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Private/Closed A New Uprising: Unova

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Cmeriwether, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Events far after the anime: An evil team bent on taking a region for their own by chaos, has invaded Unova, taking the Elite Four out of the picture, and threatening their Champion, Lana Montgomery. This sparked a call to action from Frontier brain Firey "The Maze Guardian" Argentston, calling as many trainers from all regions as he could get, Including Darius Legend, Champion of Hoenn, The Unovan Coordinator, Ariana Montgomery-Argentston, The Recently promoted principal of the Pokemon School Johann Oak, Marco Martin, Champion of Sinnoh, Zachary Zirconis, Champion of Kalos, Carmen Nagolini, Champion of Kanto, The Blue Coordinator, Sophia Mirano-Legend, David Johann, Referee Commander, Eugene Gong, Champion Alola, and a Mystery Female trainer called "The Wandering Darkness". Your character has either responded to the call to action, or is invading Unova.

    Character sheet:

    Age: (18-45)
    Rank: (Grunt is the lowest, Admin Upper Half is highest without PMing me.)
    Pokemon (Looking for Nickname, Species, gender, Ability)

    Age: (15-25)
    Squad: (The other Champions, Firey and Ariana, command a Squad, looking for Johto and Galar champions, PM me if interested about those.)
    Pokemon: (Nickname, Species, Ability, Gender)

    Squads for Heroes Character Sheets

    1. Led by Firey Argentston
      1. Ben

    1. Led by Ariana Montgomery-Argentston
      1. Jade Star

    1. Led by Carmen Nagolini
      1. Brian Killian
      2. Hisato Kimura III

    1. Led by Darius Legend
      1. David Shorewater

    1. Led by Marco Martin
      1. JC

    1. Led.by Zachary Zirconis

    1. Led.by Eugene Gong
      1. Ryder Kazudo

    1. Chrom

    Tags: @ThAtGuY101 @Lynxses @EnviousWorm @Baymaxman13 @Hecotoro @Eliiiscool @Schrift007 @Ghostryder30 @Gamingfan @Night's Shadow

    If you have questions ask away, I'll answer them.
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  2. Yeah... I may have a question or two. Don't recognize any of the names. I'm assuming they are all OCs?

    You made another RP with team darkarrows ,but it ended up dying? I'm assuming your trying to start over ,but this is different though. Can I use the same two characters from previous RP?

    I had my lazy villain(forgot what rank) ,and my psychic trainer (I'm not sure what 'squad' I'd put him in?)
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  3. Yes, they are, and the Frontier Brain is the Father of the Male trainer I used for the previous one. Bring over the character sheets to make sure I am remembering the characters correctly, and best bet for the Psychic trainer is to Join Psychic Squad led by Carmen.
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  4. Name: Hisato Kimura the Third(fun reference to Lupin the Third)
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Height: 5'5 ft.
    Weight:125 pounds
    Eye Color: left eye(green) and right eye(blue).
    Hair Color: brown with strands of blonde hair here and there.
    Other Appearance details: Hisato has short hair about two inches in length neatly combed to the left. He's slightly tan and whenever he grins his dimples show.

    Outfit: he wears a dark blue t-shirt with a picture of chingling on it, A bright red coat with white stripes goings up the arms ,and a thin blue stripe within the white stripes. He also wears jeans with dark and light blue vertical stripes. He also wears pink socks with white sneakers(featuring red, blue, pink stripes with yellow stars). He also wears pale blue fingerless gloves ,and a pair of go-go goggles around his neck just incase he ever visits a desert. He also a a shoulder bag with various snacks and journals.

