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Private/Closed A Pokemon RP: The Conversion Crisis

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EeviumZ, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-conversion-crisis-a-pokemon-rp.21144/

    This RP is closed. Please do not post here unless you are one of the following people:
    @Lightning and sparklight

    (Somewhere in Kalos, Scientific Laboratory)
    A woman walked through a large room, seemingly a laboratory. In the center of the room, a large tower-like device, looking somewhat like a broadcasting tower, stood. Multiple scientists stood around the device. One was touching buttons on a touchscreen, readying the device for activation.
    The scientist turned, and called "Miss Harper! The device will be ready for deployment soon!"
    The woman, now known to be called Harper, smiled. "Good. Aim it at Santalune Forest. We should get at least a few trainers there."

    (Santalune Forest, Same Time)
    13 year old Allie Silverstone strolled through Santalune Forest. She'd been here before, but it was a great place for her to relax.
    Eve, as usual, sat on her shoulder. Eclipse walked alongside her, enjoying the beautiful forest.
    Allie had noticed, however, that there was something strange about the forest today.
    It seemed to have a different atmosphere, almost ominous. She felt like something bad was going to happen - and soon.
    She brushed off her feeling as just a silly thought, and leaned against a tree. She observed the slightly swaying trees, and listened to the rustling of the leaves. She smiled joyfully, as this was one of her favorite places to be.
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  2. Eli was walking around the woods with his pokemon, he saw Allie and walked up to her, smiling "Hey! nice day today" he yawned "You ever get that feeling something big is going to happen?"
  3. Slightly startled by the Trainer coming up to her, she smiled. "Hi! Yeah, I've been feeling that too. A bit strange, because nothing 'big' ever happens around here." She chuckled. "I wonder why."
    Eve tilted her head. The Evolution Pokemon obviously felt it too, but didn't understand it. "Vee...."
  4. Phoenix and Sam were waljing in the woods. Phoenix loved to be with his boyfriend here. This place just seemed to calm both of them. Though today was a bit different.

    Phoenix and Sam had been together for a whole year now. This was the spot they met. They were in a large clearing in the middle of Santalune forest. Sam sat on the ground with Phoenix who sat right between his legs. They both seemed to enjoy being with the other.

    Phoenix looked up from were his head lay on Sam's chest. He felt something weird in the air. "Does the forest feel off to you Sam? It just seems like something bad is about to happen."

    Sam for whatever reason did not feel the effects of the machine start to work. He just felt the weight of his loving boyfriend in his arms. He was glad that they were able to get out and be in the place they met. "Not really. It feels about the same to me. Why what does it feel like to you?"
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Gracia held Rosa, her Budew, in her arms. "Serveria! Serveria!" she called for her pesky Snivy. Why does she run off all the time, she thought, I mean it's not like I'm a bad trainer, right? The grass type trainer shook her head. Rosa gave Gracia a worried look. "Yeah, I feel it to, girl. Something is off. We better find Serveria soon."
  6. Allie noticed a trainer looking around, seeming to be worried. She walked over, friendly.
    "Hi! Is there anything I can help you with? You seem a bit concerned.. did one of your Pokemon get lost?"
    Allie had gotten more than her fair share of lost Pokemon, and was used to the situation. She smiled, trying to seem friendly.
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Gracia jumped back when she heard the other trainer. "Y-y-yeah, kinda," she stammered, "Serveria likes to go off on her own a lot. I-I'm just getting worried. S-something bad is about to happen. I-I don't know what though. Could just be a storm." Her green eyes looked at the ground as she held Rosa closer to her chest.
  8. Allie tilted her head. "I'm feeling that too! Everyone seems to be feeling it now. I wonder why? Could just be a storm though, you're right.."
    Eve shook her head, gesturing to the cloudless sky peeking through the treetops. "Ee-veevee."
    This confused Allie. "So, either not a storm or not soon.. strange."
  9. Phoenix was enjoying the closness he felt with Sam. They hardly ever had time with one another. Sam was studing to be a breeder. Phoenix was traveling to become a performer.

