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A new adventure. (Kanto RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by mrswagley, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Zach waked up to the proffesor's laboratory. Because of new rules, trainers had to be 15 to get a Pokemon from the proffesor. Zach himself was 15. He had dark black hair, brown eyes, and white skin. He was wearing a white shirt with a black unzipped hoddie and jeans.
    He walked in to find a table and two pokeballs on it. At the other side of the table stood proffesor oak.
    "Why hello there!" Proffesor oak said. "You want a Pokemon, I assume?"
    "Yeah!" Zach said, looking at the table. "Aren't there 3 Pokemon?" He asked.
    "There were." The proffesor said. "But one trainer already took the charmander. You can choose between bulbasaur and squrtle."
    Zach looked at the two pokwballd before him.
    "Can I have bulbasaur?" Zach asked.
    "Yes, certainly." He said, handing Zach the ball containing bulbasaur.
    Just then another trainer walked in.
  2. Ben opened the large steel doors of the Kanto's reowned laboratory, located in the Southern town of Pallet. Now 15, a new law was passed by the National Region Committee that obligated new coming Trainers to be at the age of 15 to get an official license.

    While his short black hair swayed as he entered the laboratory, he saw a male teenager talking with the an older man in a lab coat. The boy held a red Pokeball in his hand while he wore a confident expression across his face. Nervous after just moving from the small town of Azalea, Ben readied himself to speak to the two other beings.

    "U-um are there anymore Pokemon left? Sir?" He asked facing the older man.

    "You're lucky! There's one more Pokemon left! It's the water-type Squirtle." The man said grinning.

    Ben picked up the sole Pokeball left, holding the aquatic creature deep inside.

    "What should I do now?" Ben thought.

    Over new instincts, he faced the young brunette not knowing his next move.
  3. Zach faced the boy before him. He moved his gaze to the pokeball in his hands.
    "Squrtle?" He said. "Good choice.... Well, you didn't really have a choice...."
    "This is kinda awkward...." He thought.
  4. The quiet room grew in awkwardness as the other boy held his Pokeball not knowing what else to say.

    "I wonder what Pokemon this guy chose..." Ben wondered.

    The professor clapped his hands and chuckled a hearty laugh.

    "Well you boys are the quietest pair I've had yet! Let's get this show on the road shall we? Let's start with some introductions and the basics." Oak said breaking the silence.

    Oak confronted Ben and gave him a smile. "So where are you from boy-o? Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you want to nickname your Squirtle?"

    Ben looked down at his shoes, then back up at the scientist.

    "O-oh me? I'm Ben. My older sister and I just moved here from Azalea. A nickname? I g-guess I'll come up with something later..." He mumbled.

    "Great! Nice to meet you Ben! And you son? Anything you want to tell Ben and I? Maybe a name for ol' Bulbasaur perhaps?" Oak asked the other boy.
  5. Zach looked at the man before him.
    "Uh, me?" He said. "Uh... Well, Ive lived here my whole live, my name is Zach, and...."
    He glanced at his pokeball, then at the man.
    "No nickname, Bulbasaur is fine."
  6. Suddenly, a boy walked into the laboratory. He had an energetic feeling in his body, feeling excitement for his new Charmander walking side by side with him. Then, he noticed two other people getting their Pokemon.

    "Excuse me, guys. I need to talk with Oak," the boy said, turning to the professor. "You called me, Mr. Oak?"

    "In fact I did, Aaron. Here, have this," he said. Professor Oak then handed Aaron a gleaming red device.

    Aaron toyed around with it, observing it's crimson metal finish, and taking notice of the model. He frowned at the label that read, 'Pokedex 1.2'. He opened the Pokedex and was greeted by an automated male voice.

    "Hello, Aaron," it said. "I am Dexton, your Pokedex. I act as your identification. If I am lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced."

    Aaron gave a short chuckle, amused at the automated voice being installed. Aaron's Charmander stood by him, poking Aaron's leg with a sharp claw. Charmander growled and pointed towards the strangers. Aaron brushed back his long, black hair with his hair and replied.

    "What is it, Charmander?" Aaron replied. "You wanna fight those other guys?" Charmander replied with a short but sure nod of his small reptilian head.
  7. Zach looked at the trainer who just walked in.
    "Uh.. Battle?!" He said, a little shocked at the sudden challenge. He send out his precious Pokemon, Bulbasaur.
    "You wanna battle?" He asked, looking down at it.
    The Bulbasaur gave him a slight nod.
    "Okay then!" Zach said, felling more confident then he did before.
  8. "Awesome! Let's have a great game!" Aaron replied happily.

    So. Grass versus fire, eh? I got this in the bag. Aaron thought.

    "Charmander, kick this battle off with your Scratch attack!" Aaron commanded.

    Charmander ran towards the Bulbasaur and began to mercilessly slash at the grass Pokemon. Charmander began to claw harder and faster, his expression turning from a friendly, competitive face, to pure hatred for the Bulbasaur. Every fiber of Charmander's being told him to knock out the Bulbasaur, to injure the Bulbasaur, to kill the Bulbasaur. Aaron became unsure of Charmander's sudden violent behavior, but he didn't call the salamander Pokemon off. He wanted to win, right? If this was the way to win, then so be it.
  9. Zach looked at the vicious expression on the charmanders face. ,"What the hell?!" He thought. "Is this how pokemon battles are supossed to be?"
    "Bulbasaur!" He yelled. "Tackle" the Bulbasaur threw the charmander off of himself and pouced on the charmander.
  10. Charmander began to laugh deviously, as he pushed the Bulbasaur off and it growled angrily. The Charmander opened it's mouth, revealing it's razor sharp fangs. It growled again, louder than the last.

