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Open A Pokemon Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by sonny10242, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. Hello! I haven't posted in a while! Welcome to this new roleplay, when you make your first post, please try to use propper grammer, and copy the format below.

    Companion Pokemon:
    Home Region:
    Name: Anokani
    Gender: Male
    Companion Pokemon: Furret
    Home Region: Sinnoh

    Anokani sat down on the bus and took off his bag. He pulled out a Quick Ball and by pressing the button, released his furry friend. "Sorry, you've been in there so long, Furret... I haven't had a chance to let you out yet."
    "Hey," yelled the bus driver interrupting him, "no Pokemon allowed outside of their balls on the bus." "Sorry, Sir," he said, pressing the button again, Maybe next time, Furret..." Anokani was excited, his whole family had always loved the Kanto region and he was so happy to finally be going there himself. He was going to miss Sinnoh, but he was happy for a new journey. He couldn't wait to embark on his new adventure and meet new Pokemon and friends.
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  2. (hope its ok if I join the thing said open)
    Name: Lucy
    Gender: Female
    Companion Pokémon: Alola Vulpix
    Home region: Kanto
    "When life gives you a choice choose your heart"

    "Ok little buddy we need to go to the Bus Stop so we can get home alright? I know you don't like your pokeball but don't worry you'll be with me. Nothing to be scared of." Lucy said as she walked through town. (walking toward the same bus station Anokani is going to in Kanto)
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  3. Anokani cringed at the foul smell of the bus exhaust and leaned back in his seat. It had been a long day... The ferry ride from Sinnoh to Kanto had been long and tiring, and now he was almost finally to where he would be staying. His body was jerked forward as the bus screeched to a halt. He watched as several people boarded the bus, but one of them caught his eye. She was holding a Vulpix, struggling to get it into its Pokeball, but the Vulpix looked like nothing he had ever seen. Instead of it's usual red and orange colors, it was a white, with a hint of light blue. Maybe it's a shiny, he thought. His parents had told him stories of the rare shiny Pokemon. Whatever the case, he wanted to get a better look at the Pokemon. He stood up and walked over to the girl. "My name's Anokani", he said, "do you need some help with that?"
  4. "huh? oh hi, I'm Lucy and this is Vulpix my partner. And yeah can you hold her for a sec so I can find the right pokeball?"
  5. "Sure," said Anokani, taking the squirming Vulpix from Lucy, "I'm Anokani, but why does your Vulpix look like that? I mean, no offense, but it doesn't look like any normal Vulpix I've ever seen... Is that a shiny Pokemon?"
  6. Name: Eddie "Ted" Evander
    Gender: Male
    Companion Pokemon: Tepig
    Home Region: Unova

    Ted sat on the bus with his bag on his lap. "Shh, shh. It's okay. I'm here. There's no need to feel scared," Ted said quietly into the bag. Inside the bag was a very nervous and anxious Tepig. He is shaken quite a bit, making it quite obvious if you were to see him that he was scared. However, Ted was trying to hide Tepig from the coach driver who would undoubtedly give them a bollocking if he were to see the Pokemon. "Te...pig," Tepig cried quietly. Ted gave him a reassuring smile as he wiped the tear off his face. "What was that noise?" The Bus driver said as he approached Ted. "Wah! uh, w-what sound?" Ted replied frantically attempting to keep his cool. "It awfully sounded like a Pokemon," The Bus driver replied. Ted would put Tepig in his Pokeball, but Tepig has Anxiety quite bad and his petrified of doing most things and struggled to do the most basic of social activities as long as Ted is beside him. So it wasn't really much of an option to put Tepig in his Pokeball. "I don't know what you're on about, to be honest," Ted replied trying to compose himself. He held his breath as the Bus driver squinted at him. Ted gulped before the Bus driver simply walked back to the front of the bus and started to drive off again. "Phew! That was a close one," Ted sighed in relief. "Te...pig-Te," Tepig whimpered.