    Rank: N/A ; Trainer/Author
    Personality: Hisato is a strange yet smart boy. A bit of a weirdo. He's a fairly oblivious boy who spends more time contemplating random thoughts than interacting with actual people. Despite this Hisato isn't an anti-social person. In contradictory he's a very friendly ,and very much enjoys making friends. He enjoys talking and asking questions as he is quite the inquisitive character often times seeking answers to questions that the average person wouldn't think about. His biggest passion in life is writing. He enjoys writing in his many journals ,and spinning up whimsical stories of the strange and unexpected.
    Family: (A father(Hisato Kimura the Second), mother(Akira Kimura), one brother(Haiyato Kimura) ,and one sister(Akiya Kimura))
    Crush: (Unknown)
    Squad: Carmen Nagolini, Champion of Kanto
    Slowking(Skol) ability: oblivious
    (male) (water/psychic) (calm/laidback)
    Alakazam(Alkam) ability: synchronize
    (male) (psychic) (bold/confident)
    Mr. Mime(Remi) ability: soundproof
    (male) (psychic/fairy) (prankster/exciteable)
    girafarig(Firarig) ability: inner focus
    (female) (normal/psychic) (cautious/modest)
    sigilyph(Glyp) ability: wonder skin
    (male) (psychic/flying) (sassy/rash)
    bronzong(Boro): levitate
    (genderless) (psychic/steel) (jolly/brave)
    (If the names seem weird its because they are anagrams. Well kinda. I didn't use all the letters in their pokémon names ,but I only used letters found in their names)
    Other: Hisato grew up in Johto with his family. His family is a little odd; His father Hisato Kimura the Second is a nice, smart ,and friendly man ,but after years of hard work and stress Hisato's father Hisato Kimura the Second is a smart and friendly man who enjoys spending time with his family. He can also be a bit of a sarcastic man. After years of stress he's gained quite the drinking problem. Despite this his problems never effect his family time. Hisato's mother Akira Kimura spends a caring and kind hearted mother ,but is also a bit obsessed with collecting knickknacks and watching her favorite show 'Galar's got talent'. Hisato Kimura's younger brother Haiyato polite hard working brother who also isn't very bright, enjoys scary movies ,and may have read one too many comic books ,and scary theories. His older sister Akiya Kimura is the oldest of the three siblings. Shes a mature and responsible sibling whom is a coordinator in her spare time. She can be very vein at times ,and can display very little patience for nonsense. Despite whatever odd traits their family may have they get along surprisingly well.

    Hisato Kimura has spent a good majority of his life in Johto ,but also Kanto. His family enjoyed the occasional vacation to Alola where they spent most of their vacation time. In Hisato's time in Johto and Kanto he had written in various journals of his life experiences as well as his friends and people he's met ,and even a couple legends here and there. Whenever Hisato would write a book he would typically write them based on his experiences he's had in whatever region he be in. As well as stories he's heard whether they be the on goings of the life of an average fisherman or an age old tale of a warrior and his trusty dog. Hisato enjoyed adding various stories into his books as a way appreciating the places he's visited ,and the history surrounding the places. In hopes that readers might find these stories interesting enough to visit these places. In Hisato's life so far he's written three books ,but only two of them have ever been published.

    "Home sweet Johto" (Johto Stories was the first book he ever written. He had spent three years writing this book before finally publishing it a year later)

    "Kanto stories" (Kanto stories is a book he began writing one year after he began writing Home sweet Johto. He spent two and a half years writing this book ,and published it six months after publishing his first book)

    "Alohalola!" (Alohalola is the third book he began writing this book two years after he began writing Home sweet Johto. He spent one year writing this book before hitting a writers block. He's never felt comfortable publishing it as he believed it was missing something. Perhaps one day he will visit Alola again ,and finish his third book)

    Hisato despite not finishing his third book decided he would visit a different region ,and start a new book. Perhaps later on he will visit Alola ,and finish his third book ,but at this point in his life he wished to try something new. In doing so he made the unexpected journey to Hoenn to begin a potential fourth book. Possibly third if he finished this book before finishing his new book before Alohalola.

    Name: Chrom Silva
    Age: (11-15) 24?
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: straight
    Height: 5'11 ft.
    Eye Color: dull purple
    Hair Color: silver
    Other Appearance details: Chrom has long unkept hair that goes down to his collar. His bangs are combed back with the rest of his hair. Though sometimes he just messily combs it out of his face to the right. He always has heavy eye bags, and a worn frown on his face even when he is excited. When he does smile its usually a very creepy sadistic like grin. He has a long scar vertically across the left side of his jawline. Hes very pale ,but surprisingly muscular for someone who rarely gets out.

    Outfit: he wears a grey button up t-shirt, with a gun holster across his chest(no gun; he does keep a camera in the holster though), he usually wears dress pants but when hes really lazy he might wear sweat pants, mismatching socks because he doesn't care about having matching socks ,black dress shoes or occasionally sandals when he wears sweat pants, and he has a trench coat with the team logo on the shoulder.

