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A Nobody's Adventure [Chapter 3 Added]

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tragar, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. A Nobody's Adventure
    Chapter 1

    Surrounded by mountains, a small patch of trees can be seen. There are very few clouds in the sky. The wind is blowing softly, making the leaves in the trees dance in the wind. There is a young man sitting near one of the trees with a Raticate with him. He is eating with the Raticate, who looks very happy. From where the man is sitting, a small town can be seen in the distance.
    "Boring day today, isn't it Raticate?" Said the young man.

    "Ratta!" Said the Raticate, it's voice muffled because of the food in it's mouth.

    "Do you like living here, Raticate?" Said the man.

    "Ratta! Raticate!" Said the Raticate, finished with it's food. The man didn't look to happy. He looked worried about something.

    "Ratta?" Said the Raticate with a puzzled look.

    "Hmm? Oh, sorry Raticate. I was just thinking about June." Said the man. He sighed.

    "Ratta. Raticate!" The Raticate said. It started tugging on the man's leg.

    "What is it, Raticate?" Said the man, now having a puzzled look just like the Raticate had. The Raticate then ran off towards the town.

    "Hey, wait up Raticate!" Said the man, who got up and chased the Raticate. ‘What is Raticate doing? It usually doesn't act like this. I better catch up with it.' Thought the man, still chasing after it...

    The man chased the Raticate all the way to the square of distant town. When he finally caught up, he was breathing heavily.

    "Huff huff…Why did…you run…off Raticate?" Said the man when he caught his breath.

    "Raticate! Ratta, Raticate!" Then Raticate started to run again, but this time it didn't pass up houses. It ran straight into a alleyway.

    "No! Not again Raticate!" Said the man, still tired from chasing Raticate to the square. The Raticate didn't listen.

    "Darn it! Come back Raticate!" Said the man, who couldn't keep up this time. After half an hour, he gave up on finding Raticate. ‘Raticate knows the way around town, so he will come home sooner or later.' Thought the man. ‘This is very unusual of Raticate. He has never done this before. Maybe he already went home?'

    "George? Is that you?" Said a woman's voice. The man turned around.

    "June! Why are you out so late?" Asked George, who was surprised to see her.

    "Well, I was about to eat dinner when your I heard something outside. Can you guess what it was, George?" Asked June, with a smile on her face.

    "No. What was it?" George asked, thinking about what it was that could be outside June's house.

    "It was your Raticate! He was scratching on my door. When I opened my door, he started pulling on my dress. I then decided to follow him here." When June finished this sentence, Raticate suddenly appeared behind her.

    "Raticate! Ratta!" Said Raticate, who was happy that he brought June to George.

    "Oh, hey Raticate. Why did you run off like that? You had me worried all afternoon. It's ok though. You were trying to make me happy, and I thank you." Said George, who then started to pet Raticate.

    "Would you like to have dinner with me George? I have already made it back at my house." Asked June.

    "Sure. Why not?" Answered George. They then headed toward June's house. They didn't talk on the way there for several minutes. George broke the silence by saying,

    "You know I have never been to your house before. You always came to mine when we were younger."

    "Well, I think it will surprise you." Said June, who started to giggle.

    "Well, here we are!" Said June, when they reached a giant house that was as big as a Wailord.

    "THIS is your house, June?! How come you never invited me here instead of going to my house?" Said George, who was very shocked at the size of June's house.

    "Well, I would rather go out than stay at my house. And my parents are so nervous around others..." Said June, who looked embarrassed.

    "Well...even though it was a bit shocking, I guess I'll just have to get used to it.." Said George, "Let's go inside. It's getting a bit dark." They went inside June's house. The main hall was fairly big, with a piano and several doors.

    "Which way is the bathroom? I would like to nice if I'm eating with your family." Asked George. June looked embarrassed again.

    "Oh...its down that hall, the 2nd door on the right. I'll wait here for you, ok?" Said June.

    "Ok. Stay here with June, ok Raticate?" George told Raticate.

    "Ratta! Ratticate!" Said Raticate, who then nodded.

    When George got back to the main hall, he noticed that June was gone. Instead, he saw a man in a suit at the bottom of the stairs.

    "I'm guessing you are Master George, are you not?" Said the man.

    "Yes. Who are you?" Asked George, looking very puzzled.

    "I am Sir Leon. I am Miss June's butler." Said Leon.

