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Open A Lost Colony

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tumekarusnaha, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. In the midst of a dense forest, a grand civilization exists. It has no official name, but for now, it is dubbed “Balakistan”. Balakistan used to be a large village full of pokemon who lived happily amongst eachother. Life was good, until one day... A terrible flood swept though the land, destroying the entire colony of Balakistan and bringing it to ruins...

    Since the flooding of Balakistan, many other floods have swept through villages and civilizations big and small, bringing each and every one of them to rubble... Soon the entire world will be covered in nothing but water, and nothing but fish will be able to thrive... However, there is hope...

    It is said that somewhere in the remains of Balakistan, there are three component items... The Sacred Stick, The Rusted Thorn, and the Tarnished Spike. If these three items are found, the world might have a chance of being saved... And so, brave warriors will have to step forward and rush to the ruins of Balakistan, beford it’s too late, and the entire world of Pokemon is nothing but a massive ocean...

    -No legends, please!
    -No fakemon either.
    -No godmodding.
    -Do not control other people’s characters!
    -Please be respectful, and follow the Pokecharms rules!
    -Up to 2 pokemon per RPer!
    -Have fun!

    How to Join:
    Just fill out this form, then you’re in!

    Other things we should know:


    RP Post:

    Name: Sõida
    Species: Electrike
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A normal Electrike with a gray harness around his body, and beady red eyes.
    Personality: Adventurous and brave, but is known to trail off to be by himself. He prefers to work alone, and likes to keep to himself, though he can’t always do this. He is kind, and will do anything to help someone in need.
    Other: Always carries his Iron Thorn with him.


    Sõida was busy climbing up a pile of smooth rocks near the ancient civilization of Balakistan. Of course it was nothing but a pile of rubble now, but isn’t that even more of a reason to explore it?! Of course young Sõida didn’t know about the history of Balakistan, or the three component items, he was just going on a little adventure to drive his boredom away...
  2. Name: Rokai (Pronounced Row-Kye)
    Species: Ledyba
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Just a regular Ledyba that's blue with black stripes instead of dots
    Personality: Afraid of almost everything, hates being in the dark left alone, shy, friendly to everyone he meets and despite his fears, he loves to adventure
    Other: Weak to Electric, Ice, Fire, Rock and Flying

    Afraid to come out of his hiding spot, he watched the world go by around him. Rokai was a simple Ledyba, just waiting for that perfect day when he would evolve and would finally be able to roam carefree. Of course he's been waiting for a while but he refused to give up. Rokai understood that it might take some time since he hadn't been battling anyone. This was mainly because he was weak to almost every pokèmon. On warm days, he would sleep in, ignoring all the chaos going on in the outside world. This didn't stop him for preparing for winter though. He mostly used leaves that felt sturdy to patch up any creases in his warm nest. His regular diet consisted of Cheri berries. These spicy berries always appealed to him. At the moment, he decided to go explore instead of staying inside all day. Rokai did this everyday but he never went far.
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  3. Setting foot outside, he looked around repeatedly, making sure he didn't get stepped on or eaten. This is something he despised doing, he felt so uncomfortable no matter where he was. Sometimes, he wanted to be brave, but his flaws get the best of him. He decided to make friends, with friends, he'd probably have protection. Or maybe not. Instantly changing his mind, he then wanted to go stock up on more food. His nest had been full of supplies that he needed. He was so anxious, getting a new friend never worked out for Rokai.

    After fully stepping outside, he took a deep breath and began his journey. A few minutes later, he wasn't 2 feet away from his nest and he was already tired. Probably because he was so small..

    Scanning the area, he could hear no ruffling of trees and he could feel no movement. "Sigh..hopefully this day doesn't go sideways." Suddenly, he felt movement shaking the ground beneath him. "I shouldn't have said anything.." Turning his small and chubby body, the sounds grew closer. The fear that was building up inside his body grew stronger and overpowered him to the point he felt like screaming at the top of his lungs. The only good that would do is give away his position, he wasn't equip for a chase. Especially since he was so tiny. Using the moveset 'Rattled' which boosted his speed from the fear of certain moves, he waited quietly for whatever it was to either go away or to approach.
  4. Name: Ulysses
    Species: Houndoom
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: An average Houndoom, however with a more curved arrow on it's tail.
    Personality: A veteran battler, extremely stoic and dismissive. He has a very difficult time showing emotions, and has a strong hate towards outsiders of the Balakistan ruins, who simply visit for their own amusement. He's overly practical, and can be extremely aggressive if threatened by other Pokemon, if they're stupid enough to attempt and aggravate him.
    Other things we should know: Descendent of the original Balakistan inhabitants, feels loyal to the ruins, and is like a protector. He would give his life for the protection of his ancestors legacy.

