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Private/Closed A Kalos Seeker

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ace_TrainerAce, Dec 7, 2014.


    A groan came from a room; deep within the covers and sheets of the bed near the window. An arm creeped out and felt around the stand that stood next to the blue sheeted bed. It finally reached its target, and turned off the digital alarm clock.
    The sun faintly shined through the curtains, even though they were closed.

    Please, Please don't tell me it's morning...

    Spencer thought. He dreaded the day that was to be survived ahead of him.

    The 15 year old boy slowly pulled the sheets from over his body. With squinted eyes, Spencer sat up, leaning up against the headboard of his bed. His head turned to the side.

    9:30 PM

    After a sigh, Spencer stood. He ran his hand through his dirty blonde hair. A faint smell of eggs lingered in his room. He looked towards his door, which was cracked open a little bit. He started to make his way across his room, but stopped dead in his tracked when he was about to take a step, but looked down.

    Curled up in a ball, an adorable Fennekin cuddled a soft miniature pillow.
    Spencer immediately backed up, and let out a relief sigh. He went around the sleeping fox pokemon. He had mistakenly woke up the fire type a few times before, and her reaction was not a pretty one at all. Fennekin was a very stubborn, and high-maintenanced Pokemon. She was a tad smaller than most Fennekin. Spencer's grandfather was a pokemon farmer, and one of his Braixen had reproduced. 14 baby Fenniken were born, and Spencer, 8 years old, had visited later that week. He noticed the adorable foxes gathered together laying in a pile. One caught his eye, the one he was going to want. She was a little smaller than the rest - She was the runt of the litter. He asked his granpa about her, and found out he was going to ship her out, because she couldn't survive at the farm with the other pokemon. Spencer took it among himself, though he was only a child, and not eligible to be a trainer yet, to protect the small fire fox.

    He begged his grandad for her...he always believed in the little ones, the underdogs...the ones with a disadvantage. Although Spencer and Finnekin have been together for 7 years, their bond was close, but they tended to have their fights, and both were very stubborn. Finnekin would refuse to use the moves Spencer requested at times in battle, and would only go places she approved. Spencer had his aggravating moments as well to Fennekin. The two were almost inseparable, but fought like sibblings.

    He approached one of his shelves, his hand skimmed over a few medals he had earned in grooming contest with his stuck up Fennekin. He finally reached a yellow gym sack that could serve as an efficient backpack. He pulled it from the shelf and laid it on his bed. While he packed a few clothes, a toothbrush, comb, and other essentials, he heard a pokemon yawn.

    He looked over and saw that his Fennekin was awake. She was looking at him pack, head slightly tilted, and her tail swaying side to side. She had a curious look on her face.

    "Yeah," Spencer sighed "Today is the day." He answered Fennekin as if he knew the look on her face was asking,

    Where are we going? Is today the day?

    He put the gym sack on, placed a black beanie on his head, exposing only the bottom half of his hair. He also changed into a red and white long sleeved hoodie, black jeans,and headed out of his room and down the stairs - Fenniken following behind. Though she barely did much, she was acting friendlier than normal today.

    Spencer and Fennekin ate their breakfast, and his mother spoke.

    "So buddy, ready to head into Training Camp? Remember, it is going to teach you things you should know before you head out to adventure!"

    Spencer rolled his eyes. He didn't feel like spending 5 days at some perky pokemon camp. He just wanted to go out and start exploring. How hard could it be?

    He told his mother goodbye, then Fennekin and him walked out of the house.

    He automatically felt the nature of his hometown, Santalune City.

    But before he could enjoy all of it, Fennekin was out of no where tackled and knocked from her position.
    It was by another pokemon, obviously owned by a trainer.

    Spencer couldn't fully see who the trainer was or what kind of pokemon it was that attacked Finnekin, he was just worried about his partner and who was picking a fight with them.

    "Finnekin!" He called out, worried and trying to see who the trainer was and what the pokemon was.
  2. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Luna carried her Fletchling while she ran to a nearby Pokémon Center.

    "Fletch..." The little Pokémon cried in pain.

    "Ember, I'm sorry, but I barely have any Berries here..." Luna said to the Fletchling.

    The trainer had only a few Cheri Berries in her pocket. But Ember, that was the Fletchling, hated spicy things, and the berry wouldn't make anything to her in the moment.

    "If I get the Trainer who made this to you, I swear..."

    The wing of the Tiny Robin Pokémon twitched. It was certainly hurt. What made Luna run faster to the Pokémon Center, and made her bump into Spencer.

