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Open A Journey To...Recovery

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Welcome to St Gertrud's Adolescent Unit, a psychiatric hospital known for its unique approach to treating children ages twelve to eighteen, for a variety of mental illnesses. Here at St Gertrud's, we believe that mental illness isn't just a case of diagnosis, followed by extensive therapy and medication, no, we believe that young people suffering from mental illness need to learn to connect with the world around them, and find a way to fit into our society, and one of the ways we help them with that is by giving them their very own pokemon. We offer classes based on a number of professions other adolescents might like in the outside world; contest techniques, performance practice, and battle theory, so that they will learn to interact with others in the outside world, and build healthy long term goals, and dreams which they can try to achieve upon release. We're sure that your child will recover here!

    Bio Time!

    Name: Iris Hawthorne

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Diagnosis: Severe depression, intrusive thoughts, and social anxiety

    Iris sat alone in the admissions office, having had her possessions searched, and a room allocated to her a little while ago. The whole way here, her father had been going on about how wonderful it was that she was finally receiving treatment, oh, and how excited she must be, now that she was getting her very own pokemon. Though Iris was excited at the thought of getting her own pokemon, she was terrified about everything else. She had to have a room-mate. She had to stay in this cold, unfamiliar hospital, where she could be picked up and restrained if she refused her treatment. She couldn't have any of her makeup, or hair ribbons; the hospital didn't allow glass makeup bottles, or laces, or anything that could be tied tight.

    Before she could begin sobbing quietly into her cardigan sleeves, a nurse came by and offered her a big plastic tray, filled with all sorts of pokeballs. She took a luxury ball, as the nurse explained that the pokemon inside was going to be her partner.

    "Don't open the pokeball yet, dear," the nurse instructed, "We need to wait for the other new patients to arrive, and then, we can all meet our partners together, alright?"

    "A-alright," Iris mumbled, as the nurse went to open the door for the new patients.

    "Come inside, dears, and take a pokeball!" the nurse invited, "Then, we can all get to know each other, and or partners!"
  2. Name: Jessica Marshly

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Diagnosis: A Psychotic Disorder - she can hear voices, so she talks to herself a lot, and sometimes imagines things, like hallucinations, which did not happen at all. She also has this habit (not really much of a disorder) of thinking things and then those things leading onto thinking of more things and more things...It will happen in the post below, you'll understand then.

    Appearance: Jessica has light caramel, wavy hair down to her waist which she usually has in two long plaits. She has dark hazel eyes, a 'button' nose and small lips, which annoys her because sometimes she can look quite weird with small lips. She has braces and is quite thin, as well as being 4'2". Jessica has light peach skin and has a scar on her face, as well as multiple other scars all over her body due to her clumsiness.
    Jessica wears a pastel blue and pink gradient baggy sweater dress which hangs down a little below her knees with short black leggings underneath the sweater dress, around an inch below her sweater dress. She has white stockings which stop just under her black leggings and small black boots.

    Personality: Sylvie is a polite, quirky girl who is fun to joke around with when you actually get to know her. Most of the time she acts crazy because of her disorder, but when she trusts you and she's not hallucinating or talking to herself when she's interacting with you, she will show her true side. She is kind and caring, trustworthy and has a great sense of humour. She is quite creative and imaginative too - although she is also very clumsy and shy, often getting nervous around people. She tends to hide her shyness by acting like she doesn't like people - she is actually just too shy to interact with you. She will often stare at her shoes and murmur to herself, or will be hallucinating things - but really she is a nice, honest girl who you can joke and laugh around with.


    Jessica heard a nurse calling everybody in as she sat outside, staring directly down at her shoes. "Shut up," She mumbled to a voice in her head. "Hey! I am NOT crazy! I did see Arceus!" She shouted at her mind as she stumbled into the admission office, not looking anywhere else as she took a seat and stared directly at her shoes again.

