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A Pixel of [X5]

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by X5-1026, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    What do you want?: Mugshot!!
    Picture/Detailed description:PICCY!!
    Idea of Pose: happy/shy??

    What do you want?: (Trainer with Pokemon)
    Picture of Sprite: HERE or here
    List of Pokemon up to 6: Ninetales and Arcanine~
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  2. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Thank you. :) I hope you like. Tell me if you want any changes made. :D

    I still need your chica's city. I've got it done besides that one thing.

    If I'm right, I can get all yours done today. The only plan I have for the day besides this doesn't even start til 10pm. :D
    #82 X5-1026, Aug 11, 2010
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  3. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    thank you so much X5 I love it! :) but I do have a little ask, do you mind changing one of the pokemon? if so can you change vulpix into lanfawn ( the other fakemon on my sprite thread) :)
    #83 BlackRoseJack, Aug 11, 2010
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  4. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    oh, the city name is Veilstone City. sorry that didn't reply earlier, i just noticed it. :p
  5. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Of coarse! And I forgot to put the bell on Miltank! :( I'm sorry!!

    :D Yay! I hope you like. If there's anything you want differently or if I did anything wrong, let me know. ;D
    #85 X5-1026, Aug 11, 2010
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  6. Dia


    Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Hey there!~ I just looked at your sprites and I think they are awesome!!! :D
    I have a few suggestions hopes you dont mind
    Some of the color palettes you used on the first spirtes of your thread seem as little off if that makes sense XD they're are really great but I think perhaps some less saturated colors would work better.
    I also think your 'to scale' pokemon sprites are absolutely wonderful! Gotta love that tyranitar ;P
    as for your scratches....they are freaking adorable and I love em! :D maybe you could add some depth by using more shading? It would enhance their awesomeness :D

    keep up the good work!!~
  7. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    thanks soo much! ^_^ it looks awesome!
    #87 Jocelyn, Aug 11, 2010
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  8. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    All done! :) And I remembered the cowbell this time! If there's more I can do, just say so. :D

    Thank you for your input. :) Those first 5 sprites were the first ones that I ever made. I've started to notice little things here and there on those that I'm not so found of, but I think I was pretty good for a beginner. I do agree with you on shading my scratches a bit more and thank you for pointing that out. I might not a have noticed. ;D I like criticism. Thank you for giving some.

    I'm glad you enjoy! ;D
    #88 X5-1026, Aug 11, 2010
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  9. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Grazie X5 it looks fantastic! :)
    #89 BlackRoseJack, Aug 11, 2010
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  10. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    I'm so happy you're taking requests, because I have a request for a trainer and a Pokemon.
    The trainer I request is a sky-form of Shaymin costume, as a R/S/E trainer.
    The Pokemon I request is Leafeon with a Shaymin (sky) pattern.
    P.S. I'll be glad if you can do this for me! (because I don't know how to sprite!)
    #90 Jamacia Comet, Aug 11, 2010
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  11. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    @ Nikki
    Sorry, your request is taking forever. I almost have the pose perfect then I'll start adding details.

    Wasn't that same post at the top of the page earlier today? You still didn't use the forms. They are at the bottom of the first post on the first page. Copy and Paste.


    For some reason I had a really hard time with the hat/hair. But now, I just wanna make sure I get the clothes right. That's what I roughly have right now. I don't wanna give away the surprise, so yeah. Just the clothes. It's sloppy and unshaded, but yeah.
    Is it ruffly, lacy, shiny ribbon, . . . what? Did I even get the basic pattern right?
    I'll get on Weavile in the mean time, but I don't think I can finish today.

    Yes, my goal is no longer reachable. I've taken too long attempting to perfect one request. I'll try again tomorrow.
  12. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    This took way less time than I thought it would. I hope you like it. :)
    Get back to me on that mugshot stuff.