    "Well, hello Leon. Where is June? She said she would stay here." Asked George.

    "Miss June had to go to the dining room early. She told me that I need to take you there." Replied Leon.

    "Ok then. Lead the way." Said George. They walked up the stairs and towards a door at the end of the hall. The dining room was as big as the main hall, but instead there were several windows and tables instead of doors in the room.

    "Hello George. Come sit here!" Said June, who was sitting at the table in the middle of the room. There was a dark haired man and beautiful woman sitting with her.

    "So, is this the George you talk about, June? He is so handsome!" Said the woman.

    "Now, now, honey, we don't want to embarrass her. Come sit down, George!" Said the man. George walked nervously over to the table.

    "So, I'm guessing these are your parents?" Guessed George.

    "Yea. You guessed right. What do you want to eat?" Asked June.

    "I don't really mind what you give me." Answered George.

    "So...are you a pokemon trainer, George? You have this Raticate following you all the time, or at least that is what June tells me." Said June's mother.

    "That's right! Where is Raticate, June?" Asked George, who was worried that it ran off again.

    "Oh, we took it to our pokemon room on the third floor. We will take you there after dinner." Said June, who almost forgot.

    "Oh, ok. Anyway, yes I am a pokemon trainer, but I won't leave town until next week." Said George.

    "Well, I hope to see you out when you leave. By the way, June, have you ever thought of being a pokemon coordinator? I would love to see you on television!" June's mother said with joy.

    "Mom, you know I am not the kind of person to travel. I was thinking of getting one, but I sometimes do think of what it would be like to be one." Said June, who looked like she started to daydream, but as quickly as she started to, she snapped out of it.

    "Oh, but I would be so proud to see you on television!" Said June's father.

    "Dinner is served." Said Leon, who came out of nowhere. Then, a door on the other end of the hall opened up to show 4 servants with plates. When they put the plates on the table, it was ham and turkey, with mash potatoes and gravy.

    "First a quick prayer. Would you do the honors June?" Said June's mother.

    "I would be honored." When June finished her prayer everyone began to eat.

    "That was the most delicious food I've ever had! Thanks for inviting me June!" Said George, with a very happy expression on his face.

    "Oh! What about Raticate, June? We need to get him!" Said George, who had he shocked expression on his face again.

    "Just follow me, George! May we be exused, mother?" Asked June.

    "Go ahead and have fun, honey! Just try not to make the other pokemon mad again!" Said June's mother. They went back to the main hall and up the stairs again. When they got to the Pokemon room, it was filled with several trees.

    "So where is Raticate? Wait, it's over there with that Zigzagoon!" Said George, who pointed to them. Raticate appeared to be playing tag with a Zigzagoon.

    "Hey! Raticate!" Yelled George as he ran over to where they were.

    "You had fun? I'm sorry to say, but it's time to go now." Said George. Raticate nodded.

    "Thanks for inviting me over, I have a great time. Maybe you should have told me before we got here that you lived in a mansion. I wouldn't have freaked out." Said George, rubbing his head in embarrassment at what he did when they arrived.

    "No problem. I knew you were the kind of person to freak out like that. That's why I did it!" Said June, who giggled.

    "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow!" Said George, who waved bye.

    "Let me go with you to the door." Said June. They got to the main hall and hugged each other bye.
    More will be added as you guys comment...This is my first story that I have, and that I'm probably sticking to for a while. I have the first 8 chapters made, but I need some things. PM me if you want to help, and I will give you the details on what I need...Also, this isn't edited to sound better, so there are no changes at all from when I wrote it...
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  2. Chapter 2
    George woke up the next morning. He still had something on his mind. He had a dream last night that he was holding the Naiot Cup. ‘Weird dream…It's just a dream.' He said, and he hit his head.


    "Ahh!" Said George. He didn't notice Raticate in his lap.

    "Raticate! You scared me!" Said George. Raticate started to laugh.

    "….Hey Raticate? Have you ever thought about going on a journey?" Asked George.

    "Raticate?" Said Raticate, with a confused look.

    "Well…I was thinking…Maybe we can go on a Pokemon Journey?" He asked. Raticate jumped.

    "I knew you would be shocked. I just had a dream that I won the Naiot Cup. You know…the cup that the Pokemon champion gets?" He pointed to a poster of it on the wall.

    "Ratta…Raticate…Rat?" Said Raticate, as if to say "But…what about…June?"

