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A Memorable Journey

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sami, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. "Ugh, this place is so dusty."

    A dirt covered hand swiped across a sweat ridden forehead. Huffing a sigh, Hallowell sat up on her knees, looking around what used to be her old room. Her father had insisted she clean it out during her most recent visit, so he could turn it into a work den.

    "20 going on 21 and I STILL have to clean my room. Ridiculous..." She muttered as she crawled onto her stomach, reaching under the bed.

    The last time Hallowell had been home was when she was about 17, for her 18th birthday, she had left almost everything behind, except her Poke'mon. There were boxes of pictures, minor trophies, badge and ribbon cases strewn about the bed and cluttered amongst the desk. The walls were grey with small squares of white where picture frames used to hang and the air smelt of dust and laundry. Old clothes much too small for her now were piled up in the corner of the room and cobwebs loomed on the ceiling fan above. The sound of of a gasp, laughter, and coughing all at once came from under the bed as Hallowell tried to moved out from under it quickly, giving her noggin a clear 'thud' on the bedframe.

    "Ouch, friggin' bed. Haha, geez... I can't believe I found this! No waaay~"

    She moved some of the mess on the bed to the side and flopped down on the bed. In her hands was a diary, the cover a very nice leather and worn with age, the edges flipping up and frayed. There were a few homemade stitch marks running down the spine of the book, aiding in keeping the old book together. Blowing dust off the surface, she carefully opened it with a grin on her face. As she started flipping through a few pages, a black and grey head poked into the doorframe, ears perked up.

    "Hey there, DarkFang. Do ya' remember this?"

    Hallowell waved the book gingerly, feeling like it would fall apart at the slightest jostle. The Poke'mon gave what sounded like a snort as it entered the room, tail waving carelessly in the air. Sitting by the girls feet, the Poke'mon peeked it's head over to look at the words written within the pages. The black tail caused some dust to kick up, resulting in a sneeze from the Poke'mon. With a giggle, Hallowell scratched behind his ears and started to read the first page out loud...

    "Dear Diary..."


    '' Dear Diary,

    Homigosh! > w< I'm so excited, I've been ten for a whole WEEK now and Professor Birch is FINALLY gonna' let me choose my first Poke'mon! I've been thinking alot on this, since yanno', it's a big descision (did I spell that right?) in a Trainers life. You have to base your team and strategies off your first Poke'mon, because it's the first one you get! At first at least.....anywhoo! I think I'm gonna' chose Treecko! It's sooooo cute! Torchic seems cute too, but something about a giant lizard just says 'badass' more than a giant chicken. Mudkip? Oh no no no, those are creepy.

    !!! Oh right, I guess I should include 'Hi Dad!' since he's making me write in this in the first place. He just KNOWS I'm not gonna' call home once I get on my way, lol, I'll be too busy kicking too much butt! So he wants to read this whenever I visit home, yanno', because he just HAS to know what I'm doing. OKAY! Time to stop wasting time and get down to Professor Birchs' lab!"


    "Pops! I'm going to be laaate!" A voice cried out from the second floor as the clanking of things moving was heard throughout the hall.

    "Honey, calm down, you still have plenty of time." Came the reply from downstairs, a chuckle following. "Ah, to be young again."

    A single boot hopped down the stairs as Hallowell was frantically pulling on her second boot while moving. Gravity taking it's grip, Hallowell found herself making her way to the bottom post-haste with a large crash. Without skipping a beat, she scrambled to her feet and nearly skidded into the kitchen. The expression on her face dropped as she saw the table was set with a big, hearty breakfast. It was something her father only did on special occasions, like Christmas or when they were watching the Poke'mon League on the TV.


    "Sit down and eat breakfast."

    "But - "

    "Nope. Sit."



    Obedience took hold as she flopped in her seat with a huff, crossing her arms as she played with a hoodie that was hanging off the back of the chair. It was new, she'd never seen it before. It had alot of zippers on it, and seemed to have hidden pockets everwhere from the sleeves to the insides even. It looked like a hybrid of a zip-up and a hoodie, with the pouch pocket in the front but having a half-zip down as well. It was different shades of her favorite colors, lavender, dark purple, and black. The zippers added small silver accents to it and she was in awe by the sheer awesome of it.

    "You like it? I got that for you, and there's something under it too." Her dad smiled as he began plating pancakes that were bigger than his daughters face.