    "So there's one other person in here, not including the nurse, and I think she's staring at me, and I don't like staring, and I also don't like spiders, because spiders are creepy and they crawl and they have eight legs, octopuses also have eight legs, and they have three hearts, that must mean their heartbeat is triple faster than other animals, so does that mean they die slower?" She murmured speedily to herself, her thoughts out of control. When she stopped her mumbling she bit her nails shyly, still staring at her shoes.
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  3. Iris shuddered, holding out her pokeball as the first of the new patients came in, guided by the nurse.

    "Welcome, dearie," she began, "I'm Nekane, and I'm one of the nurses here. That's Iris, and she's also a patient here," and she pointed to the trembling girl on the sofa, "Now, see that tray of pokeballs right there? Go ahead and take one, any one you like, as it's got a partner pokemon for you inside!"

    The tray had a variety of pokeballs on it, in fact, it had one of every kind, except for a luxury ball, whch Iris had already taken. An ultra ball, a quick ball, a moon ball, and a love ball jostled for attention, along with the others.
  4. "No, I am not lying!" She shouted at herself as her mind kept talking to her. She then turned to the nurse, her face turning red with embarrassment.

    "Sorry." She mumbled as she shakily held out her hand and picked up a Quick Ball, her lip quivering slightly.

    "When can we see what Pokemon is inside?" She asked the nurse, stuttering a lot. She always had a really bad stutter when she talked - she didn't like talking in general except for when she was curious because she didn't like people teasing her because of the stutter.
  5. "We'll open our pokeballs when the other patients arrive," she answered, "Now, go and take a seat next to Iris, if you'd like, or if you'd prefer, you can sit somewhere else."

    The room had a small sofa, and one of its seats was already occupied by Iris, as well as several plastic seats, and armchairs. Drawings done by some of the younger patients decorated the room, as well as an arts table, and a cloth made by a schizophrenic patient.
  6. "Nope I don't like people," She blurted out accidentally, sitting in an armchair on the other side of the room, staring directly at her shoes and muttering more stuff to herself.

    "I'm tall when I'm young and I'm short when I'm old, what am I? A candle. What has hands but cannot clap? A clock. What is at the end of a rainbow? The letter 'W'. Four days of the week that end with the letter 'T' - today, tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday," She mumbled to herself, continuing to mumble riddles to herself as she hung her head and still stared directly at her shoes, her hands clasped together.
  7. The nurse blinked. She wasn't unused to seeing that in the patients here, but she didn't think that anyone would admit it so bluntly. "I see..." she remarked.

    Iris, meanwhile, flew into a panic. The new patient was just saying that because she didn't want to sit next to her, she was sure of it. She probably thought that Iris smelt--Despite the copious amount of deodorant she had on, Iris was still sweating like a grumping--Or that she was a freak. Either way, she obviously hated her...
  8. "She's panicking I should help her but I'm too shy to no I have to I don't have to no I can't-" She murmured quickly to herself, unsure of what to do as she didn't look anywhere else rather than her shoes.

    Jessica then imagined a Jirachi flying above the Nurse's head as she gasped in amazement. "NURSE THERE'S A JIRACHI ON YOUR HEAD!" Jessica cried out excitedly as she leapt out of her seat and held the nurse's shoulder as she began to jump up and try to pick up the Jirachi. The Jirachi then slowly faded away, Jessica stopping her jumping and standing frozen in her spot. "It went," She murmured sadly to herself as she glumly sat back in her seat and mumbled to herself while staring at her shoes again, feeling sad that the Jirachi had disappeared.
  9. "There's no Jirachi there, dear," the nurse replied, "My, I don't know if Jirachi even exists...Anyway, let's get you back n your seat."

