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Ask to Join A Page In A Kwami's Memory Book

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. (We have one spot still open, for the butterfly miraculous. Ask for the link to the discussion, if you would like to join. I'll let everyone decide how and when they get their miraculouses)

    As usual, Leadenhall Market was busy, but that was to be expected, on a Saturday afternoon. Vendors selling all sorts of things were at their stands, yelling about the price of their potatoes, or cockles, or whatever else they had on display, and people of all sorts of shapes and sizes were buying from them, or trying to haggle with them. The market was plenty crowded...And the crowds granted more than enough space for a thief to disappear into.

    A girl scanned the stands, trying to choose her prey wisely. Molly Denzelby was the eldest of nine siblings, and given that her father didn't make very much money, she was dirt poor. Her father couldn't afford for her to go to school, and he couldn't bear to send her off to work as a maid, like so many other girls Molly's age; no daughter of his would ever end up serving some snub-nosed lord and lady, or so he said. So, with no school, and no work, Molly had decided to become a different kind of breadwinner for the family. With no money, and with her father not making nearly enough money himself to feed them all, Molly had become a master thief, providing for her siblings by stealing anything that wasn't nailed down.

    Soon enough, Molly knew exactly where to go. She slipped through to a fruit stand, grabbing some apples while the vendor was distracted with a customer. Next, she weaved her way through to a fish stand, netting a bag of cockles. And then she slipped through to a stand selling baked goods, nabbing a loaf of bread the exact same way that she had the apples. While the vendor wasn't looking--

    "Oy! That girl's gone and nicked my bread!"

    And just like that, Molly was off like a rocket, shooting away into the crowd. The vendor followed her in hot pursuit.

    "Oy! Get back here!"
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  2. Robert walked aimlessly through the busy market, looking around to make sure there aren't any authorities nearby. The reason for that is because for the past month, every encounter he had with them has almost ended up with him in an orphanage. Now he wasn't always living like this. Before, Robert use to live with his mother and it use to be just the two of them until a month ago. One day, the two got separated by a large crowd and when the crowd died down, his mother was nowhere to be seen. Ever since that day, whenever authorities see him alone, they would always try to take him to an orphanage. Robert hopes that one day he'll be able to see his mother again.

    As Robert walked through the market, he saw a vendor chasing after a girl who seems to be holding some bread. He quickly moved out of the way in order to not get in the girl's way.
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  3. "Oy! Get back here right now, or I'm calling the police!"

    It was an empty threat, and both Molly and the vendor knew that. It was but a last ditch attempt to scare thieves into dropping whatever it was that they'd stolen, and Molly, a master thief, was far too clever for that.

    When she reached the end of the market hall, Molly slipped behind the door, to count her spoils. A bag of steamed cockles, a bag of apples, and a giant loaf of bread...If she really stretched it, the family could live off of these spoils for a good week or so.

    "There's me, and my family fed for the next week," she said aloud, "Finally, for the first time in weeks, no one at home's going hungry..."

    Unbeknownst to her, there were an old man, of Chinese descent stood nearby, holding a jewellery box. A small, red buggy creature floated next to him, eyeing Molly warily.

    "Master, I'm not really sure about this one," she began, "The Ladybug miraculous is supposed to be used for good, and that girl's a thief! She just stole the biggest loaf of bread from that man's stand!"

    "A thief she may be, Tikki," he said warily, "But she's also incredibly smart and resourceful. The power granted by the Ladybug miraculous needs a resourceful user, someone who can work out the solution to anything, no matter what the Lucky Charm item they receive is."

    Tikki cast a brief glance back at Molly. "I just hope that she won't use her lucky charm to steal..."

    The man gave her a knowing look. "Trust me on this, Tikki. I've never been wrong about the chosen ones before, have I?"

    "I suppose not," she finally said.

    Master Fu took a quick glance at the other miraculouses in the box. He was hoping to choose some other people, to wield miraculouses today, not just Molly, but it was hard to tell who to pick...