    I'll get started on yours, but I KNOW that I wont be able to finish tonight.
  13. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Sorry, I didn't understand before! These are the details you're looking for.
    I want both mugshot and sprite.
    The like May's
    The are blue.
    The shape is left arm is up, doing the peace sign wit thumb out.
    She's wearing a sky form Shaymin costume(I'll try to send a drawing pic)(do whatever you please)
    She's 12 and no card.
    1 game sprite of Leafeon with Sky Shaymin's pattern (but no change in eyes)
    no landscape please
    #93 Jamacia Comet, Aug 12, 2010
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  14. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Thanks I love it and the clothes for the mugshot are an edited verstion of Marleys http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Marley. I hope that helps.
  15. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    3 sprites wanted

    Use silver's sprite
    age: 16
    hair:red and white and sort of flatthat reaches the middle of his neck
    attitude:serious and arrogant
    Clothing:wearing a red and black sports jacket that says sander on the back and black jeans
    eye color: green

    take the Cool Trainer from fire red and leaf green
    age: 14
    Hair:give her brown straight hair that goes down to the midd, le of her back
    Clothing: a light blue tank top with a darker green sweatshirt over it, and light blue shorts
    she also has a large green handbag
    attitude: she is bright and cheery
    eye color: brown

    take the school boy from ruby
    make him look older, as in 15
    hair: dark brown that about 2 inches long
    Clothing:give him a brown polo shirt with wighte stripes and dark blue shirt.
    attitude: goofy and smart
    eye color; blue

    If you can do them great if not thats ok
    #95 Dragoon Flare JR, Aug 12, 2010
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  16. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Nikki, I'm glad you like your pokemon. :) And thank you for the reference. It'll help a lot.

    @ Dragoon Flare
    You didn't use my form, but you used a form, so I guess I'll let it slide and take the request this time. Just remember to use the forms located in th first post in the future, ok?

    Ok. You still didn't fill out the form, but now I can see that you at least looked at it, so I guess you're alright this time. I'll do this.
    Some of this is worded very confusingly to me, so I'll reiterate what I think you meant and you can tell me if I'm right.
    She has the same hair as May and her eye's are blue. I get the pose, her age, and the cosplay.
    You just want a Leafeon recolored to be like Sky Shaymin.
    ^Is this info correct?^
  17. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests | Read 1st post

    Yes, that's correct. Because I look like May!
  18. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Read 1st post

    I haven't been able to do much of anything the past couple of days, but I'm gonna try to get everything done today. I'm not taking any more new requests for a while.
  19. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Read 1st post

    @ Nikki
    I finaly finished. If you want anything done differently, just say so. :)
    @ Everyone
    I get the feeling that you're gonna have to wait a week or two again. I've been trying switching between the requests. It hasn't worked out so well. At least I have a start on everything.
  20. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Read 1st post

    Wow that is amazing! I love it. Thanks so much!
  21. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Read 1st post

    *sighs* Man, that's a relief. I'm just to darn excited about it!
  22. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Read 1st post

    Hey, X5 can you shrink this down:
    #102 FutachiFlame, Sep 18, 2010
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  23. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Read 1st post

    I'm Back!

    Sorry guys. I had no time for this for a long time and once I had time I just didn't feel like it.
    Kinda obviously, I'm not gonna finish the requests I took so so long ago.

    Yesterday, I finally sprited again.
    It's name is Turdira. Turdira is the second evo of my Water Starter. The name is diverived from the word Turtle and the Suborder Criptodira.
    It is a Water/Ghost Type. ^_^

    I do have plans on making more fakemon, but I don't think I'll be taking requests again for a while.​
  24. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    its good to see you're back X5 it's been a while :)
  25. Oh wow! I absolutely love all of your sprites! They're all so good and i can totally tell just by looking at them that you put a lot of work into them! I am completely awed by everything you have posted up here. I made sure to go through every page just so I wouldn't miss seeing one of your sprites! Good job! =D
  26. ^_^ Thanx guys. It's good to be back. I'm glad you  like it, minimeg.
    I did another Fakemon.
    I'm not too sure on this one. It might just be normal. It'll evolve twice.
    Any suggestions on what type(s) it should be?​
  27. Ked


    All of your sprites are amazing, X5! Your Fakemon are extremely well done, are they scratched~?

    As for that adorable little bird's typing, I think it should be Dark/Flying, Fire/Flying, Ghost/Flying, or Fire/Dark, but it's yours, so you can decide. The shading on it is really good, and the colors go together very well. ^^

    Keep up the good work :)
  28. Oo! I like Dark/Flying! Thank you very much! ^_^
    Yes, my Fakemon are all scratched. And I'm thinking about scratching up a full map too, but I'm kinda lazy and that would take FOREVER! So I might just not do it or just use the buildings from FR/LG. Haven't decided yet. . . Should probably finish the pokedex first.
  29. Ooohh... Nice sprites there... I really like Crimbird! And you scratch it all? Win.
    Keep up the great job and I'll be quietly stalking this thread...
    *crosses fingers for requests*
  30. Oheyo, welcome back ♥

    Turdia's pretty cool, I like the big gem; but I think that his shading could use a little touching up - like, I feel he should be more rounded, if you know what I mean? |D

    Crimbird's simple but really cute ♥
    I would have originally thought of Flying/Dark but I must admit I was reluctant because I have FakeMon that are Flying/Dark XD But y'know, it fits, so why not~?