    Iris, meanwhile stared at the door. If other patients were coming she hoped that they would like her, at least...
  10. Name: Jezebel Xienstien

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Her hair, which is long and silky and reaches the small of her back, is an eminence shade of purple. Her large eyes are the color of molten gold. Standing at 5'4", she is very slender and has fair skin. She usually wears long sleeve shirts that have loose sleeves and are slit at the wrists. They neckline plunges in a v-neck to the bottom of her ribs. She wears faded skinny jeans that are frayed and torn from her knees up. For shoes, she goes simple with silver and black sneakers.
    In colder weather, she wears a form fitting black blazer over her usual style of shirt; she always makes sure the loose sleeves are sticking out of the cuffs just a bit. Her faded skinny's are replaces with dark navy ones, free of tears and fraying. The ends of her jeans are tucked into black combat boots. She'll also toss a dark sapphire blue scarf around her neck.

    Personality: The main personality, the one that is actually Jezebel, is sassy, independent, and a bit rude. Jezebel is quick to anger and isn't afraid to throw punches. While kind and loyal, she is a fan of playing mind games. Do not be fooled by her harmless demeanor; this girl has a strong sadistic streak. She does have other personalities, the most prominent two being females named Cassie and Maya; they aren't the only other two but they are the most active of the others.

    Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder and Multiple personality disorder

    Jezebel walked into the hospital, glaring this way and that. She hated places like these... but her grandparents hadn't given her much choice and her folks, as usual, let her grandparents call the shots. She was wearing her black leather jacket over her plunging v-neck today since she didn't know what kind of lunatics she would be exposed to here. She tried looking on the bright side; she'd be getting a pokemon! But it was still a hospital... a place that would only try to hurt her, she as sure of it.

    Her grandparents didn't come inside with her- at least they had came at all, unlike her parents- but her younger brother, Voxsan, stayed by her side. "You'll do great here, sis; just... don't give the nurses a hard time?" he asked, almost begging. This would be Jezebel's third time in a hospital. The first time, she had been released for acting ho the doctors wanted, making them think she was responding to the treatments. The second time, the doctors weren't easily fooled and didn't buy her act. This lead to her breaking a couple noses. Thankfully Grandma Scarlet and Grandpa Bryce had gotten that swept under the rug.

    "I make no promises," she told him while hugging him goodbye; he couldn't come with her any further. The embraced for almost a full minute, an unheard of amount of time for their family, before he passed her the duffel bag he had been lugging for her. With that and her small suitcase she was wheeling behind her, Jezebel marched into the office, not ready but willing to face this place of suffering head on.
  11. The nurse got the door as yet another new arrival made their way in. It seemed that today, only girls were being admitted, a rarity in this hospital. Normally, it was an even spread of both.

    "Welcome, dearie, I'm Nekane, one of the nurses here," she began, "And over there we have Jessica," she gestured to the girl who claimed to have seen Jirachi, "And Iris," and she gestured again to a slight ginger girl, who was trembling under her huge pink cardigan, "Take a pokeball, from the tray, and have a seat anywhere you like."
  12. Seeing one of almost every pokeball on the tray (the variety probably there to prevent the more sane people from taking advantage of those worse off) Jezebel grabbed up the great ball. She ignored Nekane because she decided long ago to never trust nurses. Looking around at the two other girls, she saw a girl mumbling to herself. "Well there's someone who needs to be here," she mumbled as she backed away slowly.

    Seeing how the other girl was simply cowering, Jezebel made her way to her. "Hey, which did you pick?" she asked while twirling the great ball on her finger.
  13. Iris jumped out of her skin at the unfamiliar voice, swallowing as she held out her choice; a luxury ball. Whatever was inside, she hoped that it didn't bite...

    "U-um...I -went for the luxury ball," Iris said quickly, "I just thought it was pretty..."
  14. Jessica watched from the corner of her eye as she continued to mumble to herself that the newest girl that had come in seemed to be backing away from her and went to the other girl. "Huh, she doesn't like me. Thinks I'm insane. Big surprise there," She muttered to herself, accidentally loud enough for everybody to hear. She ignored this and continued to murmur riddles to herself, trying to distract herself from how nervous she was. She clutched the Quick Ball in her hand tight, her other hand she was resting her chin on as she stared at her shoes still.

