better)! I can't wait untill it's actually released, but I will anyway.
    11. pikapower94
      Alex, that is AMAZING!
      I'm in love with it already. =]
      I will no longer have to go to bulbapedia, or worse, look in the Pokedex on Diamond *shudders*
      That was more about Shaymin than I ever knew, actually. I guess we all learn something new every day.
    12. POH!KEMON
      Don't forget not going on the one on Pokemon.com!
    13. Valentinexcx
      WOW!!! that looks so cool Doctor Oak, that is so amazing, i am so amazed at this,it is better then serebiis, pokemon.com and psypokes.
    14. Pokemonlover225
      I can't wait until it comes!!!

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