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Open A New Beginning

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by pokekit, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. It was a quite morning in Kalos. But, everything is going to change to a young lady name Page Brown, because she's going on a journey, but first things first she's going to get her first Pokemon. When she was done eating breakfast, she ran as fast as she could to professor's lab, but when she was running to the lab she ran into you.
  2. (This may be moved to discussion btw but ill roll with it.)

    Zen had been waiting in the lab with a croissant and cursed as he was pushed from behind." Whoa what?" he sighed as he saw Page."Morning Page. You getting a Pokemon as well?" He couldn't help the fact they lived in a small town but he knew Page very well.
  3. (I understand)

    "Oh Hey Zen!! Sorry about that" She said in a excited voice. She looks up at the lab then at you, "Do you know what Pokemon are you getting?" She said in a curious way. She blond hair shines in the morning sun as she ask you that question.
  4. Zen swished the red hair from his eyes and grinned." Yeah, but you have to wait to see it." He grinned and tapped his nose." I hope it isn't afraid of me or something." He shuffled his scarf and grabbed a pokeball from his pocket."Im going to be the best, me and my partners."
  5. She smiles and looks at the lad again, "same here" she said. The doors open and as soon as it opens she walks in and and looks at you. "Are you ready Zen?" She said in a calm voice.
  6. Then someone appears from behind them with a pikachu on his shoulder, Sylveon ribbon wrapped around his arm and a greninja next to him.
  7. "Huh? ... Oh hello there" she said as she look at the person. "Who are you?" She ask.
  8. Richard not paying attention runs into them followed closely by his partner Riolu
  9. Backs away in time when they came. "Will this is one of those days when everyone has to come!?"
  10. "Sorry kid, just wanted to see who are the new trainers, I have won the Kalos League last year." Flame said.
  11. "Oh! Hello, everyone! Looks like you're all already here!" As most of you know, I am Professor Redwood." Said the professor. "Now, Richard, Page, and Zen. I have a Pokemon for each of you. Paige," he said pointing to Paige, "you can pick first!" He hurled out three poke balls revealing a Duskull, a Poliwag, and an Eevee. "Which one do you want?"
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  12. "Oh well I'm going to be a new trainer today if that's what you mean, and so is zen over there" said Page as she points to zen
  13. "Yes, yes, I know," said Professor Redwood.
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  14. Richard looks at the Pokémon "I already have my partner Riolu but I'd like poliwag if I can still have him" Richard says to the professor
  15. "Alright," said the professor putting Eevee and Polliwog back into their Pokeballs and handing them to Richard and Paige. "Here you are!" he said "That just leaves Zen, you can have this Duskull." He handed the third Pokeball to Zen. "Now, you guys are about to start you're very own Pokemon Journey! Why don't you all go visit the next town over. Well, goodbye from me! And be sure to have a great time!"
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  16. Its 8:30 sitting in a office in Aquacorde town and Pichu nuzzles him trying to get his attention. "Oh yeah im all ears buddy" he slightly smiles at Pichu as he sqeaks back in relief
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  17. "Ah, i remember when I started my journy." Flame said.
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    OOC blather and spammy comments removed. Also, remember: your posts need to be in past, not present tense.
  19. Donny arrived in Kalos and was waiting for the professor.
  20. "Whats up kid, I'm Flame, winner of last years Kalos League." Flame said.
  21. "Hi I'm donny I'm here to get my first pokemon" said donny
  22. "I would battle you when you get your starter but my pokemon are really strong." Flame said as pikachu jumped on his shoulder, Greninja appeared beside him and Sylveon wrapped a ribbon around his arm.
  23. "Cool by the way have you seen the professor" said donny
  24. "No Sorry." Flame replied.
  25. "Oh ok I wanted to see if the professor had a cubone or not" said donny
  26. "Well i hope i will see you in the Kalos League this year." Flame said.
  27. "Ok you will see ya" said donny
  28. "Alright see yah." Flame said walking away.
  29. "Hello professor? Hello?" Yelled donny
  30. While outside the lab....
    "Man, the new trainers look brave, but they can't defeat my pokemon." Flame said to himself.
  31. "Professor, where are you?" Kip said
  32. "Professor? Is that you" said donny
  33. Fredleb came running. "I CAN'T BELIEVE I OVERSLEEPT!!!!!!!! I GOTTA GET A STARTERS BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!!!!!!!!"

    A wild Pikachu appeared. "Wow! Good thing the professor gave me these Pokéballs!" Said Fredleb. "Too bad there were no Pokémon left... Oh well! I guess Pikachu will be my starter!"


    (This is the 2nd time I've seen Kip in a roleplay LOL XD)
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  34. I come out of a house..."i drop my trainer card and walk into the forest trainercard-Drake.Sky.png
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    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    More one liners and spam, and this last post with its first person, present tense plus random trainer card post?

    Yeah. Shutting this down. Read the rules.
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