    (Hey, can I make another character? @Lunar Emperor =D)
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  15. "Yeah. It does have a cool design," Jezebel granted. "I was considering the dream ball but I figured the great ball was a better pick. Maybe something a tad stronger, you know?" Jezebel said while looking closely at the pokeball, not sparing Iris a glace, her voice disinterested though not dismissive. (If we can make other characters, I definitely am.)
  16. (Yup, that's fine)

    "I don't care what it is, as long as it's not something scary," Iris began, "I...I just want a friend. Something small and cuddly, not some big, terrifying killing machine...Or worse, a mincinno...No minccinos! No minccinos!"

    Nekane hurried to close the door, as she noticed a rapidly escalating situation, "We don't have any minccinos, Iris. We read your case file, remember?"

    Iris seemed to calm down immediately, at that. "Ok."
  17. Name: Max Welsh

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Diagnosis: Max is mute, so he cannot speak at all, and has Agoraphobia - he is very prone to panicking and is also extremely Claustrophobic and has Asthma.

    Appearance: Max has messy, curly chocolate brown hair which is nearly as long as his shoulders if you brushed it straight down. He is quite skinny and is also 4'5", as well as having freckles all over his face. He has dark green eyes and has a large scar next to his eye where he got into a fight with somebody once.
    Max wears a blue three-quarter sleeved shirt with a Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee on the front fighting each other as well as wearing navy blue jeans. He also wears dark blue sneakers with black socks.

    Personality: Max is very panic prone and shy and will jump at anything. He is generous and polite, but to others, he's mistaken as having no personality just because he can't talk. Max is normally quite cheerful and keeps himself to himself - he likes to read books and daydream to distract himself from people around him, and he is normally completely absorbed in whatever he is doing.


    Max nervously walked into the admission office, his lip quivering and his arms and hands shaking with fear. He sat down on a plastic chair away from the others and pulled a book out his backpack, trembling as his bookmark inside showed him the page and he settled down to read it, trying to not think about the three others in the room.
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  18. Jezebel looked at Iris oddly. What was so scary about a stage one normal type? "Ooookay... well friends are good as long as they pack a punch," Jezebel added as she sat down. She tapped a finger on the ball impatiently; she wanted to open it already!


    Name: Asriel Dreemurr

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: His short yet thick hair is white as snow and naturally spikes up in the front. His eyes, large, round, and expressive are a bright emerald green. He wears a long sleeved green sweater that has two yellow stripes along the chest, black slacks, and white sneakers. Asriel always makes sure to have a golden flower tucked behind one ear. He always wears a heart locket around his neck.

    Personality: Sweet, shy, and emotional, Asriel is loyal and kind. However, he does go through spells whee his emotions cease to be and he is potentially dangerous during these times. He does his best to control them though. Due to this instability in his mentality, he is quite timid around other people.

    Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder and episodes of extreme psychosis; must be watched as he can be dangerous!

    Asriel was escorted inside by his mother and father. His mother, wearing an elegant purple dress, knelt down and hugged her son tight. "My child, this is far as we can go with you," she said, on the verge of sobbing, her sapphire blue eyes watery. Seeking comfort, the young teen buried his face in his mother's long, silky white hair.

    He felt a rub on the head from his father, the simple gesture full of love. "Stay determined, my boy. Asriel, we will always support you and be here in spirit," the large man added, to which his wife nodded in eager agreement. Asriel glared at them both. He knew they were trying to help him but why couldn't they do it themselves?! Did they really need to put him in a place that's almost a prison?!

    Dashing away from them into the office area where he knew they couldn't go, Asriel stopped just inside the door, fear taking hold as he saw all the people.
  19. Max didn't look up from his book and continued reading his book as he lifted an arm and waved at the new person uncertainly as he flipped a page, not even bothering to see if the person was a girl or a boy.


