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A New Adventure Around Every Corner (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Almus_Rayne, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. PM me if you would like to join.

    This is an RP set in the Sinnoh region. Everyone is a starting trainer from either Twinleaf or Sandgem town.

    Everyone is limited to only 2 shinny pokemon and you cannot receive a shinny pokemon from Professor Rowan.

    You can, however, get more than just the generic fire, water, and leaf starters from him. I find it hard to believe that he only gives out those three pokemon to everyone forever or everybody would have the same pokemon.

    You can ONLY get 1st evolution pokemon from him. This does not include babies (i.e. Igglybuff, Pichu, Maby, etc.) and if you want a single evolution pokemon from Professor Rowan PM me first with a good reason for it.

    Other than that abide by the rules of the forum and enjoy my RP.
  2. [​IMG]

    "That Almus Rayne is without a doubt the most analytical and devious child to ever come from Twinleaf Town," said the elder of two women sitting on a porch swing. "He never fits in with the other children in the town. He always has to be going off by himself doing who knows what out in those woods instead of playing ball with the other children like a good boy. But no, he always has to have his way; and don't even get me started on all the sneaky ‘accidents' he has caused the other children who got in his way."

    "Excuse you!" Shrieked the other woman. "That is my son you are talking about! Let's not forget that it is my son who is always first to act the ‘white knight' whenever there is trouble in town. In fact, didn't Almus just come to the defense of your grandson recently when he was being picked on?"

    Grumbling the old woman continues, "Yes, well, you still cannot deny that he is an odd boy though. He is so quiet and hardly shows his emotions to other people. And then there is the fact that he is so hard on himself. I have never seen someone work so hard to be good at everything! It's as if he thinks that one mistake would end his whole life. It‘s not natural for a boy his age to act so troubled. Odd, very odd indeed."

    "That doesn't make him odd!" declared Almus's mother. "I think it just gives him a silent and mysterious persona. That will be attractive to the girls once he has grown up," she said proudly. "And my boy isn't troubled!"

    "Well sure he is. You would be troubled too if you were a teenaged boy with no pokémon of your own. I don't blame Professor Rowan for not giving him one though. With how hard that boy is on himself and how shady of a character he as become there is no telling how Almus would treat a pokémon if he had one. It's sarcastic attitude and strange characteristics that are the problem. "

    "Oh you hush up now. That's the end of it. … Although, it was so hard on him that on his tenth birthday Professor Rowan didn't give Almus a pokémon. He was so heart broken when he was told he couldn‘t have any of the pokémon there because he was "different" from the other boys and girls wanting to become trainers. He went off exploring through the woods after that like he usually does but didn't come home at all until the next morning. I was so worried. Since then it's rare to see him in the town at all during his free time. I know he makes his way through the tree to the coast south of town but even after four years he still hasn't let anyone know what he does down there. Right now he is on his way to Professor Rowan's lab to try again to get his first pokémon. I wish him luck being that is his fourteenth birthday today."

    Four years ago ~

    Almus walked along the coastline south of town looking to be far away from everyone because he was upset that Professor Rowan refused to give him a pokémon for being "different." Almus spoke to himself mocking the words of the Professor, "I'm sorry Almus but you aren't like most of the other kids who come to see me. I don't think you would be compatible with any of the pokémon I have here to give away." Almus had been called the word different by other children in the town, a few gossiping neighbors and as far as he was concerned Professor Rowan just continued the trend. Almus hated being called different.

    He kicked a rock off the ground sending it soaring into the distance. Almus watched as it landed near an indentation by some large rocks. Having never actually been to this area before Almus went to investigate only to find a small cave hidden away behind some broken rocks. Having absolutely no intention of going back home that night he figured this would make as decent a place as any to stay the night. Once he had wandered inside though, Almus found himself surrounded by a swarm of ghastly. They made scary faces and illusions of fire near the cave exit so that he couldn't run away. Being only ten years old at the time he was scared out of his mind. He looked around for some sort of escape but could see nothing passed the ghastly horrors except for a single shinny light deeper into the cave tunnel. There was another ghastly shimmering blue in the back of the cave that was also being scared by four regular ghastly.

    Almus couldn‘t see why though. Nothing seemed wrong with that ghastly other than it was a different color. Then Almus realized it was because it was a different color that it was getting picked on. Instantly there was a connection between them in his mind. Almus had been denied a pokemon because he socially didn‘t fit in with the town. That ghastly was being picked on for glowing blue instead of misting purple. Almus hated it when someone was mistreated for being different and it just went against his nature to not do something about it.

    "STOP PICKING ON HIM FOR BEING DIFFERENT!" Almus screamed. He grit his teeth and ran through the illusions of fake fire and shadow monsters. All concern for his own safety left him and he became concerned only about the well being of the blue Ghastly. He swatted the other Ghastly away and while wrapping his arms around the cowering pokémon he asked, "Are you ok?"