    Nonetheless, he closed the box, and went over to the girl. "Excuse me, young lady," he began, "Can I perhaps, interest you in some jewellery?"

    Molly blinked. A random man, asking a peasant like her, if she wanted to buy jewellery? He must be out of his mind. "Do I look like I can afford jewellery to you?"

    The man shook his head. "I wasn't asking if you'd like to buy, dear," he answered, "There's a very special piece of jewellery in my box, right here, that I'd like you to have, for free."

    "Free jewellery? You're off your rocker!" Molly scoffed, "As if I'm gonna believe that! You're trying to lure me away and kidnap me, aren't you?"

    He opened the box, choosing a pair of earrings from the top. "The earrings I'm about to give you...Well, I'm sure that you'll find out in due time. But trust me, your encounter with me, right here, will shape your destiny."

    And he dropped the earrings into Molly's palm, leaving her utterly confused.

    The man wandered back through the market, still carrying his jewellery box. The other chosen ones were nearby, he could feel it...But where were they?

    (NOTE: Master Fu will be an NPC, open for anyone to control)
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  4. Walking around the Leadenhall Market, Elizabeth had one mission: buy some meat and bread. Also, not getting found out was a mission too, but she always had that mission. Posing as a boy to help her family pay for their meals made her feel tingly and heavy inside; helping and lying at the same time. Paying for some fish, she headed off to the bread stand.

    When she got there, she found the vendor yelling curses at the crowd, claiming a theif had stolen a loaf of bread. Feeling sorry for the man, she slapped down enough coins to pay for the stolen loaf and the two loaves she was buying. Thanking luck she had just enough to help the poor chap out, she started walking away, thinking of an explanation to tell her mother why she had spent all of her money that wouldn't get her in trouble.
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  5. Molly shook her head, all ready to throw the strange earrings away. Like this little piece of jewellery, and that encounter with the strange old man really had the power to shape her destiny. Like either of those things would feed her siblings, and get her family out of poverty. Like either of those things would help stop her youngest sibling, Emily, of dying from tuberculosis.

    She opened her hand, eyes widening, when she got a closer look at the design of the earrings. She'd never seen anything like them; they didn't actually appear to have been made with any jewels, and instead, appeared enamel-like. They were red, and covered with tiny black spots. They were almost like little ladybugs.

    Molly smiled to herself, and stashed them in her pocket, deciding that she would keep them. They probably weren't magical, or fate changing, but they were pretty, and she'd never had any jewellery in her life. Molly had never had much of anything, not even the basics, for that matter...

    She pulled the ribbons out of her hair, tied it in a bun, and put a lace bonnet on, before wandering back into the market hall like nothing had happened. There were a million and one peasants like her there, so many, that it would be impossible for the vendors on the other side of the market to pick her out.

    Molly, once again, was careful about choosing her target. She noticed some strange young chap paying the baker double the cost of one of his loaves, though she couldn't imagine what for...
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  6. As Elizabeth was exiting the market, she felt a hand touch her pockets. She whipped her head around, seeing no one, and checking the pocket that had been touched, she felt only a lump. Taking it out as she left, it turned out to be a small box with red designs. She had no idea how it got there, but it was there.

    Slipping it back into her pocket, she wondered if the hand she felt wanted her to have it. Pondering this thought, she reached her house, realizing she hadn't thought of a suitable excuse. She waz going to have to tell the cold hard truth and suffer the consequences.

    Knocking on her house's door cuased it to open.

    That wasn't normal.
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  7. Eliza was walking around Leadenhall Market, and she would never admit she actually got lost in the sea of talking and shopping people. You see, she went out with her parents and brother to buy food and maybe something for themselves. When they were about to buy some bread, the only daughter of the Lewis family got distracted by a stand selling trinkets, a certain shining bell had caught her attention. Before she knew it, Eliza had wandered away and couldn't see her family anymore, well they couldn't be too far, she'd find them again eventually.