    "June? I don't know if she will come…She doesn't really have a partner…maybe we can ask Kai if he can give her one if she wants to come." Said George. Kai was the neighborhood professor. Not as nearly as famous as Professor Oak, Elm, or Rowan, Professor Kai is still decent at Pokemon research.

    "Let's go back to June's house and ask her about it…" Said George.

    When George and Raticate got to June's house, he jumped again. He is such a forgetful person. He rang the doorbell. After a few minutes, he heard a voice.

    "Who is there? Say your name." It was the voice of Leon.

    "It's George." Said George.

    "Ratta!" Said Raticate.

    "Oh…and Raticate too! We want to talk to June." Said George.

    "Come in, Sir George." Said Leon, and the door swung open.

    "Ms. June is up in the Pokemon Room again. Do you want me to guide you, sir?" Asked Leon.

    "No thank you, Leon. I remember from last time." Said George.

    "Very well…I bid you adieu…" Said Leon, who left.

    "June! Are you here?" Shouted George in the Pokemon Room. Several Starly flew out of their trees, making him jump.

    "Geez, George! Could you be any louder?" Said June who stood up from under the trees.

    "What were you doing?" Asked George.

    "Oh, I was feeding this here Zigzagoon. Remember it from last night?" June replied. George had a flashback to last night when he saw Raticate playing tag with the Zigzagoon.

    "Zigzagoon!" Said the little Zigzagoon. It then ran off into the bushes.

    "So what made you come down here today, George?" Said June.

    "Oh…well…see…I was actually wondering if you wanted to go on a journey…I have a feeling that it's the right time, and I mean, we are both old enough…Do you want to?" George asked, half embarrassed.

    "Why, George, I've been waiting for you to ask me that for years! You know how my mother mentioned me on television? I had a dream last night that I would be in the Grand Contest in Celestial City!" Said June, who giggled. George jumped.

    "Really?!? I had a dream last night too! I dreamed that I won the Naiot Cup! Maybe it is some coincidence. Well, anyway, you need a Pokemon, don't you? Unless…" George said, staring at the Zigzagoon.

    "Can't you take that Zigzagoon? It is cute, and it looks strong!" Said George, and as soon as he said that, the Zigzagoon came out of the bushes.

    "You have been spying again, haven't you Zigzagoon?" June said giggling.

    "Well, we do need to get Pokedexes…so let's go meet with Professor Kai…" Said George.

    "I guess your right! Let's go!" Said June.
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  3. This is really good.Your grammers good and your paragrahs are long. Also, the plot itself i good. Your tragar from Psypokes right?
  4. How'd ya guess? ;D Anyways, my computer doesn't work that well anymore, and it takes almost 5 minutes to load there...
  5. Lol, Im guessing you know who I am. Anyways, can't wait for more. ;)
  6. Chapter 3

    George and June walked down the path. They saw Professor Kai's Lab in the distance.

    "Well, we are almost there, June. Wonder what it will be like?" Said George.

    "I don't know…but you do know we will have to tell our parents…." Said June.

    "Oh yea…that's right. Well, I know my parents will say yes…" Said George.

    "I know…but mine will be so overjoyed they will want to control me." Said June.

    "Well, anyway, we are here." Said George. He knocked on the door.

    "Hello? Professor Kai? It's George, June, and Raticate! We came to ask you something!" Shouted George. They could here someone shouting in the distance something that was muffled. Then someone opened the door.

    "Why hello George, June, Raticate." Professor Kai said as he looked at each of them.

    "What are you doing here? Need more Pokechow? I have plenty." He said.

    "Actually, Kai, we wanted to talk about…becoming trainers." Said George. This made Kai jump.

    "Po-Pokemon trainers? What made you want to be that so suddenly?" Said Kai in a startled voice.

    "Come in and tell me why you want to all of a sudden!" Said Kai. They entered his Pokemon lab. It was partly messy. Kai was known to be a messy person.

    "Well…me and June both had these dreams. I was holding the Naiot Cup…and June dreamed she was in Celestial City Grand Contest. We both had these dreams last night. I think it‘s more than" Said George in a serious tone.

    "Might as well as be Pokemon trainers…It is strange though to have those dreams. I wonder how it happened. Well, anyway, I will go get some of my spare Pokedexes and register your names into them." Said Kai.

    "Wait here while I go get them." Said Kai.