    "W-whoops, sorry."

    She got up and continued running.

    OOC: I'm sorry if I'm doing this wrong, it's my first time RPing on this forum.
  3. (( you're doing fine :D))

    Spencer was knocked back. He was able to catch himself before he fell, but he was a bit dizzy.

    "Ah, no pro-" He cuts himself off as he saw the poor little Fletchling in the girls arms. He automatically felt sorry for the girl and her pokemon.

    In his thread of thought, he remembered Fennekin being attacked. He looked over at his growling fox pokemon, but he saw that the pokemon that attacked him was just a Helioptile, and a punk little boy. They ran off as Spencer looked down at the kid.

    "Ugh, all of these kids - always picking fights." He rolled his eyes and made his way to Fennekin.

    "Are you ok?" He asked, and kneeled. He extended his hand to brush the dirt off of Fennekin, but she turned her head and placed her nose up. Even after being blind-sided, her pride showed.

    "Alright..." He sighed standing. "Hey, come on, I'm probably the reason that little Fletching is hurt. That girl did hit me head on, and the impact must've hurt the little bird."

    Fennekin scrunched her nose up, but followed behind Spencer as he walked in the same direction after the girl.
  4. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Luna looked at the Fletchling as the Pokémon Center lady picked it and took it to another room.

    "She's gonna be fine. She has a twisted wing, but nothing impossible to fix." The lady said, with a Wigglytuff by her side.

    The young trainer sighed happy, petting a Froakie on her shoulder.

    "See, Aqua? Ember's gonna be fine." Luna said to the Bubble Frog Pokémon.

    "Kie!" The Froakie, that seemed to be a male, replied happy to its Trainer.

    The girl turned her head to the door of the Pokémon Center, noticing the same Trainer from before entering the building.

    "Hi again."
  5. "O-Oh hey." He calmly replied.

    He didn't expect her to notice him right away again, and he didn't want to seem like he was stalking her. Spencer turned around and made sure Fennekin was still behind him and hadn't wondered off to her own business. He saw that she was still there, sitting and licking her fur, and turned back towards the girl and approached her.

    "H-Hey, I saw your Fletchling...I'm really sorry if our collision caused that..." He commented embarrassed. Feeling like he damaged up the poor bird didn't help his conscious at all, and he at least needed to know that it was alright.
  6. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    "Don't worry, she is fine now." Luna said as she opened a smile, and her Fletchling walked over to her. "I think it's time to introduce myself. I'm Luna."

    The Froakie jumped over the Trainer's shoulder, and walked to the Fennekin, acting as if was saying "Hi." In the same instant, the Fletchling playfully pecked Luna, that passed her hand over the Tiny Robin Pokémon's head.

    "Ember was attacked by a Trainer's Helioptile, and was hit by a Charge Beam, causing her to fall to the ground. Unfortunately, she hurt her wing on the progress. I was running to the Pokémon Center, and then I bumped into you." She explained, patiently. Hopefully that would help the other Trainer understand what happened.
  7. Spencer let out a sigh of held breath in relief.

    At least I didn't crush the little guy... He thought.

    "O-Oh, that's good - I MEAN- it's not good, but like...I'm glad I'm not the one to hurt your Fletchling..." He sputtered. He was usually an introvert to those around him, so he wasn't the best at this whole getting-your-point-across thing.

    As the Froakie approached Fennekin, she slightly snarled at the frog pokemon and turned its head away and up.

    "Oh Fennekin, stop being such a snob." He spoke embarrassed to his snooty pokemon. "I'm really sorry about that...she just feels like she's above everything else." He admitted
  8. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    "Nah, don't worry." Luna said as the Froakie returned to its Trainer, picked its PokéBall, touched the main button and went inside it, since it was already tired.

    The Fletchling let out something that wasn't understandable, and seemed like a warning. Such as if something bad would happen.

    "...Ember? What's it?" The girl asked.

    The Tiny Robin Pokémon pointed to the Pokémon Center door, where a shadow was approaching the building.
  9. Spencer turned, taking caution to the Robin Pokemon's warning of some sort. When he turned, he noticed Fennekin standing, growling while her tail swayed - her behavior when she was about to fight.

    "What's going on?" He asked his Pokemon, while a stepping a bit forward, noticing a strange shadow moving closer and closer to the Pokemon Center.