    Ulysses sat in the ruins of the famous craft shop, munching on a pile of Sitrus berries he had collected for himself earlier in the day. There was nothing left for him in this world except the ruins, so he must devote his life to defending them. It was the least he could do, the at this point nihilistic Houndoom solemnly thought to himself - despite the sweet taste of his meal. Finishing the berries, he stood, exiting the shop to patrol the ruins further, loyal like the moon to the midnight sky.
  5. After a bit of looking around, Sõida figured that there wasn’t much to see, and that he should just go home. Right.... Home... Where was that again? The forgetful little pup was lost now, unsure of where to go or what he should do... “Gwah?! Oh no... What am I gonna do?! I dunno where I am..! Okay... Just calm down, Sõida...” After taking some deep breaths, the young Electrike was calmed again. Instead of flipping out, he decided to just walk around the ruins, trying to figure out where he should go in order to get back home. “Hello? Anyone there...? Does anyone know where home is..?” He asked aloud, not even sure if anyone else was there...
  6. Ulysses heard this, grumbling in annoyance. He began sprinting, before pivoting and stopping in the roadway where the Electrike was present. He roared in anger, before aggressively yelling - "WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU HERE? I AM THE PROTECTOR OF BALAKISTAN, ULYSSES JUICORT, AND YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY INDULGE ME IN YOUR INTENTIONS!" The Houndoom used flamethrower towards the Electrike, not hitting it, but for intimidation effects only, all the while giving the other Pokemon a freezingly steely stare.

    (Sorry for the bad post, I don't know how to extend this)
  7. (That’s okay!) Sõida fell backwards at the blast of flames that were blown towards him. He started shivering in fright while his paws became frozen on the dirt. “I-I-I-!” He was unsure of how to respond. So many thoughts were racing through the pup’s head that he couldn’t come up with anything to say. Finally he just criend out towards the houndoom. “I’ve just been trying to go on a little adventure! Don’t worry! I’m going home right now but I-! I don’t know where home IS!” The scared electric type stepped backwards at last, keeping himself low in case another attack was thrown at him. “P-Please don’t hurt me...!”
  8. Upon hearing the shouting in the quiet breeze that gently swept through the forest. Not knowing where it was coming from for certain, he could tell someone was in trouble. Trusting his instincts, Rokai quickly scampered as fast as he could toward the commotion. He was sure, most likely, that whatever it was, it was much bigger than him. Since he could not fly, it might take him a lot longer than expected. 15 minutes later, he finally arrived at his destination. Standing not far from a bush, he called out, knowing he might regret it later. Thinking first about the advantage he had. 'Even though he might be stronger than me, I'm not weak to him! Although he's not weak to me either..' Tired of talking to himself, he finally mustered up the strength to speak up. "LEAVE HIM ALONE, YOU BULLY!" Even though he was young, he could tell someone was a bully when he saw one. After Rokai, had spoken, he instantly desired to take back what he said. 'I really hope he didn't hear me.." Awaiting a heart-breaking response or a threat or to become houndoom food, he closed his eyes tightly, backing away.
  9. The Houndoom laughed, his hearing not failing him. "You think I'm a bully? Ah, but I'm a protector. You are trespassing on my ancestors land, my land, and I will not tolerate it. Now you will leave, or I turn you to a pile of ASH!" He screamed, getting into a defensive stance. "I will not allow you to trespass onto my sacred land for entertainment!" Fire began to form at the edges of his mouth, and his tail was threateningly thrashing around, stirring up dirt. "Now, do you understand, or do you wish for a battle? I won't hesitate, I can smell your fear."
  10. Not trusting anything this strange Houndoom had to say, he instantly got defensive. "Look, I AM a decendant and I feel the same way! But you can`t go around persecuting whoever you see. If you really don`t want him here, why don't you try finding him a home elsewhere? Try to resolve the problem next time instead of making it worse. If you are a true protector, you would know that I'm right!" Rokai didn't care anymore, he didn't want to let it go to his head, but he wasn't going to back down either. He was already there, backing down would make him a coward. The intimidating gaze and stance of the Houndoom was not enough to stop him from holding the same hate-filled glare. Not willing to look away, he waited for a smart remark.
  11. "You naive child. This is my home. And you expect me to just abandon it? This is my last warning, before I send a fire blast flying towards you." More fire began building up at the edge of Ulysses' mouth, as he pawed the ground in the very territorial way of Houndooms. "Is that understood? Or will I have to make it understood by force? You act like a savior, when you're really nothing more than a worthless trespasser." He continued huffing and puffing, looking straight at the Electrike with pure hatred and desperation burning like an inferno in his crimson red eyes, though keeping mind of the other idiotic Pokemon rushing to his defense in such a rash, and cowardly way.
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Snorjax
    Species: Snorlax
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Looks just like a normal snorlax
    Personality: Protective of Pokémon weaker than him/kind/loyal
    Other things we should know: Descendent of the original Balakistan inhabitants, feels loyal to the ruins and it's inhabitants. He would protect them with his life.