    Jessica continued mumbling to herself as she noticed a boy came in - she then heard a very strange noise. She lifted her head immediately and saw (hallucinating) a Greninja standing beside the boy, and Jessica let go of all her nervousness.

    "Hey! You have a Greninja! That's awesome!" She chirruped excitedly, pointing at the Greninja who walked into the room and looked around at everybody as the Greninja then sat down opposite Jessica. Jessica then turned to the boy.

    "What's its name?" She asked cheerfully, hoping for an answer. She had barely ever seen Pokemon in her life - so seeing one was super exciting (hallucinating).
  20. Iris shook her head. "You don't get it," she answered, "I hate minccinos..."

    Iris had been attacked by a girl who owned a minccino when she was at school, and thus, she had developed quite the fear of them...

    As yet more patients filed in, Nekane instructed them to pick a pokeball as well, before sitting down in the centre of the room.

    "Alright, everyone," she began, "Now, as you know, at St Gertrud's, we begin our program by giving our patients their very own pokemon. The pokemon you have inside your ball is going to be your friend, and support you on your road to recovery. Now, with that in mind, let's meet our new friends!"

    Iris turned her attention toward the nurse, and then to her luxury ball. She looked away as she pressed the catch, and a soft, fluffy shape began to form. Much to ber delight, it was a buneary.
  21. Asriel looked around to see who the girl was talking to. He walked over to her and sat across from her. "I don't have any pokemon," he told her, shy and tense. He bounded away in relief at the nurse's instructions and grabbed up the dream ball. He sat a bit far off from all the others. "Is there an order or anything..." he asked, not wanting to get in trouble.

    Jezebel scoffed at Nekane. "You talk like we all actually need to be here," she said with a scowl. Releasing her pokemon, she was quite happy to find a Misdreavus. "Well at least I got you from all this..."
  22. Max nervously held out a shaky hand as he picked up a normal Pokeball, and he sat back down in his chair as he clicked the button. A red light came out the Pokeball and out popped a little Lillipup. The little dog barked and hopped up onto his lap, licking his face continuously. Max laughed cheerfully as he hugged the little dog, the dog grinning at him happily.


    "But there's a Greninja!" Jessica cried excitedly, pointing desperately at the Greninja, who was still sitting in the chair. It then faded away and Jessica sighed miserably. But she then turned her attention to the Quick Ball, and clicked the button - she grinned excitedly when a Ponyta popped out.

    "Wow!" She exclaimed in amazement, watching as the Ponyta neighed cutely and hopped up onto the seat next to her, her flaming mane flowing behind her. "Well I'm happy," Jessica declared cheerfully, the Ponyta neighing cutely again and sitting down next to her. Jessica gingerly put out her hand to stroke the Ponyta's head, not trusting its mane at all - but the Ponyta flicked her head up, the mane brushing against Jessica's hand. Turns out the Ponyta's mane was fluffy and soft. Jessica giggled excitedly, like a little girl and stroked her mane happily.
  23. Seeing as he was the last one to call out his pokemon, Asriel hit the button. The bright light faded and in it's place was a cubchoo. The little blue bear turned around and offered the timid white haired lad a hug. Grinning broadly, Asriel hugged the tiny ice bear.
  24. "You have been admitted for a reason, lest you forget," Nekane replied to Jezebel, before setting her sights on the rest of the group, "Now, as you know, there are certain rules you must follow, to ensure everyone's safety at St Gertud's. You are not allowed to have food in your rooms, or have shoes with laces. No sharp objects, such as scissors, or razor blades, either, and ypur pokemon partners are not to be used to harm yourselves, or others."

    Iris nodded affirmatively, hugging her new buneary tightly.

    Nekane cleared her throat, before continuing, "Furthermore, you will also be assigned room-mates. The room-mate order is displayed at the back of the room. Find your room-mates, and then take your things to your rooms, please."
  25. Max's mouth dropped in horror. Roommates? He frowned gloomily as Lillipup sat in his lap, barking at him. Max smiled at Lillipup gently, although he was frowning again when Lillipup turned away. He didn't even bother reading who his roommate was - they would find him.