    I like Team Rocket Sabrina too~! It seems like not enough people acknowledge the fact that Sabrina's a Team Rocket Executive |D But yeah, again, the shading seems a little plain. Might just be me but I dunno c:

    Hyquad's really cute ♥ I daresay that he's a sorta similar to Squirtle but as they evolve they become less akin to each other so whateverrr ♥

    But mrrhhh, you've definitely improved c: The only thing that niggles at me just a little is the outlines; they all seem a little bit too dark, like you've outlined most of them with black? I dunno really :x I'm no expert so ... |D

    ANYWAY o:<
    Let me just say that I really like your sprites and you should keep it up and blaahhhh <33

    ... done rambling nao c:
  31. Hmmm. I see what you mean about Turdira. I'm gonna have to work on it some more.

    As for Sabrina, the shading is plain because the rocket shirt is big and is supposed take away from her shape. I might add more shadow around the sides though.

    I know he looks like Squirtle :'( But I just really wanted a turtle starter and that's all I could think of.

    I do outline in black. I think it looks more cartoony and it's easy. I like the effect it gives for the most part.

    Thank you for your input! ^_^ I really do appreciate the criticism.

    Also, the Sabrina mugs are bugging me. I don't really like the pose. I'll probably redo those.

    Edit: The Misty Sprites are bugging me too. The arms are weird, the legs are big, and the hair can use some work. I'm gonna work on these today.

    Edit: I just realized that Hyquad can also be Hydro-Quadrupedal. That's much more simple even if that's not how I came up with it.
  32. K. I'm making Officer Jenny and I'm unsure of the pose I chose.
    I was gonna put the flashlight in the one hand and the club in the other. Like the cop sprite in D/P & HG/SS. I might make one this way anyway (maybe not Jenny, but a female officer), but should i also maybe maybe make one with more of her personality? And if so, what would that generally be?

    Avoiding posting a million times in a row:
    I made her that way because no one seemed to like this forum yesterday.
    I decided against the club, but here she is.
    Tell me what you think.​
  33. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests!

    Hello X5-452 ~*
    I must say your sprites are really good, frankly I'm pretty jealous of 'em. I really like that Officer Jenny sprite it turned out really good and it looks exactly like her :O! When looking at your front page I was amazed; I really liked the Lady Gaga sprite and Leafeon cosplay you did, they are awesome :O. In fact I went and caught a Leafeon after seeing that ♥. I was just wondering if I could drop in a 'lil request? After seeing your great sprites, I wanted you to sprites this character.
    What do you want?: Trainer sprite
    Picture/Detailed description: http://images.wikia.com/naruto/images/f ... Dzuki1.PNG and http://fenixware.net/fab/images/chars/g ... ar-606.png
    Idea of Pose: Well, I sort of to make him look tough, sorry I'm not very desciptive D:
    If you have any troubles just tell me...
    Can't wait to see more of your great work; this thread has been added to my stalking list :D

    Shaymin ~*
  34. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests!

    Yay!! Feeling loved again!
    Thank you so much. ^_^ The Leafeon Cosplay was more or less traced (the source is on page 4), but I also think it turned out alright.

    I'll get started on that ASAP. =]
    And "tough" is a great description, by the way.
  35. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests!

    That Jenny sprites is fantastic. Remember checking this threda out some time ago, and noticed that you hadn't been on it for a while... Good that you're back :)
  36. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests!

    your sabrina sprites are really good, also the trainer cards are creative and better than any i have seen!!

    im going to make a request if thats ok.

    What do you want?: Sprite + Mugshot
    Picture/Detailed description: male zoroak cosplay
    Idea of Pose: standing with his weight on the left, one hand scratching his head, and the other by his side holding a master ball.
    if you can make it thanks but if you cant thats ok. Thanks!!!
  37. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests!

    Wasn't quite sure on which way to do it, so I did it both ways.
    Hope you like it. ^_^

    General Vulpix, I'll get started on that at once. :)
  38. Re: A Pixel of [X5] - Taking Requests!

    K. Is this kinda the pose you were goin' for?
    I think I'll use a different hanging arm, but yeah.
    Or did you wanted him to look more animal-like? Crouching and such.​

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