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A Legend and a Beginning

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Satoren, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Prologue
    (OoC: Long, but it somewhat explains what this RP is about.)

    ...."Pi-chu? Pichu-Pichu!"....
    "Uh...what...?" Jay asked sleepily as he looked around trying to find the source of the noise. "Pi-chu!" cried a tiny, yellow Pokemon as it climbed onto his shoulder. As it placed its hand on his face, Jay gave out a huge yawn. Slightly dazed, he looked around to remember what he was doing. He was in front of a Lake. It was large and misty, and it seemed as though something from it had been calling him, as though it was all a dream.

    Next to him was a small computer, plopped open on the ground. He moved over to it to check what was displaying on the screen. Several brightly colored waves danced across the monitor in a repetitive motion, which probably meant that nothing out of the ordinary could be found. He clicked on a small window, and as it enlarged, all he saw was nothing. Nothing but Dark Blue anyway.

    As he stood up to gather his thoughts, the small Pokemon on his shoulder jumped off and rushed over to the Lake's shore, eagerly awaiting something as it ears propped up and it began to scan the lake, slowly turning its head. Jay had just remembered specifically what he had been doing, when a voice came from behind him. He turned around to see nothing but a thick forest, guarded by a row of trees. But as the voice grew louder, someone came into view; someone who was calling his name.

    "Jay?" cried the voice as a young girl had emerged from the forest. "Ah, there you are," she said with a smile. "I was getting worried that you didn't call out. I almost thought a Gyarados might have caught you off-guard," she said jokingly. "Twig!" cried a small Pokemon in her arms. Jay smiled at her than looked at the Turtwig with her. The girl noticed this, and began to explain. "Would you believe this little guy followed me all the way into the forest? I didn't even notice until he tripped and fell behind me," she said with a nervous giggle. Altohugh the nervous giggling was suspicious, something like this has indeed happened before, especialy to Minnow. "So it followed you out of the lab and no one noticed?" He asked. Minnow didn't answer; she just placed her hand behind her head and smiled at him weakly. "You have a strange talent there, Minnow," he told her with a smile.

    Jay returned to his computer as Minnow and her Turtwig approached the shore to greet Pichu. He checked the screen for anything that may have changed over the last hour, but all he found were the same waves, and that a few fish-like Pokemon had now occupied the Dark Blue video feed. "So what were you scanning for today?" Minnow asked. "I thought I'd save the best for last," he told her. "Over the past few days, I've scanned this Lake for any sort of Wave, but so far nothing's come up," he said disappointedly. "So then, I decided to equip Buizel with a Psychic Wave detector..." he paused for a moment. Minnow grew somewhat excited as she asked him what he had found. "It's strange, but the Psychic waves register slightly higher than all the other Type waves I've scanned for," he explained. "But this could attribute to the presence of Psychic Water Pokemon in this Lake."

    "As I recall, there are only a few Water Pokemon that know Psychic moves or have any kind of Psychic energy," Minnow told him. "You really think we you've found it?" She asked. Jay searched for his bag and found it lying not too far form his computer. He scrounged around and took out a book. He opened it and searched through the pages as he found a Photo that he had glued there. It had been a Photo of some Ruins, and around it, were several notes, all with arrows pointing to the details of the photograph. On the photograph itself, one could see a stone tablet, and on it were three carved designs, they resembled something, but Jay wasn't sure what. With their long tails, small limbs and large heads, at least he was cetain they were some kind of Pokemon.

    "Legend has it that Sinnoh's three major Lakes were the last place anyone had seen these three Pokemon," Jay told Minnow. "We're at Lake Verity right now." she said as she looked over at the Lake's horizon, blanketed in a mysterious layer of Mist. For a while, she just watched the hazy clouds roll across the Lake. "Have you ever gotten a strange feeling about this place?" she suddenly asked. Pichu, Turtwig and Jay all looked at her. Pichu was the first to nod, while Turtwig began to scan the lake itself. Jay had put some thought into it. "The Pokemon supposedly in this Lake was known as 'The Deity of Feelings' or at least that's what they translated," he told her. "Legend says that it taught humans how to feel sorrow, among other emotions," he explained. "Do you think a Pokemon is capable of that?" Minnow asked him. "In my interpretation, my guess is that this Pokemon had the power to manipulate emotions, and perhaps through this, numans eventually learned how to deal with such emotions, be they negative or positive," he said as he watched his computer screen. "For something to do that, it would have to be a powerful Psychic Pokemon," he concluded.

    Minnow continued to watch the horizon, but she was suddenly broken out of her focus as a splash emerged from the calm waters. "Pichu?" the little yellow Pokemon squeaked as it tried to see what was going on. Jay approached the shores as well, seeing his Pokemon come into view as it swam towards them. "Had a good swim, Buizel?" he asked it. "Bui, Bui!" It replied ecstatically as it jumped out of the water and shook itself dry. Pichu and Turtwig laughed as they were caught in the downpour. Minnow noticed that Jay's Buizel had quite a few accessories on it. tied to its forehead was a small Camera, which directed what it saw into the video on Jay's computer. It also wore a strange looking belt ful of gadgets and lights, which she guessed was the Psychic wave detector.

    As Jay removed the gadgets from it, Minnow asked if it saw anything in underwater. Although she may have had no idea what Buizel meant by going "Bui" his head shaking from side to side meant that he apparently didn't.