    Jessica frowned at the nurse crossly. "Why am I here?" She demanded angrily. "I'm completely fine!" She declared bitterly, her Ponyta beside her, looking quite sleepy. Jessica awaited the nurse's reply angrily, not even bothering to do anything about the roommate situation. She didn't want a roommate, she wanted to be by herself.
  26. Iris decided that she'd fake it, for now. She'd leave her things in her assigned room, but only the ones that she could replace, should her room-mate turn out to be horrible, and hate her, and want to destroy everything she had.

    As soon as she'd done that, Iris had noticed that there was a gap in her schedule. She had no therapy sessions to attend, so she could go and sign up for one of the battle classes, or maybe, the contest masterclass. But that would mean interacting with people she didn't know...And possibly having her new buneary get hurt. She couldn't face that. Not now...

    She decided instead that she'd proceed to the common room. Maybe she could play with her buneary, for a bit there...
  27. (How are we going to choose roommates? I honestly do not mind who Jessica and Max share rooms with)

    Jessica glared even more fiercely at the nurse who was ignoring her. "Oh, because I'm 'insane' I don't get to hear an explanation of why the flipping heck I am here?" She growled angrily, slouching down in her seat. She had some kind of therapy session with somebody who would help her with her hallucinations and another later on in the day with somebody who'd help her to not be shy. She didn't understand this one - she didn't have anxiety.

    Max looked around nervously, anxiously waiting for somebody to tell him they were his roommate. His Lillipup was looking up at him with happy eyes, and Max tried to fake it back to the little pup, but the Lillipup knew he was sad and licked his face, trying to cheer him up by smiling at him. It distracted Max for a second until he panicked about who his roommate would be again.
  28. (Everyone can just choose whoever they want. Only same-sex room-mates are allowed, tho XD)

    Nekane swallowed. "Jessica, we typically don't discuss your diagnosis with the other patients," she answered, "It's for your own protection, sweetheart. Only the staff who see you in your one-to one sessions will tell you about that."

    Iris, meanwhile, was alone with her buneary in the common room. It was equipped with a TV, Xbox, board games, a pool table, and pokemon toys, and she was trying to get her new pokemon to play with a bouncy ball.
  29. (Is Iris and Jessica okay? And @Melody-Jez Max and Asriel are the only boys, so XD)

    Jessica scowled crossly and eventually got up, Ponyta by her side as she walked over to the bulletin board with the roommates on it. Jessica found her name and read it, not really sure who the person was. Iris? Jessica shrugged, before realizing. There were two other girls in the room - one disliked her, the other was crazy-shy and was terrified of Mincinno's. Jessica hoped and prayed she wasn't with the girl who disliked her. She glumly walked out of the admissions office and walked off to her room with 'Iris', mumbling to herself, forgetting about Ponyta who was following behind her.


    Max watched as another girl checked the board about the roommates, and so he decided to check them too. He nervously walked over to the board, found his name and read it. 'Max and Asriel'. He assumed it was the only other boy in the room, and he accepted that, although not thrilled to have a roommate - he sighed to himself and picked up Lillipup who smiled at him and licked his face, Max smiling back as the two walked out of the admissions office and to their room they were sharing with 'Asriel'.
  30. (Yup, that's fine)

    The buneary was disinterested in the toy, panicking Iris somewhat. She got up and sat on the sofa, pretty sure that her new pokemon hated her, too...

    But then the buneary jumped into her lap, tiny arms outstretched. Iris hugged her tight, eliciting tiny cries.

    "You're so cute!" Iris squealed, "And you need a name, don't you? I'm calling you...Candy. Is that ok?"

