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Ask to Join A Kanto Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Spinel, May 13, 2019.

  1. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "That was no one that you need to worry about. Now, are you going to catch another pokemon?" Lily said. Pudge landed on her shoulder once more and started squawking. Lily looked behind her and saw brown hair. "Great, she's following me." Lily thought. Lily let out a sigh. "Remember, first fight the pokemon, then catch it." She reminded. She then walked over to Emily. "I don't like being followed. Now tell me, why in the wide wide world are you following me? Unless you are trying to snatch a catch from me later. I wouldn't put it pass you now that you took a pokemon from the professor, even though you already had a pokemon."
  2. Spinel

    Spinel Previously Lime Weedle

    Emily grinned “I’m following you and your little date.” she said. Meanwhile Jackson and Squirtle found a brown worm Pokemon. It had a spike on it’s head. “Let’s see what Rattata can do.” he sent out Rattata “Use tackle!” Jackson said. Rattata ran at the bug Pokemon and hit it head first. The Pokemon got launched back. Jackson grabbed a Pokeball and threw it at the Pokemon. He caught another Pokemon. He picked up the Pokeball that held his newest friend.
  3. Blake had exited viridian city and walked west onwards towards Victory Road to train. He caught a glimpse of a group of people consisting of a boy and two girls. He'd whitnessed the boy capture a the brown worm pokemon and walked towards him to congratulate him on catching it. "Hey! congrats on capturing that Weedle!" he exclaimed while grinning.
  4. Spinel

    Spinel Previously Lime Weedle

    Jackson was startled by the new person. “Uh... Thanks?” Jackson said with confusion. Jackson returned Rattata into his Pokeball. Jackson saw that Lily was still talking to that girl. He also noticed that she had a Charmander and that Squirtle could easily defeat her Charmander if needed.
  5. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (OOC: Sorry! I was busy making an RP. Got very in-depth)
    "Uhuh. Well, I go to offer support to a new trainer. You know like I should do." She said as she waved to Emily. She nodded to Pudge to have him watch Emily. "Keep an eye on her boy, I don't trust her." she whispered. Pudge nodded and acted like a wild Pidgey around Emily.
  6. Spinel

    Spinel Previously Lime Weedle

    “Oh you should trust me.” Emily said. She saw Jackson looking at her and Ember. She glared to Jackson then looked away, something else caught her attention. It was a Mankey. “Well a new Pokemon to get.” she threw a Pokeball at Mankey. The ball shook, then the Mankey broke free and ran away. Emily sighed with anger “Stupid Lily, giving me bad luck.”.
  7. Blake stared at the boy. "You're a new trainer arent you? he asked. "Who did you choose from the lab? I ended up getting this little guy." He'd show the boy a little rodent with a tail in the shape of a thunderbolt.
  8. RebelGirl198

    RebelGirl198 Previously The ace of spades

    As nyx got closer to the two, with her treecko running around close by playing, she noticed a girl behind them. She noticed she had a charmander and that the other two seemed didn’t notice her. Trying to get their attention, nyx decided to call out to the them .”Hey, girl with the mareep, and erm, the boy with the rattata, wait fot me” after she picked her treecko, put her in her bag and started to run to catch up with her.
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  9. Name: Crazy
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Kinda tall, long, blond hair on the top of the head hanging down to the left side of the head. Black t-shirt, white and black pants and a bag with a Riolu and a Lucario on it. Blue eyes that has a kinda glittering look, and he can see really well. He has a bracelet that looks like a Pokéball, and if he presses the middle it starts sparkling like a diamond. He also has earrings, usually skulls, but sometimes pokeballs. This makes alot of people find him intimidating.

    Pokemon on hand: Bulbasaur.

    Crazy woke up to his alarm screaming in his ears. He had put it extra early this year, so he wouldn't miss it. He had missed to get his starter for 2 years now! As he walked out the front door, he saw Professor Oak walk into his lab. "Yes, I'm not late!" He ran to lab and gave Professor Oak a surprise as he tackled the door into the lab.
    "Woah, calm down child, you're not late" Oak said.
    "Sorry, I'm sorry!" Crazy answered, ashamed.
    "It's okay, but go ahead and choose your starter now." Crazy had been thinking since he was 8 on what starter he would choose, and it was Bulbasaur. He picked up the Pokéball to the left, which contained Bulbasaur. "So Bulbasaur is your choice?" Oak asked.
    "Yes, thanks alot" Crazy said as he walked out of the lab and made his way towards Route 1.
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