    Ted turned around and noticed someone with a funny looking Vulpix with the, out of their Pokeball. "Psst, you might want to hide your Pokemon before the bus driver catches you," Ted whispered to the stranger.
  7. "She is," Anokani said to the stranger that had just walked up to him and Lucy, "She's just looking for the right Pokeball. Lucy then pulled out the right Luxury Ball and pressed the button to let her Vulpix into it. "Final stop, Cerulean City!" shouted the bus driver. "Well, this is my stop," Anokani said, "My name's Anokani, by the way," he said to Ted. "Hopefully I'll get to see you guys again. I'm staying in a house I rented out for a few months. It was nice meeting you and Vulpix," he said to Lucy. Then, he stepped off the bus as the automatic doors opened in front of him. Lucy and Ted watched as he walked down the block, letting his Furret out onto his shoulder.
  8. Name: Sean
    Gender: Male
    Companion Pokemon: Cacnea
    Home Region: Sinnoh

    Sean was waiting the whole bus ride, not talking to anyone, because he didn't really enjoy talking to people on long rides. They could get annoying. While he was on, he saw a weird Vulpix being held by a girl, and two boys trying to help her. When it was finally his stop he got off, with one of the boys who had a Furret. He let out his Cacnea. "Alright bud, let's do something fun."
  9. Anokani spun around to see the tall cactus-like Pokemon standing in front of him. "Oh," he said to the trainer behind the Pokemon, "you want a battle? Alright then, go, Furret!" Furret jumped off Anokani's shoulder. "Let's get this started!" he shouted, "Furret, use Furry Swipes!" The fluffy Pokemon lunged at Cacnea and quickly slashed it twice.
  10. "Ummm, what?" Was Sean's response to Anokani. He quickly picked up Cacnea before the Furret could attack him. "Are you crazy?! You can't just attack someone's Pokemon from outta nowhere!"
    (Cacnea is small by the way)
  11. (OOC: As an additional note, the Ditto cannot transform into legendary Pokémon because it is not only for balancing reasons, but because it lacks the necessary DNA needed to transform into any of the legendary Pokémon or any full-sized, bigger Pokémon for that matter. I will be providing more explanation about this upon request.)

    Her name is Paige Loiv.
    Gender: Female
    Companion Pokémon: Her companion Pokémon is Ditto.
    Home Region: Her home region is Hoenn.
    As the bus came to a stopping halt, Paige exited out of the bus after making sure that her Pokémon was safe and comfortable in her satchel. She turned away from the bus driver after witnessing the driver's belligerent attitude towards the other trainers during the ride. Her attention quickly shifted towards some trainers that were at the start of their Pokémon battle, as she sighed and said to her Pokémon, "L- let's just try to not get into too much trouble o- ok- okay?"

    The Pokémon's teary eyes gazed up at her and hesitantly replied, "F- fe... fe... nn... e... k- ki- kin..."

    Sensing her fright from the tears that rained down her Pokémon's eyes like a waterfall, she carefully picked up the Lilliputian Pokémon and securely held it in her arms. The Pokémon seemed to be about one-third of her height, as she calmly patted the Pokémon's back and slowly backed away towards several benches that she could barely climb on.

    She watched the battle unfolding while her Pokémon covered its tearful eyes and hid underneath its soft, cuddly, sky blue blanket. It emitted a quiet cry towards the trainers that sounded like a baby girl's sob after a miserable day of working in the 1920s factory. She kept her hand on the Pokémon's back and softly stroked it in a gentle motion in an attempt to calm it before it would get any unwanted attention. She continued to silently watch the battling trainers while looking over at their Pokémon that fought each other at the moment their trainers' commands uttered out.
  12. "Fine," said Anokani, recalling Furret, "you've clearly never had a Pokemon battle before. You should practice sometime." And with that, Anokani walked away. As he left, he saw a girl carrying a fox-looking with tears streaming down it's face.
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  13. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Clearly, sonny10242, you haven't bothered properly reading Charlespark's post. Their Ditto is currently transformed into a Fennekin which means that your character would have no way of telling it's actually a Ditto. Edit your post to reflect this.
  14. Sean looked at the kid, very confused. "What?" He said quietly. He looked at his Cacnea, who had barely been scratched. "We don't battle those types of people, do we?" Cacnea tried its hardest to nod, but its head was also it's body, and Sean was holding him.
  15. hey guys sorry I haven't been on for a while and don't worry StellarWind I read the rules im sorry please don't ban me or anything ;-; any way if its ok im gonna join back in ok? if its not ill delete this.