    "Gh-Ghastly?" the shinny ghastly replied in confusion.

    "Don't ever let any one pick on you for being different!" Almus told Ghastly sternly. Almus continued, "Like you, I am different where I live and I have learned something. If you can't be the same then be better. " Just then the other Ghastly charged the two sitting on the floor aiming Lick attacks their way. Almus winked at the shinny ghastly and said, "Hypnosis!" Ghastly grinned and turned to catch all the others off guard. It let out a powerful glance of Hypnosis effectively striking every other Ghastly in the cave. That evening, the two slept peacefully in the cave all night long.

    For the next four years Almus secretly spent his free time visiting his new friend in that cave and was no longer bothered, but now respected, by the other Ghastly. However, Almus would have never expected what was to happen on his 14th birthday. For the fourth year in a row Almus walked with an empty pokéball in hand towards Professor Rowan's lab to receive his first pokémon but this time he was stopped at the door by another boy from Twinleaf.

    Cain stood there in front of the door blocking Almus‘ path. He had been Almus‘ rival since they were very young. With his flowing golden hair and dressed in his fancy blue suit Cain had been an annoyance to every child in their generation but he always had it in for Almus. Cain always took every opportunity to show how much better he was than Almus and always was the ringleader of others picking on Almus for going against the flow of things. "Different," was Cain‘s favorite word when talking about or to Almus. "I'm not going to let you get a pokémon from Professor Rowan Almus," said Cain.

    "And why not?" replied Almus."

    "Because you already have a pokémon don't you?!"

    "What? No I don't!"

    "Don't lie. Where do you always sneak off to then? You have another pokémon in secret and you are trying to pull a fast one on the Professor to get another one. The Professor is only supposed to give a pokémon to someone who doesn't have one." complained Cain.

    "I don't have my own pokémon yet. This pokéball is empty and every kid in Twinleaf is supposed to receive a pokémon from the Professor. It is time I got mine! Now move!" Almus yelled.

    Cain blocked Almus's path and said, "No! You had better hope that you have a pokémon because I do and it is a dragon and either way I am about to attack you with it! Dratini, Go!"

    Almus stepped back in fear but watched as Cain stood paralyzed in mid throw, not releasing his pokéball. A large tongue appeared out of thin air behind Cain's head and then disappeared. Then floating eyes appeared in front of Cain's face followed by him falling to the ground in a deep sleep.

    "Ghastly!" Almus cried happily. "You saved me. Thank you!" The blue shinny pokémon showed itself smiling happily and Almus reached our to pat Ghastly on the head, running his fingers affectionately through Ghastly's mist. "You have always been my best friend. I wish you belonged to Professor Rowan so that I could get you to be my first pokémon."

    With that, Ghastly floated down to the pokéball in Almus's hand and disappeared into it with a red flash. Not knowing it was possible for a pokémon to willingly catch itself for you, Almus stood there dumbfounded in the doorway to the lab until he heard a voice calling his name. Almus put the pokéball into his pocket and walked inside. There he saw Professor Rowan waiting for him. "Hello Almus. I knew you would be by today. You are 14 now, am I right?"

    "Well I didn't see any point in being impatient about it, seeing as how long I have waited." Almus complained.

    "Now I would tell you to watch that sarcasm with me young man but I suppose that I had that coming. It is my fault that you reached your 14th birthday without receiving a pokémon from my lab yet. Almus I want you to know that I think you will be a fine trainer. I didn't hold my pokémon from you because I thought you didn't deserve one so don‘t be mad. I held them from you because I didn't have any that I thought matched your potential. I'm not saying I think you would make a stronger or weaker trainer than anyone else but I have known you since you were little and I just couldn't give you any of the pokémon that I had when they were so far off from your nature. You are always struggling so hard to be stronger so I wanted to hold out until I found a pokémon for you that is very difficult to train. I thought that maybe that way when you finally master it, you can finally be satisfied in yourself and your abilities."

    "Tch" scoffed Almus, hurt from being read so easily.

    "And guess what Almus? I finally found what I think is the perfect pokémon for you. It was probably too long ago for you to remember but it was your favorite pokémon to look at when you would glance at my bug books when you were much younger. Do you have an empty pokéball with you?"

    Almus had hardly heard a word Professor Rowan was saying but managed to shake his head, honestly telling the Professor that he didn't have an empty pokéball with him. He was still too confused about what had happened with Ghastly outside of the lab. The Professor drew up a pokéball from his pokémon storage device and handed it to Almus. "She is yours now. I have no doubt that she will take care of you if you treat her well and train her as hard as you train yourself. Go on. Open it." Almus pressed the tab releasing the pokémon from it's ball to reveal a beautiful Scyther standing tall and proud in front of him.