    "Looks like we'll have to dive deeper if we want to catch the source of these Psychic waves," Jay said. At hearing this, Minnow suddenly spoke out. " Oh no you don't! Look, Buizel's probably tired from all the swimming," she pointed over to Buizel, but on the contrary it was flexing its arm energetically at Jay. A sudden growl from its stomach however, was all Minnow needed to seal the deal. "And it's hungry, too. I'm sure you all are," she said as she looked at each of the Pokemon and Jay. She quickly took Jay's computer and closed it, than dragged him by the arm. "You're going to come with me and have Breakfast before you all faint from hunger." Pichu was happy to hear that they were going to have breakfast and quickly took the camera Jay dropped and placed it in the bag. Buizel, too was eager to eat after a nice morning swim and helped gather the rest of Jay's things.

    Jay managed to free himself from Minnow's hold and looked at his excited Pokemon. With a chuckle, he agreed. "All right, I guess we could use a break." He picked up his bag and took out two Pokeballs, with which he recalled his Pokemon. "Return, you two," he said as a red beam of light overcame both Pichu and Buizel, they suddenly vanished as the light returned to the Pokeballs in Jay's hands. "Come on, Turtwig, we need to get you back to the lab," Minnow called her friend happily. Turtwig ran over to her and jumped into her arms. "Twig!" It cried out as Minnow made her way through the Forest. Jay took a quick gance at the Lake before he followed her.


    (OoC: And now, the RP itself. Remember the Basic rules and Guidelines.)

    Professor Rowan's small Lab had been bustling with activity that morning. In his absence, his numerous aides seemed somewhat lost, despite that each and every one of them were highly knowledgeable in the basic protocol the Professor had instructed them before he left about a year ago. Perhaps it was the awkward silence that replaced the moments in which they could hear his voice, asking them questions in reards to the numerous reports and research work held there. Minnow found this a bit strange considering he had been gone for about a year already.

    Minnow wandered around the hallway, observing the different doors that led to larger rooms in the facility. Occasionally, there would be an Aide or two rushing in and out and greeting her with a friendly smile. She continued to wander until she found the very room she was looking for.

    As the doors whooshed open she walked inside, taking care to see if anyone was working at the moment. It would seem rude to suddenly come in just to see her good friend while all these people conducted important research. However, she found no one as she made her way to a table near the center of the room. There rested three red and white balls, which she knew contained Pokemon that were to be given to new trainers.

    "So when are they coming?" asked a voice suddenly. Minnow looked behind her to see Jay walking in, holding two steaming cups of Coffee. On his shoulder, Pichu was munching on some Pokemon food. He offered her a cup as she continued to look at the three Poke Balls. "They should be here in a few minutes. This is pretty exciting," she said as she took a sip form her cup. Jay nodded in agreement. Although it had been so long since they themselves began their own journeys, they always enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing some budding trainers receive their very first Pokemon. It was fun seeing their reactions to this, and to know where they were planing to go from here.

    But Jay's mind began to wander to something else. Seeing new trainers was a treat, but he wanted to focus on the reason he came to Sinnoh. Those Psychic waves he recorded this morning were definitely something. But because he wasn't as well-versed in Sinnoh legends as much as those of Kanto and Hoenn, he didn't really know how to respond if he ever did find what was hiding in Lake Verity. Needing assurance, he asked Minnow's opinion. "Hey, um, do you think we could really find something in the Lake?" Minnow looked at him, and for a while there was an awkward pause. This was totally random, Jay thought. Besides, Minnow didn't seem to care about this issue as much as he did. After all, Minnow's journey here was for different reasons.

    "Well, humans have proven the existence of dozens of legendary Pokemon so far," she replied slowly. "I strongly believe this legend might be true as well." she finished with a smile, then she took a hue sip from her cup. In truth, she only said that to give him a confidence boost. After all, all the research thus far has led to a strong 'what if.'

    As Jay swirled the remaining drops of coffee in his cup, the door behind them slid open.
  2. [size=8pt]The absol's white fur was silky against her cheek and arms, only provoking her to further tighten her grip around the creature's neck.
    Her reaction had started to concern the three onlookers enough for the female to step forward and clutch the girl's shoulder.
    "Sweetie, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, You've already been around Sinnoh once, and you didn't need a new team then.."
    Silenced by a raised hand, the woman recoiled slightly and gave a sad smile in compensation.

    "Mom, I'll be back for these guys naturally. I just.. I can't thoroughly explore the region if I have no room for travel companions."
    Relaxing her grip on the great white beast, they exchanged an understanding through their eyes as Belle's fingers traced the curve of his head and eventually lingered on the scythe that took the place of an ear on it's right temple.

    More protesting;
    "But you'll have your brother, and he'll have an entire team of new pokemon."
    The girl grinned and stood from her place beside her pokemon, taking a spot amidst the four that were her closest companions.
    "There's going to be more than six new pokemon in the Sinnoh region, Mom. As soon as I get more information from there, I can come and get them. Who knows, I may even have some to fill the empty slots on my belt."

    She was making sense. It just saddened her mother that she was starting anew, again, and leaving behind more of those she loved.
    "Alright. But take care of Jeremy, won't you?"

    "If you do, you know we'll take care of your pokemon."
    His voice was deep and resonating, like a father's should be. He had already lost most of his hair, but stood a good foot taller than his daughter even though his wife did not.

    The girl turned once more to stand before her team.
    Charizard.. Dragonite.. Absol.. Pikachu. The yellow pokemon's eyes twinkled knowingly as she bound forward and took her place on the girl's shoulders, tiny paws clutching the fresh yellow top.
    "Charme, Noble, Kodent. Take care of my parents, okay?"
    In unison, the three gave reassuring chirps and smiled at their girl.
    In the midst of Belle's farewells, a boy who could very well have been a younger male version of the girl had made his descent from the second floor, his backpack fastened to his shoulders and bright green eyes searching his sisters'.