    Fennekin began to yap, and Spencer knew that something wasn't right, but all that he could see was a shadow. He couldn't make out the shape, and there was no body around to trace the shadow to.
  10. Erin looked up from the video telephone as it went dead. King, her Chespin, shivered slightly in her arms. "King, what do you think is wrong with the telephone? It ended while I was talking to mom." King repeated his species name several times while pointing to the shadow slowly looming over the comfortable Pokemon Center.
    "Well, that's not suspicious." Erin muttered to herself as King started struggling in her arms before popping out and running to where two others were staring suspiciously at the shadow, one a boy with a Fennekin. and the other a girl with a Fletchling.
    "Hey, wait up! King!" Erin started calling for her Pokemon's attention as it stood in front of the two trainers, staring at them questioningly while pointing behind him. Erin sighed and started jogging toward the group.
  11. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    "Oh? Hi, little Chespin." Luna said as she bent down to pet the Pokémon. The Fletchling jumped out of the Trainer's shoulder to say "hi" to King.

    "Is this Chespin yours?" The Trainer asked Erin with a smile. Her bright emerald green eyes slightly glew, but quickly became normal.

    Ember pecked the Froakie's PokéBall, making Aqua appear. The Bubble Frog Pokémon looked with curiosity towards the other Trainer's Chespin.
  12. Fennekin seemed to have barely noticed the Chespin. She wouldn't barge, she was still barking and glaring out of the center window and at the shadow.

    Spencer seemed to follow her lead, intently looking forward as well, trying to see who - or what it was.

    "W-who is that..." He whispered, a little worried.
  13. King snuggled into Luna's pets and waved an enthusiastic 'Hi!' to Ember and Aqua before pointing outside once more.
    "Yes, this is King." Erin finally stopped near King, who was now frantically waving its arms towards the Pokemon Center entrance.
    "Do any of you guys know what that... uh... thing is?" Erin looked at the shadow with a slight hint of fear, for it seemed to even block the sun. The Pokemon Center lady seemed to be getting on the phone, but it wasn't working.
  14. (Thank you! ^^.)

    Rose made her way out of one of the rooms in the Pokémon Center, her starter Pokémon, a Fennekin named Cinder, was beside her. She had been waiting for the tiny fox to get better from a battle, and now that she was, the two of them were getting ready to head out again. However, that seemed to be not the chase at the moment, as something seemed to be going on.

    She saw other trainers than with their Pokémon, as well as a shadow over the center. The 14-year-old blinked at this. What in the world was going on?

    Maybe one of them will know, she thought.

    She made her way over to them, the fire fox at her side, looking at the window where the shadow was at, and a small growl escaped the fox's throat.

    "Um, excuse me?" Rose asked. "What's going on?"
  15. Spencer's Fennekin stopped growling at the shadow, and turned. Her ears perked up at the sound of a similar voice to her. Fennekin noticed another Fennekin, and stood in a stance at it.

    Spencer became distracted from the shadow when he realized Fennekins strange behavior. He turns and sees another trainer, with a Fennekin as well.

    He sighed. "Ugh, Fennekin quit it..." He spoke down to his fire fox, but she continued to growl.

    "I'm so sorry, she is a bit snobby, and prefers to be one-of-a-kind...in other words, she's not used to being one of the same." Spencer tells the trainer. "I'm Spencer, and that's my little Fennekin."

    He nods down to Fennekin, who was smaller than the girls Fennekin - due to her being the runt of her litter.
  16. Cinder blinked at the other Fire-type, though gave a small smile, and wag of her tail. "Hello there! My name's Cinder. Who are you?"

    "That's alright, I understand," Rose replied, nodding. "If it makes your Fennekin feel better, I'll return Cinder to her Poké Ball. I'm Rose, and this is Cinder. It's nice to meet both of you."
  17. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    OOC: I'll take the place of the shadow, since nobody did that yet >.>
    BIC: The shadow revealed itself as a big Weavile, followed by a Trainer. His pale skin and red eyes indicated that he was Albino, but his hair was black. Probably he painted it or something.

    "Stop, Slice. You're scaring the others." The Trainer said to the Weavile, that got out of the way. "You don't want to kill everyone now, right?"

    Luna whimpered as she heard the word "kill". She surely wouldn't like to be killed at the start of her journey through Kalos. Her Pokémon, as if they read her mind, got ready to battle.

    OOC: If anyone wants to control the other Trainer, feel free to do so. :I
  18. Rose and Cinder turned towards the voice and saw the trainer with the Weavile. The Fire-type fox crouched down, getting ready for a battle that was sure to come.