    After Almus was excused from Professor Rowan's lab, he looked at the two pokéballs in his hands. One held Ghastly, his closest friend for years who had protected him from danger and the other held his new Scyther, a pokémon that he had wanted since he was just a small boy. All he could do now was run off to tell his mom the news and start his life as a pokémon trainer. However, there was still a lot to be done before he left Twinleaf to set out on his journey.
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  3. Packing his bag was easier then Almus had expected. He had packed his money, his mother- who was happy he finnaly had gained a Pokemon from Rowan, but sad because she knew Almus would leave her soon- had given him slices of bread and a bottle of water. He had packed food for his Pokemon, and all his other important stuff. His first objective was to get to Jubilife for a Poketch. He walked downstairs, said goodbye to his mom, and left the house. His dad worked in Jubulife, so he could say bye to him there.
    He felt better the he had ever, with his two pokemon in his belt. He started walking to the city entrance, and tought of all the things that he would do and the places he would visit. Lost in thoughts, he fell down over a tree root, and his bag flew trough the air. It was snagged out of the air by a brown-haired boy.

    Almus stood up, felt at his painfull knee, and thanked the boy, who gave the bag back to him.
    'I'm Jazz.' the boy said. 'I'm Almus.' he said back. They shook hands. Jazz was accompanied by a healthy-looking Torchic. 'What are your Pokemon?'Jazz asked curiously. Almus called out his Schyter and Ghastly.
    'They look strong.' Jazz said. Almus grinned 'Thanks. Your Torchic looks good to.' 'Are you heading to Jubilife?' Jazz asked him. He nodded. 'So am i!' Jazz exclaimed. 'Let's go together!' They started walking, talking about adventures and Pokemon they wanted to catch. This day could not get better, Almus thought.
    Not only did he have two strong Pokemon, for the first time in his life he had a friend.
  4. "Mom! Mom! Guess what?!" Almus cried as he ran through Twinleaf town to his house. "I just came back from the Professor's and guess what?!"

    "What, what is it already?" His mom said smiling at him.

    "I finally got my first Pokemon!" Almus beamed.

    "Oh how wonderful! Oh Almus, I am so proud of you!" His mother bent down wrapping her arms around her son relieved to not have to see heartbreak in his eyes once again.

    The old woman still sitting with Almus' mother said, "And what kind of Pokemon did you get from the good Professor? A cute little Skitty? An Eevee perhaps?"

    "The professor gave me a Scyther!"

    "Eh?!" The woman croaked nervously.

    "Oh a Scyther, oh my!" Said his mother. "Well I think that is fabulous. You have wanted one since you were only a little boy. But you remember now, a Scyther is a big responsibility. I have told you over and over that a Scyther would take more discipline than a normal Pokemon to train."

    "I know I know mom. But that isn't even the best news!" Almus continued excitedly. Over the next several minutes Almus relayed the tale of him finding the Ghastly cave, him being saved by his friend and then it capturing itself for him into his pokeball.

    The old woman nearly fell off of the porch swing. "A-A ghost Pokemon and a Scyther? T-that is terri-fying. I think that I will be on my way now. I should be doing something else far away." Said the old woman before she scurried off.

    Almus' mother scowled at the old woman as she left but then turned to her son and congratulated him. "So you are telling me that you have been hanging around with a group of ghastly for friends all these years? And you got them to like you instead of attacking you? Well needless to say that behavior makes me worry about your future a great deal but on the other hand that is a remarkable thing you have done. I don't know much about ghost Pokemon but if that Ghastly of yours saved you then I am thankful. I will be having a word with Cain's mother about him attacking you as well!"

    "Mom!" Almus groaned. After that Almus spent most of the day in the backyard trying to get to know his Pokemon better. He started with Ghastly, asking his new Pokemon if it was sure that it wanted to join him and Ghastly smiled reassuring his new trainer. A few minutes were spent practicing Ghastly's Lick and Hypnosis attacks but then Almus decided to work with Scyther as his second Pokemon would take much more getting used too.

    Fortunately, his Scyther was not too ill behaved but was rather stubborn about choosing to respond to Almus. After a few more rounds of practice with Ghastly though, Scyther soon saw her trainer as an admirable one. While neither Pokemon knew many attacks, Almus spent all day getting used to giving his Pokemon commands as well as training his Pokemon to obey him quickly and devotedly.

    The next day Almus awoke to a large home cooked meal for himself and his two Pokemon. Almus' mom went all out to help make her son's adventure start out right. After a brief rest at home, Almus and his mother packed his bag together for his long journey. Once finished, Almus picked up his bag, equipped his Ghastly and Scyther to a pokeball holder on his belt and reached for his wallet. When he did his mother stopped him and handed him a note.