    Looking around, she fiddled with the sleeves of her new dress. Now don't take her for a high class girl with the money to buy dresses regularly, her father is a tailor, so whenever he doesn't have much work he makes clothes for them. Eliza still giggled at the old memory of her brother, William, crying out when their father prickled him while taking the measures and refusing to let him continue. She only noticed how distracted she was, after accidentally bumping into an old man she quickly apologized, bowing her head lightly after the man said it was fine and walked off.

    "Maybe I should just go back and look for dad..." No sooner than she muttered that, a little boy ran past her holding to his chest a flat cap with a few apples. She sighed, seeing the child's old and dirty clothes, looking back when she heard a man yelling about a thief. Frowning, she sidestepped so he wouldn't crash into her, and an idea popped into her mind. Eliza slightly pulled up the right side of her skirt so it wouldn't get dirty, and sneaked her foot in the way of the man, and the moment his leg got caught, she pulled the man's leg back, making sure he tripped and fell face first on the ground.

    "Oh my! Are you alright sir? Do you need help?" Stepping in front of the fallen male, she looked back to see the kid hide in an alley, and offered him a hand to help him up. Once the male was up he quickly scowled, patting off the dust that got into his shirt.

    "Where did that bloody street rat go!? He stole my apples!" The vendor looked around frowning, trying to find the poor kid until he heard the girl in front of him clear her throat.

    "Excuse me, would this be enough to pay for what that child stole?" Eliza held her palm up, some coins piled up on it. Yes, she knew it was some more than the most likely price of the fruit, but maybe he wouldn't stop chasing the boy for the exact price, and that was her point. Huffing and grumbling an affirmation, the man snatched the coins and walked off, back to his stand. When she went to the alley and tried to talk to the boy, he had already left, although she wasn't really surprised, he had just been chased so he probably was scared. Sighing for a second time, she walked back to find her family.
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  8. As Robert continued to walk around aimlessly, he accidentally bumped into a police officer. His eyes widened after looking up at the officer. 'Oh no!' He thought to himself.

    The officer looked down at Robert. "Hey, watch it!" He said and noticed that Robert was alone. The officer looked around and looked back down at Robert. "Where are your parents?" He asked.

    Robert slowly backed away after hearing that question.

    Just by seeing Robert's reaction, the officer could assume that he has no parents. "Young man, I think you and I need to take a quick trip to the orphanage," said the officer as he proceeded to reach for Robert's arm.

    But before the officer could grab Robert, an old man walked into the scene. "Excuse me officer, this child is with me," the old man said, "We got separated and I've been looking everywhere for him. I'm very sorry if he caused you any trouble."

    Robert went over to the old man and stood behind him.

    "Oh, I see," said the officer, "For a second I thought he was an orphan. Try not to get separated next time." And with that, the officer walked away.

    Robert sighed in relief after that. "Th-Thank you...." He said to the old man.

    The old man turned to Robert. "It was my pleasure," he said, "You can thank me....by taking this." He proceeded to to pull out a jewelry box. He open the box and pulled out an orange fox tail necklace. "Think of this....as a good luck charm," the old man said and placed the necklace in the palm of Robert's hand, "I'm sure you'll find the one who you're looking for soon."

    Robert looked at the necklace in his hand with amazement. He then realized what the old man just said. "Wait, how did-?" He looked up, but the old man was gone. It was as if he vanished into thin air. Robert put the necklace in his pocket and walked into an alley.
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  9. Once Molly was done stealing from the marketplace, she exited quietly, decided to head home, for now. Her father was at work, and her youngest siblings were off playing in the streets, which left her alone with her youngest sibling, Emily, for the time being.