    Snorjax notices a commotion and trudges over he sees a houndoom looming over a ledyba. "LEAVE HIM ALONE" his booms out of his throat and through the entire ruins. "Pick on someone your own size". He walks over to the houndoom.
  13. "I don't care what you do! If you want to hit me, go ahead! What are you waiting for!? You're not gonna make me move!" Anger was building up inside him, it was irritating to know he couldn't release it. The next step was not to threat, but he already initiated a fight. If he didn't get rid of his anger soon, he might pop a gasket. At the moment, he was genuinely unafraid. Standing his ground was the only option at this point.
  14. The Houndoom pivoted around, seeing the Snorlax. Growing even more enraged by the minute, he yelled desperately: "DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?" He opened him mouth, his fangs showing, and shot off a fire blast towards the Snorlax. "LEAVE THE RUINS, ALL OF YOU! THIS IS SACRED GROUND!"

    (Sorry for the short post)
  15. (Don't worry about it!) Tired of arguing, he turned around and left, leading the other two away. The houndooms' wrath was something that could be prevented. If he wanted to stand there and fight, he could do it by himself. Rokai led them back to his nest. It only big enough for him since he was so small, but he had food and trees that surrounded the area creating a shelter from rain and heat. Rokai was exhausted, he couldnt wait until he was able to fly so he could leave the ruins. After falling asleep, he was awoken by something cold and wet that wouldn't leave him. "Water? What th-ahh!" His nest was gone, the only thing left was the forest around them. A stream of water had already ran through the area. The depth of it was much deeper than he imagined. Rokai scrambled up a tree and stayed there for the time being. "W-what's happening??" The water became even deeper by the minute. Started, confused and a little bit afraid, he knew he had no where to go. He stood no chance against the strong current and he couldnt fly. Rokai was at the mercy of nature.
  16. Name: Athena
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: she looked like most Absols except for the fact that unlike most Absols where you could see both eyes her white fur on her head covers one of her crimson eyes (the same style as Mega Absol)
    Personality: a very elegant female, she has a very strong maternal instinct to protect smaller and younger Pokemon, most of the time is very calm but when angered she gets very feisty
    Other things we should know: she has a very soothing voice and she used to be a mother but she lost her kids in a fire