    Rank: upper Admin.
    Personality: Chrom is lazy plain and simple. Hes a man of simple desire. He likes to do what he pleases. While most of his hobbies aren't illegal he sees the law as petty and unnecessary. Most of the time he just wants to snap pictures and sleep under a shade tree or wherever he can lay his head. Hes a fairly nice laid back person but rarely shows emotion or concern as he usually can't be bothered to care. He can also be quite the smartalic which he often is more often than not. His actions can lead people to believe he is cold and uncaring ,but that couldn't be further from the truth as he does have a compassion side.
    Family: (unknown: he has a father, a grandma ,and two brothers)
    Crush: (unknown)

    Scizor(Hasami - Derived from Japanese for; Sciccors / はさみ / Hasami) ability: Swarm.
    Drapion(Oni - derived from Japanese word meaning; Ogre / 鬼 / Oni) ability: battle armor.
    Beedrill(Kira - Japanese word meaning; Killer / キラー / Kirā) ability: sniper.
    Armaldo(Yori - derived from Japanese word meaning; armor / 鎧/ Yoroi) ability battle armor.
    Araquanid(Ro - Japanese word meaning; Dew / 露 / Ro) ability: water bubble.
    Ariados(Doku - Japanese word meaning; poison / 毒 / Doku) ability: insomnia.

    Other: Chrom initially joined the Darkarrows as a grunt with his childhood friend(unknown) however after a falling out with his friend he doesn't know what happened to his friend. Because he was competent in his field he quickly rose through the ranks. Though some of his underlings may resent him for being able to get away with such lazy behavior he isn't questioned on his skills as an accomplished admin.
    He enjoys saying "Don't bug me" or "bug off"

    I changed Chrom's age. The idea of a 15 year old upper admin seemed ridiculous. I don't care if 11 year old's in game can defeat the elite four as well as an entire criminal syndicate. Its nonsense. You got trainers who have spent years and years perfecting their skills only to get beaten relatively easy by a noob kid with less than a year experience.
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  5. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    I would but as I have so many other RPs I’m going to have to say no(so very sorry)
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  6. Here's my old character as you've seen before in my RP thread.
    Name: Ryder Kazudo
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Fire red shirt, Ace pants, Pikachu shoes, Johto bag, Earbud, and Gym leader gloves
    Personality: Bold, Brave, Will-powered, Clumsy, Kind, and Strict
    Squad: Ground Squad

    Species: Pikachu
    Level: 45
    Gender: Male
    Held Item: None
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Static
    Iron Tail
    Electro Web
    Volt Tackle

    Species: Primarina
    Level: 65
    Gender: Female
    Held Item: Poison Barb
    Nature: Careful
    Ability: Torrent
    Sparkling Aria
    Hydro Pump
    Ice Beam

    Species: Sylveon
    Level: 45
    Gender: Female
    Held Item: Hard Charm
    Nature: Naughty
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Fairy Wind
    Baby-Doll Eyes

    Species: Dragonite
    Level: 75
    Gender: Male
    Held Item: None
    Nature: Gentle
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Dragon Claw
    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Pulse

    NOTE: Despite this, he is still the Alolan Champion who saved the entire world from extinction. This is the new Ryder Kazudo after the final battle in the dark dimension. Now that he received a telegram from the Unova region, Ryder will once again bring the fight against this new enemy to avenge his unconscious brother...and his family's legacy.
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  7. Thanks! @Cmeriwether , Remember that time when you joined Ryder's team to save his brother? We're still on that adventure of mine. It hasn't ended yet to me.
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  8. I might join if it's possible for me to make a Psychic type trainer.
  9. It is, Best bet would either be Dark Squad, led by Marco Martin or Psychic Squad, led by Carmen Nagolini for Squad assignment.
  10. Before I make my char, are shinies allowed?
  11. Yes, only one, The leader of Dragon Squad will have one.

    Here's his character sheet.