    She put her spoils in the appropriate cupboards, before heading upstairs, to check on Emily. Once she was certain that she was settled, for now, Molly headed to her bedroom, and decided to put the earrings on. She'd never had anything like them in her life, and despite them being only a tiny piece of jewellery, she wanted to at least put them on, and feel...Pretty, she supposed, for once in her life.

    Once the earrings were on, they turned black, much to Molly's surprise, and a strange, buggy creature popped out. Thinking it was just a strange-looking bug, Molly took her shoe off, prepared to dispatch it like she did all of the other vermin; by beating it to death, and disposing of the corpse.

    "Damn vermin!" Molly cried, trying, and failing, to hit the creature, "Stay outta my house! I've got enough to deal with without you around!"

    "But I'm not vermin!" the creature said desperately, struggling to avoid Molly's blows, "My name's Tikki, and I'm a kwami! I grant you the power to become Miraculous Ladybug!"

    Molly paled, when she heard what she thought was the creature talking. She didn't know what a kwami was, but she guessed that they weren't supposed to talk...

    "Kwami? What the bloody hell"--

    Tikki finally got out of Molly's way. "Master Fu, that is, the old man you saw at the market, gave you my miraculous. The earrings," she explained, "When you say, 'Tikki, spots on', I inhibit your miraculous, and give you the power to become a ladybug themed superhero!"

    Molly froze. "Super-what?"

    "Someone with special powers," she continued, "When you transform, you have a special ability called lucky charm, which summons an item you can use to achieve a goal of yours, like defeating a bad guy. But once you use it, you only have five minutes until you transform back into your normal self, so be careful."

    The peasant girl was completely lost, until the creature mentioned the desire part. A lucky charm, which could help get her family out of poverty, and cure her little sister's tuberculosis...She'd be a fool not to at least give it a try.

    "Tikki, spots on!" she said quietly.
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  10. Jessie had finished a delivery of baked goods. Since she was told that she wouldn't be needed again for awhile, she decided to wander around the marketplace. There was some ruckus about a thief, but the matter had been resolved some time ago. This wasn't new. That was just what some people had to do to survive. It was sad, really.
  11. Flashes of light consumed Molly, as Tikki was sucked into the earrings. Her peasant gown, stockings, drawers, and even her shoes and hair ribbons disappeared, and were replaced with a long, bright red dress, with black spots, and several black petticoats underneath. A red mask sporting the same design covered her eyes. A yoyo attached itself to her waist, and with that, the transformation was complete.

    Molly took a moment to admire herself in the mirror. She'd never admit it, but she'd secretly always wanted to be able to dress up like a noble lady; in pretty dresses, and petticoats. And now, it seemed that finally, her wish had been granted.

    She glanced down at the yoyo. She had plenty of things she wanted to use her lucky charm on, but Tikki had never said what the limits of the lucky charm actually were. Could it really cure Emily's TB, and get her out of poverty, so she wouldn't have to steal anymore? Or was it limited only to small things, like helping her steal bigger loaves of bread? Either way, she thought that it was best used for something small first.

    She decided that she'd head back to the market, and check it out. Her father's birthday was coming up soon, so maybe she'd use her lucky charm to steal him a present...
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  12. Worriedly peeking into the house, Elizabeth was panicked. What had happened? Unsure of herself, she looked around. The house was slightly ransacked, nothing too bad. She checked her attic room, the room she had so graciously took to give her mother a real room, finding it simply untouched.

    Everything was in its place, her meager belongings still there. Seeing this, some theories she had made got more proof... and the theories weren't good. Had her mother left her? For real? Her hand went to the box she got earlier. Was it somehow linked with this?

    She opened it and was greeted aith a purple ball of light.
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  13. (Assuming that CrazyCoolKid isn't joining, we'll keep the peacock villain from before, Cordelia. You may use her as and when you want to. She's an NPC, open for anyone to control)

    Once she had arrived at the market again, Molly knew immediately what it was she wanted to get. Her father had needed a new pair of shoes since forever, but he hadn't been able to afford to buy any, even though his old ones were this close to giving him trench foot...

