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Private/Closed A Prince's guide to Pokemon - RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Red Gallade, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-princes-guide-to-pokemon-discussion.21421/

    It was a bright and beautiful sunny day in Camphrier Town, the people went about their daily buisnesses, children laughed and played through the streets and Pokemon either helped out the people or minded their own businesses, it was definitely a peaceful sight to behold until the yearly Snorlax festival which was three months ago.

    One of the most notable sights within Camphrier Town was the famous Shabbonneau Castle, home to the royal Shabbonneau family who have ruled the town for generations. Leonardo, a boy who dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer calmly walked down the path toward the town and away from the castle, behind him was a Litleo who seemed rather excited about the journey to come, Leonardo was also excited, but barely showed it. He was about to head into the town and was unsure of how people would react if they saw the prince within the streets, which was why he decided to wear some glasses and a cap... the latter was also useful due to the bright sunlight.

    "Are you ready, Litleo?" Leonardo asked as he looked down at the Pokemon who let out a little roar in confidence, this made Leonardo's smile grow wider as he walked at a slow pace in order to let his Pokemon keep up as he moved ever closer to the town.
  2. Richland resided in the kitchen of the grand Shabbonneau Castle, cleaning the last of the fancy silverware and plates. Of course his Chingling was close by as always, since he assisted his trainer by taking the cleaned plates and putting them back where they belonged. It was a mini, but efficient team, thanks to the pair's amazing synergy. Richland began to daydream as he scrubbed the plates clean. He thought about how fast the three months since he first became a butler seemed to fly by. Though, why was he given such a peculiar opportunity to accompany the prince on his new journey? Those thoughts came and went through the boy's mind, but on the outside he was just as calm as he always was. As he couldn't afford to let such wonders interrupt his work afterall.

    A few minutes passed of the same routine, until his Chingling suddenly pointed out the window. Upon looking out, all Richland could see was the outline of a person, but once he squinted his eyes good enough, he could make out that it was indeed Leonardo. "I see, thank you." He praised as he rubbed the bell Pokemon's head. Since the prince was already off, Richland had to put a little haste in his step. Once he set the last plate down, he was off to his private corners of the butlers' rest area.

    On his bed lied a suitcase, the one he packed the day before so naturally he reached out to take it but his Chingling brushed it aside, surprising the young man. The small Pokemon shook his head, which in turn shook his whole body, though afterwards he set a common satchel on the bed instead. It took a minute to process what he wanted, but Richland finally understood what he did. "Ah right, this will help me blend in more with the common crowd. Rather than a suitcase, smart thinking." With that, he threw the satchel around his body and left the castle with the intent of eventually catching up to the prince along the way.
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  3. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    Kali's hands were shaking, watching as the Butler cleaned, watching him leave to his area. She sighed as she rubbed her own head, looking at her Cherubi by her side. " Suppose we should catch up Cerise? " She asked, getting on a stool to put some glassware away, moving onto placing the Plates in their section. The Cherubi Nodded, looking at the direction the exit was. " Cherubi Cherubi! " Putting away her final stack, she speed-walked out, going to her maid's quarters.

    After walking through the Shabbonneau Castle to her Quarters, she opened a Purse, but then her Cherubi grabbed onto it, throwing it across the room toward a Backpack. " This old thing..? " She asked her Cherubi, It nodding in agreement. Kali sighing as usual, grabbed onto the bag, and opened her drawer, putting some of her Quote, Casual, End quote clothes. Cherubi was still looking at Kali, and looked at the clothes, and then back at Kali. " Do you.. want me to change? " She asked, the Cherubi Nodding her head.

    Looking at the window while mid changing, she was now wearing a pink jacket and black skirt, as well as a Red shirt to add to the style. Putting on her shoes, she grabs onto her Backpack and runs out after her fellow Assistant, pulling out a bow quickly to messily attach to her hair, and ran past the common crowd, hopefully looking like she was going on an adventure. Sprinting now, she caught up to the two males.
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  4. Jason had not been to another region before. Having lived in Kanto his whole life, it felt like Kalos was more densely compact in how everything was grouped together. Yuna rested herself on Jason's shoulder. She loved to ride up there and see all of the world from his point of view. Buneary was out of her pokeball. She loved all of the lights and sounds of the new region. Having stepped out of the plane, and on his first leg of his new adventure, Jason was glad to see that he was not the only one starting out. Seeing three people walking, they looked like they would be new trainers, so walking up to them he asked. "Hello, my name is Jason. I am sorry to bother, but I just got off the plane, and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a pokemart. I am in need of some supplies to start my journey. I am sorry if I am interrupting anything." He had gotten off the plane to see that there was a large castle looming over everything. He did know the name of the town he was in, but he did know it looked nice.
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  5. Litleo stopped and looked back when he heard footsteps of an individual that headed toward them and let out a light growl to alert his trainer. "What is it?" Leonardo asked before he looked and smiled at the person whom approached him. "Ah, Richland. Glad you could join me in this, I do hope you're excited for this kind of thing." He said with a smile before he noticed a familiar female approach him as well. "Hello Kali, I do hope I didn't bother either of you by leaving a little early, it's just that the thought of this journey made me rather excited as of late." Leonardo said as he began to proceed toward the town and lightly beckoned for the pair to follow before they were interrupted by yet another individual who approached them, this one he wasn't familiar with so he was likely a... commoner as the nobles would say, not the prince's favorite terminology for them.

    Leonardo however smiled at the sight of the boy's adorable Buneary whom rested on his shoulder before he smiled and nodded. "You should find one somewhere within the South-East of the square, once you go in that direction, it shouldn't be too difficult to miss." He replied with a friendly smile before he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose slightly.
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  6. Richland finally caught up the young prince, minding his status the butler bowed at the royal's presence. "It was no trouble, your majesty. We must simply adapt." A little later the group encountered a commoner, one not from around here it seemed, judging from the fact that he didn't know where the pokemart resided. Richland was careful not to blow the prince's cover, which meant if Leonardo spoke to him, he would respond in the language of the common man. However he deduced that the prince had the conversation under control, and began searching through his satchel, making sure everything was there. During his check he glanced up at Kali for a moment, he was unconsciously grateful to have a senior assistant accompanying him, he could definitely learn a few things from her along the way. With that his check was complete, everything seemed to be there and he was ready to begin this new life of adventuring. All he had to do now was wait.

    I wonder what made that citizen travel here? Was it to see the castle, the royal family, or maybe he's just visiting his own family? Nonetheless, he seems well-mannered at least. That's good.
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  7. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    Kali began to fix her hair, looking at her bow somewhat stuck in her hair. " Alright, lets just fix you a little.. " She said to herself, Nudging it down, and looked at Richland, and turned a quick glance at Leonardo. " Aren't we lucky you wore a cap and glasses today? " She said, pointing it out to the small group that was on their way. Cherubi popped out of the bag, looking at the location they were going currently, staring occasionally at any travelers. Pulling Cherubi out of the back into her arms, she looked at the road. " Do you all remember whats up ahead? " she asked, forgetting what was ahead of the group.
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