    "Ready to go Belle?"

    After another five minutes of goodbyes and double-checking their supplies, and an hour or so of getting to the nearest port, the siblings were on a ferry to their Sinnoh-based destination.


    That had been two days ago. Their arrival in Canalave was received with a warm reception from an aquaintance Belle had met on her first arrival. His family had contributed to their safe passage to Jubilife, and they had said their goodbyes at the city's southern border. With their supplies replenished and with the company of Belle's pikachu Rusty, the girl guided her brother down Route 202 to Sandgem Town.
    The little boy had, naturally, been fascinated by the new species of Pokemon that there was to see, even studying a particularly bold Bidoof that had wandered into their camp on their first night in Sinnoh.
    New encounters aside, the trip was fairly uneventful.
    Rusty occasionally got restless and opted to travel at their feet rather than on her girl's shoulder, criss-crossing over the path as running seemed to be too fast, and walking too slow to match their pace.

    Of course, being unconditioned for the kind of tedious travel that was to become them, little Jem had pleaded with his sister for a piggy-back, claiming the strain in his legs was too much.
    Had it been any other day she probably would have turned him down, but having changed her travelling gear during her time in Kanto, her new shorts made giving rides far more bearable.
    So their arrival in Sandgem had been on two black-boot-clad feet, with the pikachu and brother both hitching a ride on the teenager.

    "Thanks for the piggy-back Belle. I'm not nearly as tired anymore."
    "Belle? You're not angry are you?"
    ".. Naw, just tired. Fatty."

    Sibling rivalry was marvelous, really.
    The boy decided that tugging at the girl's hair seemed fair trade-off, and pulling at Belle's brown ringlets ensued.
    She frowned and began to wriggle her hips, effectively throwing the boy around on his perch. A shame, she had done so well taming her bed-head that morning.
    "Alright, calm down. You don't want the aids in the lab to think twice about giving you your starter pokemon."
    Well, that stopped him.
    "Oh, right. Belle, are you getting a pokemon from Professor Rowan too?"

    It was an awkward question, whether he realized it or not. Belle's starter pokemon was actually deceased, which had instigated her arrival in Kanto in the first place. She'd left minus her team but equipped with her little brother, who was keen on starting his own adventure.
    "Well, no. I already got my starter pokemon. And besides." She hefted the little boy's weight higher up on her waist, so as to better balance herself. "Professor Rowan won't be there, he's no doubt doing fieldwork in the vast Sinnoh wild."
    She could feel him frowning, no doubt disappointed to not be meeting Oak's superior. It made her a bit guilty, and she busied herself with re-adjusting the lacy yellow slip-on she had thrown over her black racerback top.

    It was quiet again, and awkwardly so. But the lab was in sight which lifted their spirits and brought the enthusiastic sparkle back into their green eyes.

    "I'm glad I'm travelling with you."
    The heat that rose into her cheeks brought a rosy contrast against her smooth skin, and she felt her lips pull into a grin.
    A response wasn't necessary, and she felt the 10-year-old's grip on her shoulders tighten and his chin dig into her back as the boy peered over her shoulder at the looming building.
    Reaching a hand out to the door, she pulled it aside to reveal the aids buzzing around the room to prepare for the arrival of new trainers, the three pokeballs sitting and glinting proudly on the table at the back, and a glimpse at what may have been a kitchen around the far corner.

    "Uh. Good morning all."[/size]
  3. The quiet and calm mood that filled the room that morning was silenced, as the doors slid open to reveal two new faces. Minnow eagerly took a glance at the new trainers, while Jay wasn't as interested. He took her cup and proceeded to exit the room. "Excuse me," was all they could hear from him as he left them with Minnow, and the three Pokemon the trainers would soon obtain. Pichu, however, was about to sit and leave with him when he noticed the Pikachu on one of the trainers' back. Interested to come across another of its species it suddenly jumped down from where it sat. Jay had noticed this, and looked back to see his Pokemon being quite interested in the trainers. He decided he'd leave her with Minnow and continued to make his way out the hallway and towards the kitchen.

    Minnow stepped forward and greeted them. "Well, hello there," she said before the Chief Aide came over to them with his own greeting. "Welcome, You are Belle," nodding towards the girl "And Jeremy, am I right?" He asked, but before they could answer him, yet another aide had come running into the room, he seemed out of breath and was holding a sheet of paper tightly in his hand. "Mr. Branch, we need you over at the Medical Room right away!" He said as he gave him the sheet of paper.

    Mr. Branch quickly glanced at it before rushing out with the distressed assistant. Minnow followed him out the door, at least until he and his fellow Aide began to make their way down the hallway in quick strides. "Mr. Branch, what about the new trainers?" she asked quickly. Professor Rowan's chief aide looked back at her and waved his arms frantically. "Just tell them to wait for any other trainer that may arrive, in the meantime, please entertain them, Miss Minnow. Thank you..." but before she could hear him complete his sentence they rushed around the corner and were blocked from view.

    Minnow stood there for an awkwardly long time before sighing. She proceeded back into the room where Belle and Jeremy remained standing. She smiled awkwardly as she took a good look at both of them. "So, um, hi. It's Jeremy and Belle, right?" she asked as she glanced at them.