    She looked over at someone who was polishing a display of nice, shiny black work boots. And then she looked at the yoyo again. How was she supposed to activate it? Was she supposed to tell it what she wanted? Say, 'Lucky charm', and have it automatically make the object she needed, without it needing to know what she wanted? She decided to try a combination of both.

    "Lucky charm, get--"

    She was cut off the instant that she'd said lucky charm, and her yoyo shot up into the air, spinning as colourful flashes spiralled out from it. And then, when it was finished, a bag sporting the same pattern as her dress dropped into her hand.

    Molly opened the bag cautiously. Much to her delight, it was filled with shillings, just enough that she could afford the most durable pair of boots on display.

    "Huh. Guess this ladybug thing might not be so bad," she commented, traipsing over to the stand.


    A beady pair of blue eyes cast a glare at the girl, as she chatted to the guy at the stand about her father. Her, from what she could tell, loving father, who did his very best for her and all of her family.

    The girl balled her fists. Cordelia had been born into a very wealthy family. She had everything she could ever have wanted; pretty dresses, dolls, maids who prepared glorious feasts for her at the snap of a finger, and yet, she still wanted more. Well, actually, taht wasn't quite true; all she wanted was for her father to pay attention to her every now again. Her, and not his work. Her, and not the boy he was planning to marry her off to, when she came of age. Her, and not the orphans at the foundling hospital he owned. The orphans he only doted on to boost his own public image. The orphans who were taking her father's love away from her...
  14. The girl hummed a tune as she walked, hoping the child wouldn't get into any trouble like before. She understood he needed to steal for now, so her only wish was for him to be more careful next time.

    "Hello young one, would you be interested in some jewellery?" Eliza looked in the direction of the voice, finding an old, chinese looking man next to her. She looked around discreetly, but saw no stand around them selling what he said.

    "I'm sorry, but I don't have any money right now and even if I could find my parents to ask for it, I cannot see your stand to find you later." Even though she spoke in a kind tone her eyes darted around, as if looking for any suspicious person around them.

    "Do not worry about money or a stand, child. In this box here, I have a special ring which I'm sure you were destined to have." As he spoke, the man opened said box and took a black ring from the top before closing it again. A small, almost knowing smile formed on his face as he showed her the black ring.

    That piece of jewellery was beautiful, and suddenly that was everything in Eliza's mind as all her guards fell. "Do you mean it? Can I really have it for free?"

    "Of course, I believe you will make good use of it." The old man dropped the ring on her open hand and left while she examined it, leaving Eliza confused as to what his last words meant.

    The girl's confusion ended shortly, however, when her arm was suddenly grabbed and caused her to hide the obsidian colored object on her pocket almost by reflex. She relaxed the moment she heard her brother's voice. "Bloody Hell, Eliza! Why would you wander off like that!? Let's go home. Goodness gracious, you almost killed me, you dunderhead."

    Deciding she would try her new ring on later, she walked back to her parents holding her brother's arm. Eliza knew he was just worried, so she didn't say a word while he ranted in whispers until they reached their home.
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  15. With her task accomplished, Molly walked back home, de-transforming just as she closed the door. Tikki reappeared in front of her, flopping over on the table.

    "Think I could get used to this Ladybug thing, Tikki," Molly commented, "For once in my life, I didn't have to steal!"

    Tikki reached for one of Molly's stolen apples. "I suppose not," she answered.

    "Hey, what are you doing with those apples?" Molly began, "They were supposed to feed my siblings!"

    Tikki swallowed her bite. "I'm sorry, Molly, but whenever you use my power, I have to eat something to recharge," she explained, "If I don't, then I can't turn you into Ladybug, so you're gonna have to keep food on you all the time, in case you have to transform!"

    "But I'm only goona need my powers to get stuff I need," Molly scoffed, "It's not like there's someone out there who's got it out for me, is there?"