    Name: Firey Seth "The Maze Guardian" Argentston
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: 5'11" on a slim frame with silver hair and blue eyes, he commonly wears blues and greys with a grey cloak
    Personality: He is Serious, Stern and slightly aloof, can be caring if that initial personality traits are broken through.
    Squad: Dragon Squad Leader

    Species: Dragonite
    Ability: Multiscale
    Gender: Male

    Species: Lycanroc (Shiny Midnight form)
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Gender: Male

    Species: Salamence
    Ability: Intimidate
    Gender: Female

    Species: Haxorus
    Ability: Rivalry
    Gender: Male

    Species: Volcarona
    Ability: Swarm
    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Burny
    Species: Blaziken
    Ability: Blaze
    Gender: Male
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  12. I have to go to sleep. See you guys in the morning.
  13. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    I am kind of lost, so I have to join a squad and my team can only be that type?
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  14. Name: Brian Killian
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Standing at 5'11" with skin between Pale and Fair, Hot pink eyes and smooth Dull dark blue hair that goes down to his chin. His facial features have gotten him called handsome a few times and his physical build shows no sign of fat or muscle, yet decently slim thanks to a lot of travelling. His attire consists of a Black t shirt underneath a Fuchsia knee long closed trench coat with a White scarf, Black pants, Brown shoes and a Fuchsia pointed fedora.
    Personality: Brian is a very kind and friendly individual who tries to behave like a gentleman, especially toward women. He has a good sense of humor and rarely gets angry... although when he does, he can be very cruel and terrifying. He cares deeply for his Pokemon as if they were his own children and would do anything to protect them. He also chose to train with only Psychic types like his father who was a gifted fortune teller and through this, has a strong belief in destiny. He shows a strong sense of passion when it comes to battling and a lot of people underestimated him due to how friendly he acts.
    Squad: A Psychic Type Gym Leader in the Psychic Squadron.
    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast

    Species: Gothitelle
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Competitive

    Metagross (Shiny)
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Clear Body

    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Synchronize

    Species: Hatterene
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Magic Bounce

    Rapidash (Galarian)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pastel Veil
    Notes: His Gallade and Gothitelle are lovers.
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  15. @JadeStar Not Really, The Type in the name of the Squad corresponds to at least half the leader's team, for Example, Leader of Dragon Squad's profile is on Post 16, and you really don't have to.

    @Red Gallade Accepted.
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  16. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    I’m here, I might end up joining, not sure yet though. Could you reserve a spot for me?
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  18. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Hmm... I’m feeling mischievous, let’s be a bad guy XD
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  19. Can I reserve the spot of Galar Champion if it's not already taken?
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  20. And if it's possible, am I allowed to change Brian's occupation from Trainer to maybe Gym Leader? No harshies if not.
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  21. @Cmeriwether , does Ryder Still qualify as hero and champion of Alola?
  22. @Ghostryder30 Hero yes, Champion of Alola, not so much, Eugene Gong is the Current Champion, but he may be retiring after the story.
  23. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    So the bad guys goal is to take over unova?
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  24. They're close, their goal is to take over via chaos, and what better way to cause chaos than to eliminate the Champion.
  25. Name: Fletcher Rivera
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Fletcher is 5'10 with short, light brown hair and green eyes. He wears a green puffer jacket over a plain white T-shirt with a pokeball imprinted on it's chest, along with grey tracksuit pants and black boots. He also has a green cap, also with a pokeball logo on it, that he wears with purple tinted sunglasses, though he doesn't wear these constantly.
    Personality: A light-hearted, smug and extroverted person with no real serious side, he tends to make light of situations by trying to be humorous, to a point where some people wonder how he even became champion without even a hint of seriousness and urgency.
    Squad: Water Squad

    Pokemon: (Nickname, Species, Ability, Gender)

    Ability: Overgrow

    Ability: Clear Body

    Ability: Emergency Exit

    Ability: Guts

    Ability: Water Absorb

    Ability: Defiant
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  26. @Pinch Accepted, Leading Water Squad, I named the Squads by what type is the most common on the Leader's team.
  27. ohh ok, I'll edit that in.
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  28. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Why is it always chaos? And what does that mean in this case?
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  29. The chaos in this case is so that The Leadership of the High Admin and his team can take over without anyone knowing, Eliminating Lana will cause a lot of chaos.
  30. @Cmeriwether , Ryder made lot's of friends including your Lana during the search for his brother. He won't anyone hurt her. Even if he's still the radiant oathkeeper of Alola.
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  31. That's why I left the Hero Title for Him. @Ghostryder30 Every Champion, a Top Coordinator, and a Frontier Brain has been mobilized to help.
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  32. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    So, question, what’s above upper admin?
  33. High Admin, but only need one.
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