    Belle seemed much older than Jeremy, and the way she dressed, not to mention the Pokemon on her shoulder meant that she was probably a licensed Trainer by now. Then she glanced over to Jeremy. Jeremy was young, energetic and it looked like he was excited about becoming a trainer. Minnow smiled at both of them, the contrast was pretty obvious, and she admired Jeremy, for he looked like the kind of trainer she was when she first got her license. With a renewed spirit of sorts after the awkward moment, Minnow greeted them happily. "So welcome to Professor Rowan's research lab. You must be the new trainers who are about to start on their first ever journey, right?" She said this in a way that one could imagine her eyes glittering with excitement and joy.

    Meanwhile, Pichu was deeply interested in the Pikachu on Belle's shoulder. While she went unnoticed it would seem, Pichu began to wave at the Pokemon. "Pi-chu," it squeaked to get its attention.

    "Oh, right," Minnow said as she suddenly remembered Mr. Branch's instructions. "If you don't mind waiting, we'd like to see if there'll be any other new Trainers arriving. The more the merrier," she said as she directed them to a nearby couch.
  4. [size=8pt]Well, the lab certainly hadn't been this busy on her last visit. Jeremy seemed just as puzzled as she, if not more. The aide had come and gone so quickly they were left with hardly any time to reply.
    In the brief time that they had been alone, the boy had clambered down from his perch on his sister's hips, and stood beside her with Rusty in his arms.
    Just as quickly as the group had disappeared, the young girl had come back.
    Belle's eyebrows here knit together in a bemused look that, soon enough, had melted into a genuine smile.
    "Yes, Jeremy's here for his first pokemon today." A hand went to her brother's head and ruffled his already unruly brown hair.
    "We can wait, can't we? In the meantime, we can keep reading that book we got from the Canalave Library."
    She hadn't gotten the word 'book' out of her mouth before the boy had jumped to the couch and waited eagerly on one half, and left the other half vacant for his sister.
    Approaching the couch, she had already pulled out a reasonably sized leather-bound book from the black messenger bag at her hip.
    "Sinnoh Myths and Legends. Where were we Jem?"

    As the girl began to flip through the pages, her pikachu padded enthusiastically around the pichu.
    Having squirmed from the little boy's grasp during his mad bolt to the sofa, she had taken a moment to shake herself untill all of her fur had fallen back into place. Being a good centimeter or so longer than that of most others of her species, he had a softer appearance and the fur was usually ruffled most atop her head. As well as being a quick way to groom herself, the rapid quivering had also tousled the small silver soothe bell attached to her tail vis-a-vis a silky red ribbon.
    "Ka-chu," the pokemon gave a greeting chirp and paced around the smaller pokemon on all fours. In doing this, she had exposed the tiny brown birthmark beside the base of her tail. Her trainer, having glanced up at the pikachu's peeps, grinned briefly before returning her attention to the book.
    A beaming smile pulled at the pokemon's mouth as she rose onto her hind legs, tiny white sparks fizzling at the red pouches at either cheek in recognition.[/size]
  5. "Pi-chu!" The little Pokemon squeaked excitedly as its new friend began to take interest in her. As she began to circle around her, the little Pichu noticed a bell of some kind wrapped around her tail. She could hear its soothing sounds with every step the Pikachu made. "Pi-chuuu," she squeaked as she admired her friend's little accessory.

    Not to be outdone, she herself pointed at the earring fastened to her left ear, she gave it a soft poke as it, too made a jingling sound. She waved her arms in playful manner, seeing as how they both had matching accessories. Wild Pichu and Pikachu were often shy Pokemon, afraid too socialize with most other types of Pokemon. But when it came to fellow species, they would usually hit it off. Besides that, Pichu's own experiences as a trained Pokemon had made her quite friendly.

    However, a true sign of friendship had not been shown yet, at least not until Pikachu had stood on her hind legs with a smile, and proceeded to release small sparks from her cheek. This had been the sign Pichu was waiting for, a sort of "go ahead" so that she could really socialize with this Pokemon. Pichu's smile widened at this chance and took her new friend's hands. She then released a small spar of her own when the two touched each other, a sort of manner in whihc all electric Pokemon were able to get to know each other. From that one spark, Pichu had told her that she looked forward to being a good friend.

    As Minnow watched this electrifying meeting, she looked at Pichu curiously. Pichu wasn't normally so friendly as to jump for joy when she had come across a new friend. As she looked at the Pikachu, she thought that it could be because of that.

    Jay had returned to the room, and approached Minnow, curious as to why they were just sitting around. "I figured getting a Pokemon would be a bit more exciting," he whispered to her. "Well, Mr. Branch left for an emergency, it would seem, so now we're all waiting around for other trainers," Minnow explained. Jay understood and joined them in standing around for a few minutes. His eyes wandered over to his little Pichu, which was excitedly squeaking with a Pikachu. Minnow noticed this, "You know, I think Pichu might be a little lonely," she told him. Jay looked at her. "Well, I noticed she was really into befriending Belle's Pikachu," she said. "I think she might be missing Rio." Jay thought about this for a while, this was one of those little things he was worried about into their trip through Sinnoh. He sighed before telling Minnow, "Well, I thought that she should be able to make new friends without having a big brother around to keep an eye on her," he told her. "I was a glad when I caught Buizel, seeing as how she was so happy to meet him. It's too early to see what'll happen," he finished. Minnow nodded to this. "Well, in any case, I'm sure you can just have the Professor send over Rio anytime," she said with a slight smile.