    The buneary tried to hug her back, squealing in delight.
  31. Jessica miserably walked into the room she was sharing with 'Iris', opening the door and looking in as she saw a girl hugging a Buneary on a sofa. Jessica sighed in relief, so glad it wasn't the girl who disliked her. She awkwardly waved, her face showing no emotion whatsoever as she put a Kangaskan backpack on her bed, unpacking the very few things she had. A Pokedex, a couple books, a couple of daily life things (etc toothbrush, hairbrush, headbands, deodorant, clothes) a little harmonica she had and the most important thing she had - a tablet, a drawing tablet to be exact.

    She sat down on the bed and got out her little drawing tablet, also getting out her Pokedex. She tried to distract herself from being nervous with a roommate, loading up a picture of a Mega Charizard X on her Pokedex and drawing it with a derpy face, completely distracting her from Iris, which she wanted.


    Max entered his and the other boy's room, his Lillipup right behind him as he walked over to a bed on the left side of the room, claiming it. He unpacked the stuff from his Voltorb backpack - his backpack was pretty much full of books, as well as a Pokedex, clothes and daily life things. Max smiled and got a book out of his backpack - his all-time favourite book, and he flopped onto his bed to read it happily as his Lillipup napped, resting its head on Max's leg.
  32. Iris squeaked out an awkward, "Hello," still playing with her buneary. She liked Candy, so far, though she didn't know what she'd do with er, other than keep her as a pet. She was way to shy to perform, or coordinate contest appeals, and she didn't really like the idea of having her get hurt in battle...So what else could she do...?
  33. Jessica continued to draw, her Mega Charizard Y coming along nicely, and in a couple of seconds, it was finished. She had only drawn the face to make it easier:


    She smiled happily and turned off her drawing tablet as she also turned her Pokedex off, grabbing a book out of her backpack and reading it cheerfully. She was a little unsure what to do, and was very cheerful because she hadn't hallucinated or talked to herself in this room yet - she was trying to hold it in, not wanting Iris to think she was mental. Well, she was, but y'know what I mean.


    Max was still reading his book happily, Lillipup right by his side. Max was getting a little nervous, waiting for his roommate to come in. He really hoped he'd be nice.
  34. (And back! Real life, why you keep me from rps ;-;)

    Jezebel growled at the nurse before breaking off into chcukles, her scowl still in place. "You do know that no hospital has managed to keep me, right?" Was all she said as she went to check the listings. Apparently due to a smaller than average new class- ha! They call it a class; how cute- all three of the girls were to share a larger dorm.

    Jezebel grumpily made her way down the hall, blocking out the noise in her head as the others tried to communicate with her. She couldn't just now though. She had to keep focus...

    Asriel made his way to the only male dorm for this year and started unpacking, his Cubchoo riding on hos shoulders. "So that really quiet is our roommate," he quietly mused.
  35. (Can I switch Jessica's Pokemon to Emolga instead?)

    Max looked up anxiously from his book as he saw his roommate come in, Lillipup still napping. Max quickly switched his focus back to his book, although an alarm was going off in his head and he was panicking, his breathing getting a bit more heavier and quicker. He realized he hadn't packed his asthma inhaler, and he panicked even more, hoping and praying the hospital had inhalers he could use. This hospital would not be easy to stay in for Max without his inhaler.


    Jessica continued reading her book, her Ponyta/Emolga right next to her on the bed and laying down, taking a little nap. Jessica smiled at her and then went back to reading her book, taking barely any notice of Iris as she got to her favourite and most funniest part of the book and giggled happily.
  36. (Yup, that's fine)

    Iris soon tired of sitting around doung nothing with Candy, and instead, decided that she'd go for a walk in the hospital's gardens. There were lots of flowers, and small grass types there.

    "Um...If you need me, I'll be in the gardens," she announced, trembling diminuitively.
  37. Jezebel huffed when she found her room and took the bed to the far wall. She didn't bother speaking, merely sat her bags down and played down to face the wall, rubbing Misdreavus' head for comfort. After a few minutes of silence, Jezebel turned to the only other girl in the room.