    (Oh! I was wondering what the shadow could be. I didn't know if we were allowed to make the shadow up ourselves, or if someone already had plans for it.)
  19. (OOC: Agreed. I wanted to comment on it but I was afraid I would ruin another's idea)
    King slightly calmed as the shadow revealed itself to be another trainer's Weavile. Erin though was still on edge as she heard 'kill' as well. She reached for another Pokeball, aiming for a slightly more effective Pokemon on the Weavile in case its trainer allowed it to attack. King however ran to Cinder and pranced around the fire type before running up to the opposing Weavile at the sliding glass entrance of the Center, waving enthusiastically 'Hi'.
  20. (Yes, exactly. I felt the same way.)

    Cinder blinked and followed after King as he heard over to the Ice/Dark-type Pokémon. Rose stood back and watched, though she was uneasy with the word 'kill' being said.
  21. (OOC: I guess I'll be the trainer, is it okay if I make him a specialty trainer? Most of the characters I am using on PokeCharm are specialty.)
    King, noticing Cinder's following, chattered happily and began explaining things to both Slice and Cinder. Slice grunted, annoyed but complacent due to his master's orders, and waved hello to the others. Shadow, an albino trainer, watched the three, making sure Slice wasn't making a move to kill or maim, and turned to the others.

    "The name's Shadow, and I'm a dark type specialist. If any of you runts are up for a battle, let me know." Shadow's red eyes glanced at the surroundings of the Pokemon Center, which for some reason was in the middle of a power out.

    "This place doesn't even have electricity, great." Shadow rolled his eyes and made his way to a comfortable looking bench, and sat down, relaxing. Erin glanced at Shadow but turned her attention back to King, who was still talking to the bigger Fennekin and the seemingly dangerous Slice.
  22. (Alright, that's fine by me.)

    Cinder nodded her head as she listened to King talk, before looking at Slice. "Hi there! I'm Cinder!" she greeted the Weavile.

    "I'm Rose," she replied to Shadow. "It's, um, nice to meet you I suppose.."
  23. Shadow smirked before standing up from the dull orange cushioned seats and bowed mockingly.

    "Of course its a nice meeting, Lady Rose, after all, its with me." Shadow straightened and grinned, showing pearly whites. Meanwhile, Slice looked down at Cinder's greetings.

    "Hello, baby fire. I am Slice, named for how easily slice things." Slice's red eyes glowed briefly before shadows danced across one of it arm's claws, letting it to display his power with ease. King's eyes widened at the ghost type move of Shadow Claw.

    "Cool! Slice is really strong, ain't he, Cinder? Hey, why are the others still back there? Over here!" King's excitable energy easily bypassed Slice's poorly hidden threat as he called the others to join with their chat.
    Erin glared at the Shadow Claw before calling to Shadow, her amber eyes furious.

    "Call your Weavile off before he hurts someone." Erin snapped at Shadow, who shrugged in amusement.
  24. She blinked at this, a bit surprised by the sudden bow and term that he had used to call her. She wasn't use to something like that. Not at all.

    "How do you know Shadow Claw?" the Fire-type asked, tilting her head to one side, before she watched King go off to get the other Pokémon that was with them. "Can you teach me?"

    "He's not going to hurt them, is he?" Rose asked, watching Slice slowly, as she didn't want her Pokémon, or any of the others hurt.
  25. "Nah, don't worry a hair. Slice is as harmless as he was in the wild." Shadow promised as he thought ,'Slice is as harmless as a shredder to a piece of paper, both then and now.'

    Erin glared, knowing the Pokemon's reputation in the wild. Slice made the shadows dance from the tips of his claws to encasing his whole hand.

    "Master taught it to me from the Technical Machine 65 we found in Glittering Cave. I do not think your species is compatible with it. The baby spike, however, may be able to learn it." Slice hummed in thought.

    (OOC: Time for me to stop for now. See ya in the morning)
  26. "Pokémon aren't all that harmless in the wild," Rose pointed out. "They try to attack humans remember? They eat and kill other Pokémon for food and territory..."

    "Aw.." Cinder lowered her ears at this news, but she nodded anyway in understanding. "That's cool though! Do you wanna battle sometime? I mean, if Rose will allow me to battle you."

    (Okay! Good night! See you tomorrow!)
  27. "Really? Hmm, must've forgotten." Shadow chuckled at Rose's naivety. 'She must be a new trainer. Seasoned ones can usually tell a threat on their Pokemon immediately. Or ones who simply watch to much television.' Having agreed with his own thoughts, Shadow nodded and began walking to the still abandoned Reception Counter. Once there, he began looking around for the nurse, but couldn't spy her.