    But before they could continue their conversation, they heard a popping sound, and turned over to the table. A light had burst from one of the Pokeballs, and the form of a Turtwig began to come into view. "Oh no," Minnow said with an embarrassed smile.

    Turtwig shook itself before looking around the room for its favorite trainer. It jumped off the table and eagerly ran into Minnow's arms. "Hello there, Turtwig," Minnow said weakly.
  6. (Ooc: Hmmm. Okay I think I'l join. This is also the first Roleplay Kristie appears in. Fair warning: Kristie is insane.)

    The dusty path leading to Professor Rowan's lab was quiet after the two trainers arrived at the lab. That is, if you ignored the argument of two more trainers.

    "What kind of pokemon do you think I should get? It's just so hard to decide!"

    "I don't know, and I really don't care."

    "But you know the three starter pokemon of Sinnoh! Is one of them cute?"

    "Find out for yourself."



    "Oh! Your so mean!"

    "I'm not mean. Your just crazy."

    The two voices belonged to two female trainers, each arging in turns. One of them was 14, with blue hair curled around her ears and a black Tshirt and a white vest, shorts, and everything else was white. The other was about two years younger, and had light brown hair that was pulled into two spiky pigtails. The younger one kept bouncing around like a Aipom on caffenine. The older one looked as if she were about to shoot herself. On the 14 year old's shoulders sat a Cyndaquil and a Raichu. The Raichu raised its head at Kristie's antics and flicked its tail, careful not to hit the sleeping Cyndaquil.

    "Rai. Rai rai, rai-chuuu." Volts mumbled irritably.

    "We're there! We're there! We're THERE!!!" Kristie squeeled, jumping up and down and pointing to the lab in a frantic frenzy.

    The Cyndaquil jerked his head up with a frightened squeak and Rosa took her hands off her ears "Yes, I know we're there," she said through gritted teeth,"you don't have to to tell everyone from here to Kanto about it."

    Kristie acted as if she didn't hear and raced down the path at full speed. Rosa let out a sigh that sounded like air blowing out of a tire and followed her younger cousin at a jog. Kristie reached the lab long before Rosa did and banged open the door. "Hi everyone!" She pratically screamed, "Where's-MMMFFF!!" Volts glared at her and kept his tail firmly over her mouth until Rosa ran up.

    "Thanks Volts." She gasped out and glared daggers at her cousin. Her Cyndaquil, Blaze, trotted up and gazed around at the bustling activity of the lab and shrank away from all of the eyes that were on him and the two trainers. Everyone from within a ten foot radius had heard the noise and instantly stopped and were staring at the glaring duo.
  7. (OoC: Thanks for the go-ahead, Rocket X)

    Monica sat on the beach, bare-feet buried in the sand, with the waves reaching them (barely). She stared at the fresh morning sky, with a sense of nostalgia emitting from her.
    "Ah, the Sinnoh sky. And the Sandgem Beach... They don't make 'em like this in Hoenn." Monica said, voice hushed, but not quite a whisper. She then pulled out a dark-green PokeTch with a monochrome screen. The time was displayed.
    "Oh snap! I'm late!" Monica yelled, ruining the serene beach scene. "That aid of Rowan's will kill me if I'm late again!"
    And with that, Monica ran north-bound. She continued to do so until she reached a rather large building. She slowed to catch her breath, surprised at the scene inside. A girl had her mouth covered by a Raichu's tail, a Pikachu and Pichu were playing around, and several other chaotic scenes occured or developed. Monica received a quick glance from everyone as she entered, but it didn't last long as everyone was already preoccupied.
    "Woww." Monica said, "Looks like all hell broke loose, and then some!"
    Through a door of to the left of the man room bursted two lab aids ((typing that makes me feel dirty)), wearing typical scientist outfits. One kept going, but the other went to Monica upon noticing her presence.
    "My word are you late. What's the excuse this time?" the aid complained.
    "Uh, the beautiful Sandgem Beach. You have to remember, I'm from Hoenn. The closest you get to that is Slateport Beach, but it's far too crowded." Monica answered, apparently well-rehearsed.
    "Oh, you and your stories. Come on." the aid said, grabbing Monica by the arm. He pulled her to the room the other aid rushed into moments previously. Monica threw a "help-me" look at a girl holding a Turtwig. Then she was yanked harder by the arm, and pulled completely into the smaller room. Inside, about six computers were whirring, about four with screensavers active, one with a Word document open, and the last occupied by the running aid.
    "Now, we need you-" the more serious aid began.
    "Hey, I know. Which computer is it on?" Monica interrupted.
    "Zach is running it up. He'll show you." the serious aid explained.
    Monica went up behind the other aid, apparently named "Zach," and watched the loading screen on the monitor.
  8. (OoC: OMG, we have Windows! =0)

    "Thank Arceus," Jay whispered under his breath as all suddenly quieted down. He motioned for his Pichu to come over to him, and for a while, Pichu had glanced back at the new arrivals, most particularly at the Raichu. She looked at it with a sparkle in her eye, but then decided they would get to know each other later. She let go of Rusty's paw and made her away up onto Jay's shoulder, her eyes still wandering over to the Raichu. Jay noticed this and blinked at this reaction to a Raichu in the room. But his attention was diverted as Mr. Branch began to speak.

    "Now then, once again, I would like to greet all of you," He said as he slowly peered around the room to count the sheer number of Trainers and Pokemon that had gathered. "So I see that some of you have brought Pokemon of your own, I suppose that you must be licensed Trainers," he asked each of them. "Well then, may I ask that the new trainers please step forward to choose their first Pokemon?" He said as he hurriedly made his way over to the table. He found that there was a Pokeball flipped open, revealing its lack of any contents. "Oh dear, it seems one of our Pokemon have..." but before he could finish his sentence, he already noticed the Turtwig in Minnow's arms.