    "There he goes well Cerulean isn't too far away from Pewter right?" Lucy said talking to herself as she sat down. "I hope ill see him again"
    As the bus drove off she noticed a girl outside with a fennekin and asked the driver to go back to Cerulean so she could get out because she missed her stop. "Thank you sir!" she said as she quickly jumped off the bus over to the girl with the fennekin.
  16. Anokani swung open the door to the house he would be staying in. It was a decent-sized house located next to a Pokemon Center. It was also near by the town gym. He had heard that the leader's name was Mitsy, or Misty, something like that. The house was one room with a blue rug in the center that was furnished with a table and four chairs. There were potted plants in the lower left and right corners and the north wall was decorated with a sink, a cabinet, a rubbish bin, and a map on the wall. He had rented out the house from an elderly couple who had told him in advance that there wasn't a bed. Since he had been aware of this, he came prepared and brought a sleeping bag. He packed only a few things like the Pokedex that had been passed down to him by his father from when he was a trainer. Anokani hoped he could eventually finish it; catch all the Pokemon. He was almost done unpacking when he heard a knock on the door. He quickly stood up and went to open it.
  17. Name Joe N
    gender Male
    Companion pokemon grovile
    Home region Hoenn
    After sweeping Brock and going through MT moon Joe decides to see if there is anywhere he could stay in cerulean city for the night. He soon see's a house with supposedly no one in it so he opens the door to find.
  18. Name: Quinn
    Gender: Male
    Companion pokemon: Ivysaur
    Home region: Kanto

    Quinn had just gotten to Cerulean and was in the Pokemon Center. He had just recently captured a Nidoran and it needed to be healed. Once he got out he saw someone go into a house. The door was open before he got to the door and Quinn thought that was suspicious.
    "Bulb I think we should follow" Quinn said to the Ivysaur beside him.
    Bulb nodded in agreement. Quinn ran to the house and followed the man inside.
  19. "Hello," Anokani said to the two men standing outside the door, "how can I help you?" The first man seemed like he had no idea the other man was there. And the second man had an Ivysaur standing near him and seemed not to be giving any focus to Anokani, but to the other man. Slightly confused, Anokani took a step back and then made a small hand gesture. "Come on inside, if you'd like," he said.
  20. "Sorry" Quinn said "I just was wondering why whoever is next to me was coming in here because it seemed like he didn't live here, so I thought I should follow."
  21. Paige watched the other trainers go over into a house that was adjacent to the Pokémon Center and near the Gym that was in town. Her eyes darted downwards to only see that her Pokémon had quickly shifted its body the moment when it was spotted by someone, as she sighed and said, "You really do change a lot do you? Well, I suppose that we can go into the Pokémon Center to rent us a room with the crazy money that you gave me... though I've always wondered where you even get this kind of stuff."

    The Pokémon's face rushed with sweat the moment it stopped sobbing and heard her question of suspicion, as it nervously replied in telepathy, "Umm... I have n- no idea what you're t- ta- talking... a- ab- about... y- ye- yea- yeah..."

    Her right eyebrow rose while tightening her grip on the Pokémon, as she responded in a stern tone, "You sure? You look like you're trying to hide something from me there buddy."

    "N- no... i- it- it's n- no... thing... u- uh... yeah n- not... t- th- thing... let's just go get some rest, I'm tired," The Pokémon replied after using its colorful digits to wipe away its sweat of abundance.