    "There are other great moves you can learn baby fire." Slice comforted. "As for fighting, I would love to. Just name the place and time." Slice purred, using his sharp claws to make random cuts in the Pokemon Centers tiles with his sharp claws.
  28. Rose watched as Shadow walked off to the desk where Nurse Joy normally was, but wasn't at the moment. She frowned deeply at this.

    Where's Nurse Joy? She should be at the desk.. Unless she's trying to figure out what caused the power to go out, she thought.

    She glanced down at her Pokémon, as well as the others. They seemed to be having.. fun, and none of them were being hurt by the Weavile, so that one good thing that came out of this.

    "I know! I learned a new move before we came here!" Cinder replied, happily. "I learned Flame Charge! What else can I learn? Do you know? As for the battle, anywhere would do I guess."
  29. Shadow groaned. Nurse Joy had decidedly disappeared for whatever stupid reason, and he wanted to heal up his new catch and get a room as quick as possible. Grumbling, Shadow poked around the Personal Computer unit but it was down as well.

    "Baby fire, I am not one of those pocket information machines. I don't know what or when you learn it. Master only told me what was taught and who could learn it for his team. But Flame Charge is a powerful move, congrats. I'll look forward to battling you." Slice smiled easily, glancing in his master's direction.

    Erin stared at the interaction, King listening nearby with all ears and the Fennekin and Weavile chatting quietly. She was still on edge, but everything seemed pretty decent, so she decided to relax for now. Moving to where Shadow had sat previously, she stretched and let out a big yawn before plopping down on the soft cushions.
  30. Rose watched as Erin sat down, and chuckled lightly at this. She must be tired out.

    "Alright. And thanks!"
    the Fennekin replied, before looking over at King. "What about you?"
  31. King blinked as the attention was once again focused on him. "Um... What about me what? I'm King, I'm a Chespin, my favorite move is Leech Seed, I evolve in one level, I like making friends, I'm lab born, I'm a male... what else?" King hummed in thought as he tried to think of what else could be 'What about you?'

    Slice stared at the little chestnut. Then Slice laughed at the young Pokemon's silliness. "The baby chestnut is not very secretive at all.'
  32. Cinder chuckled at this, putting her front paws over her mouth to try and keep it down. "That's cool, King! I'm going to evolve in two more levels, I think. If Rose wants me to. I prefer staying a Fennekin, but if she wants me to evolve, I will."
  33. "Well, for me, I want to evolve. If I evolve, we can get badges and see more people! Then I can make even more friends! Maybe I can meet a Sceptile! I heard it can be the fastest of all grass types!" King's eyes shimmered in ideology.

    "I wouldn't mind Master recruiting a Tyranitar. I heard they are the strongest of the dark types." Slice grinned as he imagined the destruction it could cause.

    "Hey, Cinder, who would you like to become friends with??" King asked Cinder curiously.

    (OOC: I am trying to stall out this scene to wait for the others to come as well)
  34. ((My apologies, I dig relies that many replies have been posted already O.o))

    Spencer watched the Weavile in awe. He was relieved that the shadow was just a trainers Pokemon. He approached Shadow.

    "Cool Weavile! What route did you happen to come across him on?" He asked the man.

    Spencer's Fennekin approached the Weavile, and King and Cinder, with an annoyed face.

    "How dare you!? You think a dirty wild pokemon like yourself can just walk up in here and scare half of us? What kind of rude creature are you? I should burn you to crisps for your lack of manners." Fennekin hissed up to Slice.
  35. (I understand. The others seemed to have died off, and it's only been us replying.)

    The Fire-type was silent for a few heartbeats, thinking over the question that was asked. Who did she want to become friends with? There were lots of Pokémon in the world, and she knew that very well, as she had heard some from that lab-human she was with before being given to Rose as her starter Pokémon. After a moment, she replied to the Grass-type's question.

    "I'm not all that sure, King. I wanna be friends with all Pokémon! Even though I know that I can't, 'cause there are most likely bad ones out there.. But it never hurts to try!" Cinder told him, before adding to the other Fire-type. "I don't think he was trying to scare us.."

    "It seems like the Pokémon are enjoying themselves," Rose told Erin, as she watched the three Pokémon, making sure that nothing happened. When the other Fennekin appeared, she frowned.