    Phoenix was startled iut of his thoughts when a green vine came by their heads. It seemed to pick an apple off of the tree that they had sat under. They followed the sight of the vine until they came to a small green pokemon. It looked like a starter from Unova. "Hey what is a Snivy doing in these parts. I wonder how it got here."
  10. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Ron was chilling under a tree at Santalune Forest like everyday as he curiously watched Bloom playing with the flowers cheerfully, i-its makes me happy to see you playing like that... He thought to himself while he is smiling gently.
    Then in a sudden the chikorita felt something strange about the forest, she stopped her cheerfulness and started to look around worryingly.
    Ron felt it as well but it didn't bother him, he just got up and went to the confused pokemon.

    "D-dont worry..." Ron told Bloom quietly as he is crouching and petting her, "i-its nothing i hope" He slowly nodded with a faint smile.
  11. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Meanwhile, a young man by the name of Duncan sat in a large tree with his travelling companion and best friend, Bones the Marowak. He sat against the thick trunk, one of his feet dangling off the edge as he stared down at all the people and pokemon going about their business, completely oblivious to his existence. They all seemed to be expressing the same bad feeling he'd had since coming to the forest himself. But then again, he always had a bad feeling. He shrugged to himself and looked back to Bones, who was currently battling a tree branch that wouldn't stop blowing into his face, and smiled.
  12. Perigrine felt nervous. He didn’t like the ominous feeling pervading the air of the forest, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that he had left Zade, his Sandile, at home. He couldn’t bring himself to wake the desert croc up from its nap. But here he was, searching for berries. He heard voices, and began moving towards them. If they were trainers, maybe he would be safer from wild Pokémon.
  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Seeing that the other trainer wasn't going to help, Gracia left with her Budew. The quiet girl looked for her Snivy. She needed to find her before another trainer decided that her Snivy was wild. This happened on more than one occasion. She eventually found a clearing where her grass snake sat, eating an apple like she didn't care. "Serveria! I was looking all over for you! You had me worried," she exclaimed, still quiet. Her Snivy stuck up her nose and 'hummped'. Gracia sighed. "I know I'm not a good trainer," she said as she knelt down to Serveria's level, "Maybe I should stop."
    To most, this would sound like blackmailing, but Serveria knew this very question kept Gracia up at night. She immediately stopped and tried to comfort her trainer. This led to a back and fourth of self-doubt and a sassy pep-talk.
  14. Phoenix looked up at Sam. "I guess she did have a trainer. That does explain why it was here in Kalos though." Sam noded. He held Phoenix tighter to him.

    Sam looked towards the female trainer. "Hey girl, you have a nice pokemon there. She seems very well taken care of. Me and Phoenix was talking about how it could've gotten here. We were a little confused."

    Phoenix stopped to listen to the back forth of the trainer and pokemon. The girl seemed to be a very caring trainer to her pokemon.
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    "T-thanks," Gracia stuttered. Normally people yelled at her for losing Serveria. Rosa snuggled in her trainer's arms and fell asleep, while Serveria went back to eating her apple. Mushroom, her Shroomish, popped out of his Pokeball to check things out while Gracia looked down, not liking the attention.
  16. Phoenix noticed the girls nervousness. "It's ok. We are not going to judge you for anything like losing your pokemon every now and then. Sass used to do me the same way. She was a little puppy back then. Now she is fully grown Mightyena. Though she still likes to run and play sometimes." Sass heard her name being said and walked out of the forest and into the clearing. She was well groomed. On her back sat a small togepi. It seemed that Sass was very protective and kind towarda the baby pokemon almost motherly one would call it. She walked up to the two guy sitting down and rubbed up against the two. Phoenix gently took the togepi into his arms and rubbed Sass behind the ears.
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Gracia nodded and her brown hair fell over her face. She really wished the two would stop talking to her. They were nice and all, but she didn't like strangers giving her praise. Mushroom got curious and hopped over to Sass and the Togepi.
  18. Allie found the trainer from before, with who she presumed was Serveria.
    "Oh, I'm glad you found her! I was just.. a little lost in my thoughts, I guess. I can't shake this feeling!"
    Eve hopped off Allie's head, greeting Serveria. "Vee-veeee?"