    "Charmander, Growl!" Aaron said with fear trembling in his voice.

    But Charmander was done listening to it's trainer. Charmander began to claw at the bulb Pokemon again, with Charmander's expression showcasing a sadistic, evil smile.

    "Fuck this!" Aaron screamed. "Charmander, return!" He lifted a Pokeball and Charmander was reclaimed into the Pokeball. Aaron was breathing heavily, his eyes shrouded with surprise and terror.

    "I-I'm really sorry about that," Aaron whispered. "I should've called him off earlier."

    "Yes, you should've. Your Charmander could've done much worse than a couple of scars," Oak said. "That would've gotten your license revoked."

    Aaron quietly walked out of the building, each footstep echoing in the lab.
  11. Zach stood there for a second, very shocked. He returner his Pokemon, and slowly fallowed the other kid out of the lab.
    "Hey!" He yelled. "Wait up!" He jogged up to the kid. "Its not your fault." Zach said.
  12. Just witnessing a fierce battle, Ben hurried and followed Zach and the mysteriously strong Trainer out of the lab. A strange sensation circulated through his body.

    "Is that what a Pokemon Battle is like?"

    Ben knew something was off about that other Trainer's Charmander.

    "It was really strong... Too strong to be exact. And what was up with Charmander's...smile?"

    Ben scurried to catch up with Zach. He gave the Trainer a poke on the shoulder.

    "Hey, is Bulbasaur okay? That was some battle. What do you think is up with that guy, Aaron's Charmander?" He asked.
  13. Zach looked back at Ben.
    "Hey! Ben!" He said. Then he glanced at Arron next to him, looking somewhat embarrassed.
    "Aaron, what did happen there?" He asked. "I know its not your fault, but do you have any idea?"
  14. Aaron took a glance at the sun and he frowned. Then, he began a long stare at the Pokeball that contained the Charmander.

    "I'm not to sure," Aaron said. "All I can say is I am going to gain it's trust and change it from it's evil emotions... somehow."

    Aaron dug his Pokedex from his pocket and tapped a small, blue arrow button until the screen read 'Charmander'. He read the following lines of text.

    004 Charmander (Lizard Species)
    Abilities: Blaze, Solar Power*

    "Perhaps it has something to do with it's ability," Aaron said curiously. "Perhaps Blaze causes his behavior to change. I did notice a couple of scars..." Aaron began to pace back and forth, coming up with various hypotheses.
  15. Zach thought for a second.
    Scars? Has this Pokemon battled before?
    "Can I take a look at him?" Zack asked. "My mom owns a daycare. So I know a thing or two."
  16. "Hm? Oh, yeah, sure." Aaron said. He tossed the Pokeball to Zach and he began to ramble endlessly about Charmander's mystery.
  17. Zach stared at the ball for a second.
    Should I send him out? He thought. What will he do?
    Zach stared at the ball a little longer, before tossing it on the ground, sending out the charmander.
    The charmander imedeatly lurched at Zach.
  18. In her peripheral version, Becca saw the Charmander lunge at a trainer without even being provoked. It took every bit of strength she had to contain her excitement; she has found it. She knew they only sent her looking to get her out if the way. They had sent more trusted members to places it was more likely to turn up, but she had found it.

    Becca grinned. Maybe now she would be respected, not just tolerated because of her brother. She tried to memorize every detail of the trainers she saw, then walked away and disappeared into the town, her dark sunglasses hiding the gleam in her eye,
  19. Eluria was laughing as her and her Bellsprout walked side by side, swaying to a type of music only they heard. They stopped swaying as they heard a shout from one of the townspeople. Scooping up Bellsprout, she ran ahead of the crowd and saw a boy staring at a Charmander and the feral Charmander mid leap.
    "Bellsprout! Sleep Powder, and follow up with Leech Seed!" Bellsprout nodded and threw the powder at Charmander before flinging a seed at it.
  20. Lily was making her way back into town, her Pikachu on her shoulder. The two of them were smiling, having had a bit of fun battling a few Pokémon that was in the tall grass. The girl stopped when she heard shouting, and her Electric-type mouse's ears perked up at the sound, and gave a small growl.

    "What's wrong?" she asked her Pokémon. "Should we go and check it out?"

    The Pikachu nodded, and the of them headed off towards where the cry had come from. Once there, they saw four other people there, as well as a Bellsprout and a Charmander. They saw the Grass-type Pokémon throw a Leech Seed at the Fire-type, in hopes of stopping it from the look of it. The mouse-like Pokémon hopped off his trainer's shoulder, ready to help the other Pokémon out with the Charamander if the Leech Seed didn't do the trick.
  21. From on a bench, Thunder heard the sounds of a battle, and could clearly hear the signs of a battle, as well as the roar of a Charmander and a Leech Seed attack. "Should we check it out?" he asked his Squrtle. When the tiny turtle responded with "Squrt!", Thunder knew it meant yes. The two prepared Water Gun, just in case...
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