    She rolled her eyes and said, "Fine... let's get some shuteye then. I can hardly think after having to sit on the bus while you slept like a little baby through all that noise."
  22. "huh i guess shes gone" Lucy told herself. "maybe maybe i can find where Anokani went." As she was talking to herself she noticed 3 men talking outside a house. She started going closer when she heard Anokani welcome them inside. As they went into the building she let Vulpix out of its Pokeball and walked over with Vulpix in her arms still needing to at least thank Anokani for the help on the bus.
  23. Joe walked into the house and ask's if it is his and he says no. Joe sets up his hammock on the ceiling beams and then ask's the two if they are going to challenge the gym tomorrow.
  24. "Yeah I actually am" Quinn answered and the looked at the Ivysaur "I think it will be easy with bulb here though."
  25. "same but I do have backup what about you the guy who opened the door i'm Joe"
  26. "My name is Quinn" Quinn said with a smile.
  27. so other guy what are you doing tomorrow
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  28. Hey theirs a knock at the door how about one of you get it since I don't want to get up here again
  29. Lucy was getting nervous for some reason. Shes never just walked up to a random house she only heard her friend's voice from and knocked wondering if she imaged his voice. Her vulpix was looking tired to. She was thinking if it wasn't anyone she knew she would ask to stay the night because her and vulpix are very tired and she would pay them even if they didnt need it. 'Hello? Anokani? Are you here?" she said kinda loudly so they could hear her. "If you are can I speak with you for a little bit?" Vulpix yawned at her side so she picked vulpix up in her arms and held on loosly in case vulpix moves a little bit. "I'd be willing to pay you if I could stay the night." she said. She was just waiting now. Hopefully waiting for Anokani to come outside and talk.
  30. Name: Jax Thorne
    Gender: Male
    Companion Pokemon: Absol
    Home Region: Born in Hoenn, but he calls Johto his home.
    "So, this is Kanto, huh?" Jax murmured as he leaned against the Pokemon Center, outside. He put a hand to pet his partner's head. "Well, I say give it a couple days before we start getting badges, or whatever it is you're supposed to do on your Pokemon Journey." Jax said to his partner, chuckling a bit. "First time we've ever been this far from home, huh, Absol? Not even in Johto anymore. Well, let's make the best of it."
  31. "Hi, my name's Anokani, and I'm assuming you're my roommate. As an answer to your question, yes, me and Furret are going to challenge that gym. I collected a few of the badges back in Sinnoh, but not many. It was nice meeting you," he said to Quinn, "thanks for being on the look out for anyone suspicious." Then he heard another knock and stood up to get it because Joe definitely didn't want to. He saw Lucy outside and she asked him if she could spend the night. "Sure," he said, "but I don't need any money. Just come on in!" As they walked inside, Anokani said, "Joe, this is Lucy. She's gonna be staying with us tonight."
  32. Name: Diamond
    Gender: Female
    Companion Pokemon: Vullaby
    Home Region: Hoenn

    Diamond was walking down the street going to the pokemon center. Then all the sudden her Vullaby jumped out of her bag startled by a Gallade and started running to the pokemon center. Then Diamond yelled "wait Vullaby where are you going?!"
  33. Why hello there Lucy I'm Joe up in coming champion from hoenn.
  34. "I didn't know you were from Hoenn," Anokani said, "What's it like? Have you challenged some of the gyms, there?"
  35. ((hey, its my first time here so if I get somethings wrong, I do apologize))

    Name: Mike
    Gender: Male
    Companion Pokemon: Banette
    Home Region: Alola
    "Mike sits down on the bus and sets his bag as well as his scythe next to him" Welp first day away from Alola "he says holding Banette close" its a lot less bright
  36. Yeah I challenged the gyms I could on the main of hoenn but not around the island. Mainly the Rusburo, Mawville, and Lavarige. But then I heard about Kanto and how the gyms are on the main land except one but I'll have a water type by then.So would you like to see my team.
  37. "Wow cool" Quinn said "I'm going to head to pokemon center so I'll see you tomorrow possibly."
    Quinn walked to the pokemon center so he could get some rest. Quinn sent Bulb into his pokeball and went to sleep.
  38. Diamond was running then bumped into Quinn trying to catch her Vullaby. She then said "sorry about that, im just trying to catch my Vullaby".
  39. "Don't worry I can help" Quinn said throwing a pokeball "Bulb use vine whip to grab Vullaby"
  40. "Thank you very much sir" said Diamond. "Also my names Diamond whats yours? oh yeah sorry about the Vullaby. Shes fresh outta the egg" also said Diamond
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