    Minnow was wondering about the recently noticed small room to the side of theirs, and how Zach and one of the trainers had disappeared into it. "Miss Minnow," Mr Branch said as he approached her worriedly. "Why did you release the Pokemon without any of the aide's supervision?" Minnow worriedly waved one of her arms, and the turtwig that was held by the other began to slowly wave its own. "I didn't do it, Mr. Branch. Turtwig just jumped out and ran over to me," she said quickly.

    Jay approached the two, seeing if he could do anything to straighten all this out, it would seem that everyone had been staring at Mr. Branch's panicked actions. "It would seem," he said with a sigh, "that Turtwig has grown very fond of Minnow." Minnow looked at Turtwig, who smiled widely at her. "I suppose you can still see if its fond of any of these trainers, but the fact that it jumped out of its Pokeball just for Minnow, I'd say you'll have a hard time helping them get along," he told him. Mr. Branch looked at Jay and found he was smiling in a sort of mischievous manner. He was well aware what he was telling him. Jay turned around towards the other Trainers. "Tell me, how many of you have the Starter's registration form?" He asked each of them, while taking out a small card from his pocket. It showed several blank lines to be filled in, and the picture of 3 Pokemon on it. One was Turtwig, another resembled a red monkey, and another like a blue Penguin with a round head.

    Mr. Branch sighed and moved over to the intercom near the main door. "Hello, Root? It's Branch," he said to it while pressing a button. "I need you to bring up some more Pokeballs up here, just in case," he said in a slight whisper.

    Minnow blinked and looked at everything that was happening with a dazed expression, as though she had narrowly avoided some sort of vicious attack. Suddenly, she felt a slight tingle of excitement. At the back of her mind, she was thinking that at the end of today, she might very well be walking off with a brand new Pokemon.
  9. [size=8pt]ooc| elohel. Branch :B

    Having tucked away the storybook and taken a more comfortable position on the couch, Belle extended a hand to the floor as the pichu scurried back to its trainer. Rusty, having recognised the invitation from her trainer, resumed her station in the girl's lap and watched the table of pokeballs with a fixed interest.
    From the same couch, the younger boy had fallen quiet as the aid had begun to formally greet them. What began to unfold was curious, but it made him smile too. Minnow and Turtwig, they seemed like the people in fairy tales who find the pokemon they were meant to be with.
    Always living in a fantasy, he found himself daydreaming of the union between him and his very first pokemon. Should it be an instant bond, or the sort of friendship he would work to deserve to the point where they were inseperable?
    Soon enough he found himself thinking about how his sister and her Pikachu felt at first, but didn't get far into the story before she herself had started prodding him in the ribs. Having actually been paying attention, she had heard Jay asking for anyone with starter cards to step forward and relayed the message to Jeremy as soon as he snapped to attention.
    Flushing madly enough to bring a grin onto Belle's face, he dug through his bag until his fingers touched on the smooth surface of the card.. And felt his face turning hotter yet as he felt the indentations his pen had made on it's surface. Pulling it free from the rubble, he ran his thumb over the surface in a vain attempt to rid it of the rings and stars placed around the firey pokemon at the top of the card.
    Finding his efforts to be useless, he watched his feet shuffling toward the boy with his card in hand.

    "... I wrote on it a little bit.. Sorry.."[/size]
  10. (OoC: "elohel"? Oh, lol? And wow, all members of the Pikachu family. Confusing. And what exactly is OoC and BIC?)

    The screen went blank for a moment after the loading displayed 100%. Then it showed that AOL was running. Two websites and the AOL homepage were open. After clicking a couple things, a Web-Cam website was displayed. The screen that was displayed was all black, but audio could be heard.
    "How do I get this damned thing to work?" a voice came from the computer, "Oh snap, audio is on. Hey, who's this?"
    "Zach, calling in. And our new field agent, Monica, is here." Zach said.
    The screen finally loaded, revealing that Prof. Elm was on the other end. He looked utterly bewildered and somewhat frustrated. He was entangled in computer wires, and his glasses were loose and lop-sided on his face.
    "OK, good." Prof. Elm said, "Ah, so you're Monica. Well, I need you to research the odd evolutions I've been hearing about in Sinnoh. I need you to discover these causes of strange evolutions. Many reports say there are items found in Sinnoh to do this, others say there are locations. You must research both."
    "That seems like quite the bit of work, and important at that. Why would you trust me? I'm only a trainer." Monica said.
    "You just answered your own question. It's because you are a trai-" Prof. Elm started, however he lifted his arm quickly on starting to say "trainer," and a wire on his arm was yanked out. In front of Monica and Zach was a frozen image of Prof. Elm beginning to raise his arm.
    "Oh Professor Elm... The rumors about your clumsiness are true." Monica said, then gave a small giggle.
    "Hey, the audio's still on!" Prof. Elm said.
    The screen of Prof. Elm blurred a bit, then revealed a Prof. Elm free of wires and looking relieved, albeit a bit angry. However the anger lifted once he realized the thing was working again.
    "Alright, well, Zach has several Pokemon that are reported to evolve in Sinnoh. He'll show you them." Prof. Elm concluded. Zach went to Start, then Log Off, and got up from his seat.
    "Well, quite the mission Elm wants done." Zach said.
    "Don't remind me." Monica whined.
  11. Jay took the card from Jeremy and then handed it over to Mr. Branch. As he skimmed through it for its contents, he gave the boy a pat on the back. "Well done, so you'll be starting a new adventure, eh?" He said as he forced a smile from his nervously quivering mouth. But before Jeremy could reply, he moved over to the table and pulled out a drawer.