    Nearby, Cordelia had selected a target. Six year old girl, just separated from her foster parents. Crying every night for her mother, for her home, and for her dolly, whom the matrons at the foundling hospital she was living in had cruelly thrown away.

    A feather flew at the girl, embedding itself in her hair ribbon. And then she heard a voice. The voice told her that her mother was waiting for her, just outside of the city...

    And her eyes lit up blue, as she began running towards the edge of the road.
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  16. Once Robert went into the empty alley, he sat down against the wall and looked at the necklace. He thought about what the old man said about how this could be a 'good luck charm'. "Yeah, right," he said with a bit of disbelief, "But, it can't hurt to think of it as one." He then put the necklace on, and after doing so, it began to glow. A few seconds later, something came out of the necklace and hovered in front of Robert.

    What hovered in front of Robert was a little fox-like creature, which appears to be female. "Hiya! Trixx is the name!" The creature said with a smirk.

    Robert couldn't believe what was in front of him, and proceeded to faint from shock.

    "Oh boy," Trixx said with a sigh.
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  17. The possessed girl continued running, eyes lighting up even brighter, as the voice in her head spoke up again.

    "Listen carefully. If you want to find your mother, you must leave this city, as quickly as you possibly can," it instructed, "Don't turn back. If anyone tries to stop you, I will sort them out. You just focus on running."

    The girl nodded. One way or another, she had to find her mother, and get away from that horrible hospital. No matron would beat her, or yell at her ever again.


    With night falling soon, Molly decided that she'd start preparing dinner.

    She went to the kitchen, about to cook some of her cockles, when she noticed something a bit odd out the window. A little girl with unnaturally bright blue eyes, running down the street like her life depended on it.

    "What the..."
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  18. Jessie noticed a girl with unnaturally bright blue eyes running down the street like her life depended on it. "Hey, kid!" Jessie called out. The girl didn't seem to hear her. She started to run, eventually catching up with her and keeping pace. "Why are you running?" Jessie asked.
  19. "Mother," the girl simply said, "Mother is waiting for me. I have to find her. I don't want to go back to the hospital"---

    The girl's expression changed, her eyes flashing bright red. "Stay out of my way," a deeper, much more threatening voice demanded, "I have to run away. If I don't, I'll never find my mother!"

    A flurry of blue feathers appeared to sprout from the girl's hands, and she launched them at the older girl in a hurry, eyes teturning to normal, as soon as the job was done.


    Molly, meanwhile, was left stunned by the sight. She turned to her kwami, hoping that she would have some answers.

    "Tikki, did you see that just now?" she asked, "That little girl, with the bright blue eyes?"

    The kwami nodded solemnly. "Yes. By the looks of things, she's been possessed by someone using the peacock miraculous, and they're not using it for good..."

    Molly raised an eyebrow. "A miraculous? You mean, like the earrings that old man gave me?"

    "Yes," Tikki confirmed, "Many years ago, Master Fu...The old man who gave you my miraculous, that is...Made a mistake that resulted in the loss of some of the miraculouses. And it seems that now, someone's using the power of the peacock miraculous to lure that little girl away."

    Molly nodded. "Alright. Well, I think now, it's time to go Ladybug, and try to stop her," she answered, "How do we undo...Whatever's possessing that little girl?"

    Tikki floated to the window. "First, you have to remove the item the feather's been embedded in," she instructed, "Then, you have to get the feather, and embed it in something else. As Ladybug, you don't have the power to remove the feather's power, so you'll have to keep any feathers you collect stored, so no one else can find them."