    (It's alright! We understand!)
  36. Shadow looked up to where he was banging the personal computer was down to the boy trainer who approached him.

    "I caught him as a Sneasel on Route 17. The little bugger was trying to steal my eggs. So I whopped him with a Pokeball." Shadow shrugged as if it was the most normal way to catch any Pokemon.

    "Baby fox, I am no wild pokemon, my master has already claimed me as his." Slice coolly corrected. To him, the fox runt was a little less amusing the other kids, and probably less of a challenge. "Its not my fault that you were scared so easily by little old me. And burn me? I'm afraid if you did that, you would be in the emergency care of this center faster than you can say Crush Claw." As to demonstrate, Slice held one of his arms up and lets the power of Crush Claw go in them, causing the claws to glow faintly once more.

    Erin stood up quickly and watched worriedly at the Pokemon's interaction. They were peaceful until the tiny Fennekin showed up and pushed a button on Slice. Erin watched as King looked between the hissing fox and the shimmering claw of Slice.

    (OOC: Goodnight!)
  37. Fennekin stepped back a bit, her ears quivering for a split second, but she regained herself and stepped back up, puffing her head and chest up to seem higher. Her size didn't even seem to cross her mind. She growled and released a bark at the Weavile.

    "How dare you threaten me, wild trash! My wimp of a trainer won't order me to do anything, but I will scortch you and your cocky attitude! Watch how you speak to a pure-blood, two legged trash!"
    She barked once more, this time Spencer noticing.

    Spencer quickly spun on his heel, hearing his brat pick another fight.

    "I-I am so sorry!" He told Shadow. He ran to Fennekin and lifted her in his arms.

    Fennekins claws glowed and retracted as she attempted to use Cut in Spencer's arms, but he yanked her away just in time.

    "Fennekin I can't take you anywhere!" He scolded his fire fox Pokemon.

    Spencer walked to a couch in the center and sat her on it. She growled and tried to move, but Spencer glared at her and threatened to put her back in to her PokeBall, which she dreaded. She stuck her nose in the air and lied down.

    He made his way back to Weavile and kneeled.

    "In so sorry Weavile. I know she can be a bit stuck up. Nothing personal, she's like that to everybody, I apologize." He told the Pokemon who he seemed to admire.
  38. Rose watched with wide eyes at the Pokémon before her. That Fennekin had some sort of problem. An anger problem from the look of it. Cinder flattened her ears against her skull at the smaller Fire-type's barking and shouting. The bigger one, took a step out of the way in case a fight broke out between the two. She watched as the other fox's trainer came and picked up and put her in a chair, warning her to stay there or else.

    At least Rose isn't like that, she thought.

    Cinder looked back towards Slice, as the human boy went up to him and talked to him. She perked her ears up as she listened to him speak to the cat-like Pokémon.
  39. Slice waved off the human boy with a claw to signal dismissal. "Baby fox couldn't hurt me to much unless I stood still for a day and let her continuously attack me." Slice assured the human, though in reality he was making a slight jab at the small Fennekin. He turned to Cinder and King and smiled. "Remember, baby fire and baby chestnut, never aim to do something unless you have the power to see it through."

    Shadow grinned easily, walking across the darkened floors up to Spencer and giving him a hearty slap on his back. "No need to apologize! Though, if your Fennekin wants to battle Slice, I suggest getting to at least the second evolution before fighting mine. Fully evolved Pokemon pack quite a punch." Shadow's eyes briefly met Slice's and they silently communicated before Shadow grinned. "Unless, of course, you would like to battle him anyways."

    King watched the interaction between the other humans before he ran and leaped into Erin's arms. To her, he chattered on endlessly without coherence, but he was saying "Why are they fighting they aren't ssuppose to be fighting we are all suppose to be friends right so why are they fighting." After a minute of him doing this he struggled in her sleeveless arms until she lowered him down, allowing him to run back to the other pokemon.
  40. Spencer smiled a bit as Weavile seemed to not care much about fennekins snap.

    He then felt shadows pat.

    "Huh? Oh, I'm not sure. Fennekin is stronger than people give her credit for, but I'm not sure if she has a chance of winning against Weavile-" he was cut off as yet another bark from his Fennekin arose from her spot.

    Spencer bit his lip. He did want to see what a Weavile was like in battle, and he has only battled a few times, and wanted more experience, and after all Fennekin seemed to want to battle as well.

    "Ehhh why not? I know you must e strong but just out of curiosity I will battle you!" Spencer smiled up to Shadow

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