    From the drawer, he had taken out a small, red, rectangular device and 5 smaller red and white balls. "Now then," Mr. Branch said as he directed their attention to the table. "I'm sure you're aware of how to utilize a Pokedex, right?" He said as he pressed a button, and the Pokedex then flipped open and began lighting up. Mr. Branch then placed the card Jay had handed him over a small round lens on the Pokedex. With whirring clicking sounds, a bell then chimed, as the Pokedex's feminine voice called out the Jeremy's successful registration and Trainer License number.

    Mr. Branch then handed him the five small Pokeballs. " Remember, you should make sure the Pokemon you intend to capture is weak enough to go inside the Pokeball," he reminded him. Then he proceeded to the table, and for a while was glancing at the three pokeballs, one of which was still empty.

    "Well, Jeremy," he sighed. "I'm afraid until Mr. Root gets here, you're going to have to pick a Pokemon from these two Pokeballs." For a second or so, he then glared at Minnow, who was blushing and hugging her Turtwig tightly.

    With a gentle tap on each ball, they had popped open and let out a flash of light. Two new figures began to materialize on the table as a Red Monkey and Blue Penguin, similar to the ones on the card, revealed themselves. The red Pokemon just blinked at everyone else, then began to wave its arms excitedly. The Blue Pokemon on the other hand, just crossed its wings and raised its head, as though to say "humph." "So, despite the lack of a third choice, unless you'd like to wait for it, perhaps you'd like to choose either Chimchar or Piplup here to be your Starter?"

    Everyone watched quietly, waiting for Jeremy's decision as the two Pokemon directed their attnetion to him.
  12. Ooc: Yeah, weird coincidence. But "ooc" means "out of conversation". I don't know what "Bic" means though.

    Rosa's eyes widened, then she quickly stuck her fingers in her ears for what was about to come next. Blaze and Volts did the same.

    "AWWWW!!! It's so cute!" Kristie once again blasted everyone's eardrums. She crouched down next to the Piplup and smiled.

    Oh WHY did I have to get stuck with her?! Rosa thought, I told Rosie that splitting up our group was a stupid idea! She saw that Volts' attention was drawn to a Pikachu and Pichu. He looked up at her as if asking for permission, Rosa nodded and Volts trotted happily over to where the duo were.

    Rosa sighed again and took her hands off her ears. She looked over at Mr. Branch and swirled her finger around her head, indcating the crazy sign at Kristie. Blaze put himself between Kristie and the pratically deaf Piplup and flared up his back.
  13. [size=8pt]ooc| I think 'ooc' is 'out of character' usually pertaining to roleplays.. 'bic' is 'Back in Character' c:

    After taking the five pokeballs from the aid, the boy found himself pressing his index finger to his ear repeatedly as if to make sure he still had his sense of hearing. Jem gave a little smile as he took a step toward the firey monkey, and after a short pause he reached down and took it's little paw into his hand.
    "Even if I don't get the hang of cathing pokemon right away, I'll have Belle with me." He turned to glance at the girl and she gave him a smile in return.
    Turning back to Mr. Branch and Jay, he gave a genuine smile and felt his grip on the chimchar's paw tightening slightly.

    "Mum and Dad always said I'd turn out like my sister. I don't expect to be great at battling; I want to be a coordinator. Or a researcher.
    "But we do have one thing in common- We wanted fire pokemon as our starters."
    He was beaming at this point, feeling a rush of adrenaline as he envisioned himself training the firey monkey to perform his attacks in an admirable fashion- making a grand entrance and the woos of the crowd..
    It wasn't a certainty, but he felt a new confidence in himself and his partner.
  14. ooc: Mind if I come in? =]

    As Ericka followed behind her travel companion, she couldn't help but smile, knowing that someone like her would get the chance to become a pokemon trainer like Charlotte, whom she admired, despite her... humble beginings.

    "Are we there yet?" Ericka mumbled shyly as played with her long forest green hair that was tied in a long braid; even with her new friend, she was still a vary timid girl.

    "Almost" was all Charlotte said as she strode down the dirt path, almost towering over the petite girl. She never was a talkative person, which made her appear antisocial, but on the contrary Ericka did not find it a negative thing, since she is used to silence and is vary fond of it.

    Finally reaching their destination, Charlotte stopped in front of the tall building and let Ericka, who clung to the end of her black trenchcoat, soak in the magnificence of the view before her.

    "Ready?" Charlotte asked the orphan, but Ericka felt hesitant to go in. The building felt too beautiful for her to enter, since all she wore was a worn out light green top and ragged dark green skirt with old boots, and felt rooted to the ground. Charlotte let out a sigh; she could sense Ericka's insecurities since it was plastered all over her face. She knew also that she'd have to go on a shopping spree with the new trainer, but that was until she could afford it. Unfortunately for her, she was always bad when it came to handeling money; either she was conned of everything she owned, or she just lost it somewhere.

    "Come on you" Charlotte said losing her patience at Ericka's overreaction, and stepped through the sliding door in which Ericka quickly followed suit.