    "Ok." Said George and June in unison.

    As they waited, they felt nervous. How will they eat, sleep, and do other things? They just had to find out along the way.

    "Ok! I'm back!" Said Kai. He had a pink Pokedex and a blue Pokedex.

    "Just press these buttons," Said Kai, who gave them the Pokedexes, "and it will automatically tell you your ID to anyone who asks." He finished.

    "If I was you guys, I would head straight home and start to pack. You have a big journey ahead of you. Try to literally make those dreams come true, ok?" Said Kai, who then chuckled at the joke.

    "Thanks Professor!" Said George and June in unison again.

    "See you guys!" Said Kai as they left.
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  7. Again--really good Tragar.
  8. It's rather quiet...darn school did this to me!

    Chapter Four: George's Point of View

    "Mom? Are you there?" Yelled George as he entered his house. It was rather clean, unlike most of the neighbor's houses.

    "Yes, honey?" Said George's mother as she appeared from the kitchen. She was scrubbing a plate with an overused wash cloth.

    "Well, you know how I have always wished to be a trainer, but I was too nervous to do it?" Said George, still rather nervous.

    "Why, yes, honey! You bring it up every time at dinner! You say that you are going to leave soon but you never have." She said, partially laughing.

    "Well, I mean it this time. Look," He said, reaching into his pocket and taking out his Pokèdex, "I can prove it by showing you this!" He finished saying. George then pressed the info button.

    "Hello. I am the Pokèdex Version 5.0. I have been given to George from Normanda Town to help him with his Pokèmon journey. I am able to keep phone numbers, as well as tell George about each and every Pokèmon seen his journey. If this Pokèdex is stolen, another one shall not be supplied." The Pokèdex finished its explanation.

    "Well, I guess that is proof! You know I approve of this! I am fine with any decision that you make!" George's mother said, but her face said that she didn't agree. She was very sad about this.

    "What's wrong, Mom? Do you really agree with me going on this journey?" Asked George. He was always concerned about how his family was doing.

    "Oh, it's nothing. I just will be here all alone since your father had to go away on business." She said, starting to get teary-eyed.

    "Oh, Mom…You know that I will always be with you…in your heart!" George said.

    "Oh, honey!" She said and hugged George.

    "You know exactly what to say!" She said, crying. They stood there for a minute, as if frozen in place. George's mother was the one to move.

    Chapter Four: June's Point of View

    After separating with George and Raticate, June headed off towards her house. On the way, she pondered on what to say to her parents. ‘Hi Mom and Dad! Hey, I'm a trainer now! Gotta go start packing! Bye!' She thought. Nothing that she thought of was easy enough for her to do. She might as well as go with the slow approach.

    When she got home, she opened the door. It was slightly dark, making the main hall seem eerie. June was used to it, though.

    "Hello? Leon! Are you there?" Said June, as she closed the door. Her voice echoed.

    "Yes, Madam June?" Said Leon, mysteriously showing up behind her. She didn't jump like George usually did, though.

    "Can you show me to where my parents are right now?" Asked June.

    "It shall be my pleasure." Politely said Leon, bowing.

    Leon knocked on the door.

    "Master and Lady, Madam June needs a word with you." Said Leon.

    "Ahh, yes! Come in, June!" Said June's father, opening the door.

    "What is it that you want, June?" Said June's mother as they sat down at a table in the room.

    "Well…umm.. Mom… Dad… I'm…" Said June, almost too nervous to speak.

    "You're what, honey?" Asked her father.

    "I'm… I'm a Pokèmon trainer now!" She finally blurted out. She felt now like something got off her back.

    "Oh, honey! You don't know how long we have been waiting for you to say that!" Said her mother. June looked rather confused and complacent at the same time.

    "Don't you want me to stay here?" Asked June.

    "Oh, yes honey, but you're 17! You will have to leave some time, and we were waiting to see if you were brave enough to tell us!" Said June's father with joy.

    "Well…ok then! I guess I might as well as start packing!" Said June, now partly surprised to see how easy it was.

    "Oh, let us dear. Leon!" Shouted June's mother.

    "Yes, my Lady?" Said Leon at the door.

    "Please pack a bag of June's finest dresses, her ideal items she wants to take, and some food for the road!" Said June's mother.

    "As you wish, my Lady. Madam June, please follow me if you will." Said Leon.

    "I would be delighted." Responded June.
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