    "Got it," Molly replied, "Tikki, spots on!"
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  20. "What the - ?" Jessie cried out. By some miracle she had dodged the feathers. "Now I know that that isn't natural." She had the strange feeling, like someone was trying to lure the girl out of the town for their own malicious purposes. "Whoever's doing this needs to be stopped. But what can I do? I don't have the power to stop them." Unknown to Jessie, there was an old man who had an answer to the question. 'She doesn't have the power to stop them. At least, not yet, she doesn't.' the old man thought.
  21. Having completed her transformation, Molly grabbed the yoyo from her waist, and ran away, chasing the possessed child in hot pursuit. Her petticoats were massive, and nice and sturdy, and they did a splendid job of keeping her dress out of the way of her legs. Still, it was hard to run at full speed, in a floor-length dress, but even as a superhero, one had to keep appropriate manners of dress in mind.

    She launched her yoyo at a nearby chimney, using it to swing herself closer to the girl.
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  22. Jessie caught sight of a flash of red heading towards the little girl. "What is that?" Jessie wondered out loud. A sudden tap on her shoulder made her jump. She turned around to see an old man. "My apologies miss. I didn't mean to startle you." the old man said. He took out a strange looking box that looked like it might hold some kind of jewelry. He handed it to her. "Wait, your giving this to me? For free?" Jessie said, stunned. The old man nodded. "Something tells me that you were destined to have it." He then turned and walked away, leaving a confused Jessie standing there.
  23. Landing with a thud on the pavement, Molly continued running, eyes focused solely on her target. A soft blue glow was radiating from the ribbon on the girl's head, which was keeping her bonnet in place. It was a similar colour to her eyes, so Molly could only guess that that was where the feather was embedded.

    Judging from the girl's lack of drawers, and her plain clothing, she had come from a foundling hospital. She was probably either looking for her foster mother, whom she'd have recently been snatched from, or her biological mother.
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  24. Jessie went to the nearest empty alleyway and opened the box. She caught a brief glimpse of a hair comb that resembled a bee before the sudden bright light came from the box. It faded away as suddenly as it had started to shine. A small, bee-like creature hovered in front of her. "Hello." The creature said softly. Jessie did what just about anyone would do in this situation. She screamed.
  25. The possessed girl made a bee-line for a nearby alleyway, just escaping Molly's sights for a second. The ladybug themed hero sighed, upon realising that her thick dress would not fit through the tight space, and she was forced to launch herself into the air again. She chased her from above, in the hopes of being able to launch an aerial assault, when the time came.

    Molly's attention was briefly drawn to a girl about her age, plus what appeared to be another kwami. A bee-themed one...
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  26. The creature waited for Jessie to calm down, then tried again. "Hello." the creature said, in the same soft voice as before. "Who are you? What are you?" Jessie asked. "My name is Pollen, and I am a kwami. When I inhabit the miraculous I give the wielder of the miraculous superpowers." Pollen said. "The miraculous? You mean the comb?" Jessie asked. "Yes." Pollen responded. "How does it work?" Jessie asked.
  27. Molly was steadily tiring of the seemingly endless chase, but she couldn't afford to give up. This little girl would probably end up somewhere far, far worse than a foundling hospital, if she wasn't caught soon, like a workhouse, or a factory...Or maybe some petty upper-class family would 'take pity' on her, and make her their maid.

    She glanced down at her yoyo. The lucky charm had previously conjured up a bag of shillings, when she wanted those boots, but what exactly could it do, to help her catch a possessed little girl...?
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  28. "To transform, just say 'Pollen, Stinger up!' If you wish to detransform before you time out, say 'Stinger down!'" Pollen said. "Your power is a paralyzing bee sting-like attack. To activate it just call out 'Stun Sting!' But after you use it, you have five minutes before you detransform, so be wise in you use of it."
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  29. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Molly caught up to the girl. Her blue eyes flashed red, and her head began to twitch, as the ladybug themed hero backed her against a wall.

    "It's over, peacock," Molly said menacingly, "Let this kid go! What the hell are you thinking, leading an orphan girl away, with false promises about finding her mother?!"

    "They're not false!" the girl insisted, in an uncharacteristically deep voice, "Her...My mother is waiting for me! I have to et to her!"