    (Unknown Location, Kalos)
    Harper observed a holographic display, swiping and micromanaging it. Suddenly, she called across the room.
    "Alfred. Care to do the honors?"
  19. Sass nugged the small pokemon that came up to her. She sniffed it and got into a position to play with the little mushroom pokemon. Togepi giggled and looked cute in the arms of Phoenix. "Well we won't keep you if yoy need to get some..." His sentence was interrupted by another trainer coming into the clearing. He heard her tell the other trainer she was glad that shefound the girl pokemon.
  20. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Gracia nodded. Seems like everyone wanted to give her attention. Serveria glanced at the Eevee and nodded. "Sni," she greeted quickly. Serveria didn't really like to talk to non-grass types. They could have bug moves, or ice, poison was also popular, and flying too. However, fire moves scared Gracia's team the most. Mushroom jumped for joy and started to hop around Sass.
  21. Eve sensed Serveria's nerves, and lowered her head. "Vee-vee. Ee-veevee."
    She turned around, and just for fun, used Sappy Seed. A large plant stalk emerged from the ground, which Eve climbed on and posed on top of, taking a bow.
    Allie chuckled. "Eve's a performer at heart. She came up with that strategy herself."
  22. Eli followed Allie and smiled, he had nothing to add, but he was enjoying the conversation nonetheless, he looked at Veon Maybe today will be the day I add a sylveon to my team
  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    So many people had gathered around her. Gracia had to shut down. She couldn't handle so many people, it really made her stop. She couldn't think well with so many people around, especially strangers. Serveria applauded the Eevee then looked at her trainer. She needed to get some space.
  24. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    (unknown location, kalos)

    Alfred just finished checking the data before his name was behind called across the room, he got up from his spot and smirked as he is walking toward Harper with his arms crossed behind his back.
    "It would be a pleasure miss Harper" the tall scientist told his leader, "now you will see a creation of genius!" he said proudly and triggered the device with an evil grin on his face.
  25. Perigrine peeked out of the bushes to see a surprisingly large group of trainers. He stuffed the berries he was carrying in a pail into his pocket before stepping out into the clearing. He waved timidly.

    “Uh... hi. Do you know if there are any berry trees around here?”
  26. Eli opened his eyes and looked at Perigrine, he smiled "Yeah" he pointed behind himself "I saw some over there" he stretched and got up, picking up Veon and scratching her behind the ears
  27. For the rest of Kalos, who were incredibly lucky not to be in the Santalune Forest at the moment, the wave felt like a simple ominous presence washing over them.
    Unfortunately, the trainers in Santalune Forest weren't so lucky.
    The wave hit them with full force, locking them into place and rendering them unable to move.
    Allie heard a loud ringing noise in her ear, and felt dizzy. She stayed awake as long as she could, but she couldn't fight it for long and soon passed out. Anyone who was still awake would see a strange blue energy enveloping her, and her form beginning to change.
  28. Eli was hit with the same wave, freezing in place, as his world dimmed he thought no! I need to... move he struggled a bit before he fell asleep as well
  29. Perigrine began to panic as he found he could not move. He couldn’t speak, and he felt like he was beginning to lose consciousness. He felt a slight shock, and then felt extremely heavy as he fell to the ground, asleep.
  30. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Ron started to get dizzy all in a sudden, his view got blurry and he couldn't move or speak.
    He tried to stay awake as long as he can, but he just ended up collapsing into the ground and fall asleep immediately.

    "Chi-chi...ko?!" Bloom said in shock as she came closer to Ron, she walked around him and tried to wake up her trainer.
    A blue energy started to envelope Ron, it surprised the chikorita and she jumped back.
    Bloom wasn't sure whats going on anymore, she just worryingly and confusedly watched Ron's transformation.
  31. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Duncan was content sitting in his tree just listening to the other trainers nearby, until an ominous feeling washed over the forest and he heard everyone struggling. At the same time, an unknown energy wave struck him, rendering him immobile. It made his head feel fuzzy and there was a deafening ringing in his ears. Bones looked at him, confused. "Maro? Marowak!?" He shouted as the blue energy engulfed his body and he fell unconscious. Bones scrambled to grab him before he fell from the tree, just barely able to hold on when suddenly, Duncan began to change...
  32. Phoenix was about to get up to check on the trainers who seemed to have passed out. He went to get up when his pulse quicked. He did manage to stand but as soon as he did he fell right down. Sam picked up Phoenix's head laid it down on his lap. Sass laid her head on Phoenix's chest until he started to glow. Then she gave a bark. She was very confused as to what was happening.