    "Now Almus," said his mother, "knowing you and your love to always be stronger I am sure that you are thinking of going to Jubilife and first thing buying your Pokemon a nice TM. I don't want you to spend all your money for food and supplies on something like that. I used to be friends with the shop keeper at Jubilife so give her this letter and she should give you any one TM she has for sale for free. I will pay her for it later. You may only get one though. This is my gift to you so that whenever you use whatever move you buy for your Pokemon, you will know that I am there looking out for you."

    "Thanks mom." Almus replied from under a blushed face. With his mom shouting out after him to stop by and visit his father, Almus waved goodbye to his mom and this town to start down the road on his Pokemon journey.

    That only lasted about twenty feet however, as Almus quickly left the road to travel through wilderness instead. Almus was in search of wild Pokemon. He had two Pokemon to train and he was eager for his first battle. After wandering around for only twelve minutes Almus found a wild Zigzagoon playing with a Furret. As soon as he approached near they bother cowered and started growling. Almus instantly drew out both his Pokemon. Before he had time to react, the Furrent launched forward with a Quick Attack but went right through Ghastly.

    "Scyther, Fury Attack! Go!" With that, Scyther launched forward towards the Furret hitting it several times and knocking it to the ground. Just then the Zigzagoon tackles Scyther right in the side knocking her into a stumble. That gave another opportunity though. "Ghastly, Lick!" Almus ordered as Ghastly paralyzed the Pokemon in it's tracks. "Scyther, target Zigzagoon." Scyther flies blade first right into Zigzaggon making it faint. Then Almus turns to the Furret and has Ghastly use Hypnosis but to his surprise it fails. Another Quick Attack drops Scyther to half health however, Almus has Scyther counter with another fury attacking which subdues the Furret to the ground.

    Satisfied with his first Pokemon battle, Almus attempts to proceed to Sandgem town until he trips over a tree root. "Ouch, that was gracefull," Almus moaned to himself.

    He was about to look for his bag when he heard, "Hi, I'm Jazz." There stood an average height boy with brown hair, handing Almus his backpack to him. This was Almus's first meeting on the road. They exchanged greetings, talked over their different Pokemon and even decided to accompany each other for the distance of Jubilife.

    Almus didn't know a lot about Jazz but him had been helpful to him so far. He hadn't expected to run into anyone asking if they could travel with him. While Almus still had is problems with trusting over people, he decided that it would be better to assume not everyone in the world were like the people he grew up with in Twinleaf.

    At one point on their walk, Almus turned to Jazz and said, "I'm going to Jubilife to do some shopping and visit my dad. What are you headed there for?"
  5. Jazz smiled. 'First up, a Poketch. I've always wanted one. Second, i wanted to take a look at Trainer School.
    They say you can learn a lot there. Third, i need to buy a Town Map.' Town Maps where handy gadgets for getting around Sinnoh. They continued their journey and separated ways at the city entrance. While Almus headed to his dad's office building, Jazz walked towards the Poketch Company Building. The automatic doors softly sled away as he entered the building. He walked to the desk, where a cheerfull lady stood at the opposite side. 'Hi, i'd like to buy a Poketch.' he said. The lady smiled at him and asked him for his Trainer ID. Jazz swiped the card that Rowan had given him trough the machine at the desk.
    'ID confirmed.' the lady said.

    From under the desk the lady took out a small rubber band with a pressure gauge attached to it and strapped it to Jazz's wrist. 'Wrist measurer.' she said, answering his surprised expression. She pushed the button on the gauge and it slowly, it tightened around his wrist. When the needle passed red, it stopped at the perfect timing. The desk lady clipped the pressure gauge from the rubber band a trough a list and asked him for his favorite colour. 'Lapis Lazuli Blue.' he said without thinking. The lady looked trough the list on her computer screen. 'You're lucky. There's only one left.' The lady said. Her mouse clicked and a shiny blue Poketch teleported onto a small platau at the desk. The lady strapped it to the band. He payed the lady and was just about to exit the building when he bumped into someone at the entrance. He looked up and wanted to say sorry, but then he saw who it was. His Twinleaf Town nemesis. Troy.

    'Look who we have here.' Troy snarled at him. 'Wow, you've learned five different words!' Jazz bit back. 'What are you doing here anyway?' 'The same as you, i guess. Getting a Poketch.' 'In your favorite colour? Lapis Lazuli?' Jazz said, and waved his wrist from side to side before Troy's eyes. 'Too bad. I just took the last one.' 'Why, you little...' Troy exclaimed and tried to grab him. Jazz evaded him and ran out of the building, Troy chasing him. 'Just like the old times.' Jazz whispered to himselve, smiling widely.

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