    Athena was casually walking around until from a distance she could see a small Ledyba in a tree but due to her great eyesight the female could see that the little Pokemon was trying to avoid the water, thank to her maternal instincts the female Absol was sent into a sprint as she ran towards the tree. But once she reached where the water was riding the female leaped into the same tree as the Ledyba before gently picking him up from the side using her mouth but she did it gently and she made sure that none of her sharp teeth would even scratch the Pokemon, the female the leaped out of the tree with the Ledyba in her mouth before landing gently on dry land, she then laid on her stomach before releasing her hold on the Pokemon. Also due to her maternal instinct the female gently groomed the Ledyba before asking, "sweetie are you alright?"
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  17. "I-im fine. Thanks!" Still scared and grateful for her quick actions, Rokai instantly realized what was happening. "Is this..another flood..no it can't be! We need to escape or we'll be stuck here! We have to go!" Panicking and moving frantically although he wasn't getting very far, he still passed through a path which was elevated enough to avoid the water.
  18. Athena followed closely behind the Ledyba before giggling and using her mouth once again to pick the smaller Pokemon up she then gently placed the Ledyba on her back so that they could get around faster. "Sweetie make sure you hold on to my fur" Athena stated as she started walking with the bug type Pokemon on her back sense she couldn't run until he held on properly
  19. Holding on as tightly as he could, he prepared for the Sprint. Feeling unable to control what happened around him, he felt even more powerless. Seeing his home being turned to rubble was something he certainly didn't want to see. "I'm ready."
  20. "alright sweetie let's go" Athena said happily as she started running in a sprint which was really fast sense the female always trained very hard to become more powerful and faster. As she was running the Absol jumped over a few obstacles before heading to her den, "sweetie I know this may seem random but I suggest you stay with me in my den sense it's not safe out here for you" Athena stated as she continued to run before jumping over a large ravine and elegantly landing on the other side before running once again but this time she headed into a hidden cave which led to a beautiful meadow with a beautiful pond filled with clear water, the Absol then slowed down her sprint to a walk and headed to her large den which was hidden by rose bushes. The female layed down on her stomach and gently pushed the Ledyba off her back before grooming the small Pokemon once again
  21. "Thank you for helping me." After being set down, a strong feeling of drowsiness came over him. Slowly drifting to sleep, Rokai tried his best to forget about what happened that day. In the morning he knew it would be brought back up later. Finally falling asleep, he left all his worries behind.
  22. When the Ledyba fell asleep, Athena stopped grooming and instead took him into her den where different types of leaves and petals were scattered on the floor, the female Absol gently placed him down before curling up next to him but instead of sleeping the female just closed her eyes and listened in case another Pokemon invaded her territory which hardly happened sense it was very well hidden and she made sure to constantly strike fear into others eyes
  23. A few hours later, a light was visible from inside the den. Once the light had faded, the inside became pitch-black. Morning came again not too long after, the sun was just beginning to be able to be seen in the horizon. Rokai was still asleep, and it seemed like he wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. He was up most of the other day and the confrontation with that Houndoom didn't help at all.
  24. Athena slowly opened her eyes before getting up and stretching her limbs out with a yawn. "Oh the poor thing is exhausted" the female muttered before getting out of her large den and covering up the entrance with some sticks. The Absol then ran to the opening of the cave which led into her hidden meadow, once reaching the entrance the Absol made sure the Vines and shrubs still hid the cave before going back to the meadow and going to some berry bushes to pick some fruit for the Ledyba. Once she picked a good amount of food she placed them near the Ledyba for him to eat when he woke up. Athena then walked out of the den again to patrol the meadow to make sure no other Pokemon was in her meadow
  25. Upon waking up and observing the berries, stretching, he set aside the unwanted berries and nibbled on the spicy Cheri Berries. Munching silently on the berries, he waited for her return, while wondering if the flood was over. Turning over, he could see a shadow on the wall. Thinking it was the Absol he saw from earlier. "You back alrea-?" Before he could finish his statement, he was placed in a cage. A sheet was then placed over it, the only thing he could do was listen. Rokai had no clue where he was or where they were taking him. During the time they were transporting him, he heard a variety of voices. He hoped the Absol knew he was missing. Overhearing chatter about prices, deals, sales and bonds, it all was very uninteresting. However, there was a voice that bothered him, a voice that didn't seem threatning but he wasn't going to trust any kidnappers of any sort.
  26. While Athena was hding a cute little boquet of flowers in her mouth to give to the little Ledyba she instantly dropped the boquet when she smelled unfamiliar scents in the air. The female followed the scent until she saw people talking among themselves. The female Absol then caught the Ledyba scent and followed it to a cage. Athena removed the sheet that covered the cage and then used her horn to slice the cage bars open. The female held the smaller Pokemon the same way before using her mouth, but before she could get away with the bug type somebody yelled "Look it's an Absolute those are truly rare and valuable". A Crobat then attempted to poison her but Athena used psycho cut and made a run for it with Rokai safely being held in her mouth