    Sam was concerned it seemed as if he was the only one not affected by whatever this was. He hoped that his boyfriend and the other trainers would be ok.
  33. "Allie? Aaaalllie? Wake uuup.."
    A distant voice spoke to the half-unconscious Allie, causing her to stir.
    She groaned, opening her eyes. She saw Eve and Eclipse standing above her, both with concerned expressions.
    "Who talked to me?" Allie asked faintly. She looked around, expecting to see someone speaking to her, but saw no one conscious.
    Eclipse smiled in relief. "Oh, thank goodness you're awake! We were getting worried..."
    Allie's expression was blank. She pinched herself, in disbelief.
    "Did.. did you just talk?" Allie whispered, pulling herself into a sitting position and then to a standing position. She seemed much shorter than before.
    Eve and Eclipse exchanged looks.
    "Uh.. Allie? You might want to go look in that puddle over there..."
    Allie tilted her head, confused. "O-okay.."
    Allie walked over to the puddle, her worried Pokemon following. She couldn't see her reflection clearly, but dismissed it. Her Pokemon must have been affected by the wave. She brushed her hair, trying to detangle it - it had to be a mess -
    Her short, green hair. With her white, slim hands.
    Allie froze in place. "Eve.. use Swift on me..."
    The Evolution Pokemon nodded, sending a weakened Swift Allie's way. The girl-turned-Arceus-knew-what looked at her hair and hands again.
    Nope, still different.
    She began to put the pieces together: changed appearance and physiology, understanding of Pokemon... she checked the puddle again, and this time she gasped loudly, letting out a quiet scream.
    "I'm a Kirlia?!"
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  34. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Gracia to fell victim to the unnatural energy. Her transformation was silent as she slipped into unconsciousness. Her Pokemon stood by her, but they didn't wake her up. She would be so scared that she became a Sewaddle. Or maybe she would be happy. Her Pokemon didn't know.
  35. Elis pokemon were standing above him, trying to make sure nothing went wrong, well besides what had already went wrong. Allies scream Eli stirred, he stretched and yawned. he opened his eyes and saw Allie, he considered how weird it was to see a kirla around here. Eli then realized the new pokemon looked much bigger than it should have, looking down he saw his paws and silently opened and closed his mouth. Veon and Razor grimace "Eli, don't panic"
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  36. Perigrine was wakened by a scream. He was surprised to feel himself... floating? But if he was floating, why did the ground seem so close... he looked around the clearing to see that all of the trainers had disappeared. He turned to pick up his basket and continue when he realized how BIG the bucket was. Or how small he was...

    Ahhhhh! What happened? What is going on?”

    Perigrine found himself rolling through the air, completely out of control. He bumped into a tree and was able to stop himself.
  37. Phoenix felt a soft hand strok his face. It felt a lot bigger then before. He opened his eyes slowly. He looked up into the eyes of loving boyfriend.

    Sam was kind of shocked. Not only was all of the other trainers turned into pokemon but so was his boyfriend as well. He wondered what happened. What could have caused this.

    Phoenix wondered why Sam was so big. "Why are you so much bigger then before. I mean you have always been the bigger one our of the two of us but..." His voice trailed off as he watched some of the others start to awaken and how they acted. They had turned into pokemon. He walked over to the water. He looked and saw a shiny fennekin staring back at him.
  38. Allie was shell-shocked by her new appearance, and began hyperventilating slightly.
    "Calm yourself Allie... calm yourself.. stay calm..." she told herself.
    She noticed multiple Pokemon that weren't there before in the area, and quickly came to a conclusion. However, she'd have to test her theory first.
    She glanced at the Sylveon. "Uh... are you a normal Pokemon, or were you human about five minutes ago?" She knew she'd sound completely insane if she was wrong, so she hoped she wasn't wrong.
    She also noticed a nearby Sewaddle, who she assumed was also a human-turned-Pokemon. She made a mental note to wake them up if she happened to be correct.
  39. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Bones watched in shock as Duncan, who was definitely a human, began to shrink and form into a pokemon like himself. "What is going on!?" He shouted as he lost his balance, sending both him and Duncan hurtling to the ground.
  40. Eli tried to get up, but fell over, he shakily walked over to Allie, his pokemon following behind, concerned "Yes, I was, do you have a single clue what's happening?"

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