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Ask to Join A Kalos Pokemon Mystery (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. "Bye mum!" A girl yelled, waving as she ran out of the door and turned around, looking at her mum who was waving back with a smile.

    "Be safe," She told her, the girl smiling happily.

    "I will mum," She reassured her mum, heaving her backpack up and tightening the straps before walking away. Little snowflakes fluttered down over Snowbelle City, and the paths were lined with snow. Kids were begging their parents to let them outside and play with the snow... this was a very dangerous idea.

    But the stupid parents obviously unknowing of the rabid Pokemon infection across Kalos let their children out. Amelia stared as the little children played in the snow, making snow angels and snowmen and having snowball fights. "They're lucky there's a wall around Snowbelle city protecting them," Amelia whispered to herself crossly, looking over to the massive stone brick wall protecting the citizens of Snowbelle city. Her mood quickly changed as the cold hit her hard.

    She hummed a catchy song tune to herself as she walked through the cold Snowbelle city, her hands with black woolly gloves slipped over inside her coat pockets, a big black scarf wrapped around her neck, a black woolly bobble hat, black earmuffs, as well as her big black coat down to her knees, with her black boots on.

    "This is gonna be sooo fun, going after evil rabid Pokemon in this crazy blizzard all over Kalos. Great date to pick for us six to go get nearly killed. Great." She murmured to herself sarcastically, already lonely without her mum.

    She watched as some kids had a best snowman competition, wishing she could join them. One of the girls noticed her and gasped before all the other kids looked at her. "Amelia!" The little girl shrieked excitedly, jumping up and running over to her before hugging her. Amelia was about 4'5", which seemed to be another reason the kids loved her so much. She knew every kid in Snowbelle city and they all loved her.

    "Oh hey!" Amelia exclaimed back as all the kids ran over to hug her. Amelia acted happy to see them all when really she was thinking: "Oh god... please just freaking go away back to your snow." eventually the children let go of her and ran back to their snowman competition. "Thank Arceus," Amelia muttered crossly before sprinting away at full speed. Not a good idea when there is a crazy blizzard going on all over Kalos. The pavements were soaked and snowy and Amelia tripped straight away, flying across the pavement with a loud yelp and hitting the floor, sliding across the snow while she grunted.

    She slowly crawled up and brushed the snow off her winter clothes, sighing and shaking her head at herself. She tried to shake her coat to flick all of the water off but it didn't work. "Oh, very great! Huge Kalos-wide blizzard and you thought running was a good idea?" She told herself furiously, hugging herself as she walked through the snowflakes pelting her every split second, even a few hitting her eye and nearly going in her mouth. She noticed the arch through the stone wall at the other side of Snowbelle city in the distance and was relieved a little at the sight of it. Her destination was the scientist building in Lumiose City.


    You see, it happened a couple years ago. Kalos was completely peaceful. But... something happened. Nobody knows what. Pokemon were becoming vicious, rabid creatures with no mercy to attack somebody.

    People were getting injured by these suddenly monstrous Pokemon every day. There was no way to stop the crazy creatures once they begun attacking you, you'd just have to be quick to get away. Stores have shut, buildings like hotels and gyms have been closed forever, and even some buildings have been taken over by these crazy rabid Pokemon.

    Scientists have not been able to find a way to find out what caused these once peaceful creatures to go insane. That's why they called on you. A group of six people to go out there and capture some rabid creatures. It involved a lot of skill and courage. It took the scientists ages to gather up the six people that wouldn't drop out of the task after a little while.

    Your job is to catch a rabid Pokemon of every type you are assigned. Each person is assigned three different types, and must catch a rabid Pokemon of each of those types. This is because scientists think different rabid Pokemon have been triggered to be rabid by something different for each Pokemon type.

    However, there are some deeper mysteries. There seems to be more Dragon type Pokemon than all the other types. Fairy type rabid Pokemon are the least uncommon out of all the types. And for some reason, multi-type Pokemon, Pokemon with two types (etc, Rowlet is a Flying and Grass type.) have not been affected at all from this rabid Pokemon infection. Not a single two-type rabid Pokemon has been seen.