    Upon entering the establishment, Charlotte surveyed the situation. There were a great number of new trainers already equiped with their starter pokemon, and knew that they had come too late. All she could do was see if they had more somewhere, or they would have to wait till tomorrow. Ericka poked out from behind Charlotte and saw the trainers and their pokemon in awe, and hoped that she wouldnt have to wait any longer for her own little friend.
  15. Mr. Branch had literally jumped back in surprise at Jem's enthusiastic comment. Jay had closed one eye in annoyance as his Pichu folded its ears to stop the noise, while Minnow was calming a startled Turtwig in her arms. Suddenly, the doors behind them slid open as a woman in a lab coat rushed inside carrying three more Pokeballs in her arms. Mr. Bramch saw this and was suddenly overcome with relief as he made his way over to her.
    "Thank goodness you're here," he told her in hushed tones. "Which one of these is Turtwig?" he quickly asked as Ms. Root fumbled to give him one of the Pokeballs. Having recieved it, he returned to the commotion.

    "Excuse me, Miss Jem is it? Could I ask you for your registration form once more? You're going to need it if you want to capture Pokemon in the future," he asked. And as he did, he had noticed yet another trainer coming in. A long and painful "No" began to shout all around Mr. Branch's head. Just as Ms. Root was about to leave, Mr. Branch quickly grabbed her shoulder. "Please, help me," he said in a tired and nervous voice. "Excuse me miss!" He yelled out as the new trainer was about to leave as well. "There's no need to go, I assure you we have all the Pokemon you could ever want here," He pleaded to her.

    Meanwhile, Jay diverted his attention to Jeremy. "So I guess you're going with Chimchar, huh? Well, Fire Pokemon are pretty flashy and can come up with some dazzling appeals," he explained. Minnow grinned at this statement and moved over to join in their conversation. "But Jay, you've never used any Fire Pokemon in your Contest," she told him with an even wider grin.

    A strange smile came over Jay at that moment, and as he raised his arm to his head, it looked like he had been embarrassed. "Well, I myself have much preferred to use water Pokemon, at least they're not as dangerous as a fire show," he said, although he ha difficulty in saying such.

    Pichu was uninterested in all this though. It instead climbed down from Jay's shoulder and made its way over to Rusty and Volts. "Pi-chuuuuu," it squeaked at the large Raichu. Much like it did with Rusty, she offered her hand over to the Electric Pokemon.
  16. (OoC: I'm like the only person with one character. And we have four other people. Wow, headache.)

    Zach ran out of the room, and all Monica could make out from his yell on the way out was "basement." She assumed this was were the evolve-ready Pokemon were. Monica soon followed, but stopped soon after arriving in the main room. Someone shouted "AWWWW" rather loud. This instantly turned Monica's head.
    "The hell?" Monica whipered, yet she soon realized why. A new trainer had seen a Piplup. Classic. Other young children were gathered, all around the table where a Piplup and Chimchar were.
    ~Couldn't hurt to stick around and watch these kids.~ Monica thought. So she did. She wriggled through the crowd, and stood next to the girl with a Turtwig. However, it just dawned on Monica that this was odd, considering the girl looked experienced and the Turtwig didn't.
    "Are you just starting out? If not, why do you have that Turtwig?" Monica asked, then remembered her manners. "Oh, and I'm Monica. You?"

    (OoC: Oh, Ericka can have a to-be-evolved Pokemon. EDIT: Oh that's not good, our posts don't exactly match up well...)
  17. Charlotte let a single eyebrow twitch in annoyance from the overly enthusiastic newcomer, while Ericka flinched from startlement. Ericka however could not help but agree with the girl of how adorable the Piplup was.

    "Understood" Charlotte answered the professor, and hearing the man speak of the registration form, reminded her to get Ericka's form out from her messenger bag. While she had it out, she felt it was apppropriate to hand him Ericka's form, and bowed a welcome to the other trainers; new and old. It was then that Charlotte noticed Ericka magically appearing by her side and hiding behind her without a single notice, and let out a sigh from Ericka's clingy-ness.

    To give herself some space and to force Ericka to behave normal and interact at least a little with the others, Charlotte took a step to the side to expose the frail frame of the 14 year old. It was her first day as a trainer after all, not Charlotte's, and therefore shouldnt be hiding behind the one whos not getting a starter pokemon.

    occ: This is it for the night for me, see you tomorrow. =]
  18. Volts smiled and shook the Pichu's paw warmly, glad that he could already make a few friends. His tail flicked with eagerness of the possibility of making anew friend.

    Kristie jumped up and scooped up the Piplup. "It's so adorable. I think I'll have him or her, I'm already a trainer but I onl have five pokemon so I thought I'd come here and decide to get the last one if it was real cute and-MMMFFFF!" Rosa had covered Kristie's mouth and once again, looked as if she were about to shoot herself.

    Why couldn't I have gotten stuck with Flora? She thought in despair, I mean, sure she sucks at pokemon training but at least she's sane!
  19. OOC: I hope this is right...

    Yue sighed. "Let's go, Tsuki," he said in an impateint voice. Tsuki nodded and picked up her Bellosum. Yue stood up and started to walk to the pokemon center to heal Tsuki's Charmander.

    When they arrived at the pokemon center, Tsuki hurried to the desk and put her pokeball on the counter. "Um... Could heal my... pokemon...?" she asked.

    The nurse Joy smiled. "Of course I can!" she said, smiling. Tsuki let a small smile creep unto her face. "Thanks...." she said.

    Yue walked up from behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Could you look at my pokemon?" he asked, holding out five pokeballs.

    "Of course!" Nurse Joy said, still smiling. "I'll be right back," she said as she hurried deeper into the Pokemon Center.

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