    "So...I'm Jezebel Xienstien. Who are you and what got you landed here?"
  38. Name: Saoirse
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Diagnosis: ADHD, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies
    Appearance: She has thick auburn hair that tends towards frizz more than curls. Her skin is a sun weathered tan nearly the same shade as her many freckles. The first impression many would have of her is plain, as while she isn't starkly unattractive, nothing quite sets her apart. The one feature of her appearance she is proud of is her eyes, a grass green shot through with hazel and gold. She stands at just above five foot, and while she has what would naturally be a runners build, a lazy streak has her modestly padded with fat. Her anxiety leads to over and under eating, so this frequently fluctuates from slightly chubby to sharp jutting hip bones. Saoirse tends to wear baggy clothing to hide self harm scars though she isn't particularly self conscious of her body image.

    The gurney rattled in the back of the ambulance, Saoirse strapped to it. Each stop light and bump had her shifting back and forth. 'Slow, deep breaths...' she thought to herself, watching the passing street lights dance on the roof of the vehicle. Her attempts at small talk with the EMS staff in the vehicle had fallen into an awkward silence as everyone ignored the reason she was really there. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to withdraw into a quiet part of her mind. The remnants of bile burning at her throat from the vomiting and the rattle of medical equipment made this an impossibility.

    A sharp jolt left Saoirse straining at her straps; the ambulance was pulling over a speed bump into the parking lot. "Alrighty hun, just pulling in now," one of the women in the ambulance said, setting a hand on the gurney to still it. Her Chansey gave a reassuring trill, shifting closer to Saoirse as if to offer comfort. A glaring artificial light pierced the ambulance as the back opened, and the two women shifted the gurney to a cart to wheel Saoirse inside. The other women's Pokemon, a Reiniculus, floated by while giving the cart a gentle psychic nudge over the door frame into the building. The women then went to unstrap Saoirse and ease her down.

    Saoirse felt a tremor run through her as she took to her own feet. She looked down to stare at the hospital regulation socks, rubber grips on both sides. The weight of the entire situation was crashing down on her, not from the ambulance ride or hospital trip or the panic that had precluded this, but simply from the socks she remembered her grandmother wearing in rehab. It was because she couldn't be trusted with shoes, or more accurately shoelaces.
    She knew someone was speaking to but all she heard was the rush of blood in her own ears. A tight knot of pressure was building in Saoirse's chest, a violent hum in her veins, and the socks swam in and out of focus. In...and out...and out...and darkness.

    Saoirse, now asleep from Reiniculus's hypnosis, was gently lifted by its psychic and carried down the hall. One of the nurse aids spoke in hurried rushed tones to the women from the ambulance. None of this reached Saoirse however, and she was carefully lowered into the bed of an empty room. Her breaths were heavy and forced as the horror of the day tore at her dreams.
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  39. (Sorry, got busy earlier and forgot to post for Asriel)

    Asriel shot the other boy looks from the corner of his eyes as he unpacked. The tension in the air made this by far so much more uncomfortable than it had to be. 'Come on, Asriel,' he thought. 'Just say something!'

    "Sooo, uh... my name is Asriel. Who are you?" He asked the other boy as Cubchoo went over to sniff at them.
  40. Max looked over to the boy with an anxious look of surprise on his face. He got out his notepad and pen from his bag and quickly scribbled: 'I am Max, nice to meet you.' with a smiley face waving at the end. He then showed the notepad and waved nervously, his Lillipup barking happily and also going to sniff the Cubchoo, a curious look on its face as its nose quivered, sniffing the air.


    Jessica looked behind her and saw a girl talking to her, called Jezebel. "I'm Jessica and I'm mental." She blurted out, just repeating what everybody told her to say when somebody asked her who she was. "Sorry, I um, talk to voic - no, myself, and, I see, things," She babbled nervously, looking away from the girl awkwardly as her Emolga curled up into a ball on her bed and went to sleep, hiding its cute face with its wings.

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