    1) No cussing.
    2) Your character may not have any Pokemon when they start off.
    3) One character per person.
    4) All OOC posts and character bio's in the discussion thread.
    5) For this roleplay I would like long replies. Not three or four liners. It would be great if you wrote every reply as long as my starting post, but that can be impossible depending on what you're replying to. I ask for a minimum of five lines. I'm sorry for this harsh expectation but I'm kinda fed up of reading good roleplays but that end up with three or two liners and hardly any detail. I hope this will be a good roleplay.
    6) Every character must start a distance away from Lumiose city. The first part of the roleplay is getting there, to the scientists building.
    7) No being Pokemon.
    8 ) No Fakemon either.
    9) Don't make any ridiculous things happen.
    10) Don't make anything that wouldn't happen in real life happen. (etc, somebody random randomly runs up to somebody. "Can you be my friend?!" they say. "Yes!" then they're both best friends forever!) Yeah, no.
    11) Your character does not get to Lumiose City and the scientist building in one or two posts.
    12) Your character does NOT find a rabid Pokemon right as they go out the scientist building after being told all the information and is NOT able to catch it straight away. It will take the kids weeks to get the 18 different type rabid Pokemon they need.


    DISCUSSION THREAD: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-kalos-mystery-rp-discussion.18176/

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  2. Xonak woke up, to the sound of his alarm beeping. Duh. He walked down the hallway, greeting his dad along the way. He grabbed a piece of toast conveniently already on the table, and went to his father's room. "Hey dad," He said, casually. "I'm.... gonna go out. To Lumiose." His dad froze. "Lumiose? That's an awfully long way away....." His dad said. "Don't worry. I'll take Fluffles." Xonak replied, gnawing on a corner of the toast. "Well... okay, dear." His dad replied. Xonak put his coat on, grabbed Fluffles' Pokeball, and stepped outside, into Geosenge. He turned almost 180 degrees, and headed out towards Lumiose.
  3. Kicking a snowball which slid along the frosty pavements, Amelia sighed, white wind swirling out of her mouth in the cold, as chunks of the snowball broke off with every kick before it was a little white blob. The cold was really getting to her, and quickly. Faster than she had expected it to, with all her winter apparel. Not to mention beneath her white winter coat she had a jumper and two shirts on, as well as a vest, combined with a pair of long stockings on with two pairs of leggings and jogging trousers for her legs. She felt like a sumo wrestler and it didn't stop the cold. She wished she was a Pokemon so she could use Protect to cover her from all the hail and snowflakes pelting her constantly, like children scooping up buckets of tiny pebbles and showering her in them. Painful.

    She covered her mouth with her scarf, as her lips were incredibly cold, and tucked her hands into her coat pockets. She tried to cheer herself up by remembering silly stories she used to tell the children in Snowbelle City, but couldn't help but worry that maybe something bad would happen to her on this journey. For gods sake, she'd be fighting wild rabid Pokemon and capturing them! She tried to shake the thought out her head but it was near impossible. She was so focused on getting the worried, panicked thoughts out her head she didn't realize she was walking through the arch out of Snowbelle City and into Route 21 and noticed after she started stepping through frosty grass. It was so frosty it was coated with ice and crunched when she stepped on it, like stepping on crisps / potato chips.

    She turned the crunchy ice into a game, jumping back and forth and pretending if she stepped on a patch where ice had already been crunched, the lava was exposed and it was game over. She had to jump on the crunchy ice to survive the game. She grinned as she played the game all the way until the end of Route 21 and looked up in shock. There was a sign saying 'Route 22 ahead. Caution - population of rabid Pokemon.' "Oh god," She whispered to herself, completely terrified as the breath she breathed again became white misty air swirling out her mouth. She took a deep breath, ignoring the blizzard and then took a run for it, sprinting at full speed through Route 22.