    Looking to her father, she looked under the hoodie that seemed to be two sizes too big in the first place. There was a book bag underneath, black with silver accents and a purple poke'ball insignia on the front. A grin spread acrossed her face as she noticed her old book bag was tossed in the corner and everything she had packed had already been moved. Jumping from her chair, she nearly knocked the plate of food out of her dad's hand as she wrapped her arms around his neck in a small Ursaring hug.

    "Thank you, Daddy~!" She squealed as he spun her, skillfully not spilling even a slice of bacon from the plate.

    "Anytime kiddo, now eat before everyone gets a Poke'mon and you don't!"

    The two ate and laughed as they talked over breakfast and before they knew it it was time to go. Hugs and kisses and a slap on the back, no goodbyes, it just wasn't their style. With a wave, Hallowell nearly started a sprint for the lab. The zippers of her new hoodie jingled as they swayed back and forth, the hoodie being too large and extending past her hips even. The lower half of her spandex-like shorts could be seen stopping above her knees and then the outfit was topped off with all-weather boots that made small clunking sounds as she jogged down the road. Just a little further and she'd have her very own Poke'mon, Hallowells heart was racing in pace with her footsteps.

    "What do you mean he's not here?!" Hallowell about threw her backpack at the assistant as she cried out.

    "H-He's out in the field studying with his son, he took the starters with him." The assistant flinched at the glare the young girl had used. Super Effective.

    "Fine, I'll go FIND him." She stomped, causing the assistant to flinch again and even once more as she slammed the door on her way out.


    "O-Oi! Over here, Hallowell!" A voice cried out in the woods as Hallowell found the Professor running in a perpetual circle, a small grey and black creature nipping at his heels.

    "Where's Brendan?" Hallowell called out as she looked for something to throw at the creature, a Poochyena.

    "He's further into the grass, there's some Poke'balls over there with Poke'mon, just pick o-" The Professor was cut off as a small object flew by his head, a small yelp echoing.

    Hurling another rock, Hallowell missed as the Poochyena turned his attention to her, a small bump protruding from it's forehead. A low growl came from deep in the canines throat as the girl retaliated by sticking her tongue out at the small Poke'mon, making a face. The Poochyena looked surprised before getting even more agitated, starting a dash for the girl. With a leap from the Poke'mon the two were on the ground, rolling as they wrestled back and forth. After a few minutes of this wrestling, the Professor had an idea.

    "Hallowell!" He called as he rolled a Poke'ball acrossed the ground toward the girl, as she was using one arm to keep the Poochyena from nomming her face.

    Taking up the Poke'ball, the girl gave it a swing, clocking the button against the side of the Poochyenas head, the animal dissappearing in a flash of red light. Hallowell rolled to the side, climbing to her feet as she watched the Poke'ball on the ground start to wiggle. Once...twice...three times...click. Breathing heavily and a face full of dirt, the girl looked to the Professor with surprise before he picked up the Poke'ball and handed it to her, a smile on his face. Hallowell took the ball into her hands and looked down at the Poke'ball, starting to realize what just happened.

    "Congratulations, Ms. Hallowell. You just caught your own first Poke'mon."


    " Dear Diary,

    YAAAAY! =D I just caught my first Poke'mon! It's a Male Poochyena. He's pretty spunky. I think I'm going to name him DarkFang. I'm staying the night off of the main road and in the woods. He's so soft! But I think he's still mad at me for that bump I left on his head from that rock. It'll go down in the morning though. This is amazing! I have something that not alot of people got, to catch my first Poke'mon. By MYSELF. I'm so excited! Definately going to name him DarkFang...until next time diary! Goodnight Diary, Goodnight DarkFang, my first Poke'mon... <333 "

    ((Be easy on me guys, first time back in a LONG time. Especially fanfics. ♥ ^___^ A story about my OC, Hallowell, and her development as a Trainer.))
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  2. Hm. This sounds pretty interesting. I like how you start in media res. However, I am curious whether the Treecko is obtained at all.

    Nevertheless, there is one thing that bothers me. You don't have to use the apostrophe to get the accent mark. This place tends to accept the words Pokemon and Pokeball without the accent.
  3. There are also quite a few places on this site where a proper accent-e is used, so you could copy and paste "Poké--" and use that for all the instances where it's needed.

    Anyway, it's a pretty interesting start.

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