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  27. "Y-you found me!" Looking back behind them, he noticed the Absol was being followed by a Growlithe. "Look out!" The fire pup tackled the Absol and it sent Rokai flying. Knocking out Athena and grabbing Rokai. Both of them were put into cages that were wrapped in chains. "They put up a fight, that's for sure, but that'll change soon.." One of the kidnappers said chuckling. When they arrived inside the lab, they were placed into shelves, sepereated to make sure no one could escape. When Rokai woke up from being put to sleep earlier, a tag was placed on his leg. "Athena? Athena! Are you there?" Walking closer to the bars on the cage, he knew he couldn't slip through. Concerned about his friends' well-being, he looked over to the other side of the shelf on the bottom. Unable to tell if she was asleep or not he decided to sit down and wait for whatever would become of him.
  28. Athena opened her eyes to reveal vibrant crimson orbs that were burning in anger. The female roared in anger before looking across the room to see Rokai, "Rokai sweety I'm gonna get us out of here I promise!" The female yelled as she clawed at the cage
  29. "B-be careful!" Standing up he tried to figure out how to get out of the cage. The bars seemed indestructible. Nothing he did would allow him to break free. 'I sure hope Athena knows what she's doing..' He thought to himself. Not too long after, someone walked in dressed in a weird cloak. He didn't know what was happening. Rokai wasn't alarmed until he picked up the cage he was held in a brought him into a room that was shut off from the Absol by metal doors that could only be opened with a key card. The Doctor took Rokai out and stuck him with an injection. After putting on gloves and protection, Rokai was then placed inside a Chamber. As he looked around, he noticed there were other pokèmon all around him in chambers as well. Is vision was going in and out and started getting blurry. A few moments later, he passed out. The next time he woke up, tubes were connected to his body, injecting something into him. "ATHENA, HELP ME!" Unable to be heard from inside the room, darkness was all around him. Every few minutes, he kept blacking out and waking up, regaining consciousness only for a few seconds. Rokai was feeling like something was manipulating his body. He had no control over himself anymore, his limbs moved at their own will.
  30. When the person took Rokai away, Athena's maternal instincts drove her to use Psycho cute on her cage which instantly made the iron bars shatter. The female then followed the scent of her little companion to a room but when she saw tubes being connected to Rokai the female growled before knocking out the Pokemon guarding the door the female the went inside and took out the people. Athena disconnected the tubes off of the Ledyba body as she gently picked his head. "I lost my baby's already I can't lose you too" the Absol whispered
  31. Black fluids leaked out of him, some of it was still contained inside of him. Unconscious, his body hung limp and loose. On the inside, in his mind, Rokai's memories were fading. Anything that happened before the current date was fuzzy. He quickly developed a severe headache, his pulse began escalating and he came down with a fever. Pain worked it's way throughout his entire body, but he was too weak to move.
  32. Athena gently put Rokai on her back before running out of the building and headed back so her den. But this time once she reached the other side the female used hyper beam to seperate the area where the meadow was located with the are where the ruins and humans were. Once finishing detayching the two lands the female headed back to the cave which led into her meadow, but before going into the cave the Absol knocked down large trees to cover the antrance to the cave. The Absol then walked into her den and placed Rokai down on the soft leaves, the female Absol layed down on her stomach next to the bug type and started grooming the pokemon
  33. The black fluids grew and lathered itself on his body, covering his eyes as well. The goo covered his entire body, revealing nothing. Even wiping it away wouldn't do, all it does is reform itself back over the opened area. Finally waking up, he started to freak out. Thinking he had gone blind, he started screaming suddenly. "AAAHH! ATHENA, HELP!" Flailing his arms, Rokai squirmed next to her uncontrollably.
  34. "oh sweetie I'm right here" Athena whispered before gently taking Rokai to the pond to help clean the goo off. Once gently putting Rokai in the water but she made sure to keep her paw on his belly to help him float. The female the sat down on her bottom and used her other front paw to help clean off the goo on her little Ledybas body
  35. Once all of it was removed, his body was not the same as before. Three stripes were able to be seen. The tone of his body was replaced with blue and black. Still in immense pain, he called out. Curling up into a ball, he grew tiered of screaming. The only thing thing he could do was cry silently, anything else would intensity his headache.
  36. Athena took the Pokemon back into the den where she curled up next to him so that he won't get cold, as her motherly instincts activated again the Absol licked the Ledybas head before humming a lullaby she used to sing to her baby's before they sadly left her in a fire
  37. The soothing sound lulled Rokai to sleep. The warmth made him feel safe and it reminded him he wasn't alone. The gentleness of her touch was extremely comfortable. In his sleep, he curled deeper into Athena's fur. These sensations he felt made him forget about everything he worried about before and the darkness didn't scare him as much as before.
  38. "go to sleep little one, I promise to never let you out of my sight again" Athena gently whispered as she gave Rokai another grooming session. After grooming her pretty much adopted baby, Athena layed her head down and closed her eyes sense she was very tired
  39. The next day, Rokai woke up early and decided to go get berries for Athena as a little thank you for her saving him. It was the least he could do. Winter was approaching soon and they needed food more than ever. He couldn't carry that much, the most he could hold was two berries. Rokai knew that wasn't going to be enough for anybody, so he decided to keep bringing back more until he couldnt carry any more. He then waited for Athena to wake up after curling back up after nuzzling in her fur and falling back asleep.
  40. Athena blinked a couple times before opening her eyes and yawning, she then saw a small pile of berries in the den which made the Dark type smile. The female slightly nudged the Ledyba and made a low yet gentle growl that usually soothed her kids. "Wake up sweetheart let's eat" the female whispered as she slightly leaned forward to grab a berry before gently biting into it

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