    The wet, icy grass had soaked her boots and socks completely through and she had a puddle of water splashing around in her boots every time she moved her leg. She kept on sprinting through Route 22, tons and tons of little pieces of snow and hail pelting her at every second as her coat flew in the icy wind behind her. "Keep going," She thought to herself with determination when her hat flew off her head, and the strong wind carried it up into the air before speedily blowing it in the opposite direction she was running in. "No!" She gasped as she stopped running for a minute and watched as her hat flew out of view. She remembered this route was populated with rabid Pokemon and continued to run, her ears quickly becoming very cold as her hair whipped around in the fiercely cold, strong wind.
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  4. "No-" the single word that came from Lyle's mouth was the same word he had repeated over and over again, as he sat at his desk, propping his head up with one hand and using the other to absently twirl a pencil he looked down at another boy he lay across the floor. Sam was Lyle's best friend, Laverre City was never popular; but ever since the pokemon started acting up the city's population had gotten smaller and smaller. There were hardly any teenager or children in the whole town, so Lyle was grateful that him and Same got along. "Don't you get it? This is advantageous, what if I don't come back?" Lyle sighed before looking down with a worry in his soft blue eyes.
    Sam shrugged before changing the subject, "I wonder why they only chose you 6. I mean like, why didn't they choose me?" Sam inquired causing Lyle to chuckle.
    "-Because your an idiot!" Lyle teased in between his chuckles before catching his breath, but the boy sighed after his joyous laugh, that may be the last one he would ever have. He extended a hand to help his pal up before the pair walked down the stairs together. Lyle picked up his dirty red back-pack, it had holes near the seams but Lyle really didn't carry enough valuables for it to bother him, he swung the bag over his shoulder and nodded solely.
    "Seriously bro, stay safe." Sam nodded and locked eyes with Lyle, both boys shook hands before Lyle stepped off the porch and looked out at the barren landscape ahead of him.
    Once he began walking, Lyle felt his whole heart sink- he wasn't ready. He blinked in order to keep the tears away and refused to look back, running a hand through his thick brown hair and leaving his arm to block him from turning back. Before long, Lyle was at the edge of the city Route 14 would lead him right to Lumiose- he'd get there quickly, that is, as long as he doesn't get killed on the way. Lyle stood for a long time, a gulp buried inside his thought, and even when clenching the straps to his bag,- Lyle could not convince his hands to stay still and stop trembling. 'Just gotta get through' Kyle closed his eyes before taking an exaggerated step onto the path, then another, and another. Sure enough, Lyle did the last thing he ever thought he would be doing, he lied to his parents and left without them knowing and he's walking right into the jaws of one of his worst fears.
    Lyle was a simple boy, never asked for anything, very agreeable- and when some could say he had no depth or personality he wouldn't argue. No he didn't risk his life for others, he wasn't some brave hero- he was just another kid in a time where being alive was a big accomplishment as itself. He didn't know why he was chosen, but didn't decline the offer because- he'd rather die and give off soem light for everyone else than be trapped in the world of darkness. His baby-blue gaze darted from one tree to the other, no signs of pokemon and the young male kept his cool. Then a crackle, Kyle's eyes jumped to a rustling bush- and he decided it wasn't worth sticking around to see if it was safe.
    The once seemingly confident boy threw his arms into the air and practically transformed as he sprinted as hard as he could down the route.
  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Serigo woke up to the sound of a blaring alarm. Today is the day that his mom was telling him to get a weapon. He was 18 so that made him somewhat of a legal adult. He grabbed his bag and headed out for Lumiose City. The young man had lived in Courmarine City for most of his life and before the outbreak of rabid Pokemon he used to go to Lumiose and back for simple errands on a daily basis. Serigo knew that he needed a weapon and fast to protect himself from the rabid Pokemon, He gave his mother and father a "one last goodbye call" everyday, just in case it truly was his last. For some reason, the walk felt longer than usual, but he carried on throughout the routes, careful not to run into any rabids.
  6. Zeph was crouched in a berry bush with a hollow center, bow drawn and arrow ready. He stayed still, breathing lightly as the sound of crashing trees enveloped the surrounding forest. The speed of the the sound consistently increased, growing nearer and nearer. Zeph's fingers tensed; his hand began to slightly pull back and increase the potential of force. The crashing didn't stop, only seconds then, Zeph had the bow fully extended, building up the courage to shoot. He counted the seconds till he had to shoot in his head, 3 ... 2... 1..., then the sound stopped.
    Zeph woke up to another sunny day in Aquacorde Town, although the mood couldn't have been further in contrast. The night before the Rabids showed up again and had raided multiple houses. They left nothing but ruins. The people who got attacked hadn't been found, just as previous victims seemingly evaporated, without a trace of even a drop of blood. Without any major trainers to defend the town and no walls to keep rabids out, the town was quickly falling into chaos.
    Zeph was absolutely stuck. If he moved, then surely he would die, but if he didn't move, then he might also die. Zeph kept the bow at ready.
    There was a town meeting of the remaining people as obviously current events couldn't continue. The discussion was short and tense, with everybody on edge. Zeph had enough of it. He volunteered, much to his family's displeasure, to go to Lumiose City and get help while the townspeople would start to work on defenses. Unable to convince him otherwise, his father gave him a bow , a axe, and a sum of money before sending him off.
    Something suddenly dropped in front of Zeph, he could barely make it out to be... He quickly regretted trying to make it out as he was going to be sick. Then, moments later he heard a roar, and the figure began to run away, slamming down trees once more. Waiting a few more minutes in silence, Zeph carefully got out of the bush and began running towards Lumiose City once more.

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