    And the girl blasted a barrage of feathers at Molly, the hero only just managing to shield herself from the blast.
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  30. "Pollen, Stinger up!" Jessie called out. She was soon surrounded by flashes of yellow light that changed her outfit. Once the light subsided, she looked herself over. She wore a yellow long sleeved shirt and a black bow tie under a plain black waistcoat. Black trousers, yellow stockings, and black boots (The kind worn by men) accompanied the outfit. A top-like toy hung around her waist. The top half of the mask was black and the bottom half was yellow.
  31. Realising that she wasn't going to get through to the villain inside, Molly decided to go for the girl instead. It was going to be tough, but she had to make her see reason, somehow.

    "Look, kid, I'm sorry, but that peacock lady's lying to you," she said desperately, "Your mother isn't going to be where she says she is! She's trying to lure you away!"

    "LIAR!" she cried, conjuring up another blast, "I will find my mother, I will, I will! I'm not going back to that horrible hospital!"
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  32. Remembering that the girl was headed out of town, Jessie decided to go after her. Eventually, she caught up with the girl. She noticed that a girl in a ladybug themed outfit had the same idea. She then noticed that the ribbon holding her bonnet on was glowing the same bright blue as the girl's eyes, and had a feather embedded in it. 'That definitely has something to do with what's going on.' Jessie thought.
  33. Molly shook her head. There was no way that she could convince the girl to go back, when she Knew exactly what kind of places foundling hospitals were. Children were warehoused in cold, empty hallways, receiving only the most basic education from cruel matrons, until they were shipped off into work at age sixteen.

    "Looks like I don't have a choice," Molly remarked, "Sorry about this, kid...Lucky charm!"
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  34. Jessie saw the girl with the ladybug themed outfit call out "Lucky charm!". Jessie's eyes widened. 'That must be her special power.' Jessie thought. 'Which means that she's a miraculous holder too!'
  35. This time, Molly's lucky charm produced a length of thick rope, probably the kind used for mooring boats at the docks where the fishing boats were.

    "I guess I'm supposed to make a lasso with this, or something?" Molly said aloud. Her yoyo worked fine when it came to tying up things, but its stretchy, everlasting string didn't do much to restrain moving targets. This rope would do the job much better.

    She glanced around, only to find that she was seeing everything in monochrome, except for the target. She was highlighted in red, the same red as her dress. And the same girl from before was there now too, and she appeared to be in a bee-themed outfit, with a trompo hanging from her waist. It was a wild guess, but...

    "Uh, hey...Don't suppose you're a miraculous holder, are you?"
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  36. "Yes." Jessie replied. "Same as you. Well, not exactly the same. You know what I mean." She sighed.
  37. "I don't suppose you know more about what's going on here than I do, do you?" Molly asked, "Y'see, I'm new to being ladybug, and I'm afraid I don't know anything, besides what my superpowers are, and the fact that I have to remove the feather possessing that little girl. My lucky charm power just gave me this length of rope, but aside from tying that girl up, I dunno how it's supposed to help me get rid of that feather. I don't have the power to purify those feathers..."
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  38. "I'm new at this too. So I know about as much as you know." Jessie said. "I figured out the feather thing on my own though." Jessie paused. "I don't suppose you have a plan to capture her?"
  39. Molly glanced down at the length of rope in her hands. It would make a fine lasso, if she knotted it really tightly, and if she was quick, she could catch and restrain the little girl, no problem. But she didn't have anything to cover the feather blasts she'd probably use, to try and escape...

    "My lucky charm gave me this rope, so I could probably use that to tie her up," she began, "But I'll need something to cover me against those feather blasts..."
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  40. "This'll be no good in that department." Jessie said holding out the trompo. "But, ..." She recalled what Pollen had told her about her special power. "But I can use my power to paralyze her. I don't know how long it will last, so you'll have to move quickly if I use it."

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